What does your significant other think about your love for makeup?

What does your significant other think about your love for makeup? Share!

He’s very supportive, thankfully! 🙂 He knows I’m financially responsible, so he doesn’t worry about my spending on beauty, and since it is my job, the time I spend on it is A-OK! Actually, I am very fortunate to have someone as understanding as my husband, as I can work as much (or as little) as I need to in any given day without guilt.

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Lacey Avatar

I could write an entire blog post on this alone, but I’ll try for the nutshell version. I used to be so insecure about my bare (acne-prone and easily-scarred) skin that I would “fake” no-makeup days with just foundation and mascara for the first few months we dated. So my SO accepting me warts–er, pimples and brown spots–and all has been a real turning point in my adult life. As for the fun side of makeup, my guy is so used to coming home to me wearing two completely different eye looks or having my entire lipgloss collection spread out on the floor, he doesn’t even comment. Or if he does, it’s along the lines of “Did you get new eyeshadow?” Or “Cleaning out your stash?”

To sum up: True love is finding someone who may not understand your makeup obsession, but who accepts it anyway. 😉

Claire Avatar

He doesn’t quite get why I need 5 lipsticks that are the “same color” (psh!) but otherwise he’s understanding. As long as we stay within our financial means, I don’t judge his hobbies and he doesn’t judge mine.

Katherine T. Avatar

Awww, he’s a keeper 🙂 My hubby is pretty good too. Like most guys, he can’t understand the obsession (and sometimes neither can I), but he accepts it. I spend my own hard-earned money on makeup/skincare, and he’s ok with it, as long as I’m financially responsible (jointly paying for household expenses, saving for retirement, kids college fund, etc). Of course, he would definitely prefer I spend a lot less on makeup/skincare (and so would I) , but he knows it makes me happy, keeps me sane, and looking pretty/sexy, so he’s smart enough not to interfere. He knows I also try to catch sales, promos, buy value kits, get GWP, etc. He does wish I would spend less time reading blogs though. But there’s a saying…. happy wife, happy life!

Nancy T Avatar

You have a truly awesome guy there!?
I’m always a little bit worried about what will happen when or if I ever find Mr. Right, that he may not like my spending habits on makeup and at times clothing. My ex didn’t have a problem with my wearing it, just what he considered “spending the food budget for the week, Nan!” ( except when I worked as a MUA ) At present, there is no significant other in my life, so I feel free to wear whatever I want and spend what I want. Admittedly, that can get old real fast though.

Deidre Avatar

I totally understand where you are coming from. I am currently single and I worry about the same thing. However, I enjoy makeup and skincare and they are important to me, so if he doesn’t understand that then I guess he isn’t right for me.

Pearl Avatar

He’s the best! He’s complimentary and makes it a point to say at least one thing about my looks, whether it’s eyeshadow placement or colors, the blending, my lipstick, etc. Sometimes I can tell he has no idea what he’s looking at or what he’s supposed to say, but I love that he makes the effort to be complimentary because he knows it’s ‘my thing’. He doesn’t give me any grief about how much I spend because he knows I’m responsible about my buying and that I don’t just buy to buy – I’m curating at this point so I’m pretty discerning and by the time I buy, I’ve done my research.

Ryou Avatar

I share it with them. There are times when they think my make-up obsession have gone overboard, but for the most part, I can share swatches and new releases with the spouse, then we’d go “Oooooh shiny” together.

Quynh Avatar

No SO, but the rentals aren’t too pleased, the go on the whole spiel that I look better without it… funny thing is, make-up isn’t a self esteem booster to me, it’s relaxing and fun!

Chris Avatar

good question 🙂 On the one hand, my parter likes to see me with Makeup as much as without and he also likes a more dramatic look on me. But he lacks understanding for the amount of make up I purshased during the last years. So wearing/using is OK, but collecting not so much – in his eyes.

I am in between ignoring and thinking that it might be good to reflect over consumption and the addictive part.

Linda Von Diesel Avatar

He doesn’t get it when I hold my breath when I see the anouncement for a new MAC collection or swatches. But he will drive me arround to get it when I missed it online.
He has a love for lipstick. So I show him new colors and ask him for his opinion.
In the beginning he didn’t get the Instagram thing. Creating a new face every day. Now he sees how much fun it is. He supports me and wants me to do more.

Kiss & Make-up Avatar

He doesn’t mind at all. He never complains about how much make-up I have and how much time I spend on my make-up. My brother and father on the other hand like to make it very clear that I spend too much time getting ready in the morning and think that I should tone it down a bit. Meh. Thing is, doing my make-up usually takes only 15 mins max. It’s my skin care regimen that’s super extensive.

Victoria Avatar

My boyfriend think it’s just adorable and he is incredibly happy when I’m happy. Whenever I stop by at Ulta, Mac, Sephora, etc. he looks around with me and he’s like “what do you think of this?” He is just very sweet and so loving with things I love. Not to mention, he also loves doing special effects and horror makeup so we have that passion together.

Amie Avatar

My husband hates that I’m now into beauty. He thinks it’s shallow and an unnecessary expense, even though he spends as much or more on his hobbies, and we both make good livings individually.

He feels that he gets a say in what hobbies are appropriate for me, and gets angry when I’m into something he doesn’t approve of — like beauty or PC gaming. If I spend an equal amount of money or time on making jewelry or genealogy (hubby-approved hobbies,) it’s no biggy. I’ve tried explaining to him that he doesn’t get a say in my hobbies, but it doesn’t make a difference. If I sound bitter, it’s because i am.

Nancy T Avatar

I definitely understand. Been there and sadly, lived that. Mine was a control freak, especially when it came to money or me going back to work after having our first child so I could have my own $. Yeah, it made me bitter and angry towards him, so you DO have my empathy.

Cat Avatar

It sounds like makeup and gaming are two things that play upon his insecurities. (Do you play online with other players?) Have you ever asked him why he thinks you like wearing makeup?

Bottom line, it’s not about the makeup. Men often find ways to project their own feelings of insecurity onto their wives/girlfriends because they don’t want to acknowledge those feelings in themselves. (I’ve been there.)

Ultimately, this is about your happiness, and you deserve to be happy.

Leslie Avatar

He actually doesn’t care one way or the other. He thinks it’s hilarious that the associates at the makeup counters know me by name lol. He was with me the first time I was greeted by name as I was simply walking by the counter. He was like….”really?”. 😛

Eli Avatar

My boyfriends hates me when I have makeup on 😀 He’s really supportive when it comes to my blogging routine, but unfortunately doesn’t like makeup in general. He has a few things he likes – like eyeliner and red eyeshadow, but totally hates lip products because he can’t kiss me!

Nicole Avatar

I don’t currently have a significant other. I was sick for a while and put dating on hold for that reason. So, I have had both ends of the spectrum and in between reactions with people I have seriously dated. My first husband just knew I liked it, that was fine. I was responsible with the money too. I’m really interested to read these comments because I’m not getting back in the dating game and this part of my life always worries me to share for some reason. I don’t really know how to bring it up I suppose- or when.

Nancy T Avatar

Nicole, I relate to what you’re saying! At least about everything except my now ex-husband part…he never minded me wearing makeup, even when I sometimes wore a lot, BUT he didn’t think anyone needed a major stash or HE stuff. So unless my Mom bought me something special or I got it while working at a makeup counter, he wouldn’t let me buy nicer things. And now that I’m ready to date again, I worry about the saying that says people have a way of picking the same type of person over and over again.

Katherine T. Avatar

You can break the cycle! There were some women in my family that made some really bad choices with men, but I saw what was going on at young age, and I swore I would never go for those kind of guys, and I picked a great one. I think you have to be very conscious about NOT choosing that kind of guy, and get 2nd opinions about the guy from a variety of friends and family. Often times, they will see what you don’t. NONE of our friends or family liked ANY of the guys these women were dating, we could totally see they were jerks, but the women were head-over-heels in love, so love can be blind until it’s too late. I also lived with my guy for many years before getting married, so it was a long test drive, so we got to know each other pretty well

Nicole Avatar

Don’t do that Nancy! I agree with Katherine, you can “break the cycle”. But, I do know it’s hard to find just eligible men. I had an awful date last week .Seriously,a creep. Think of how unhappy you would be if you couldn’t be yourself . I know being alone Is hard. But, personally I’d rather someone love me for me and all my habits/hobbies or be alone. I can’t imagine living my life unhappy from here out. I wouldn’t ask someone I cared about to give up something that they enjoyed it it was not something that was hurting someone. It’s healthy for each to have an outlet. I guess they will just have to see it’s part of me. Your an awesome person Nancy. You should always be happy. Life can be short and it goes quick.

Nancy T Avatar

Katherine and Nicole, thank you so much for your encouraging and uplifting words! I do believe, at least at this stage of my life, that whoever I may get that serious with has got to accept me as I am. With all my loves, habits, hobbies, quirks, and whatnot! Including my makeup, grown kids and cats! If ANY guy EVER tries to hurt me like that again, he is GONE. I will never again let things get to that level, I have too much self respect now, plus now I am no longer a starry-eyed 16 yr. old girl who is easily played! Yet, as an older, wiser woman, I realize that all relationships have disagreements, arguments, but should NEVER have controlling or abusive aspects.

Krista Avatar

ThankFully, my husband understands my obsession! He does help keep me under wraps when I need to be. I often go to him with scenarios and options that I have! He has his vices as well. He loves golf and craft beer 🙂

LMM Avatar

My boyfriend built me a vanity and found some great storage containers for my makeup, which I thought was cute – a practical solution to something he doesn’t really get. And his help shaved a lot of time off my routine since I’m not digging around in bags or knocking things off the sink anymore, so we’re both happy.

Claire L Avatar

My fiancé was really supportive of me when I developed bad acne after about 4 months together and had it for 6 months. At a wedding, at the reception, I felt so nervous and ran out crying and he followed me and comforted me. He took me to Harvey Nicks and I had a MAC makeover and he paid for the makeup for me to keep and we had a hot chocolate then we went back. I felt much better then and even chatted to people. We’ve been together 3.5 years now and have a 1 year old and he understands that I enjoy skincare and makeup, it’s fun and puts me in a good mood. We didn’t have much money before so I didn’t spend much on makeup but now we can afford it, I can spend more and he likes it when I get made up to go out, he always compliments me. He has his own hobbies that he spends money on, namely music and shoes so he can’t complain about mine ?.

Heather Avatar

He is very supportive! He works hard to notice when I’ve tried something new and tries to find something nice to say about it. (“That dark green color next to your eyelashes is nice! It makes your eyes look really bright green in comparison. Is it eyeliner or eyeshadow? What makes them different? Is it just where they’re placed, or is it a different type of product?”) He’ll also sit patiently as I flip through swatch photos for his opinion on which shade I should purchase. He’s a keeper. 🙂

I do try hard to stay within budget (which I think is important) and try to express interest in his hobbies as well, which as are foreign to me as eyeliner is to him.

Lulle Avatar

He’s supportive, he finds it rather interesting and sometimes we have conversations about matte lipsticks or what can be used on the waterline or not, lol! He also knows that he doesn’t have to worry about me spending more than what I have, so he’s pretty relaxed about it. I don’t think he realizes the time and effort it takes me to develop my blog though.

Nadja Avatar

He is very supportive when it comes to makeup. The more wild and colourful the better he says! He loves when I wear a Smokey eye and a bold lip. It gives me great comfort in experimenting when my makeup.

BeckBeck Avatar

My husband is totally fine with it but he definitely finds the mechanics of it confusing. He’s definitely NOT the kind of husband you can ask for an opinion when you try a new look! (I’ve asked him things like “Do I have too much blush on one side?” or “Does this foundation look like it’s the wrong color?” and he’ll give me this look like I’ve said something in another language. Then, I have to rephrase the question – “Does it look like I painted my face a different color than my body?”) But he never gives me a hard time about it. I think he recognizes that it’s something I do for fun.

RJ Avatar

I laughed SO much at the question rephrasing because I know this wayyy too well. “Do you think I used too much bronzer on this side?” *blank stare* “My face, is it orange here? Okay, but is it still kind of more brown compared to the other side of my face?” They have such good intentions but some of them just never catch on to it lol.

Tammy B Avatar

My husband has grown to accept it because he sees how happy it makes me. He, like several others have mentioned, makes it a point to say what he likes about my make up nearly everyday, even though he clearly struggles to remember what the difference is between eye liner and mascara. Today he got so excited about the Kat Von D Ma Vida Loca Remix Palette that the kids are getting me for my birthday that he decided to go in on it too so that he can be part of the fun!

Candace Avatar

My partner is really supportive! She even likes to take it off me at night as a way to spoil me, lol. It helps that she’s a professional artist and loves the creative aspect of makeup. But she’s felt intimidated in the past by makeup counter attitude and before she met me didn’t really wear it too much herself because of that, even though she wanted to. I’ve helped her get over her trepidation and we love shopping for makeup together.

Irene Avatar

My husband doesn’t understand why I like or wear make up, and dislikes the time I take to apply it, but since it makes me happy he doesn’t really complain much. I don’t have a big collection by make up addict standards, but I definitely have more than the average woman!

doroffee Avatar

He doesn’t necessarily understand, because he thinks I’m most beautiful without make-up, but he is supportive, because he understands how it’s a hobby and passion of mine.

Amber Avatar

My hubby is awesome! He says that my investment in my makeup is actually for him. He loves me with or without makeup. He says that what I spend in makeup, he gets the rewards from it. He even lets me know if he finds something that he likes.

Kim Avatar

i was in a bad car accident where a truck driver who was texting, t-boned my car on the driver’s side. I have been so depressed as I work with numerous lawyers, physicians, etc. My husband has been fabulous as I went from Revlon to Gucci and from Seabreeze to Dior and Chanel. Every day for 16 months, one box to 16 (a personal high) have arrived via UPS from b-glowing, saks, Macy’s, Sephora, ulta, etc. As he carries them to my bed, he tells our dogs, “look what pretty things Mommy got today.” Luckily we are only 42 with no kids, and will eventually settle the lawsuit, but most men would have lost their minds months ago. I love him for never judging me or asking me to stop. He pretends to be interested in all of the colors and listens to my “great deal” stories. I’m working from home and the money I spend is mine, but $30,000 in 9 months would drive most to divorce. Not us. I think a psychiatrist would have been cheaper, but I love my makeup stash – and my husband!

Cat Avatar

This really struck a chord in me, so much so that I’m sitting here in tears. He really loves you. I know… because I have a man very much like him who is crazy about me. I wish you the best with your lawsuit and with your healing process.

Katherine T. Avatar

The test of true love is when bad things happen to people, and he’s passing with flying colors, he’s a real gem. I really hope you feel better soon

Kai Avatar

Funny, I submitted a question similar to this. About where is the fine line between self maintenance and high maintenance, due to my guy. My current loves a natural look and I look at make up as my art form, soooo yeah he definitely don’t see eye to eye. But he likes that I always put together. But my ex was my muse, he loved and still loves how I blend my shadow and do my makeup in general. He still gives me inspiration to try new looks.

FacesByCarmilla Avatar

My husband cheers me on. He is my biggest supporter. He even tries to develop new looks from my makeup palettes. When I do buy a new lipstick, he will ask about them being the same color but otherwise he is the best!

Stacy Avatar

My boyfriend likes the way I look when I put real effort into my makeup, and says so. Of course it helps that he occasionally rocks some eyeliner and mascara himself, and looks GREAT in it. So what could he say against it, really?

Doreen G Avatar

Well…lets say he is not as understanding as yours!! I do spend way too much money on makeup ans skuncare..but thats my hobby and has been from the time I can remember. Now, if I made money doing what your doing. No, he wouldn’t care. That for me would be a dream come true!!

Ciara Avatar

My fiancé is very supportive and kind about my love of makeup. He is super observant and usually notices when I do different things with my makeup or my skin looks especially good. He’s super helpful when I ask him his opinion of colors or to help me decide between different items. He’s been patient when I’ve made our room look like a bomb went off in it while I’m organizing my stash and has never been upset when I’ve spent more than I should on my obsession. Blessed to have a great guy who understands my passion.

Melissa Avatar

My husband doesn’t understand it at all. I have to remind him that he says he can never have enough tools, and makeup is the same for me. 🙂 He doesn’t compliment me often, but there have been a couple of times he’s seen someone with horrible makeup and told me that person should take lessons from me because of how well I do it.

Lily Avatar

Queer ladies, are you on this thread?
My ex gf liked my red lipstick because I would kiss her on the cheeks on dates and then she would have a lip print of my lips on her cheek for the rest of the date and everyone would know we were together

Candace Avatar

I’m here, queer, and uh, wear makeup lol. For me and my gf it’s definitely become a bonding thing for us, she enjoys it too even though her style is more tomboy femme. I’m an aging goth chick so it’s always fun when I kiss her and she ends up with remnants of whatever vampy color I’m wearing and the effect looks like a lip stain.

Erin Avatar

My husband has the same philosophy about lipstick. I’ll apologize if I get makeup on him and he says he likes that because it tells the world he’s with such a hot girl! He is pretty supportive of it as a hobby as I am supportive of his love of collecting comics and action figures and listen to him endlessly explain plot points and story lines. He also has an interest in art and understands that aspect of it. He only would express negativity or concern if I couldn’t or wouldn’t let the world see me without makeup. He even points out Sephora if we go to the mall and is patient while I browse. He was so proud to tell me that some JCPenny stores have Sephora inside them…I didn’t have the heart to tell him I already knew that and my local one knows me by name!

Cat Avatar

My husband loves my interest in makeup because of how much I enjoy it. He’s particularly fond of my eye makeup because he loves my eyes — with or without makeup, but adding certain colors really brings out the blue in them. He also pays attention when I talk about different products and various effects created by colors and placement. He surprised me a few weeks ago when he threw out the term “smoky eye”! LOL

Sarah S. Avatar

I love to wear makeup, but I just don’t have the time to wear it often (I work as an early childhood teacher in a daycare — no makeup needed there!) yet my lovely boyfriend still supports me. He even buys me makeup from my wishlist at times as well and doesn’t get huffy when I come with two new lipsticks, some nail polish and eyeshadow. He has hobbies as well, so as long as we pay our bills and can keep food on the table it’s all good!

Sierra Avatar

He doesn’t really understand it, but he doesn’t care how much I wear either way. He just tells me I’m beautiful no matter what. (: He is fascinated by the colors I use and morbidly fascinated about the size of my collection though.

However, I recently dragged him into Sephora with me a few weeks ago, and I thought his jaw was going to get a rugburn when the total came up at the register. “You only bought 3 things! How did that cost $70?! The only reason I’m not super freaking out right now is because all the bills are already paid for this month!”

RJ Avatar

I don’t think my fiance will ever personally understand my style/beauty habits because he’s one of those people that needs, like, two pairs of pants and five shirts and can get by just fine without feeling like he’s missing out. But he’s happy with what makes me happy, and he listens when I go on and on about this or that beauty thing – it’s very cute, he can actually comment on some with enough knowledge now that I’m impressed sometimes because he cares enough to just listen to me talk. I’m fortunate that even though my love of beauty artistry grew after we’d been together for awhile, he was totally accepting of it (I’m sure it helps that I confine my hobbies/habits to “my” money I make after bills are paid). He tells me he can’t really tell the difference whether I’m wearing makeup or not so sometimes I make him stand there and watch me take my eyebrows off so I can go, “now do you see it?!” LOL. He tries to pay attention more to compliment me because he knows makeup is a happy thing for me and more of an art form than a way of covering up. I feel very lucky and loved.

swarno shishir Avatar

i am a beginner and i love make up. he likes me more without make up but he appreciates me trying to learn something new, he also supports me and gives his opinions. i m thinking of making it my profession. he is also supporting me.

Ellen Avatar

He rolls his eyes and laughs sometimes because I spend a lot of time discussing makeup with my sisters 😉
But he’s pretty good about it. I’m quite controlled with how I spend our money (I buy things one at a time spread out over time) but even so he’s always supportive if I go out and buy a new lipstick or something.
On the whole he’s pretty good….he gets annoyed with how long I take to get ready if we’re going somewhere but I just say “wasn’t the wait worth it?” and, obviously, he has to say yes!!!

Fionn Avatar

My boyfriend doesn’t quite get makeup, but he’s fascinated by how it can change or define faces, and he dabbled with eyeliner for a while in school lol. He’s also amused by how magpie-y i get when i see something new and sparkly.

Wednesday Avatar

I feel fantastic and very uplifted here from reading so many touching stories!

My partner Hairball (pet name, surely!) and I live/work/run our business together on our farm and it takes a special relationship in order to be with that same someone pretty much 24/7. This isn’t my first kick at the can though and I feel I have bloody well earned this relationship from making really tough decisions and changes for myself over the years. I’ve had 2 serious relationships prior to this one. One was disastrous and short-lived in my mid 20’s to a very nasty guy. The second: I married a good friend in my early 30’s and while it worked well for many years, it ended after years of spending so much time apart by virtue of our respective and highly demanding jobs. We were rarely in the same country and when we were, we somehow moved over time from being a couple to this more brother and sister like relationship. It ended as good friends and we still speak to each other routinely.

Harald (real name surely!-3rd time charm and now going on 10 years together) and I do not argue about money spent on our respective hobbies, but since I’ve always been capable of supporting my own habits, I’m rather fierce about my independence and expect my partner in life to be so too. We laugh and joke about the size and extent of my stash (although he sometimes tongue-in-cheek refers to it as the ‘hoard’), but surprisingly enough for a farmer dude, he is always well put together when we go out and has a really good arty eye. Consequently, I find I go to him when I want a second opinion. He might not always be able to put into words exactly why something does or doesn’t work, but if I ask, he will give it a honest try with the goal of being helpful rather than critical. Yes, the motivation behind the words makes a difference.

Morgan Avatar

Makeup is a hobby that I love and I’m always thinking about what to buy next or the next look I want to try. My bf knew that when he met me and if he ever tried to tell me what to put on my face I would kick his booty to the curb!

He does not care one bit, even when I wear black lipstick or crazy colors. We don’t do PDA because it’s tacky (get a room!) but also because I refuse to ruin my makeup

Morgan Avatar

Also even tho he doesn’t care, he WILL definitely yell at me when I get makeup on his clothes! I got lipstick (MAC rebel, very pigmented) on his white tie once! Needless to say I find myself doing his laundry often! But that’s okay, I just throw them in with my clothes!

Zelda Avatar

My husband tells people that for me, makeup is a hobby. People seem to expect me to get angry when he says this, but I agree. It’s true. He also jokes that I could never leave him, because he would just give my picture to the security people at every Sephora and I’d be spotted within a week.

But he certainly doesn’t object to my make-up hobby and he likes that I have hobbies that make me happy (which is how I think it should be). He’s happy that I’m doing something that makes me happy.

He’s very sweet and indulgent when I come home excited about something new. “Yes, honey, that really IS the most perfect shade of purple eye shadow ever.” He’ll always look carefully and say something nice when I say “look at this never-before-seen eye shadow combination.” And he’ll often notice when I have something new and tell me how pretty it looks.

He likes that it make gift shopping easy because there’s always something on my makeup/fragrance wish list.

I’m careful with the amount I spend and we’re financially comfortable so it’s not an issue for us. He actually encourages me to spend more money, because I will sometimes feel guilty about buying things for myself (it’s a leftover childhood issue, not a current financial issue). We both think that “equality” means that we are both able to pursue our hobbies at the time/level we want, not that we both spend the same amount of money on our hobbies.

Floortje Avatar

I wanted to say ‘Christine, put a ring on it’, but it seems like you already have. Good decision 😉
I want self-concious about it first, but my boyfriend is very supportive! He notices and compliments me when I went all-out with makeup that day, when I tell him I went makeup shopping he asks me what I bought, is supportive (and fascinated!) when I want to wear blue lipstick that day, he even allows me to show him makeup tutorials! He’s trying his best to show interest in my hobby, and even though he doesn’t really understands it, it’s all I could ask for. 🙂 Not to mention the proud puppy look he gets in his eyes when he knows what mascara is, lol. I’m very thankful and do my best to do the same for him.

Katie Avatar

My husband has been amazing about my slight obsession over makeup. He has compromised counter and bathroom storage for me and is always sure to tell me what time we’re leaving the house, so I can plan ahead for when I need to get ready. I’ve been on buying sprees in the past but have gotten much more realistic about how much makeup I need and can actually use in a lifetime, and now, I’m only spending money on replacements and awesome deals. My husband always makes a point to tell me that I look beautiful with and without makeup on.

Kate Avatar

He doesn’t care at all. He’ll shop with me at Sephora/Ulta and swatch with me, give me his opinion on what he thinks would look good on me and if I really wanted, he’d let me do his makeup (but lets be honest, product is expensive lol) He understands why I like it, and why I need 5 blushes that are all the same shade of pink lol He vaguely gets into my obsession with me just as I vaguely get into what he likes. It’s a good balance, really 🙂

Toni Avatar

My hubby is supportive. He helped me put my vanity together and will occasionally accompany me on impulsive stops to Ulta or Sephora while we’re out. If he compliments me on a beauty item, he really likes it. Case in point: I wore Coffee Buzz by Wet n Wild for the first time yesterday for a trip to the grocery store (lol). He basically said he liked the dark look on me and it turned him on. I might have to make that a date night lippie! LOL

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