Wayne Goss Imperial Topaz Palette + Eye Kohl Swatches

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Wayne Goss Imperial Topaz Palette + Eye Kohl Swatches
Wayne Goss Imperial Topaz Palette + Eye Kohl Swatches
Wayne Goss Imperial Topaz Palette + Eye Kohl Swatches

Wayne Goss The Eye Collection debuted this morning (I literally just received these about two hours ago!) and includes a six-pan eyeshadow palette and three eyeliners. Here are swatches!

Wayne Goss The Eye Collection

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I wish shades 2 and 5 (and even 4 to a degree) didn’t swatch out so similarly. For that amount of money I’d hope for some more variety with the shades.

Hmm, these light shimmers look very similar and you wouldn’t want a dupe in a six pan palette… And the black doesn’t look very pigmented… Let’s see if it’s buildable…

I am a fan of Wayne Goss and enjoy watching his YouTube videos, but I am disappointed that his first eyeshadow palette is the standard warm-toned palette with no unique colors. Although I won’t be purchasing this palette, I look forward to his new releases.

Not in the least excited, even to support my fantasy son. Frankly, I expected better. My expectations were for the ne plus ultra of warm neutral palettes. (Say in a kid game voice): Not It!

Really gorgeous packaging but I’m the Neutrals Queen so I know I have (several) dupes for all of these shades already. Ah well, next time around, Wayne!

It’s a very expensive ($77 in Canadian dollars!) palette but it doesn’t look like it’s anything special. The shades 3 and 4 look weak but the youtuber Michele Wang said the shades are buildable. Even then, it doesn’t justify the price tag. I love Wayne but this is way overpriced.

You’ll always have the folks that prefer weak buildable formulas, and the folks that want full opacity from one swipe. The only way a brand can satisfy all is to have the same colors in a weak and full opaque formula.

It’s actually $140 CDN if you want the 3 eyeliners and the palette! That’s pretty steep for a palette where #2 and 5 look almost identical and #1 and 6 look almost identical (and invisible!) and where the shadows are so warm AND when you consider that most people already have these shades in abundance. Like so many others, I adore Wayne Goss and have for years. I wish him great success – he totally deserves it – but this is an easy pass for me.

I still don’t get the black. I love Wayne, but to say that your listening to your 35+ yo consumers but then want to include a black in every pallet leaves me scratching my head. A dark matte brown is so much more flattering and workable for most people (judging by other readers comments).

It would have made more sense to have a seventh shade — along the side or something — that was a narrower width but spanned the length of two other shades, IMO! I don’t need that either, but I’d rather have a deep shade that coordinates with the palette — like a deep brown here.

Yes, I that’s it!
I keep clicking away from this post then returning to it, something scratching at me. The individual colors are plenty pretty (though infinitely dupable as mentioned) but that black is jarring. It has a completely different undertone than the rest of the colors. It clashes so much with those warm browns, I wonder it would even blend well with them on the lid.

That would have been a great idea to add as an additional shade and reduce the size, much better compromise. IMO black shadow is better suited as a single, but i get there are people that still like black in palettes. You will inevitably end up going through the rest of the shades before even making a dent in the black even if it was your sole palette.

Hi Carla, I agree! I’m a big fan of neutral shades and was so disappointed to see the black shade in this palette, and then Wayne’s reference to having one in every palette. I hope people give constructive feedback about that. I have followed him closely for a lot of years and never thought black would be a dedicated shade.

I was prepared to buy this from watching his video. Now, not so much. With my skintone, I need the shades to be more pigmented and distinctive.

No shade (ha) on Wayne, but I feel like Linda Hallberg did this already a few years ago, and better in that her version of this kind of idea (everyday elegance for everyone?) is both more pigmented and more universal.

Interesting comparison! Linda Hallberg is definitely a MUA who also emphasises on the importance of black eye shadow… And she also loves to put her shade Fornax, which is her version of black into most of her palettes. (Which also is a very smooth and buildable version of black. I use all her palettes and what I love mostly about them is that her shadows are also very soft and buildable and does not swatch crazy pigmented right off the bat, much like how Wayne’s new stuff looks like. So I do not necessarily think that her palettes are more pigmented, especially not her larger ones. Crazy pigmentation is really something that most of us does not need imo either. Therefore I love when some artists like Wayne and Linda dare to go with and stick to their own visions and does not fall for the pressure of consumerism… I do believe however that Linda probably reaches more of a younger demographic compared to Wayne, but then again she is also younger. But if that makes her more universal or not probably depends more on how old one are… Anyway, interesting comparison!

Having watched several YT’ers use this palette and actually get beautifully sophisticated looks out of it, I’m not mad at it. I actually like that these are more buildable shades that blend nicely together! BUT; I also already have these shades several times over, and so this particular palette is nothing I need.

I’d love to see how big the palette is. IMHO, the colors are boring (and a black in EVERY palette?) and there are so few of them…I’d love to know how big the pans are to see if there’s something…anything!…to justify the price.

The pans are 2,7 grams each in Wayne Goss’s palette.. Natasha Denona’s larger five pan palettes are 2,5 grams per pan. Her five pan palettes retails for 48$. Wayne’s retails for 55$. Cost per eye shadow is 9,60 for Natasha Denona and 9,16 for Wayne’s. Mac used to make 3 gram single eye shadows that used to retail for around 20$ each for just the pan at least in Europe (perhaps 15-17 in the US) just for reference. Mac’s smaller pans used to be 1,5 grams per shade but are now 1,3 grams. They retail for 7$ per pan. Mac’s larger foiled single pans are also 3 grams per pan and retails for a whopping 26$ per pan! (Which luckily at least has a little case around them)…

Now when it comes to price, one must also take into consideration that people like Wayne Goss does not have a huge conglomerate behind him like L’Oréal or Estée Lauder or some other financiers or investors who can help fund his initial collections for him. He is completely self funded, so he has to calculate how he best can make ends meet, and cannot produce in bulk the way many brands who are owned by someone else or who are funded some other way can.

Now none of that should determine whether or not you or anybody else should choose to buy his products. That is a whole different ballgame that has more to do with personal taste. But if pan sizes and prices are the discussion, it’s usually good to make some comparisons…

This one doesn’t do anything at all for me. It’s probably really expensive so that is a good thing!

It’s a little neutral palette yes but I think it’s gorgeous. I like the subtle finish of the colors. I’m not going to jump on it but I’m eyeing it and I’m sure he’ll release more.

Lightning fast on the swatches Christine!

Thank you so much Christine for swatching and photographing these so quickly.
First impressions? Not that good…. Shades 3 & 4 look patchy, # 1 & 6 look far too similar to be in a six pan and the other two shades are variations of each other – different finishes.
So no – a big disappointment.

I am very excited for the release and review of this palette. Wayne Goss is a fabulous designer and I have high hopes for the palette.

This to me is a big nothing. I have multiple dupes of all these colors. He also said there will be a black in every palette.

Hmm… In this palette, I see three transition shades, two inner-eyelid shades and one outer V-crease shade. Where are the all-over-the-lid or middle-of-the-lid shades?

Mmm the swatches don’t look that good. Weak pigmentation? This isn’t a color scheme I would buy. Too neutral for me. Was hoping the eye liners would be good. Guess I’ll wait for Wayne’s color eye shadow palette. I love his brushes and style, so far no makeup love though.

I think this is exactly what I would expect Wayne to create as his first palette. It’s virtually the iteration of all the things he has tried to teach for more than a decade to people like me who is not a MUA, and has struggled with techniques but has wanted to learn more and needs make up that works in broad daylight rather than ring lights and soft focus filters on Instagram. I probably have some dupes for some of the shades here. But for me a palette like this can very easily become the palette I use every day. The taupey looking shade may also, if I’m lucky be something similar to my all time favourite since long discontinued single eye shadow from Vincent Longo… And if Wayne has been able to dupe that for me – Then I will buy backups of this palette!
I also really want to support someone like Wayne who unlike everybody else on this market is completely self funded. And has really started from nothing and worked his way up without the help of any outside funding. That is quite rare to me. So I am truly looking forward to receiving my order…

Agreed! I am loving the palette. It’s not supposed to be a revolutionary color story. It’s an everyday palette that is super user friendly.

I ordered the collection. I like the shades and finishes in the eyeshadow palette, and the large size of the wells. I was disappointment to see black as one of the shades in a taupe palette. I’m familiar Wayne’s stamping technique to lining the eyes with shadow but it reminded me of the older Bobbi Brown palettes that always had Rich Caviar (black) in them. I shudder at the memory. I never reach for black eyeshadow. I don’t even use it to blend out black eyeliner. Speaking of eyeliners, I’m looking forward to trying pencil liners again.

I like neutral palettes and I like this colour story. However, where this palette gets a pass from me is the price and quantity of product. I don’t doubt you get your money’s worth in terms of grams of shadow, but as someone who owns a ton of palettes – I just don’t need this much eyeshadow. I also wish there was at least one more colour, like a very dark brown, in between the brown and the black. I understand this black is very blendable, but if you paint or know colour theory, you know that mixing black with other shades muddies the colour.

You are so fabulous for getting these swatches up so quickly, Christine. I had this in my cart yesterday just about to pull the plug and I hesitated because your swatches (and reviews, surely) say a lot to me. This palette is $77 in Canadian dollars and then there is duties and import taxes and import fees on top which would take this palette up to $100 and I’m just not feeling it enough to climb into bed with it at this snack bracket. Sorry Wayne.

I’m so over the black eyeshadow in every palette, never use them and I live my eyes daily with shadow but not black. As far as the light frosty ones not interested at my age.
Wish he would of done one for the older woman!. I do like the 2 darker browns and I love Wayne Goss, so much fun to watch and Learned a lot from him!

I really enjoyed the comments here and watching Beauty News on YT.
I dont get the black….in every….single….palette. 🤷‍♀️ I would have preferred coordinating brown/burgundy/navy etc depending on each palette as a deepening shade.
I feel this is a palette created for MUA but sold to consumers. The problem is, I can dupe these palettes (and the lippies) before they come out. Which is sad, because I have watched Wayne for years and I was really hoping the best for him.

I just received this palette and love it. The specialness is in the quality and the ability to build them without muddiness. The black is the best black shadow I have ever used. So smokey and elegant. The kohls are great too. You really have to use the palette to appreciate it.

I was for several reasons disappointed with his lipsticks and glosses and I´m too with this palette- as others mentioned, the black doesn´t match the other shades, a deep blackened brown would have been way better! But: who else doesn´t have tons of these oh so popular warm toned palettes ? I´m quite angry about all this stuff, I have a neutral fair skintone, dark hair and greenishgrey eyes and those warm colours make me look sick. But that´s a personal thing. The quality on the other hand isn´t , it´s nothing special and doesn´t justify the price tag- whether or not Wayne Goss is self funded. Most of us are- let´s say: self funded, means we have to work for our money, too, before we can spend it on his beauty products. I certainly will pass future offers due to the non realistic overhyped outcome.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had an underwhelming experience, Esus! I haven’t tried the lipsticks/glosses (I bought them but they sold out pretty quickly, though last I looked, it seemed like there were more shades in stock than I recalled!) yet…

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