What beauty brand would you love to work for?

What beauty brand would you love to work for? Share!

I really have no idea! There are a lot of great brands out there, but it’s hard to know if working for them would actually be fun. It would depend on what I’d be doing, too! For instance, if I did anything, I’d want to make sure I could push quality over quantity!

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This is such a fun question!! I would love to work for Tom Ford Beauty. That’s the one brand where I can get behind every product and find something to suit every face!

Sephora – I heard you get 20% off merchandise, and 40% off Sephora branded products. But my spending on makeup/skincare might exceed my paycheck, so that might not be so great LOL

I was thinking the same thing. I’ve often joked with the SA’s at Sephora about what a dangerous place it would be for me to work there as I would bring home NOTHING in my pay!

i think the same as you but if we exclude those issues i would LOVE to work with mac, nars or colourpop haha a girl can dream xx

Hmm, I wouldn’t mind going to work in UD’s lab or QC dept. and having them reformulate some of their wonky shadows in Naked Smoky (and other palettes while I was at it) in order to make them considerably better, and thereby earning Naked Smoky an A+ grade! And saving the day like Mighty Mouse!

Quality has less pull in a business than you think. When we tell R&D there’s an issue with a product, nothing really happens unless there’s a lot of issues going on. It takes a lot to get something reformulated. You could even tell them there’s something wrong with products during package stability, and there’s almost never enough time to get a reformulation done and tested (especially for one-time-only products…ugh). Company investors put pressure on marketing/R&D to push the product out, no matter what.

There’s a lot of compromise that has to be done. It’s usually at the expense of product quality.

Without question it would be NARS. I have been wearing their products since they launched and have never been disappointed with a single thing I have ever purchased except oddly the orgasm blush. *grins* It wasn’t the blushes fault though. Anything that leans peach looks orange on me and that color just isn’t flattering on my skin tone. My only complaint would be that they put this color in every blush palette they have made. *sighs* Whoever it is who creates their shades are color Gods. They are unique and to die for and so easy to apply. We have had a long term relationship going on for more years than I would like to count and there will be no breaking up. If only NARS could make something similar to the Dior Lip Glow that I have a hoarding obsession with and large palettes we could put our favorite shadows and blushes in would be that much more sweet. Love Love Love this company. =)

I’d love to work for MAC, in a position that would enable me to restore the quality, especially with their LE collections and brushes, bring back beloved shades and formulations, bring the new collections down to seasonal releases from the 50 or so a year they do now with enough quantities for everyone to get a chance to purchase them, and make the popular products permanent.

That’s a tough question! I think brands with full ranges of color would be fun from a MUA standpoint…maybe Urban Decay, MUFE, MAC, Sugar Pill, Ilia, or Inglot. But there’s also so many good solid products from “traditional” brands like Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique, etc. I did, in fact, work part time for Lancome a number of years ago at the counter (in addition to a full time job outside the industry). I think that like with any job the key is the kind of support you get from management.

I work in PR so if I were to work for a cosmetic brand it would be in that capacity. I think it would be fun to work with Urban Decay or Nars.

oh, so many to choose from, until recently I would have chosen MAC but now I would choose my current favorites, It Cosmetics or Tarte.

I would like to work for french brands like Caudalie or L’Occitane or niche brands like Le Labo and Bite Beauty.

For my own personal style I think that I would be a good match for Bobbi Brown, for creative aspect of the makeup world Urban Decay or MAC!

It would be awesome to help launch an east coast Morphe.. & get them to axe their $8 flat rate shipping fee up into different shipping prices, maybe based on total cost of purchase (kinda like VS), or base the shipping fees on whether you’re buying in bulk or just a lil gal/guy trying to grab a brush or two.. I think they just need better customer service in general.

FYI, I was just at Ricky’s beauty supply in Manhattan, and they carry some Morphe brushes and palettes there! Obviously not the whole lineup but for anyone who’s in the New York area, you can find a couple shelves’ worth of their stuff there.

Probably NARS or MUFE as I like so many of their products and they don’t seem as tied to current trends as some other brands. Also, being older, I feel they don’t target just a younger consumer and aim at a level of sophistication that is “ageless”.

I’d go with Tom Ford if I had to choose one hoping for freebies. But, I always hear about “drama’ working at cosmetics counters. So, Im not sure if I want to. I would probably choose Sephora though in reality because they really are not stuck to one brand and I don’t use all one brand.

theBalm, I think the brand could be developed a lot more, although they’ve had some nice new launches recently.
Dior or Guerlain in their creative department to imagine the next seasonal collections. That would be fun!

The two brands that come to mind are Laura Mercier and Tarte Cosmetics. I would adore working at Sephora and being hands-on with the customers. Educating people with a passion is a life well-fulfilled!

Beautylish – I think their customer service is stellar and I love how they try to cater to makeup lovers overall with articles and community, not just trying to make sales.
Sugarpill – I love their colorful makeup and I think it would be fun to dress up outrageously(?) and meet new people at trade shows. They have a focus on customer service as well.

MAC. It’s always been a dream job for me. And I have tried before but I don’t think they took me seriously because I’m a full time nurse

I currently work in procurement (buying, supplier management, etc) so I thought about this question from that point of view rather than just which brands I currently like using myself. I’d really like to work for a company buying in products like Space NK, Cult Beauty or Sephora (if I moved to America) rather than a specific individual brand. Getting to know individual beauty brands and new products, especially small up and coming brands, as well as working out what what my customers would like to see being stocked and how to introduce new lines – that would be my idea of a pretty fab job!

I’d like to work for/with a new brand. Being in on the creative process and trying to figure out which segment of the market to target would fascinating. And, as much as the brand irks me, I’d like to work with Mac in overhauling their whole LE process, because they have good ideas, but they also seem to be letting their customers down a lot with poor quality products and extremely limited amounts.

I’m going to cheat and say Sephora, so I could work with tons of different brands! I think it’d be really interesting to be on the team or whatever that finds new brands to carry.

I’m not sure exactly which one, but I’d love to work for a more socially conscious brand (no animal testing, charity products, no microbeads, ethically sourced materials, pay their workers a living wage, etc). I feel like LUSH would fit that bill but it’s not strictly a beauty brand.

MAC or MUFE. I love MAC artist are so well put together and up on product knowledge. I’d love to work in R&D. MUFE is always professional and never disappoints.

I would love to work for Dior to improve the overall quality of their eye shadow palettes.
Next I would love to work for Urban Decay to promote two Naked palettes – one for purples (because I know there are lots of purple fans out there) and one for greens.

Based on your answer, I wish you worked for MAC 🙂
Truthfully though, I hope you always remain independent 🙂

I’m actually going to school for biology and chemistry right now so I can bevome a cosmetic chemist and HOPEFULLY work for Givenchy in their skincare labs. That’s my dream job.

I’m so excited for you, Andrew! I know we don’t know one another, but I really hope that your dream comes true and that you get to make some amazing products for Givenchy. I think that it’s so wonderful that you have a clear dream in mind and are working towards it like this.

Make Up Geek. Love the product and the ethic of owner, Marlena. Love to support small business built by a strong moral work wthic.

Well, I guess it would depend on in what capacity. I have no idea which companies are good employers.

Just based on the makeup and marketing, Urban Decay or Too Faced seem like they’d be fun. ColourPop, too, seem to have a sense of humor as well as great makeup. Now that e.l.f. is really branching out, they could be interesting to work for, as well.

I think I would love to work on the team that thinks up outrageous names for colors. The ones that come to mind are UD, Kat Von D, OPI. And others with creative out there names.

I’d love to work for Guerlain at a stand alone store. The one here in Toronto on Bloor Street is just such a lovely space and of course the products are fabulous 😉

I would love to resurrect a now shadow of a cosmetic company. When I was 17, I bought my first cosmetic palette, it was a promo through Harper’s Bazaar, I had Library duty as an elective, so I got to read the magazines before anyone else did. There was a promo from Stendhal Paris cosmetics for a palette for $10.00. I sent it in, and that became almost a hobby. Finding the perfect palettes that have everything in so I can do a quick and coordinated look. I bought the next collection as well, and the first palette was neutral, and wonderful formulations, and nicely coordinated colors. The colors were really nice and bright, it was a nice collection. The FDA here in the states sued Stendhal Paris as well as Sanofi, and Sanofi was a big pharmaceutical company. The FDA claimed that Stendhal Paris was making medical claims in their advertising for their skin care line. The pulled the line from the states. The worst part was I used the skincare and never had a problem. My skin was so nice then, I didn’t have acne until I was in my late 30’s, and it was hormonal. I struggled with it for a few years, and then discovered Strawberrynet.com and was able to grab a bunch of my old favorites, and started seeing a derm for acne. Between the derm and my old routine with the old products, my skin really improved. I started hunting the cosmetic line, and their cosmetic line has decreased in variety and there are fewer color cosmetics now. I haven’t bothered with much of the new stuff because it isn’t appealing anymore. I would love to revitalize that line. It used to be great, but now it is boring. That would be fun, it would be a challenge, and I would get to be artistic, all in all it sounds like it would be a fun job.

I wouldn’t work in sales for any product or company for sure, I don’t care if I love it and believe in the products, etc. It’s just not my bag. But working in development or something else could be fun, for a company like Urban Decay maybe becuase I generally do like their concepts and packaging and the direction they go with their items.

well honestly i havent been around too many cosmetic counters other than mac, i find mac fun with all their collections so i’d go with them or benefit or too faced cause of cute packaging lol

I’d love to work for NARS or UD! I’d also like to spend a little time at Jo Malone, just long enough to bring back my favorite scent (Verbenas of Provence).

Good question! I do work for a beauty brand (skincare) and it is fun most of the time when you’re figuring out what product to launch next and what to call it 🙂

Paula’s Choice, hands down. They may not be glamorous (then again, neither am I LOL!), but their solution-based product line is beneficial for anyone at any age. And the complete absence of gimmicks suits my personality to the ground.

Honest answer? No one. I’ve worked in cosmetics QC for a mid-to-large size company and let me tell you, some of the stuff that gets pushed through I’d never want to put on my skin. You think you’re going to make a difference but truthfully, unless your company truly believes in all aspects of Quality, you’re just a large speed bump to getting product out the door. That belief gets much harder the larger your company becomes.

Ignorance is bliss, in my case 😛

For the amount of money they dedicate into Research only I would love to spend some time working for Sisley or Natura Bissé or La Prairie ….although I know I would be quite intimidated as deep down I have “simpler” taste:I love plants, oils and all things simple, rustic and natural ( i have basic aromatherapy qualifications that haven’t fully pursued ) so I would definitely be happy working for L’Occitane, Aromatherapy Associates or the icing of the cake for me would be Caudalie….as I am into the properties of grapes and … good wine on the skin as well.

I’d love to work for Estee Lauder .. it’s such a classic brand and their double wear line is the bomb for an oily skin gal like me 🙂


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