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Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette for Holiday 2015

You can never have too much of a good thing. A brand new Vice Palette is coming soon. Here’s a sneak peek! #colorunleashed

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Urban Decay and its founder, Wende, have teased about the next edition of the Vice palette (presumably Vice 4 or something to that effect) that is “coming soon” (probably nearer to holiday season… which isn’t that far in terms of release dates, ha). More information to come as it becomes available. 🙂


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HeavyMetalJess Avatar

She always swatches WAY too much product. It drives me crazy and makes the product look bad. She did the same thing with the Naked Smokey palette.

Deborah Avatar

I don’t know this person who did the swatching – but it seems to me she goes from very heavy (to show us how dark each color can be) and then the swatch lightens as it goes down – showing us how light it can be.

Nicole Avatar

I hope you get your hands o this Christine! I have been a UD fan since I was into a makeup. I have been buying UD palettes that are subpar and doctoring them with primer because they just bring some great memories back for me. It is totally silly, I know. But, this is one I would give as gifts too! I’m going to need your input on this.

Lorrin M Avatar

The past two Vice palettes haven’t been my favorite- too many blues and browns. But this is stunning! I’m so excited 😀 And now I feel like I won’t need their Spectrum palette (which is kind of a relief due to all of the repromote shades).

Shannon Avatar

Yes, the packaging looks just like the 15th Anniv set, so I must have glazed right over it. I have virtually every color in there except maybe 3 or 4, and the 2 pinks I would seldom wear.

I could do with another Junkie though!

Sarah Avatar

I guess I’ll be the first to say it: these colors look awfully familiar from the Vice 3 palette. Grassy green, bright metallic blue, dark navy, deep plum-burgundy, some neutrals for good measure? I’ll wait to make my decision for when the full look at the palette is out, but right now, I’m really concerned that it won’t be different enough to justify purchasing.

Nancy T Avatar

Gorgeous on the Outside…,but those swatches look even MORE worrisome than all the previous UD palettes of this past year! Idk, what’s up with that? Some of the shadows even look a lot like Vice 3’s colors!

NINYA Avatar

I literally gasped out in the middle of a presentation at work when I saw this in instagram. I’ve been hunting through the internert for any sign of a new Vice palette. I’m already making a long list of holiday palettes. My wallet is going to bleed.

ashley Avatar

I love the packaging ,but I always do . I will buy this like I do every Vice pallet and be made at myself when I do since you can tell it going to be fall out city

Mariella Avatar

I am already trying to convince myself that I neither want nor need this. “Need” – well, how much eyeshadow does any sane woman need (I threw the “sane” in there as this really is how I present to most of the world), but WANT – I am looking at that arm – your arm, Christine? – and almost salivating over every single shade but 2 (orange and pink). I never got the first Vice palette and have vowed not to miss another one because they are such luscious fun.

Staci Avatar

I never use my Vice 3. It sits in my pallet bin under all my other pallets. Don’t think I’ll buy another Vice for that reason. At a point a girl has too many shadows and only reaches for the easy to get to and use pallets. Big pigs like this stay buried.

Kat Avatar

For a company that’s all about being unique and edgy, I feel like every palette UD puts out, besides maybe the Naked palettes, has the same colors. Lots of repromotes, and lots of shades that we’ve seen a hundred times. I’m not feeling inspired by the color combinations here either. I just wish UD would do something new and different that they’ve never done before.

Hannah Avatar

Not only do half of Urban Decay’s palettes include a shimmery teal, a blue-pearled fuchsia, and a smoky purple, but I’ve got like another seven from other colorful palettes as well.
More mattes, please?

kjh Avatar

Ditto, but what IS that? What would qualify for your last statement? If you are mad for a certain general color, you see very infinitesimal differences in shade, hue, texture, in these slight differences in iteration. To non-lovers or to non makeup fiends, they would all look basically the same, or at least interchan-geable. Everyone knows this from cruising the dupes….for some shades, one has virtually ALL the dupes. UD Vice seems to wish to represent a rainbow, the whole spectrum. Nakeds run in more neutral gradations, browny-bronzy, coolish, rose-ish, smokey. What I would love to see UD do is a muted palette, even a big one, along the lines of that (I think it was) Laura Mercier watercolor palette, that was pretty duddy. THAT would be a departure for them. And i feel that UD has become far more mainstream and market driven over the years. I think the tagline ‘makeup with an edge’ is projected + nowhere represents the reality of the brand. Edgy is in the niche brands, start-ups, and local purveyors of hand-crafted stuff.

Kate Avatar

I agree with you that I’ve tried to think of what kind of palette I would like to see UD make that would truly be different and it’s tough because at some point everything has been done before. I would personally love to see a large mostly purple palette that has warm/plummy purples to true grape purples with transition and highlight shades that compliment purple well. I also love your idea of a watercolor palette (bare minerals has some palettes that get close but not quite). I would also love to see a duochrome dedicated palette again with maybe a few matte midtones and highlights thrown in for functionality.

charlotte Avatar

Either the Moondusts or duochromes like the most recent releases.. or a good all matte palette with something besides browns. I would be throwing my money at them.

kjh Avatar

oh, yeah, your ideas rule. duochrome w/ highlight + crease, fab. Hope ‘someone’ is reading. They could hire you. Just ‘cuz I’m 66 doesn’t mean i’m dead. but it does mean muted colors could be better. i listed christine’s dupes on that bum watercolor palette, esp. the MUFE ones, for further reference. i’d be all over your purple/ plummy palette, with the lighter shades being mauve-ish? Sign me up. It could be Naked 4. 3 is rosy; 4 is plummy. Preorder it for me, with either sephora or ulta points. I haven’t much BM/BE in the ready formula, but i like the comfort zone + i’ve bought dream sequence for a few friends. (Old stuff = Too much messy powder in pots that i seldom look @, ‘cuz it’s just MESSY.) Looks ok, but it gets on everything.
Are you the Kate from Massachusetts?

Shannon Avatar

And yes, this one will sneak into the house since I told my boyfriend I am on a ‘no-buy,’ “Oh what, this old thing??? I have had it for ages, lol!!”

But hey, I have gone a whole 3 weeks so far… which is a miracle for me!!

xamyx Avatar

All the shades look like they’ve been in one palette or another at some point. However… I have all the other Vice palettes, including LTD, so the odds of me skipping this are slim to none. At least this will likely be available late September/early October, so I have time to save for the NARS Holiday collection, which looks promising!

Quinctia Avatar

I like the looks of the teal and the copper. And the packaging. It’s very likely I’ll be getting this. I can very easily look at Naked palettes and not feel super interested, but it’s hard for me to pass up more colorful UD offerings.

Though part of me is sighing at how I’m going to be acquiring yet another black I’ll never use. XD

Sarah Avatar

The packaging is SO pretty and something that I am attracted to. I have this thing, if I am not attracted to it, don’t buy it! I need a good big palette and loads of shadows to pick from! I find UD amazing good quality but I also associate it with teenagers 🙁 And I am almost 40. I guess age doesn’t matter with most brands.

jaz Avatar

I’m hoping that one of the 2 palettes being released is a dud. I don’t see why we would need both vice 4 and the spectrum palette back to back (although I suspect the spectrum palette is going to be their answer to kvd mi vida loca…)

Tara Avatar

To say I was disappointed with the last vice pallet is an understatement! The fall out from the dusty product is like something from a cheap pound shop knock off I’d say I’ve used it 3 times in total which is very irritating as I love the colours.. Don’t think I’ll be purchasing this even though the packaging looks unreal ??

Lacey Avatar

That packaging, though…I’ll be constantly reminding myself that in palettes this large, there are always a few duds, repromotes, and nearly exact dupes. Until I see reviews. And maybe what else will be releasing around this time. Yes, all rational things I should be thinking of….not the gorgeous packaging…

kjh Avatar

I agree with heavy finger swatch for big vivid on a tanned arm. And she didn’t blow off of the kick-up. Prob not photoshopped, def not airbrushed….like virtually all the formal photos are. Unblended. Since they are finger swatches that look as if they were applied with successive fingers (WAY different pressure), we really can’t make the observations that, f’rinstance Christine swatches would give. (GO C, reliability and validity!) That said, there definitely could be some underperformers here. These Vices have been so BIG, that there is likely to be no shortage. I think we can safely wait for the reviews to trickle in. My big miss on UD was the anniversary palette. I don’t miss the others i forewent. (is that a word?) LTD, Ulta’s box, Smokey, even Pulp Fiction. Thanks for the tip on Spectrum being like anniversary. Maybe that’ll do it for me. I need this like i need the plague, but who knows????

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

I really REALLY hope that the second to last swatch is Chained in the updated formula. I also really love the second from the left grey color. Also that packaging. Can we just marvel at it’s beauty?

Moira Avatar

OMGGGG!!! Ever since I say the teaser, I knew this one is going into my Urban Decay obsession collection. I have every Vice palette, and I will not miss this one. ♥

Alice K Avatar

definitely intrigued! that packaging makes me drool…
the swatches are a bit… ehhhhh. I’ll wait to see if I want to buy it once Temptalia reviews&swatches it. 🙂

Olivia Avatar

I think she was just trying to be artsy with the swatches but man does it make the shadows look horrible. I really wanna see some nice normal swatches. I love the look of this.

Naheeda Avatar

Oh exciting!!

I would like to see the review of all Vice from 1 to 4 palettes when you receive Vice 4 like you did the review on all Naked palettes.

Sandra JT Avatar

I myself couldn’t be paid to use UD shadows (returned everything I ever tried from their brand) but I know someone who will very much like this palette. Good mix of shades for her….so between the LED facial tool I got & this palette, my xmas shopping for her is officially done 🙂


Phillip Tullius Avatar

What we do know is what it looks like. Last week, Urban Decay released two photos on its Instagram account showing the killer weblike design on the outside of the palette.

Paulettte Avatar

I have already purchased the Spectrum palette
The colors are beautiful but i wish there was more lighter shades for highlighting. Im starting to want the Vice 4 . It has alot of blend able colors. And a great brush. I wsnt Vice4 too!!!#!. Help

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