What brand(s) do you feel have become more inconsistent recently?

MAC seemed like it was getting slightly more consistent but then the last year or so of launches (particularly anything in really special packaging) has fallen flat for me more often than not. Kat Von D has had some misses for me, too, though I’ve never felt the brand was that consistent to begin with.

— Christine
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Sadly, I’d have to answer with Viseart. I’m a fan, but now I feel like I *really need* to wait for your review before purchasing, whereas in the past I felt confident I would get a consistent, well performing product. Seems a bit more hit and miss lately.

Tarte, although it’s hard to say because I’ve only really gotten into more high-end makeup (and buying a lot of makeup) within the past 2 years or so. Alternatively, companies that always feel consistent to me are bite beauty, hourglass, and marc jacobs – even if everything isn’t something I would use personally, I trust the quality of all their products.

MAC has been my favorite brand since the 1990s, so I’ve been familiar with their products for a very long time, but they seem to be more hit or miss lately, going for quantity over quality.

I agree with Christine about Kat Von D. I find myself more disappointed than not, even though I really want to love her products.

MAC – for me, with the exception of Patrick Starrr, Jade Jagger and Padma Laskshmi, their special collaborations (Nicopanda, Jeremy Scott) lately have been poorly executed. I think most of the money was spent on packaging for those. Viseart seems to have had a few dips.

I’d say Dior, but in a good way. I think more and more products are getting better and better. Maybe the new creative director hire a year or so ago is the reason. The brand is now marketing some really great products — from soup to nuts.

My votes would go to Chanel – that most recent e/s palette is a perfect example of why – but also, sadly, Sephora’s house brand, and too faced, a brand I really used to like.

Viseart…I thought I was nuts to be diasappointed, when the cool mattes2 arrived instead of my new glasses. (Back to bifocals, not dealing with distance only and doing everything with no glasses…). Then I swatched it, with min eye app, and was disappointed all over again. Feel kvd is not quite what they/ she once were/was. Tarte is no longer to my taste, so much sameness in NOT MY COLORS, though the color splash l/s was a nice surprise. And bloody mufe did not need to fix that which was not broken. Now I realize some of this is age/ nostalgia, but SOAB, some stuff really was better back in the day, including most French eyeshadow! Enough rant.

KJH, how in the heck did I forget about that WRETCHED reformulation that MUFE did to their near *perfect* Artist Shadows?!? Plus, Viseart and their adding larger, square glitter to what would have been the perfect light khaki metallic eyeshadow with Absinthe Theory Palette and Tryst just not quite being like my favorite Theory Palettes. Sad year.

Viseart , I say as a disappointed (now former) fan girl.

Tom Ford

Chanel — up and down with face and eye

Marc Jacobs — eye palettes especially. Edgitorial, anyone?

Charlotte Tilbury — some good products, but the only line that has ever made me say out loud as I was using the eye stick, “this is junk.”

too faced and Tarte left the barn a long time ago.

KVD, Guerlain, Chanel, UD, and yes, this past year MAC went back to being inconsistent. Yet again. They had better NOT mess up with the Aaliyah collection or there will be public outcry and scorn! That’s a guarantee.
Now, even ColourPop has begun to show some inconsistencies amongst their newer offerings. Makes me sad.

I am glad that Dior’s eye quints became inconsistent in a *positive* way recently, though! I still need that purple toned one (I don’t recall its name?).

Used to be consistently good, now I’m not so sure:

Make Up For Ever — so few of their products used to be anything less than good (most were great or exceptional!), but their eyeshadow reformulation and blushes left me underwhelmed. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I used to consistently dislike them, now I’m cautiously optimistic:

Too Faced — I’d given up on their products thanks to how offensively bad their LE releases were, their odd branding choices (childishly twee, but also wink-wink sex jokes? Pick a lane), their obnoxious use of artificial scarcity to drive up demand, overwhelmingly large product releases, and the founder’s insistence on inserting himself into everything (let the products speak for themselves!). But I’m genuinely impressed by some of the products in their latest peaches & cream release (the setting powder, the finishing powder, the primer); they’ve gone from consistently bad to inconsistently good!

What brand *hasn’t* gotten more inconsistent? Maybe I just feel jaded, but it seems like every brand is having quality control issues. Whether it’s total failures like MAC Nicopanda, or inconsistent quality of a release where people have wildly different experiences, like UD Backtalk, ABH Subculture. I think brands are too pressured to release new things to stay competitive, and probably don’t spend enough time on QC.

I agree with you Melissa, it might be easier and shorter to name the brands that have remained consistent in a positive manner!!

I totally agree with this.

It seems like there’s a recurring arc to this. Most brands have a big idea that spawns amazing product. Then a couple of seasons later the finance suits start picking things apart and micromanaging the ROI and costs, which compromises R&D, ingredients, and QA testing. Basically, they’ll business things into the dumpster, unless someone has enough leverage to push back.

This is based on my own experience being a creative in corporate settings. I’ve watched helplessly as the very-arrogant-yet-talentless devolve brands into fodder for petty infighting and ego stroking. No one who can destroy a successful business like a business person. But hey, I’m sure they’ll scrounge up data saying down-is-up.

I would have to say that overall most of the releases have been questionable over the past 6-12 months. I can’t really remember a release where I felt that everything was an excellent product and I don’t mean excellent in the sense that it would work for me but rather that all the products were rated high and performed well. It seemed like there was always a couple of duds. So, off the top of my head, MAC, Viseart, MUFE, MUG, KVD and Marc Jacobs. It has made waiting for reviews a necessity and having resources to check in person. Sadly, I don’t live near enough to stores to always check in person and while I read reviews, sometimes colors appear different on your monitor or pull differently when on a different skin tone. I try as much as possible to wait for Christine to review as I know we all trust and value her reviews but she isn’t always able to review all new products. Those are the products that I buy untested and un-reviewed and often get me into trouble. I have picked up a couple of real duds just because I couldn’t see in person.

Sorry, second comment, LOL. I wanted to mention Dior and Chanel. I usually buy a few select pieces from each brand when their new collections drop. I don’t know if it is just me or if I am just lucky in the products I select but I don’t have issues with these two brands. The quints I have from Dior have always worked really well for me and although I am more selective in the products I buy from Chanel, their Stylo Yeux’s are some of my favorite liners.

I think a lot of brands are inconsistent, and not just lately either!
Urban Decay
Too Faced
Kat Von D
Tom Ford
and now Viseart.
Add to that Dior, Estee Lauder and Guerlain, Chanel

Lancome, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Chanel = all used to be consistently solid, good quality brands but now I don’t even bother with them anymore.

I keep wondering how a company can make one of the very best palettes I have used, Modern Renaissance then come out with one that was so bad, Subculture. I pulled my MR out and put it in with my rotation. I forgot just how much I love this palette. Subculture just didn’t work well for me at all, and I did in fact return it. I haven’t even looked at any of the ABH collections, I just can’t. They need another knock out like MR.

Urban Decay has had a surprising amount of eyeshadow palette misses in the last few years, which is a shame because that used to be their workhorse product.

For its prices, Chanel never has to an excuse to be bad, so I’m giving it a slap on the wirst here for the recent palettes.

Tarte…mostly great products but then there was that horrible Toasted palette. Also UD and TooFaced. I basically really like both of these brands, but they’ve both had some duds.

Viseart is the first that comes to mind. Ii believe that the latest releases from the brand have been made in the US as opposed to France and wonder if that’s why?

UD and KVD for sure, I had just about worked myself up to get a Viseart palette but glad I waited to pull the trigger. This mama can’t afford to buy subpar makeup with a dear pricetag.

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