What beauty product do you use that a lot of others seem to skip?

Colored, pencil eyeliner and/or colored eyeshadow underneath my lower lash line! I definitely see people doing this, but for me, it’s practically a must-do every time I apply makeup!

— Christine
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It is the other way around for me. I skip a lot of things that are common for others. I never put liner or eyeshadow on my lower lid for example. I also never put mascara on my bottom lashes, hate lipliner, and just recently started playing with bronzer.

Same here!
I rarely do something on my lower lash line or use highlighter, always skip the lipliner, never apply mascara on my bottom lashes, etc.
But I have the hunch that the next question will be `What beauty product do you skip that a lot of others seem to use?` 😆

Yeah same. I very long bottom lashes and I find when I add mascara, my lashes seem to hit my chin and I get a very doll like look. Not a fan of that. And with the shape of my eye, I don’t like the look of eyeliner/shadow on my bottom lashline. Sometimes I put liner in my waterline but I find it a hassle. I’m just better off with mascara and liner on top lashline/lashes. I can wear a little highlighter. I apply a little near my temple. I have oily skin/texture so I cannot wear as much as social media people. I cannot be bothered with it mostly

Colourful pencil liner under my lower lashes and colourful/bright eyeshadows are regular items I use. Occasionally a coloured highlighter.
Like others have mentioned, few people here wear colourful makeup and most use black eyeliner on the upper lash line if at all.

You sound a lot like me I don’t have enough bottom lashes to wear mascara, lip liner is just an annoying extra step that doesn’t really do anything except leave a ring around my lips when the rest of the lipstick wears off, and my eyes are too watery for lower lid eyeliner (except on a special occasion I might put on a bit of smudgy waterproof color…and then I have to keep checking it all night to make sure it’s still in place). Bronzer is something I can completely do without.

I don’t know that I do anything that other’s don’t do… other than tight-lining my upper lash line, ALWAYS; but I do skip some things that others seem to always do. Like, I never set my make up. I never contour or bake or even use a ton of bronzer or powder products in general. I never use lip liner or layer a ton of lip products over each other (too much work to keep that up throughout the day for me). I never highlight my brow bone (because there’s not much browbone to highlight, lol) or my inner corners of my eye.

Pencil liner in general. I don’t usually wear on my lower lash line but I wear pencil, brown or charcoal, on my upper lashline when most use liquid. I want definition and not a cat eye per se so pencil just suits me better!

I often use colored eyeliner pencils to tightline my upper lash line (rather than just using black or brown). It’s a subtle effect, but I prefer it to drawing a colorful line over my lash line, the way most people do. Dark blue especially makes the green in my eyes pop. Also, I use a separate setting powder over under-eye concealer (Laura Mercier Secret Blurring Powder).

Recently it’s been an eyelash curler. Other folks use them sure, but it does seem to go in and out of common style.

Eyeliner on the waterline. Many people add something to the lower lash line, like a dark shadow, but I like to apply a dark color on the actual waterline. Everday. Even with minimal makeup

Color corrector!! I use a yellow liquid corrector before my concealer and it really does help with the tone. I have dark under eyes and it makes a subtle, but noticeable difference. Don’t see people using color corrector much these days, I guess it’s sort of archaic. But it works for me.

Colored eye pencils and virtually every colored mascara that hits the mkt. Just LOVE colored mascara. CP was rather a let down, unfortunately. Wearing glasses, the mascara is not as obvious as it is without glasses frames. Unless it’s a monochrome look, tbs. My obsession on colored mascara dates to the early 70s. Wish I had Aziza Clinging Vine now!

Colored highlighter. I’m still matching my cheek highlight to either the color of my glasses or my dress. Can’t stop. And I never see colored highlighter except on IG.

With Arizona being as conservative as it generally is when it comes to wearing a full face of not only makup, but COLORFUL makeup at that, I would have to go with: colorful, bold eye looks.
Because other than you, Leesha, myself and those who are MUA’s or SA’s at Sephora and MAC, most living here do not wear much more than mascara, a little bit of black liner and a smidge of neutral eyeshadow!

Multiple concealers instead of foundation. I can’t stand how foundation feels all over my face, but using several concealers works okay for me.

Concealer on my eyelids. Not as an eyeshadow base… just the concealer. I have really veiny lids with noticeable discoloration and sun damage. On the other hand, I don’t really mind undereye darkness!

Hmmmmm … nothing, I think. I tend to be the opposite: skipping things others use (I’ll never understand false lashes … never!).

I don’t know what others skip, but I do know what I used to skip and it’s this: face primer, eyelid primer, highlight, bronzer to warm up foundations that are slightly off, concealer, concealer setting powder, face setting powder, setting spray, finishing powder, finishing spray, waterline eyeliner, tightlining, curling my eyelashes, sparkle glitter and shine eyeshadows for the mid-lid, using my fingertips for said eyeshadow and sometimes matte shadows, wiping the side of my eye into a cool diagonal to avoid fussing with liquid liner, monochromatic looks with bronzer blush and highlighter on my lids and face, smudging eyeliner on upper lid, inner corner highlight, and brow bone highlight.

Pretty sure I’m forgetting something.

It’s not something that others skip as such, just the way most other people seem to do it…

I like to blend multiple highlighter and blush shades – I have three (pink) blush shades and two highlighters (coral peach and lilac) from 2 separate palettes on today and if I’m layering on a neutral cream blush underneath for extra staying power and/or using a bronzer, I can use up to 6 or 7 – which I admit, is extremely excessive!

I never wear one blush or highlighter either and use a cream blush as a base too. I usually use three powder blushes, two highlights, and one cream blush daily.

Of late, it’s probably lip primer because discovering the Elizabeth Arden one has made a few previous unwearable matte lipsticks into products I can actually wear with relative comfort. And, like you, Christine, coloured liners or shadows under my lower lashes. The rest of my eye look is always pretty neutral and conservative so that’s one place I can play with colour in my work-a-day world.

Lip liner; I find it make edges of my lipstick look better and makes my lips look fuller. Bright, colorful eyeshadows, unconventionally colored products ( blue highlighters, green lipstick, black lipgloss, red mascara, etc.), bright eyeliners, glitter, metallics, and duo-chromes. Bright and/or glittery nail polish.

If I’m answering just for my home state of Oregon, practically everything, though. Most women, even professionals, where either wear no or minimal makeup. The ones who do wear more are still usually wearing very neutral colors.

I’m with you Christine with the coloured eyeliners and shadows on my lower lash line I have done it forever. Even if I’m not wearing any eye shadow on my lids b/c my hooded lids are getting worse as I age it’s almost not worth putting eye shadow up there any more.

Isn’t it terrible? My lids are so hooded that they trap heat, causing a bit of perspiration. In the warmer months I can’t even finish a look before it all creases. NYX Proof It (the eyeshadow one, not the eyebrow one in identical packaging), CoverGirl Lid Lock, Ulta Matte, Morphe Matte and Urban Decay Primer Potion all come close to preventing creasing but for me, it’s inevitable.

The beauty products I use that many others (outside of this blog) don’t use is primer under foundation and eyeshadows. I don’t use eyeliner, highlighters, bronzers, or mascara on my lower lash line (or anything on my lower lash line for that matter) because it irritates my eyes. Nor do I use lip glosses or matte lipsticks.

Cream contour.
I have kind of round cheeks and discovering contour about 6 years ago made so much difference in how my face shape looked, I was amazed. It was even better and more natural looking when I started using cream contours. My favorites are MUFE Pro Sculpting palette 02, ABH Stick in Fawn and Milani Contour and Highlight in 02.

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