Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection for Spring 2016

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection for Spring 2016
Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection for Spring 2016

We developed everything in the limited-edition UD | Gwen Stefani collection in close collaboration with Gwen. Wende and our product development team spent countless hours at Gwen’s house, talking makeup and working with her on every detail of the collection.

Gwen even directed the packaging design, which was inspired by her love of black-and-white graphic prints and antique gold accents. We created everything with Gwen, filling a void by developing all of the perfect shades she always wished she had in her collection. And with these products in your arsenal, you’ll have all the essentials to recreate her signature looks for yourself.

January 12th at urbandecay.com, at other retailers late January/February

The Details

Gwen Stefani Blush Palette, $45.00 (Limited Edition)

Gwen let us in on her best tricks (she’s big on defining and highlighting), and together we created her perfect blush palette. Get her glowing, contoured skin with six shades of blush, bronzer and highlighter that are versatile enough for any skin tone. Our extremely blendable, finely milled Afterglow formula goes on sheer and provides eight long hours of wearable, streak-free color. Luxurious and lightweight, it has a soft, creamy texture that always applies beautifully and feels amazing.

  • Cherry Light pink satin
  • Easy Deep rose with gold shimmer
  • Angel Champagne-nude shimmer
  • Lo-Fi Soft bronze matte
  • Hush Medium pink with gold shimmer
  • OC Soft pink with peach shift

Lipstick, $18.00 (Limited Edition)

Gwen knows how to rock a bold lip. Luckily, she was game to get down and dirty with us to mix her perfect shades and ideal textures. She’s worn every lip color in the book, and these are her must-haves. The lineup: eight NEW shades (including two exclusives you can only find here)—from a bright red matte to a shimmering sheer nude and a creamy deep fuchsia. This collection includes our first-ever shade in a finish we’ve dubbed Mega Matte—a super-intense matte that lays down a lot of color in one coat. Every shade features our proprietary Pigment Infusion System™—for a super-creamy texture, rich payout and superior color dispersion.

  • Ex Girlfriend Sheer nude-rose with pink shimmer
  • Firebird Deep fuchsia cream
  • 714 Bright red mega matte
  • Rock Steady Deep wine red cream
  • Spiderweb Satin red cream
  • Wonderland Dark pink-red cream
  • Phone Call Sheer bright pink (UrbanDecay.com Exclusive)
  • Plaid Sheer deep berry (UrbanDecay.com Exclusive)

24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil, $20.00 (Limited Edition)

On the stage and in the limelight, Gwen’s lip color needs to last. This creamy, waterproof lip pencil (in a range of shades that match her limited-edition Lipsticks) lines and primes to help her lipstick stay put. Our bestselling 24/7 formula applies smoothly, prevents feathering and lasts all day. Draw lines that define, then fill in your lips to help prime them for lipstick or gloss. Vitamin E, jojoba oil and cottonseed oil nourish the skin and ensure a smooth application.

  • Ex-Girlfriend Nude rose
  • Firebird Deep fuchsia-pink
  • 714 Classic red
  • Rock Steady Blood red
  • Wonderland Dark pink-red
  • Phone Call Bright pink (UrbanDecay.com Exclusive)

Gwen Stefani Brow Box, $30.00 (Limited Edition)

With a camera always nearby, Gwen’s brows need to be on point at all times. She curated this Brow Box, which contains all the tools she needs for perfect arches. We packed this palm-size kit with two super-versatile brow powder shades (created just for Gwen), mini tweezers to eradicate strays, two mini angled brushes to shade and sculpt, two mirrors (one magnifies so you won’t miss a single stray), and wax to set. The two ultra-fine, silky powder shades in Bathwater Blonde (dark blonde/light blonde) are versatile enough for a range of blonde and brunette tones. The top tier of the case holds the powders and wax, and the bottom tier holds all the tools (designed in gold and black to match the case).

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection for Spring 2016
Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection for Spring 2016

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection for Spring 2016
Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection for Spring 2016

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection for Spring 2016
Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection for Spring 2016

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection for Spring 2016
Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection for Spring 2016

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection for Spring 2016
Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Collection for Spring 2016

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That’s weird, it let me put an order in online already! Everything’s in stock. I grabbed the blush palette and Firebird (which I liked from the sample I got with the Gwen eyeshadow palette). I want some more of the lipsticks but I’ll wait until they go to Ulta.

So, on the Canadian UD site, Chrome lets me put things into my cart and go all through the order process, but when I confirm it takes me to a “Page not Found” and my items are still in the cart. In IE, the product page says ‘Coming January 12’ and doesn’t let me add it to my cart.


I think something’s wrong with the site, all week I have been trying to place an order, and it keeps saying page not found. On hold now with them, I’ll keep you posted.

I like the look of the blush palette and lipcolors, but I just cannot stand the packaging with the holes… As I said with the eyeshadow release, I have a phobia of holes and I know I’m not the only one. LOL

Me too! I find tiny holes more disturbing than larger ones, but this packaging still makes me uncomfortable.

Trypophobia is real! I have it and thinking about it makes me feels sick. I was trying to explain it to some fourth graders and lotus pods just didn’t cover it well enough.

On another note, that’s enough Gwen, we know you exist and wear makeup. You can’t seem to let go of your phone long enough to do anything else but self obsess.

I think I would have vertigo if I looked at the lip pencil design for any amount of time. I would not be able to use or see those. The design on the lipstick doesn’t bother me. After a splurge last year, I’m likely passing on most of this collection.

I think I’m going to skip the blush palette because the colors don’t look my style, but I can’t wait for the lipsticks!

I’m surprised none of the lipstick shades have called out to me. The blush palette looks nice, but I’ll have to swatch it in-person and see if the shades will work on me. Do you know if the blush formula will be similar to their Afterglow blushes?

I really like that blush palette, and I was hoping it was their Afterglow formula. I’ll wait to see swatches and buy it with my 20% off coupon if it appeals to me 🙂

Just peeped this in my email. Looking at the pictures on their website of the blush palette, that Cherry is hella interesting because it looks a bit duochrome. I would love to see the undertone of Lo-Fi. I truly hope it’s doesnt swatch like Nars Laguna. That joint doesnt show up on me at all!

Hope you do reviews Christine to see if the hype around these products is worth the money for those that are waiting for these items.

You’ll note that it does not say Afterglow or Revolution. Whatta you bet these are subpar? The eagerly awaited eye palette was not terribly well received, and the Contraband palette is already discounted. Seems to me that UD has a two tier system. And a brow kit for blondes and lighter haired folks will have limited appeal. Still, we can always hope…. Kinda makes you wonder why celebs want to put their names on things that are likely to be of lesser quality, compared to the regular products. Hope I’m dead wrong.

The lipstick samples that came with the Gwen Stefani eye palette were good, so here’s hoping the full-sized are the same quality. I know the light colors were unpopular, but the quality of the Gwen Stefani palette is excellent IMHO, aside from the shade “Pop.”

I agree with the quality of the eyeshadow palette (Pop is too sparkly for “everyday” wear, which is why I love this palette, so I haven’t played with it yet); then again, I accept UD shadows for what they are, not compared to other brands… As far as the unpopularity of the light colors, again, looking at the palette for what it is, not what is desired, it’s an excellent composition.

I agree about the composition. I think UD and Gwen Stefani knew exactly what they were going for, and they nailed it. It know it’s selfish, but I couldn’t ask for a better, more versatile, pale skin friendly, neutral palette for my needs.

I think Pop is really pretty on the lids, but it needs some glitter glue to keep the fallout under control.

I was pleasantly surprised by the palette too and I’m medium skin toned. (Think close to Christine’s coloring.) I wear neutrals a lot. I have a bunch of HE palette and I’m reaching for my UD X Gwen alot. I lost my card with lipstick samples! So bummed!

OMG..This collection is going to make me so broke! I love the blush palette and all the lipsticks! Even the liners are tempting . I love UD ‘s lip liners.

Digging this stuff more than the eyeshadow palette! The blush palette is beautiful, can’t wait to see swatches. I’m really disappointed in the brow box for BLONDES. It’s so cute for a makeup bag, if it came in a darker shade I would snap it up.

Crossing my fingers that the “Rock Steady” liner is just repackaged Gash. It’s my favorite red liner of all time and I was so sad when they discontinued it!

I love Gash too, but I don’t think Rock Steady will be the same. They’re just describing it as “blood red,” while Gash is “deep red with tonal shimmer.”

@killerteeth: I tried the Mrs. Mia Wallace from the Pulp Fiction collection. It has a liner, and it’s VERY similar to Gash. Christine has compared them before.

I have the same issue with the lipstick colors as I did with the shades chosen for the Gwen x UD shadow palette. Gwen rocks the red, and it is definitely her signature, but almost the entire collection is made up of red lipsticks, with only one other shade not being in the red family. The colors do look beautiful, though.

That blush palette looks so good!!! I love that almost all of the shades have a glowy or even duochrome finish! And finally: SPIDERWEBS! And super matte at that. I’m finally feeling a bit excited over this whole GS thing. Although, I am very miffed about the brow kit being offered for Blondes, only. Are they serious?!?!?

It makes sense; it’s stated all the shades were created with Gwen to fill voids with products she wished she could have on-hand. Since UD does a Brow Box in both deep brunette & warm brown duos, it seems only logical Gwen would rather have a blonde option. The only thing that doesn’t make sense, is why isn’t there a blonde (or black, for that matter) option in the permanent range…?

Now it does make sense, with all the pieces coming together! Yes, there is a real need for their brow kits to have more diversity within their permanent line. Oddly, because I have never given their brow kits even a fleeting glance, I had no idea that it only 2 shades! They really left a ton of their customers out!

I didn’t realize UD didn’t have blonde or black brow products till you mentioned it. That does make sense. The cool blond colors won’t work on me, so no cute brow box packaging, but I’ll live. 😉

I will be buying every single piece of this collection!!Im not even going to lie?‼️I got a sample of 4 of the lip colors when I ordered the Vice 4 palette on urbandecay.com.So excited for this,I personally love the Gwen eyeshadow palette it is extremely usable in the best way.

Ugh, that palette. Whyyyyyy would they put cool blushes in the same palette with at least two uber-warm bronzers?

I like the idea of creating a brow box for lighter coloring, since women in that range tend to get shafted when it comes to brow products, but I can only imagine how many more would sell if they released a second one in dark brown/black?

The blush palette is something I would like to see in-person (or at least Christine’s swatches!), but from what I’ve seen elsewhere online, the warmer shades look like they’ll work well with the cooler ones. Going off promo pics alone is often misleading, as they tend to be oversaturated in color. Also, keep in mind Gwen’s coloring, and the fact these were cultivated for what *she* would like for her own collection, and she leans neutral-warm.

Ugh!!!!!!!!!!! I want all of those lippies, except that fuscia one. I do not NEED any of this though. HAHAH But I want it. It’s well designed, seems like most of the colors would look good on me too. I will probably pass on the blush pallette but when I get back to the states in March I’ll definitely check these. Looking forward to swatches.

Oh thank goodness these have color!!! I swatched the Gwen Stefani shadow palette in-store, and I swear like all of the light shades disappeared into my light/light medium skin. This girl needs pigment, and they are finally delivering! That blush palette looks interesting ($45 is great deal for 6 Afterglow Blushes), and so do some of the lip colors. But why is the lipstick $18 and the pencil $20??

The blush palette is something I would like to see in-person (or at least Christine’s swatches!), but from what I’ve seen elsewhere online, the warmer shades look like they’ll work well with the cooler ones. Going off promo pics alone is often misleading, as they tend to be oversaturated in color. Also, keep in mind Gwen’s coloring, and the fact these were cultivated for what *she* would like for her own collection, and she leans neutral-warm.

I want all this! I wasn’t bothered about the eyeshadow palette either but I love the cheek palettes and the lippie products ❤.

Goodbye money! Seriously though, those shades in the brow box aren’t even my colors but I still want it. Don’t even get me started on the blush and lipsticks.

Can’t wait for a review of the lipsticks and liners because I need to know what they can be compared to, and if they’ll work on me. On first look, I want them all!

I spy a shade of lipstick and liner that could only be more “mine” if they had my name written on them! The fact they named it Firebird only reinforces my need for it — as well as justifying my purchase! =) Wonderland and Plaid also sound interesting.

Several of those lip colors look really nice! I’m looking forward to seeing swatches and reviews of them. The blush palette has too many warm colors to be very useful for me personally. It looks like they’ve continued the theme of using Gwen’s personal favorite shades, which I think is cool, but obviously doesn’t result in shades that will work for everyone. I like the pattern on the lip color packaging.

I’m likely to pass on the eye shadows and blushes but I will surely get at least one lipstick and maybe a lip pencil. And maybe the brow kit too xD. That is IF this collection even makes it to Brazil.
The packaging is outstanding I must say. Had it been MAC this collection would’ve probably been a snoozefest. So glad UD got their hands on Gwen first!

Ouch, keeping from buying will be so hard if these parts of the collection is good. I like the look of the lipsticks a lot, there are some blushes I don’t think I’d use, but you never know.
I actually like the eyeshadow palette. I find it quite useful both by itself, but also combined wiht other palettes and singles. So yes, I-m quite excited by this LE, I must say.

When I got the email from UD this morning, OH MY MAKEUP GLORY! The blush palette, brow box, 3 or 4 lipsticks ( plaid had me at hello) and a couple of the liners will be mine…oh yes…they will be mine lol. I have been using the heck out of my palette so that’s helping me justify it better. But srsly, that blush palette is all swoon! For those of you who actually have the eyeshadow palette are you loving it like I am or not? I’m curious.

When I first saw the eye shadow kit in pictures I did not like it as much as a thought I would but I ordered it as soon as it came out and I’m so glad I did! It is so useable and great quality too!!I have very similar skin tone to Gwen neutral with a warm undertone so all the colors work well on me even though I thought some colors might be too light they all work perfectly.

I checked my email this morning to see a new UD message and my heart. just. died. In every sense of the word. I’ve been holding off on the eyeshadow palette until I finish a few more quads with similar shadows so I can justify the price (I rarely buy higher end). And then this. Whyyyyyyy.

Monetary suffering aside, I’m really into this collection! The cheek palette looks promising , especially since I do like glowy cheeks as of late. Mostly though I’m interested in the brow kit! I have dark brown hair but Gwen’s skin tone so I live for lighter brow powders. Plus the light ones are usually ashy enough I can use them for contouring that looks more natural and less ruddy. I’m excited for their release!

I passed on the eyeshadow palette, as it would not suit me at all. But I’m loving the blush palette. And several of the lipsticks. Firebird looks amazing, and the ultra matte Rex looks interesting. I will definitely be scooping up some of this collection. Gwen has redeemed herself with the rest of this collection lol.

Love, love, love that blush palette!!! I have one Afterglow blush and have been wanting more, it’s a great formula! I may have to pick up a few lipsticks too.

I love the fact that the brow kit is for blondes. It is extremely hard to get brow pencils, powders, ect. in light enough shades for myself and I am naturally brunette but lighten my hair like Gwen. I am not Platinum like her but through out the year I vary between light/medium blonde with highlights and low lights and medium/dark blonde with low lights and I use the lightest shade available in Anastasia Beverly Hills: Taupe in Brow Whiz and Blonde in Dip Brow Pomade. Most companies do not make anything lighter and my coloring is neutral with a warmer undertone and Medium to Tan skin. So I know there are others with way fairer and lighter colors of hair that are having major problems finding a light enough brow color. And if you use a color too dark for your coloring it can make you look real crazy real fast!!It makes complete sense to me why she would include this considering the void in the market and I’m sure she has a hard time finding brow products light enough.

I was able to resist the eyeshadow palette but crap.. the blush palette looks kind of tempting and I’m pretty much dying over all the lipsticks!

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