Urban Decay Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette at Sephora

Urban Decay Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette

I was just perusing through retailers this morning (always on the hunt for what’s new!), and I noticed Sephora has the Urban Decay Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette listed (though it is showing as “out of stock,” so it is likely really “coming soon”) as a VIB Rouge/VIB exclusive. It was previously indicated as an exclusive to urbandecay.com, but it appears it may also be at Sephora sooner rather than later… NOW AVAILABLE!


Edited on 10/20/15 at 2:30PM PST: I just received an answer regarding availability on this palette (I emailed my long-time contact this morning), in brief: launches in their freestanding stores today but nothing online until early 2016. Yes, 2016. All of the palettes were sent to bloggers as a UD.com exclusive but apparently there was a change in distribution and now it is a Sephora exclusive.


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xamyx Avatar

Urban Decay said the same about Vice LTD, and that’s where I found mine-even after UD replied in an email that if you missed out on their site, too bad…

Christine Avatar

I know with Vice LTD that it certainly seemed like a decision made after the amount of people who wanted it but couldn’t get it – it came out much, much later at ULTA (looked like enough time to do another run of palettes). It’s possible that they re-evaluated distribution on this after they saw customers’ responses and tried to do so preemptively to prevent another Vice LTD situation, but I don’t know personally, that would just be my guess! That being said, retailers often launch products well before they are agreed on, as almost every brand I’ve emailed this season has said, “They weren’t supposed to launch that yet.”

xamyx Avatar

I was told by a manager at ULTA that Urban Decay allegedly “found” more palettes in a warehouse, LOL! She wasn’t buying it either, and rolled her eyes when she told me that. Seriously, UD “forgot” about enough product to not only fill stores across the US, plus enough to be sold online, only to still end up going on sale for under $40…?

xamyx Avatar

I just hope there’s an adequate supply of product, and that UD & Sephora have decided not to play the “manufactured-hype” game, since they should both know by now it isn’t necessary…

NeoNails Avatar

Oooh, good news! I’d rather order from Sephora’s website than Urban Decay’s… but that being said, I wish it wasn’t online only. I like to be able to dig in and swatch things in store first.

But this is so pretty (and well-reviewed, to boot!), I might just have to bite the bullet and order online anyway.

Nicole Avatar

Good ! Rather order from Sephora. Though,I just ordered Vice 4 from UD. So,I doubt I will order right away. For budgeting reasons,I hope they stock well. Otherwise,I’ll buy it where I can. I find UD to have really great customer service anyway.

Katherine T. Avatar

Nicole, you should be able to decant your existing lip tars into empty lip gloss tubes. Many bloggers and readers have reported success, and it takes only a few minutes. I got a pack of 5 empty lip gloss tubes from Red Blue Charley on Amazon for about $15. The tubes didn’t leak, but not every top fit every tube (some were looser, some were tighter), so I had to play around with them to find which top fit which tube. Do this first BEFORE you pour any lip tars in there, because once you pour the lip tar in there and find out the top doesn’t fit the tube, it’s impossible to pour out. And also make sure you massage the lip tars well, so the pigment and oils are mixed in, or it will be too runny. And turn them upside down in disposable, plastic cup overnight to make sure they don’t leak. I also used plastic ziploc bags for first time in my purse. I recommend only decanting a limited amount the first time, to make sure the tube doesn’t leak or it’s not too runny, then keeping the rest in original packaging, so you can mix with other colors. And wipe off the doe foot well before applying to lips. Some of the lip tars are naturally more runny than others, so lip pencil is must, and I’ve left a tube open overnight next to open window, to dry it up and thicken it a little. Hope this helps. I also have some GWP lip glosses that are too light/nude, so I’m going to put a drop of lip tar in there and mix it to see if I can adjust the color.

Nicole Avatar

Thanks for getting back tome on this Katherine! I’m going to hop on over to that seller on Amazon you mentioned and order me some tubes! Have you mixed any and put in a tube? I would suppose that would work the same-you think? Your a terrific mad scientist! call this experiment a success! 😀

Katherine T. Avatar

No problem, Nicole! I haven’t tried custom mixes yet, but think it should be pretty easy. Just squeeze the 1st color, then add a few drops of the 2nd color, stir with applicator, close, and leave overnight upside down in cup to let it mix. Hopefully, jostling it around in your purse all day will mix it some more. Let me know how it goes

Nancy T Avatar

Hmmmm, memories of last year’s fiasco with the UD Vice LTD are now resurfacing…like how it showed up super briefly on Sephora’s online site, then later on, again rather briefly on UD, everyone including myself going into a tizzy, and then….it came to Ulta!

Christina Avatar

Christine, how do you go about finding out what is new at Sephora? I find that items that are new don’t show up in the What’s new section. I then result to looking by brand if I know of something that is coming out.

Lacey Avatar

Now let’s hope that when Sephora sends out an e-mail stating that the palette is available, it’s not several hours after they really have sold out. :-/ But I would rather purchase from Sephora for the points and Flash shipping.

Mariella Avatar

Oh yeah! I thought this was an ULTA exclusive and as there are no Ulta stores here in the Great White North, I’d given up on getting my hands on this to get Protest. But now, it looks like it can be mine and I only need to wrestle with the issue of already having half the shades in here, if not more than half!

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

Need to get my hands on this to play. Will likely buy from Sephora bc of all the samples and gifts. Although Ulta promises them, I have seldom received them.

koolchicken Avatar

This is great and all, but I’d rather see this at Ulta. Honestly, I really wish all the brands would just release their collections at once and make them available wherever the brand is sold. I get that tarte and Too Faced will continue to play the “you can get this one at Ulta and that one at Sephora only” game. But I’d rather they didn’t. Just make one palette and make it good. If they put all of their effort and energy into making one really solid product they’d probably make just as much if not more. And now that Urban Decay seems to be jumping onto the buy this one here that one there bandwagon it’s really frustrating. If they don’t release the product where I like to shop, I’ll skip it with no regrets. And that’s money that they’re just walking away from.

Christine Avatar

Hopefully just not in stock yet for Canada… have felt like more readers have mentioned “not yet in stock” for Canada in general (Hourglass!) for recent releases, so they must be operating more independently now — which makes some sense since they did make some changes with shipping and the like. It’s still in stock for US.

Nancy T Avatar

Oh crud!!! I have to wait till October because I already burned through my entire beauty budget!!! Dang it, I could have waited to go on my recent MAC binge, and had I known that Sephora was even going to carry it, and especially right away, I would have put off my lovely MAC quad till October! I could kick myself!

xamyx Avatar

Ditto! I really wish all brands, particularly UD would just be HONEST, and let us know when/where these products will be available. I’m honestly getting turned off by UD as a brand… They *know* the products will sell, so why manufacture hype…?

Nancy T Avatar

I hear that, Amy! I too am getting really p*ssed off at UD right now, because if I would have known about this early release last Thursday, I would have put off other makeup purchases that were NOT Limited Edition!!! Too many companies are playing mind games lately ?

Rachel R. Avatar

I was in the same boat, so my hubby got this for me as an early b-day gift. I was super-pissed, because I had already ordered Vice 4 this month. I wanted both, but if I could have only gotten one, I would have picked this one over Vice 4. In the end, hubby paid for both for my b-day, which was sweet of him, as I would have been screwed otherwise.

I hope you can still get your hands on this somehow. I love UD’s products, but their practices sometimes leave me shaking my head.

Nancy T Avatar

Yeah, I am NOT happy with how UD does business either! I get it that their persona is edgy, dark, even criminal, but between this and last year’s Vice LTD….I’m SMH and wringing my fists going “Why???” I almost bought Vice LTD on Evil-Bay last winter!!!

xamyx Avatar

Don’t these brands get that if we pay retail for products, instead of 3X the amount on eBay, we would have more money to buy additional products…? Instead of getting, say, $60 for a palette from one unscrupulous seller, they could get $200 from a loyal customer? Yes, they want “hype” for the products, but why can’t they figure out we will be willing to buy already? Hell, we still get excited about Naked palettes, LOL!

Nancy T Avatar

I know right?!? But they would rather play their “exclusivity” game instead! I could have gotten this today because I am VIB, but had no idea UD was going to pull this, so I didn’t even think to hold off on other purchases and SAVE just for this. I, like, I’m sure many others, got caught off guard. Question of the day is, will it still be offered thru UD on Oct. 20th? Ulta at some later date? Regular in-store Sephora release end of Sept-early Oct?

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

My palette arrived from Sephora today. The shades are beautiful and I really like the range in this palette. What I failed to anticipate was the actual size of the palette itself. Since the palette was made to have the shadow pan level removable when finished so the palette box can be used as say a trinket box, I would not consider this a very portable palette. It has some significant weight to it as well. I suppose if you intended to leave it sit out, the decorative packaging is attractive. For me, my cats would have a field day if I left it out and it just barely fit in my train case with the other palettes I already have packed in there. In retrospect, for me, I think I would have been happier if they had made the palette travel-worthy and included a nice brush or a liner other than Zero.

Zelda Avatar

I’m really angry at Sephora and trying to avoid shopping there. Last year, I spent enough money to have VIB status, but I don’t actually have VIB status. My husband bought me some things for Christmas but forgot to use my Sephora card. I called and they told me I could have the points for getting samples, but not VIB status. I called again, was on the phone for 20 minutes, mostly on hold. The woman assured me I would get VIB status and that I would get a call and an email in the next few days. That was in January and I’m still waiting. It’s just obnoxious that they can’t fix the error. Lucky for Ulta, I suppose, since I’ve spent several hundred dollars there instead.

I was actually fine shopping at Ulta instead until I saw this. I’ve been lusting after it since the minute I saw it and wasn’t looking forward to the difficulties with ordering direct from UD.

Aretsuya Avatar

I’m a little sad, too; but what’s more annoying is that I don’t think Sephora made it available for non-VIB or non-VIB rouge customers. So on top of the mega rewards fiasco, I get another disappointment from Sephora. Boo…

Aretsuya Avatar

Apparently I was mistaken. I e-mailed Sephora and they said that it was available for Beauty Insiders and regular customers. The funny thing is that I checked every day for it to become available for non-VIB people. I guess that everything got snatched up the very second it became available for everyone else. I guess it’s another lesson learned… Don’t get caught up in a makeup feeding frenzy.

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