What have you learned about your beauty habits this year?

As the days pass, I continue to be very thankful that I’m well-equipped to handle being at home as often as many of us have to be these days. For me, my day-to-day doesn’t feel that different, even if external stressors and the like are hanging around like a gloomy, lil’ cloud. In a way, I feel like I’ve learned that I really, truly love makeup – I want to put it on even if I’m not going anywhere.

It was how I felt when I first started wearing makeup, and it’s amazing to have a hobby that I’ve loved for so long still feel that way to me presently. In college, I remember coming home from classes and putting on a full face of makeup just to play!

— Christine


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Agona Avatar

I find myself only doing my eyes because I’m wearing a face mask most of the day for work. So I’ve had to tell myself buying Face, cheek, and lip color products Is pointless right now. I have plenty so it kind of forces me to use what I have when I get to anyway.

Kitty Avatar

What I’ve learned is if I don’t go out, I don’t put on makeup.

And whenever I’ve gone out, the wearing of a mask makes me get much bolder with my eye makeup.

Finally, until there’s an endpoint to mandatory masks (meaning they are not part of any “New Normal” or the rest-of-my-life), I won’t buy or wear lipstick anymore. Likely the few remaining lipsticks I own will go bad…

Ana Maria Avatar

As much as I love lipstick (especially a dark rich burgundy or a grey toned deep brown), I have come to the same conclusion unfortunately. I’ll let my current owned expire and hold on lipstick purchases until the wearing masks is no longer needed.

zeezee Avatar

same! i just apply concealer on the very worst areas then lightly apply loose powder and that’s it! no more foundation and i’m fine with it ?

Joan Avatar

Like you, Christine, I feel confirmed in my love and enjoyment of makeup. I realize how much I enjoy not only the products, but the process of applying and using it. I do this for me, regardless of whether I am going out or wearing a mask. I use a few less, “sparkly” products as my husband and I aren’t going out to restaurants. I am a little unsure how certain products translate in the sun when we go to an occasional patio. Then I am conscious of lip products transferring. I’ve also been buying fewer drugstore items, instead order ONE higher end product, like the new MAC beige bronzer. I am using my whole collection more, as well. Thought provoking question.

graychic Avatar

Retiring 3 years ago — and the quarantine– have made a difference with makeup. But I promised myself I wouldn’t let myself go completely. I do my skincare, paint my eyebrows on and put on lipstick every day. I’ll dab on some foundation here and there to cover the unwanted spots, too. Not being out in public so much definitely changed things–no more eye shadows and pencils. But I love lipstick–have many many tubes. Always looking for that perfect pinky mauve! With yesterday being national lipstick day I was cruising Estee Lauder and there were nearly 43,000 people viewing the site along with me! There are still lipstick mavens out there and buy- one -get- one- free is hard to resist. So many, Tenacious is backordered.

Cheryl Avatar

It’s ingrained in me for many decades to apply makeup everywhere and that’s when I feel my best so I do everything but mascara unless I’m going out so. A little foundation and eyeshadow and I line my eyes with shadow , little lipstick and look made up enough to be happy when I look in the mirror!

Cameron Avatar

I’ve learned that I actually like certain kinds of lip gloss. I’m okay with wearing non-sticky, clear/sheer glosses under my mask. If it does end up rubbing off on them a bit, they won’t stain. It also keeps my lips better hydrated.

Pearl Avatar

My makeup buying habits may change but my daily use has been pretty consistent since before lockdown. I still love applying a full face, still love makeup. Since I hardly go out and have been able to shift my work place to home, I still wear a full face every day. I have found that putting on make up is a very grounding, daily routine for me. I’m glad for that bright spot in my day and appreciate my stash more now than I have before.

kjh Avatar

I think I have become even more erratic. I quit night job, where i used to wear it assiduously, because they refused to enforce the state mandates. We were well into masking…..hahaha new definition S+M = social distancing and masking! As reopening happened, well y’all know. The medical has become politicized. Day job, despite being able to de-mask in a private office, m/u just isn’t happening. I could, but don’t feel like it. When i get home, i might do full eyes, or cheeks and lips or whole Megillah. Basically, just playing at will. And if i go out on a dog walk with half faces, WGAS? There is no way to violate distance in my immediate ‘hood. Most people aren’t close enough to see. Most people aren’t observant enough to notice. And most DGAS anyway. Like most, usually doing some eyes, when out in the populated public, with masks and distancing.

Nancy T Avatar

This year has been a revelation. With the earliest part of the pandemic, learning that I actually COULD feel comfortable going out for essential food shopping with only BB cream and brows filled, and not feel “ugly”. I got used to seeing myself leaving home with very little makeup on. This in turn caused me to get back in touch with the more creative aspect of wearing my makeup. Less as a “battle mask”, more as an adventure.
I also learned that I can exercise greater self-control when it comes to purchases. This had previously been enormous challenge for me. Yet, I found out that it was not as impossible as I was internally wired to believe. I’m proud of myself for a change!

Ana Maria Avatar

This year confirmed to me that having a streamlined make-up collection is what works for me. That I love playing with make-up (still doing it each morning before work from home), but I don’t need choices. Having only one product at a time (foundation, powder, mascara, concealer, brows, etc.) and my custom made palette with 15 eyeshadows and 6 face powders (blushes, contour, bronzer) makes sense to me.
Also, I don’t need to go to stores to test out new launches… Repurchasing my old favorites is just fine.

Skincare wise this year I learned how much a mask can impact my skin. It makes my skin around the mouth more dry, but breakout at the same time. Applying an azaleic acid serum in the morning and my eye cream around the mouth lines have become a must.

Amery Avatar

I still do my makeup most days because I enjoy it. I enjoy the process of it, the creativity of selecting the color stories, and just the “me time.” I’m trying to rotate through my products more, and I’m engaging in a sort of “one in, one out” rule of getting rid of things that I’m not using before I seek out more. I’ve made more deliberate purchase decisions. I sit on purchases longer — do more research, wait for reviews, and then decide. As a result, it feels like this year’s purchases have been once I enjoy more.
While I have purchased three eye shadow palettes this spring, I am less enamored with eye shadow palettes that I have been in years, which is odd, given our eye-heavy looks with masks on. I’m full-on into cheeks, good skin with minimal makeup, bronzer, and lip balm/gloss.

Deborah S. Avatar

Like many here, I have become more comfortable with being seen without makeup on. I have religiously been wearing a mask since January and so it has empowered me to go out without makeup if I don’t feel like putting any on. In the past I would put on a full face to go to the dump and I have the pictures on my IG to prove it, LOL!! I am an admitted lipstick junkie and for many wearing a mask would discourage putting lipstick on. Since I am an RN I learned a long time ago how to wear lipstick with a mask so that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it and sometimes I will apply lipstick even when I don’t have any other makeup on. It makes me feel good and when I remove my mask in the car I see my beautiful, bright lipstick. It makes me feel a bit mischievous to know I have a bright lipstick under my mask and no one knows it except me.

Deborah S. Avatar

I use a mask that is a more solid material that holds its shape and I can make a pouch shape where my mouth is and no lipstick when I remove my mask. I used this particular mask while nursing since about the year 2000. Some of the masks for healthcare workers now, like the N95 Particulate mask is not suitable for makeup wearing as it doesn’t allow for shaping over the mouth area. However, it is a better mask for the healthcare environment. When I wore those masks I used liquid lipsticks, most notably, Max Factor Lipfinity. That stuff was bullet proof. I don’t need N95 respirator’s now so I use the more malleable masks. The fabric like blue masks with the metal nose bridge can also be shaped to stay away from your mouth. With those you just need to not touch them once they are in place and you won’t get lipstick on those either. Fabric masks bought from many websites now, cannot be molded to allow for lipstick wearing.

Anne Avatar

I go between a bandana and the blue/ black surgical looking masks depending on if i have makeup on in a store or how long i will be. I found that as well the blue mask, it will pucker out in the middle of the mouth area if you mold it so it doesn’t touch your lips. The only thing i can’t figure out is how to not get the mask to rub on my nose and remove the foundation. Usually i find the bandana is better suited for me, i have it tucked under my sunglasses. Most of them also block my vision and are too high under my eyes which is how i end up re adjusting.

Deborah S. Avatar

Hi Anne,
Yes, the one size fits all masks can be difficult to deal with. I can’t keep them from rubbing the makeup off my nose, either. I wear glasses and the makeup wears off where the nose bridge rests on my nose and so the mask just sits where there isn’t any makeup anyway. Regardless of the mask you use, once you have it fitted so it doesn’t touch the mouth, you need to not touch it.

anne Avatar

Yes true, i am mostly wearing sunglasses without makeup except for the occasional Sat; even harder to keep product there when you’re sweating or its hot out. However if i am moving around while wearing a mask I’m going to be adjusting it its inevitable, they are uncomfortable & block my vision no matter what kind i’ve tried – its usually why i stick to bandanas. I’m sure as an RN its very different for you and part of your norm. I try not to be in any place more than 20-30mins with one on. I’ll be happy for the day when it’s not required to get places.

Deborah S. Avatar

You are right, it is likely because I wore them so much as an RN. I can remember when I first started wearing glasses I had the darnedest time keeping my glasses from fogging up. I tried all the tricks but in the end I just had to make sure my glasses sat on top of the mask and then I didn’t have an issue with fogging. Sometimes we have to be in masks, cover gowns and gloves for many hours at a time. I find the heat to be the most inconvenient. I would sweat bullets down my back and when I took the cover gown off I would have standing sweat on my arms and huge sweat pockets under the arms and in rivulets down my back. Some really smart nurse showed me how to cut the armpit out of the gowns and wallah, no sweat!! The things you have to do as nurses.
Regarding the masks, if you have to wear them for any length of time, like more than an hour, touching the mask will reduce its effectiveness. The humidity and touching makes the permeation rate increase. Likely you don’t have to wear for any length of time but if you do you should change them out every couple of hours. I am just happy more and more people are taking it seriously.

Deborah S. Avatar

Hi Maggie,
I don’t know if you see all my responses to questions but if you don’t then please read the comment above. It is more about the shaping of the mask than the actual mask. I use one that is malleable and will hold its shape over the mouth, as long as you don’t fiddle with it. I think because I wear masks so frequently as a nurse, I don’t really play or touch them once they are on. Touching them can decrease their effectiveness.

Z Avatar

I love lipstick and eyeshadow and I tend to put one, or both, on every single day regardless of whether or not I leave my house. It’s the base products that annoy me and feel like they’re aging my skin, so they’re an easy skip.

I’ve also learned that over the years I’ve collected a beautiful eyeshadow palette collection and the individual items don’t get enough love. So it’s been easy to ignore most new releases and sales.

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

Have been working as an “essential” worker. No the fast food place I’m working at is not really essential! The past 5 months under COVID lockdown in Canada, I honestly gave up on makeup almost completely. I’ve be so strung out while sweating buckets with the mask on there is no point in wearing anything. I was doing other things then makeup to keep my mind off the crippling anxiety and stress, although I would play with my makeup it was for no one but myself. 😉

Ginny Avatar

I’ve learned what formulas I like and how to identify whether or not a new product falls into those categories (with Temptalia’s help of course).

For eyeshadow it has to be the thin, “melted” kind that almost becomes one with your skin. If it looks like it’s going to go on dry and powdery, or metallic and dense, I will pass. Also most sparkle shadows irritate my eyes and I shouldn’t be tempted by those anymore. Not everything has to be my thing.

For cheeks I should stick to powder products that will stand the test of time. When a product is good to the last drop without getting hard pan or drying up then it is truly worth the money. For this reason my MAC blush palette is invaluable and I shouldn’t forget that. No creams or liquids, and no gel powders either because I experience major hardpan with those. Even though they have a beautiful finish they eventually just lead to frustration, which isn’t what I need from makeup!

Lastly, I am officially “over” highlighters. I’m down to my one and only fave, MAC Lightscapade. I rarely use it. But it will last!

Arena Avatar

As many have said here:
1. Skincare is a priority.
2. Hydration
3. Streamlining (Add a full coverage foundation + SPF = base)
4. Repurchase what I truly love and leave “new launches” to a sale …..or just leave them altogether
5. Pay off student debt or add to my 401 K with what used to be my beauty budget

kellly Avatar

I have gone through a few “phases”. At first I stuck to my regular schedule, got up early, took a shower, got dressed (only in jeans, since I was staying at home) and put my makeup on. After a couple months, I started getting lax. I woke up late, rushed around to get my dogs fed and do my morning work-from-home thing. If I had time later, I’d get myself cleaned up and put some makeup on, lighter than usual and no lip color since it’s just going to mess up my mask. Now, 4-1/2 months in, I’m lazy about doing much of anything unless I know I”m going to go out to do errands. The rest of the time I just don’t care any more. I live by myself so that might have a lot to do with it. If I was actually seeing anybody face to face, I’d probably take more care and want to look a little more alive. I’ll know I’ve really given up if I quit brushing my hair and trying to make it look nice! And I do intend to buy that new UD mascara and see how I like it. It’s not at the Ulta in my neighborhood yet.

brendacr1 Avatar

I rarely go out of the house since covid hit as I am high risk. So when I do, I wear a mask as many others do. Once a week I may wear makeup on the upper half of my face, but I’ve went out a few times without makeup as my husband will need to run out somewhere and there won’t be time to wait for me to make up. Then what the heck! Do I really need to curl my hair? Some times I put a hat on but we’re in a heat wave right now and it’s too hot for a hat. So I am finding that I am comfortable going out without makeup and without doing my hair! That would never had happened at the beginning of the year. Besides no one I know would recognize me lol!

Genevieve Avatar

This year my beauty habits have given me comfort. I still enjoy putting on ‘full face’ every single day and delight in my stash of lipsticks and eyeshadows.
I have taken extra care of my skin too, with the result that my skin is looking better than ever.

Rachel R. Avatar

I realized how bored I truly am with mainstream releases, and I’ve been buying far less from mainstream brands. I started really looking at newer indie brands more closely, as so many have pressed formulas now, and I’m excited about makeup again.

I had one indie subscription service left, and I recently canceled it. I’m accumulating too many loose shadows. I want to use all the beautiful ones I have and are being neglected. I loved that brands’ themes and products, so it nearly killed me to cancel, but it was the right decision.

Kira Avatar

Putting on makeup is still something that gets me excited to get of bed. Some days when I have more work things to do, I skip makeup, or will do it in the afternoon. I have been really enjoying mixing it up everyday playing with different palettes and single shadows.

I think also seeing lots of people posting their selfies to social media while not wearing makeup, and it has made me feel more comfortable posting without makeup.

Maybe it’s my new bathroom lighting and not wearing foundation as often, but I’m less interested in wearing lipstick. I take off lipstick if I go out, because of the mask. In the future, I think as I use up products, I’ll probably have more of my collection be Pat McGrath lip balm and lip gloss.

Jen Avatar

My habits haven’t changed that much, even with the current mask situation. And I’m lucky that I don’t have problems with lipstick transfer on my masks so I still rock the colors regardless. I even get to be a little more daring than I might otherwise and go for the blacks or the navy blues, the bright metallics, all the fun stuff that I buy but ultimately talk myself down from using. Nobody’s going to see it so why not?? It’s like wearing pretty underwear or doing pedicures in the winter. I don’t care that nobody sees them, it’s not for them anyway, but it’s a fun little boost for me.

anne Avatar

WFH since March 13th, initially i took it as a break for my skin (even my nails had a 2mon hiatus which helped w/ staining from applying often). I went from wearing makeup to work 5x/ wk and now only 1-3xs at most (which if i’m being honest 3x/ wk is probably ideal for me ‘if’ i were actually leaving the house lol). Makeup has always made me feel put together even if i wore leggings to work, it just made me feel / look more polished. Sometimes during the week i will put on makeup 1-2xs because i miss the routine or want to use my products. But i do find myself lazy to put anything on when i know i’m not leaving the house. Whereas weekends were off days now if we are out on Sat for a few hours or eating lunch i find myself wanting to wear mu. i really tried to pair down my purchases in the past 4.5 mons, especially around the Sephora sale since i can’t justify product usage. Other than that i have purchased SG brushes (always worth it) and am focusing on wearing my clear(er) glosses on non mu days and balms to use up. I have however used this time to try things i wouldn’t normally have time to test/ want to test during a normal work day. Like new concealers, primers, powders etc. I know everyone has been focusing on eye mu, but i’ve always preferred a quick look (all matte – crease, bright lid, shimmer inner and liner). My favorite mu item to buy and try is of course lip products lol. rejoicing for the day when masks aren’t required everywhere. 🙂

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