LORAC Mega PRO 2 Palette for Holiday 2015

LORAC Mega PRO2 palette will be making its holiday debut exclusively at ULTA.  More information, as it becomes available, will be added to this post!

  • Row 1:  Porcelain, Custard, Tawny, Burlap, Melon, Tangerine, Saddle, Forest
  • Row 2: Bisque, Lavender, Purple, Sorbet, Goji, Cabernet, Ash, Black
  • Row 3: Sugar, Chiffon, Prosecco, Soft Plum, Cinnamon, Sandstone, Gunmetal, Blue Quartz
  • Row 4: Moonlight, Seashell, Peony, Dark Sienna, Penny, Olivine, Gold Leaf, Black Ivy


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Kelly Avatar

Soooo many light colors and middle tones. That black is the only nice liner/outer v color.

Not gonna get this.

I was allergic to the last mega pro (ended up gifting to a friend and got a refund because I sent Lorac a picture of what the shadows did to my eyes- hint, they were red and swollen nearly shut) so it’d be a pass for me anyhow.

Amy Hoeh Avatar

UD 4? I missed the pics of that preview. Where’d you see it, if you don’t mind me asking. I’m so curious about it. I am into collections.

Sarah Avatar

I have the same potential issue with those that I had with the first mega pro palette: way way too many light shades. Those first two vertical rows look identical.

It is nice that they’re putting this in store though to make up for the mess of a release last year.

The Silver Nail Avatar

Yeah, way too many off-white/ecru/eggshell/bone colors. Not tempted, but that is AOK because there are enough other up-and-coming releases begging for my dollars!

Nicole Avatar

I think I slept three hours total in my efforts to get the first Mega Pro from Lorac. Didn’t They turn around and then sell it at Ulta too..or was that UD Vice, ? I can’t remember. I think I am still in sleep deprivation from that! For the amount of hype it received and that limited quantity thing, I think it was not that great. But, considering the price and amount of shadows, it’s good. I probably will be a sucker for this one too unless you get it early and review it so I can be smart- That would be super! Since it is at Ulta, hopefully, they will stock it plenty. They usually have things available online first. So, then we will all have to make the choice if we want to take the risk with Ulta’s careful shipping expertise,lol..oh geez..here come the Holidays and it is 85 outside ! 😀

Nicole Avatar

That’s right. I think after so many so called Limited Edition nights, I felt like I was in college again. Problem is at 39 my body just doesn’t do all nighters well now!

Nancy T Avatar

Again??? Oy, they’re giving me migraines because we are still just in August! It is STILL August, right? Yeah, I thought so!
Besides, I don’t have much room left for such a humongous palette as is. I’m virtually swimming in eyeshadows….?

NINYA Avatar

This really hurts my heart right now because this means it’ll practically be impossible for us Canadians to get it. I got the first one last year because it showed up In amazon the same time as the release. Recently though, lorac has had more products that won’t release same time in Amazon or ship at all to Canada. I could try to pick one up in store when I visit but it’s hard to time that right and still have stock available. I’m now looking at using a third party forwarder but it’s going to cost a pretty penny. If anyone has other suggestions, let me know. Thanks!

MissJae1908 Avatar

I must say that this picture looks much better then what else has been floating around the internet. Because the first thing that I said when I saw those pictures is that this palette is ugly. Lol…I just feel like it’s all over the place and there’s no cohesiveness. I like the first one better.

Alyssa Avatar

MINE! I’m happy ulta has it this time! I got the original mega pro through Amazon. Mirror was cracked, but no shadow harmed! Love it so much though that I over look it.

Kelsey Avatar

For me, the first Mega Pro was infinitely more beautiful than this one. I’m happy to see that others are excited for it — but for me, this looks so disappointing.

M Avatar

The first two columns are straight up white. And I never ever use highlight es.but I’ll be damned if I don’t buy it, especially since I didn’t get the first one. We are such suckers!

Fitz Avatar

I only get excited about palettes that ‘tell’ a very clear story. I get the instinct to put a bunch of pretty colors together in one place, but if it isn’t saying something aesthetically, I don’t see as much value.

Katherine T. Avatar

Meh, not liking this. The first 2 columns are skintone colors that will probably look the same on my eye. And it looks like they threw in a blue and purple as an afterthought. I think there will be better holiday palettes out there

Krista Avatar

I agree with everyone who is saying that a lot of the shades of this palette look too similar. Way too many white shades. At first glance? Pass!

Besides, after the whole fiasco last time, maybe it is immature of me but I don’t know if I want to bother giving them my business.

Stacy Avatar

I’m almost relieved to see that I’m not really tempted by this. All those pale, flesh-tone shades seem redundant, and many of the remainder look like colors that wouldn’t be too flattering on me. I’ll be passing without regret.

Bonnie Avatar

I really don’t like how Lorac doesn’t say where some of their palettes are made. I just looked up the original mega palette and saw it said “made of US and non-US materials”. I don’t generally buy things that are made in China for several reasons, and I’ve noticed a trend recently of companies being sneaky about their “made in China” product’s provenances by labeling them as “Made in PRC” (Peoples Republic of China) and it really irks me. Anyway, while I was looking this up I noticed a familiar hand on a website’s promo pics, and sure enough, after cross-referencing I found that it’s definitely yours Christine! I thought I’d let you know in case they’re using it without your permission. link: [link redacted]

Lenny Avatar

I actually prefer the first one 🙁 I hope they would bring the first one back or make it permanent. Not digging the royal blue packaging too. However this sequel is great, since it contains more colors and is different from the first one.

Kate Avatar

yeah, no. I’m definitely passing this. I’m not inspired what-so-ever by this, too many light shades (for someone who’s pale, they do nothing for me) everything looks too midtone for me, not enough darker colors. will be happily saving for some other release during the holidays

Nicole Avatar

The first 8 colors on the left look nearly the same! What the heck? 8 nearly identical shades are almost a normal palette’s worth. What a blah item. You’d be so much better off getting one of the permanent Pro palettes. I’ll sit this one out.

Amy Hoeh Avatar

This looks incredible! I use my original Lorac Pro palette all over the time. Thank you for always keeping us in the loop. So exciting…!!!

charlotte Avatar

Still holding a grudge since last fall with the first one. Spent hours stalking the website, finally got it in my cart, spent another hour trying to get it to check out since the server was so overloaded… and they wouldn’t ship it to me because I had a PO Box. No option to pay more, nothing, just “too bad sucker”. Since I live on a gated farm direct delivery is not an option, and I’ve yet to find another company that can’t ship to me in some way or another. Several use UPS or Fed Ex and it just transfers to USPS along the way.
Just left a bad taste in my mouth.. I buy a LOT of makeup but I’ve only purchased one Lorac product the entire year, the Unzipped Gold palette which I found on sale.. and honestly I’m not that happy with it. A couple of the shades are really nice but most are kind of flaky and really dry, they don’t blend well and transfer all over my eye over the course of the day.

Genevieve Avatar

This looks really pretty – but looking at it closely – I think there are a few shades that seem very similar to each other and I am wondering how that frosted blue will go. It is the only blue in the palette and it seems very glittery. I will await the reviews.

Lori Avatar

OoOoOo Ok this is on my list for sure!!! I love the first one, and am a HUGE fan of Lorac as it is. Purchased their mini palettes recently and the highlight and conctour palette 🙂 Thank you for the share!! XOX

Moira Avatar

I love Lorac..however my love affair with Urban Decay will take over for sure. The colors here are very pretty, but going to pass on this one, I want the Urban Decay, the Too Faced Holiday palette, and I have already received my It Cosmetics special edition with Brush Romantics palette. I don’t know why, i got all hyped up about the 1st one, and then gave it away to my daughter. So didn’t reach for it.

Haley Avatar

I totally agree. I love Lorac shadows but usually go for the warmer shades which is why the first one appeals to me so much more. I wish they would re release it but will probably end up picking this one up cause it’s a good value for what you get and would rather pick it up and return then not try it at all.


I would rather have last year’s Mega Pro released again, since there were hardly any. I was hoping for another beautiful palette, but this one is not calling me, as yet!

chelsea Avatar

OMG!!!!!!!! i’m so excited about this i want it so bad i hope they make enough so everyone can get one i even hope i can get my hands on it but i’m not sure because so many people are after it i love all the shades this is my kind of palette so happy they are making a second one so more of us have a chance to get our hands on it. THIS IS TOTS AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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