Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2016

Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2016
Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2016

This ultra limited-edition collection features 20 addictive shades of Eyeshadow that span Urban Decay’s entire 20-year history. From vintage shades that go WAY back (like Gash, Acid Rain and UV-B) to must-haves from UD’s current collection, it’s all here. There are even a few new shades and several cult favorites from past palettes.

With a carefully crafted mix of new shades and old favorites, Vice Ltd Reloaded is the perfect representation of 20 years of UD. Experiment with color, go for a little smoke or play it neutral. UD included three totally NEW shades, five vintage shades, five exclusives from past palettes (like Vice, Vice Ltd and Book of Shadows Vol II), and seven bestsellers from their collection of singles. The kind of palette anybody can use, UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded offers something for everyone. And this is the first time several of these shades have been available in UD’s revamped shadow formula!

Early access today (supposed to be for Platinum users); full release January 24th

The Details

XX Vice LTD Reloaded, $56.00 (Limited Edition, Ulta Exclusive)

  • Suspend Greige-brown matte
  • Oil Slick Black matte with silver micro-glitter
  • Roadstripe Iridescent white with blue-violet shift
  • Gash Metallic brick red
  • Midnight Cowboy Pink champagne shimmer with silver glitter
  • 501 Deep metallic blue with copper micro-glitter
  • Shallow Pale taupe-silver satin
  • Laced Pinky-taupe matte
  • Hot Pants Pearly medium pink
  • Mildew Deep metallic green shimmer
  • Smog Deep coppery bronze shimmer
  • Misdemeanor Deep olive green matte with green micro-shimmer
  • Freakshow Bright purple satin
  • Asphyxia Hyacinth shimmer with blue shift
  • Acid Rain Pale yellow-green shimmer with green shift
  • Moonflower Metallic rose-gold with gold micro-shimmer
  • UV-B Bright blue with violet shift
  • Goldmine Bright metallic gold
  • Twice Baked Rich brown satin with gold micro-glitter
  • Anonymous Pale peachy cream matte


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Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

Phooey to all of you! (LOL) After reading everyone’s thoughts on this and considering the desirability of vintage shades, I decided to go ahead and order the palette! I’m hoping Ulta doesn’t have shipping issues. Actually for me, they were also about a week and my last 2 orders not only were shipped the same day I ordered them, but they also arrived within 2 days. This time though, the order hasn’t shipped yet. I’m thinking their warehouse may have been overwhelmed bc of all the interest (and 5x points) for the palette. I hope they have enough stock to fill the orders.

Rachel R. Avatar

There are so many shades in this that I don’t own. So of course I want it.

I can’t take advantage of the offer, and buy it online through Ulta…they still aren’t processing things right online. I’ve tried 2 different computers, 3 different browsers, and 6 different forms of payment, and it tells me every single time they can’t process it. They no longer let you order through the phone. Their IT just tells me they can’t figure it out. I gave the CS rep an earful. Ulta has lost so much money from me, and I’ve lost so much in rewards points.

Pami Avatar

That’s crazy! How maddeningly frustrating! It really irks me when a website doesn’t work properly, and their customer service is worthless.

Rachel R. Avatar

I know, especially with Ulta being a major beauty retailer. Not to mention that I am a Platinum Member! I order online a lot, because I don’t live real close to the stores, and I have some injuries that can limit my walking around. I prefer Ulta rewards, but I miss out often because I end up buying online from Sephora or the manufacturer.

I looked around online for a solution, and just found a bunch of other people with the same issues, and being told “tough luck” by Ulta. Ulta is nice about it, but it still amounts to them not be able to fix the issue for us.

Jenn Avatar

I used to buy everything from Ulta since they changed their rewards program and started limiting what their coupons worked on I shop at Sephora now. I did get this pallet though.

Nicole Avatar

Thanks for posting this Christine! I debated on waiting until the full release so I could see your review first . But, I couldn’t resist! It’s Ulta so It can be returned if it must. I am worry about Ulta’s shipping issues though! I hope they pad this up!

Kalli Avatar

Just ordered this with my $50 points credit and I got 5x points on it! There’s so many vintage shades that I used to own way back when and it’ll be a great addition to my 15th Anniversary palette.

Tiffany Avatar

I hate buying anything without seeing your review (or at least swatches) first, but Ulta is offering 5X bonus points on Urban Decay… And I think I only have three shades from other palettes… Decisions, decisions….

Katherine T. Avatar

I just snagged it online this morning!!! YAAAAYYYY! Thank goodness I’m Platinum at Ulta ! Don’t wait –this one will be gone in a nanosecond when it launches, like UD Spectrum. There’s a great mix of shades/finishes, and a lot of previously discontinued shades that people are nostalgic for. If you don’t like it, you can always return to Ulta, ebay it, or give it someone else.

Nancy Avatar

I thought the UD Spectrum was going to get released as a Sephora exclusive in 2016? PLEASE tell me that the Spectrum palette is still coming out sometime this year!!!!!

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

UGH – wish i had known you wanted it. I had gotten it and it just wasn’t for me. I gave it away to a friend of my daughter. I would have happily mailed it to you.

Christine – Do you think you’d be interested in maybe hosting a makeup exchange? I don’t know if any other of your readers are interested, but I often see folks unhappy with their purchases and others wanting those items….

Celia Avatar

The older shades are exactly what cinched this for me, too Phyrra m’dear. Never expected to see UV-B again! Also, general note that I am nowhere near a platinum member (since most of my shopping takes place at theater/film makeup stores, department stores, and Sephora) and got the palette anyway thanks to the link ha. I do appreciate that Ulta usually does that, even though the 5x points of course won’t apply unless you’re platinum.

Marina Avatar

I ordered it this morning. I’m really excited about UV-B, Asphyxia, and Gash. I couldn’t pass up the 5x points. I don’t have many points, but this order basically gives me $9 towards my next purchase, which I plan to be some of the UD Gwen lip pencils!

Traycie Avatar

Don’t bother being a first purchaser. Knowing UD it will be on sale, 1/2 off in a month or two. I learned my lesson when I saw V4 sold for 27.0o on sale a month after I bought it.

Nancy T Avatar

Oy vey!!! I don’t know whether to just take that insane leap of faith, because 5X points and it does look rather interesting? Or just hold tight and wait in your review when you get it, simply because I am really getting hesitant lately with UD “bait and switch” tactics. This makes TWO palettes being released while they still tease that the Spectrum will be “coming soon”.

Katherine T. Avatar

Oh no, don’t wait, this one will be gone in nanosecond, like UD Spectrum! People are so anxiously waiting this one to launch, it’s nuts. Current cult classic shades, previously discontinued shades, and new ones too. If you don’t like it, you can always return to Ulta, ebay it, or give it someone else

Sophie Avatar

I bought the palette basically just for Gash! I have Acid Rain in the old token packaging with the clear top. Glad to have a backup in this palette though! Excited to try UV-B too, and Laced is my go-to everyday blending color, so I know I’ll use that up too.

Amy Avatar

I have Gash and Oil Slick in the old token packaging too (well… I popped the top bit of it off on Gash and it sort-of fits in the UD create-your-own palettes, so it’s not technically IN the packaging anymore), so I’m definitely holding off on this one. Looks like lots of shades I’d love to have, but money is going elsewhere at the moment. I’m hoping this one ends up on sale like many of their other palettes. But if not, oh well. I still have more eyeshadow than I can ever use up!

Dominique Avatar

I ordered this as soon as I got the Ulta platinum email!I had points saved up so I only ended up paying 24 dollars for this!!Anonymous is the perfect brow bone highlight on me, there is nothing left of it in the previous palette that I had this color in lol.

Mariella Avatar

I’d rather purchase it in-store, so I can see, feel and also save myself the shipping charges….but mostly it’s so I can see it and compare in my head to stuff I already have.

Alisha Avatar

I’m platinum and I wasn’t offered 5X points on all Urban Decay, so I don’t know if that applies or not because I didn’t receive an offer to activate.

Phoebe Avatar

This is the first UD palette I would consider buying! Lots of pretty colours that I would wear! But is this only going to be available at Ulta? I doubt in the UK I’ll be able to get it πŸ™

Genevieve Avatar

It looks really lovely with a great mix of colours. So I am going to wait for the reviews, I am wondering whether our only UD stockist in Melbourne (Mecca Maxima and NOT Sephora) will stock this. If they do, it will be great to actually see this in person.
Good luck to everyone trying to get this.

Jenn Avatar

You and me both! I finally caved and bought the last Vice pallet when Sephora had it on sale for $39 plus 20% off. I did get this one today though. It looks very different from the other ones.

Bonnie Avatar

Ordered!!! πŸ˜€
I only have 5 of the shades in this so that’s exciting! I watched xsparkage do swatches of this before ordering, and honestly some of them are patchy looking, but there are also some unique and cool old school shades so I hope it’s worth it!

Bonnie Avatar

I was so good and strong when I got the email this morning! I passed because the discounted vice 4 I ordered just got here. I bought the UD Gwen palette and am using the heck out of it, plus I’m still loving my Marc Jacobs free spirit holiday palette. Those 3 alone should keep me busy and having fun for the year not even including my hoard of other palettes, quads, singles etc BUT………ALL DAY tick tick tick UD reloaded …acid rain ..uv-b..gash..in my brain like background music. I read all the comments from my temptalia friends ( hehehe since we share opinions on the daily it’s like you all are my makeup buddies. My friends either don’t care or are satisfied with the tiny makeup pouch they have. One blush? One eyeshadow quad? A single mascara? How they do this?) Anyway, after reading the comments and the EXCELLENT reasoning regarding the 5x points, I remembered I have ….well had …a $10 Bday code and $11 in points. I caved. Plus taking the 5x points to the next level I bought another perversion mascara bc it layers beautifully with my hg Kevyn Aucoin volume mascara and a bottle of naked foundation plus the powder you rock Christine. It was never on my radar until I saw it on you. Beautiful! I’m really excited about this order! I just hope by the time the donkeys Ulta uses to ship get my stuff here before the “Why on earth did I order half the dang UD section AND another huge palette” regret has a chance to hit!

Katherine T. Avatar

LOL! I love your remark about the donkeys Ulta uses, they are usually soooo slow that by the time an order gets to me, I’ve forgotten what I had ordered. But to their credit, I ordered my palette yesterday, and they shipped it today, suppose to get to me by 18th or 19th, which is lightning fast for them. Oh yessss, my sis-in-law says she only has 1 blush and 1 lipstick, doesn’t want any more, and her look hasn’t changed in the +20 years I’ve known her. I don’t know how anyone can live like that, but she would pass out if she saw my makeup collection!!

Jennifer Avatar

I called Ulta cs this morning because I’m a platinum member and never got the email and the link wouldn’t let me add it to my cart. The rep was really nice. It took a while, but the gal I spoke with said not all platinum members got an email and had no idea why. I asked what was the point of being platinum and asked for a supervisor. I was asked to hold and then got a $15 gift card, no manager. Still though what’s the point of being a platinum. They need to create tiers like Sephora. I’m a HUGE UD enthusiast and collector, they can do no wrong by me, so yes I took this to heart on missing out. Especially since it was one day only (1/8/2015).

Heather Avatar

I have 12 of these colors already. So I will wait for Christine’s review. If the 8 i don’t have get good grades and I don’t have dupes, then I will probably get it. I have to admit, I would love another Gash. I have the old subway token style. And I love how Acid Rain looks too. And I really love Laced and Anonymous and Asphyxia already…I wouldn’t mind having back ups!

HawaiianParadise Avatar

“Ultra limited edition” lol. UD always says that and then releases the product at multiple outlets and sometimes for a second time. So it really isn’t that exclusive in the end. Not falling for it again. You could save at LEAST 50% off if you take the risk and can wait for it to go on clearance, like the last ones obviously did.

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