What drugstore item do you wish had never been discontinued?

What drugstore item do you wish had never been discontinued? Share!

Revlon’s Colorburst Lipglosses!

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Almay had this amazing mascara called Weightless Volume. I was crushed when it was discontinued. No flakes, smudging or Panda eyes. Just feathery fluttery lashes & so easy to remove.

The original square Nyx eyeshadows! Especially the ones that were flat instead of quilted. Also, their I Dream Of (Caribbean) 5 pan palettes, those were phenomenal for drugstore e/s’s. My faves are Jamaica and Barbados. I know there are other products from other brands that I loved that got the corporate axe!

Max Factor HD Foundation ( I believe this was from 1991, or so…?), and Maybelline True Illusion Foundation. L’OrΓ©al Ideal Balance Foundation, as well as their line of matte lipsticks (although the Maybelline Creamy Mattes seem quite similar) both deserve a mention.

I would *love* to get Max Factor back to North America, in general, but particularly the products from the late-80s to mid-90s… Not only were many formulas groundbreaking, the quality surpassed even some of the better HE products we have now.

For purely nostalgic purposes, I would love WnW to bring back the lipstick in 508; there were no shade names back then, and there was only the one formula, and *every* Goth went through several tubes, LOL, as we didn’t have many options.

When I think about it, there were sooo many amazing DS products, and even when inventured into pricier brands, I still continued to go back to several DS products…

One more I want to mention is a WnW mineral powder foundation that, for some reason, was LE. I bought it sometime around 2008 or 2009, and it sat in a bin until a year or so ago. It is *incredible*, in finish, color, coverage… I wish I would have opened it when I first bought it, because I would have picked up several more!

If its what I’m thinking about, you can still find them on allcosmeticswholesale.com. Lots of their old formulas are available. Didn’t they make the Fantasy Makers black color lipstick out of the same lipstick 508?

508 was a deep, dark plummy-brownish-burgundy. It was one of the few really dark, opaque vampy shades that was mainstream back in the 80s, LOL! WnW did do Fantasy Makers, and there was a shade called Black Red, but it didn’t have any of the “brown” or “plum” tone, and now that you mention it, that needs to come back, too!

As for looking for it online, I’ve thought about it, but it was one of those products that “turned” fairly quick, even if just sitting on a shelf… I always had one going, and a backup, but both would end up all goopy at the same time. I still have an old tube, which I keep in hopes of finding a dupe.

I second the motion re: Max Factor. They made some truly fantastic products, and I’m sad they are no longer available in North America. Bring back Max!

same here! A couple months ago I went to Watsons (local drugstore here) to buy Revlon Colorburst Gloss and found out it has been discontinued quietly! I was really disappointed ?? I love the color and the non sticky formula so much.

Almay Intense i-Color Mascara in Raisin Quartz, which they dc’d a few years ago. It was burgundy mascara and for sensitive eyes to boot. It went perfectly with my auburn hair and made my eyes look incredibly green. The replacement color for green eyes was brown, which you can get in their regular mascaras, so it’s pointless. (I bought it: It’s not a reddish brown or anything special to bring out green. It’s just dark brown.)

OMG!!! I loved the Street Wear goodies back in the 90’s! Weren’t they still around in the early 2000’s? I can’t recall anymore?

Yes, the Street Wear line was awesome! Also, the Revlon High Dimension line. In that one, there was a gorgeous blacked red mascara that I wore, as I had burgundy hair at the time. Ugh… Revlon has had some real treasures over the years…

I was really surprised that the Maybelline Color Whispers disappeared, I love those! They pulled them when I wasn’t paying attention. Had I known, I would have grabbed a couple more.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment. That product was wonderful — it worked and it was very inexpensive.

Neutrogena actually has a history of discontinuing good products. It’s really unfortunate; supposedly, though, this product is still available in Canada.

I live in Canada and can’t find it any more πŸ™ It was the only decently priced SA treatment available, now i am on a (not successful) hunt for an alternative….

I hear you Christine! I love the Colorburst lipglosses and I’m not a big fan of lipgloss at all. I bought most of them and the majority are pretty full but they won’t last forever. πŸ™

I completely agree!!! I had purchased backups of my favorite shades, and even those are running out now. Those glosses were one of the best things Revlon made in recent years.

Maybelline Full & Soft mascara. I don’t believe this has been completely discontinued, it’s just not available in Canada anymore.

Maybeline Color Extreme. Velvet Crush was my favorite color!

The original Revlon ColorStay lipstick – not the liquid stain stuff, but the actual tube lipstick. It was awesome.

And Merle Norman’s original eye liner from the early 2000s – it was perfect. I found L’Oreal Le Kohl in Carbon Black soon after that, but now I can’t find THAT in stores!

The original ColorStay lipsticks & L’OrΓ©al Le Grand Kohl liners are 2 more gems I didn’t get a chance to mention above… I haven’t tried the “new” lipsticks, but the ones from the mid-90s were fabulous. I worked as a waitress at the time, graveyard on the Sunset Strip, and they held up even on the busiest nights! I just about every shade, and all were flattering.

Ah, my old “standby”: Revlon Colorstay Lipstick! I will NEVER understand why they DC’d those, those puppies wore like iron! One of my favorites was Sienna, another was Coffee. But I had them in around 8-9 shades during those years, miss them.

Bonne Bell Flip Shade Lip Stick in Boysenberry was my favorite thing back in middle school. I remember it being the perfect shade for my lips, smelling great, and for Bonne Bell having a decent formula and pigmentation.

OMG this powder was the bomb. I loved it. Didn’t cause me break outs and the finish was natural on my dry skin. The new stuff they came out with is so orange. The lightest colour now(fair) is 4 shades darker than my skin tone ugh πŸ™

Oh man, and I forgot mascaras: L’oreal Voluminous Naturale in the champagne-coloured tube (not sure if this is fully d/c or just not available in Canada) and Maybelline Lash Discovery!

I always thought that I was the only loving and buying Voluminous Naturale, which was why it was discontinued! πŸ˜‰ I’m in the States and I think it’s been gone for almost a year. I’ve learned to like Cover Girl Clump Crusher almost as much.

Everything in the old Jane Cosmetics brand from the 90s. Cheap but really decent quality. I will admit I still have some nail polishes and eyeshadows that I bust out occassionally.

The original Revlon Skinlights liquid highlighters and highlighter sticks! It was all such good quality. The shimmer in the current relaunched version is chunkier and the colors are a bit off.

For lips, Cover Girl TruShine lipsticks. They were some of the best sheer lipsticks ever from a drugstore brand, I loved them.

Girl, the ENTIRE old school line of Revlon Skinlights was amazing and I miss it dearly. I remember the liquid highlighters came in a huge tube and were totally comparable to the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecters.

Yep, Revlon skin lights was exactly what came to mind when I read this question. I used to get so many complements on my skin when I wore the loose powder from this line!

Oof. I get why they’re so pricy, but dang. I may just cough up $20 for Jewels And Berries, though. Still one of my HG lipsticks after all this time. The accompanying lip glosses were also so, so lovely.

The original Revlon lipglosses in the square tubes. I don’t remember the name but they had two glosses that looked perfect on me that I’ve never been able to duplicate.

Also, the Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara.

I loooovveed the Wet N Wild Wild Shine lipsticks – it was sleek, fully opaque, shiny, moisturizing, and long-lasting. So sad. πŸ™

Biore Pore Minimizing Lightweight Moisturizer
Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Acne cream
Neutrogena also had a line of cream eyeshadows that I liked a lot.
I also really miss the Bath and Body Works makeup line.

I’m gonna go with Cover Girl Clean Whipped Creme foundation. I love that stuff. Or Milani’s HD Advanced lipsticks. I mean, I do have them all, but I’m going to eventually use up Sweet Grape for sure, and since they’re gone, I can’t really recommend them to other people anymore.

In the UK, Bourjois intuitive liner which was like the Clarins 3 dot liner but it’s just made me find a better eyeliner and now I’ve had loads of practice with the dot liner, I can line well enough to try out different brushes now πŸ˜€

L’oreal shine delice lipsticks, the smell, finish, colors, still have a few tubes. L’oreal translucide liquid foundation, my HG for years, never have found anything else that comes close. Totally agree on Revlon streetwear line, still have a few pieces for “old times sake”. The products were good, and just fun!

I agree about Revlon’s Colorburst lip gloss. I have it in 026 Rose Gold (I think). Covergirl’s Wetslick Amazemint lipgloss was lovely to wear too.

A loreal Eyeshadow.. Certain color .. I can’t remember the name .. But I still have it.. Used to use it as an eyeshadow , highlighter, a weird color can be worn with silver or gold outfit .. Fits everything you wear

The old school Noxema. Not the Noxema wash that they have now but the Noxema cream that we used for everything from face masks, acne fixer, moisturizer. …I have never understood WHY they would discontinue it! Everyone I knew used it lol.

Yes! I remember the last time I purchased it, which was quite some time ago, and thinking, “What is this crap!?!” LOL The original formula was amazing!

In the 60’s Revlon did a MoonDrops (remember that name ?) tinted moisturizer my mom stocked up when the our local drugstore told her it was discontinued, We drove all over Long Island finding jars of it.
And it lasted for years, I don’t now if it came in more than one shade I remember a coral/pink shade.

A million different things, but most notably Sunsilk Pin Straight shampoo and Conditioner, Revlon Lip Glide Sheers, Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundations, and also, back when Maybelline first came out with their “Bouncy” line of products, they had a gorgeous, pinky shimmery bouncy highlighter that ws absolutely incredible.

Loreal Infallible Plumping lip glosses. They had a rose and a mauve shade that I love to death – when they were first discontinued, they still had LOTS of them at Target & Walgreens on clearance. Apparently they weren’t loved enough! I have several of each color and I periodically check out Ebay and other discount makeup stores online and buy a couple of each. They’re now getting a little harder to come by and prices are creeping up – I’m seriosly bummed! They are the longest lasting, most moisturizing glosses I have EVER found – I’ll probably cry when I can’t find ’em anymore!

L’oreal’s Bare Naturale mascara and True Naturale blush. Came out about 4 years ago at the same time – great, natural looking products. Haven’t found a comparable mascara since!

Revlon’s ColorStay Base Coat. It made my nails peel like crazy, but it made my manicure wear like iron. I have a decent number of bottles stashed that I bought from big lots, but still!

I also miss a lot of the discontinued shades of Revlon’s lip butter. They tossed most of my favorites (Raspberry Pie, Cherry Tart, Red Velvet, Sugar Plum) when they trimmed down to that line to make room for their HD lipsticks.

oops… This was meant to be a reply to Aline’s post re: the Revlon lip glosses that were in square tubes. I managed to fumble a simple comment yet again. Sheesh!

Max Factor. I grew up using it and loved it. I know I can order something from eBay or over seas, but the convince isn’t there and the quality has changed

It’s not the same… Some of the “classic”/iconic formulas are, but Max Factor really hasn’t been the same since the late 90s, when the “Smashbox Brothers” took over, and tried to “modernize” the brand. They since sold it to P&G, which booted Max Factor out of North America in order to get rid of CoverGirl’s closest competition, and subsequently jack up the CG prices.

I sort of assumed you do get some Max Factor products in the US but in the disguise of CoverGirl products. I can often see CoverGirl releases and know we will get a similar Max Factor version in the UK later on. I’ve gone off Max Factor lately though. They still do a good mascara but they are probably the most expensive drugstore brand over here. A mascara can be about Β£12 so $18 but Maybelline will do mascaras just as good for more like $12.

I really miss the Revlon Streetwear line. They had the bestest liners. Also, L’oreal h.I.p tube lip gloss pigment. It was like a treatment for my lips. The h.i.p eyeshadow primer was great, too. Well, all of the old line h.I.p line that was discontinued!

L’oreal had an eyeshadow duo I loved, totally boring – just a matte light beige and a matte blackened cool brown, but they applied so nice and true. I think it 2 as called “Truffles”.

2nd the original Revlon skin lights line, it was all awesome.

Maybelline had some creamy blush sticks that were really good.

Also, I loved Milani sheer lipsticks, ahhhh they smelled amazing, sheer naturel was my holy grail MLBB :, (

Almay stick concealer with salicylic acid in it, it worked so well for me and now I can only find anything similar in a liquid formula and I love me my stick concealers

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss. My favorite lipglosses ever! The colors and the formula were perfect, so the fact that they were discontinued is quite baffling. I still have 3 (Strawberry, Aubergine and Fire) and don’t want them to run out. πŸ™

I wish that Revlon would bring back their ColorBurst lipsticks, especially in the color “Rosy Nude”. It is, by far, my favorite MLBB shade. Nothing has been able to replicate it, even M.A.C.’s “Whirl”.

Revlon had a great lipstick out in the 90’s (it is probably the range that everyone is raving about here) and they had a beautiful russet gold shade – seriously miss that
Almay had a great H/D foundation that I loved and they changed the formula – it was awful after that
By the way – Max Factor is available in Australia – I don’t know if Priceline (what you would call a large drugstore – we just call them Chemists or Pharmacies here) delivers internationally – but they have a large range of their products. So do Target Australia. It is a great brand.

I wish I had purchased several tubes of Nat Robbins Matte Lipstick. I cannot remember the name of the color I liked so much, but it was a beautiful shade of coral. It was the only orange lipstick I have ever liked.

There was a brand called AZIZ or AZIZA a long time ago that had a trio just like Cover Girl’s Shimmering Sands, but better! I wore it all the way from high school through college and beyond. I haven’t given it a thought in years until I read this question but if I could get my hands on it again I’d be over the moon!

Lindora, a soapless shampoo and body wash that smelled heavenly. It was so gentle that I washed my babies in it. Super gentle on skin and hair, rinsed really well. It was the best if you have delicate, dry, sensitive, itchy skin and/or scalp.

The original Agree shampoo and conditioner. Not because it was a great shampoo, I just LOVED the way it smelled! Sigh…

Other than that… L’Oreal eyeshadow used to be fabulous. I remember having a duo of royal blue and vibrant purple that was so smooth and pigmented. I was only fourteen when I ran across that gem. I know people still rave about some of their pressed shadows but they just do not work for me at all. I picked up two singles about a year ago and ended up throwing them away. =(

Some of Wet n’ Wild’s single pan eyeshadows! Also, a bunch of scents from B&BW (country apple, secret wonderland, be enchanted, carried away etc)

Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara. Also there was this temporary hair color called Flair and it had the most beautiful red shades! I loved it so much! Why, why?!

I think we still have that mascara in the UK because it is my favourite! Silver tube? I thought they had discontinued it here once and panicked!

I hate that they no longer sell the Maybelline For Me Powder in Mocha. It was the deepest shade and they discontinued it when they re-formulated the new Matte Poreless foundation. They already don’t have shades in the drugstore to match those of us with deeper skintones and they go and remove the only drugstore powder that fits me…I was pissed. Thank goodness I got two backups!

Sally Hansen lip line fix. It was the best lip plumper line fixer ever. I’ve bought every bit I can find on ebay and Amazon. It’s amazing!

I don’t know if this counts since it wasn’t technically discontinued, but Sally Hansen’s Pacific Blue nail color. It was THE most gorgeous, super-bright blue/purple creme shade. It was amazing! SH inexplicably changed the color completely, now it’s a dark blue shimmer under the same name. I don’t know why they wouldn’t change the name. I miss the original shade dearly! I keep looking for dupes but nothing is quite as a bright as the original Pacific Blue.

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