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Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss Round-up

Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss
Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss

This spring, Urban Decay Rule34 Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss ($20.00 for TBA fl. oz.) launches as the newest (but permanent) gloss formula as part of the Naked range.  It’s a sheer, hydrating, creamy gloss that feels fairly lightweight.  The consistency is somewhere between gel, cream, and lip balm (the kinds found in tubes, not the stick variety).  They’re very comfortable to wear and last between three and four hours on me (about average).  I didn’t notice any taste, but they are scented with sweet mint (like the Lip Junkies).  Shades like Lovechild and Streak don’t apply as evenly as I’d like, but shades like Beso, Naked, and Freestyle are great options for anyone who likes sheer lipgloss.  (If you aren’t into sheer lipgloss, consider the Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color range instead.)  But as a result of the sheer quality of the glosses, they tend to look more alike once applied than they do in the tubes, as the image above illustrates, so you probably don’t need every single shade!  There are subtle differences, and the biggest difference is often shimmer versus no-shimmer.

Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  • Part 1 (Beso, Freestyle, Liar)
  • Part 2 (Lovechild, Naked, Nooner)
  • Part 3 (Rule34, Streak, Walk of Shame)


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Carrie Avatar

These are a bit too sheer; at best you only need one since they’re pratically impossible to tell apart. I just think there are other formulas that so this a bit better.

Kalli Avatar

I love the packaging and the colors are gorgeous, but definitely too sheer for me to want to pay $20, although I’m interested in trying the formula. Maybe UD will release a more pigmented line or replace the Lip Junkies? And as much as I love the Naked line (I own a good chunk of it), I would hate to see UD forgo their insane colors and pigmentation for this no-makeup makeup. It’s getting a little tiring.

xamyx Avatar

I just wish they’d bring back the Pocket Rocket formula, or at least something similar. Those were pretty opaque, and even the palest nudenshade was evident on my fairly pigmented lips.

beck Avatar

I wish they would replace those with something else (besides these sheer Naked glosses), I don’t care for the packaging with the Lip Junkie collection. Also my cap fell apart the metal/plastic thing. Not a fan…

xamyx Avatar

I don’t get this collection, at all… I love a good, sheer gloss, and I adore Urban Decay, but thos os just a waste of money & shelf-space at any retail outlet that can be used for more unoque items (and thos has *nothing* to do with L’Orรฉal “taking over”, as their glosses are varied). Even if they maintain the idea of a sheer gloss, they can add some variation of shimmer, iridescence, or something…

Christine Avatar

You could argue that they did – as some shades have shimmer, others don’t, one or two have a fair amount, another one if I recall properly has just a smidgen. Don’t get me wrong, though – I don’t think this is a range where you’d go out and collect ’em all. They’re a lot like the Lip Junkies which have been out for awhile now, and those all look very similar applied, so my guess is those must have done well enough to merit either another line or a revamp (if Lip Junkies end up getting discontinued in lieu of this range).

xamyx Avatar

I guess my “big” gripe is that retailers like Sephora are dropping brands such as LORAC, and carry such a limited range of other brands, such as NARS & Illamasqua in-store, and others still are only available online (D&G) in favor of filling shelves with more “mainstream” brands, and knowing these will cover even *more* space is a bit disheartening… I don’t fault UD, at all, as they know there are those who will by more than one, if not all, but I still think they could have made more of an effort to add more variation. I have several nude glosses, and can appreciate subtle differences/nuances, bit based on your photos, which are highly reliable, I just don’t see much!

Christine Avatar

I assume that given how much $ Sephora brings to LVMH that they run like a well-oiled machine and people with access to data and numbers are crunching to determine what brands should or shouldn’t be there or how much space to allocate to one over the other. I also have no idea whether brands also make the choice to exit willingly, e.g. they sell enough elsewhere or have a better distribution partnership with someone else (like ULTA and LORAC vs. LORAC and Sephora), or if it is a decision on Sephora’s side. A lot of brands want to get into Sephora, but I know that it can be expensive/minimizing of profits, which can be rough on a growing brand. Sephora obviously has a very strong bargaining position.

I felt the same about these as the Lip Junkie range – they are just too similar rather than not, so while a nice gloss, it’s less exciting because there’s really only a few you might pick up. If I was a normal user, I could see myself using these instead of lip balm during the day for extra shine/shimmer, but since I like SPARKLE to the max, I’d probably opt for Bobbi Brown’s High Shimmers more often (but that’s just me). None of that has any bearing on the ratings, just commentary/how I feel.

Carrie Avatar

I get the ‘why’ of it too, but the UD of today bears increasingly less resemblence to the brand I fell in love with back in the day.

There are so many brands that do neutral makeup well, but so few who can do good color! I just hate to think they are turning their back on it, but all the focus on Naked this past year makes me think just thar.

Christine Avatar

They’re definitely capitalizing on the success of their Naked range, although they did re-release the full range of their eyeliners (many of them color) and lipstick range, also with several bright/bold colors (as well as softer, lighter shades) and still had Vice2 palette (all color). There were also the Oz palettes and Moondust eyeshadows. I’m hopeful we’ll see a new series and move on from some of the Naked products now that they’ve pretty much saturated it across categories (face, lips, eyes), though.

desiqtie Avatar

I heard rumors a while back about UD Electric or something like that…but nothing came out of it so I figured it was just people inventing things…but a new colorful range would be awesome. Lol. UD Rainbow please ๐Ÿ˜€ I want LOTS more purples and reds and greens and teals to play with.

xamyx Avatar


I believe that rumor was started because at some point (last year, I believe), L’Orรฉal sought some sort of preemptive claim on the term “electric”, and since the buyout was approved by then, it was assumed UD was planning something with it. I personally don’t believe it, as it would seem the claim would still have Urban Decay somewhere in the title, but I could be wrong.

beck Avatar

I would LOVE to see more palettes like the OZ palettes, I snatched both of them up in a jiffy! Loved the shades (sans Glinda’s glitter)
The addition of the lip pencil was great, also loved the packaging.

Amy EM Avatar

This is why I love Temptalia! If I hadn’t read this, I would have purchased a bunch of these, then been turned off by the brand. Now I won’t feel like I wasted money, and I’ll still love UD. Mwah Christine! You are the best!

Chloe Avatar

I feel like they could have just limited it to Beso, Freestyle, Liar, Lovechild, maybe Naked, and called it a set. Naked looks like a milder version of Freestyle, and the last 4 look identical to each other and very similar to Liar.

rashmi Avatar

That collage reminded me of spring summer series ๐Ÿ™‚
not at all happy with UD ๐Ÿ™

I want to see same collage with revolution lipsticks n the chubby sticks from UD

awesome round up as always n may I offer u a hot cup of vanilla latte

desiqtie Avatar

$20 for sheer gloss that barely lasts four hours? I don’t really understand the point – especially for those of us with pigmented lips who already need stronger color in our lip products. I’m a huge UD junkie normally, but at this price point, I’d much rather save up a bit more and go for an opaque YSL, Chanel, or Dior gloss instead.

Christine Avatar

Most glosses last an average of three to four hours on me, so I’d say that’s on par with the average gloss, except more long-wearing formulas that might go for six! If you have more pigmented lips, this range, since it’s sheer (and supposed to be), is definitely not a good option, but you might like the Super Saturated range, which is a more opaque formula!

Sylirael Avatar

I did a bit of a double take when I saw the picture at first ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was like – wait, is this a joke?

But on closer inspection I can see the differences. I think you’re right, though, Urban Decay has kind of backed themselves out of selling more than one or two to any given customer!

I’m glad the formula is solid, though.

Jane Avatar

I feel like if someone at Urban Decay had done a graphic like this one, they might have rethought the pigmentation on this line… It looks like a good variety in the tubes, but the combined photo looks like one shade of lipgloss through a variety of the subtlest Instagram filters.

alyssa897 Avatar

I really REALLY hope these glosses aren’t supposed to replace the Lip Junkies because those are awesome and have much more color. ๐Ÿ™

Sarah M Avatar

I’m not at all impressed with these glosses. The look really nice in the tube. I wish they were a bit more opaque and true to colour. However I’m in love with the packaging.

Wwendalynne Avatar

Did a double take pulling up this post and thought you went all creative and posted a collage of the same product. This is a very poor showing IMO, but I do not care for sheer lipgloss for this very reason.

tzwiggy Avatar

After reading the other comments, I have to add a few things.

I get that these are super boring for people who want all their glosses super pigmented and dramatic. I still think it’s great that UD have made a lot of (somewhat similar) natural shades. That way everyone who loves sheer lipgloss can find their favorite. I do wish they had more cool toned shades, though. I also love that only a couple of them have shimmer. What ruins most sheer and natural looking glosses for me is that most brands add some kind of shimmer to them to make them more “exciting”. Shimmer and glitter in lip products is something I personally hate so that is an otherwise perfect product ruined for me.

I agree that some of these shades look too similar in this collage, they could cut a few, but I also know from experience how lip products look on you, Christine (barely show up) and how they look on me (even a small difference in the nuance can make all the difference on my lips, it’s actually very obvious and something I don’t quite understand), that’s why I’ll be getting more than one shade.

Veronica Avatar

Honestly, my biggest problem with the line isn’t just the overlap – it’s overlap that seems to focus on a specific category, which is warm and mid-toned, a problem the entire line has. A lot of these shades will work on the fair but not the cool-toned, and I suspect the nuances between these shades will be completely lost on women with darker skin tones.

Emmy Avatar

I don’t see a sharp contrast between any of the colors, which I guess it makes sense when they are all supposed to look “naked” one way or another. But because of that, it makes no sense to me buying more than 1 shade if they are all practically almost the same!

Veronica Avatar

I don’t get it. What’s the point of having a lipgloss range if they all look the same? o_0 You’d have thought UD would have used its reputation to put out some really colorful glosses. This is a definite pass for me.

Veronica Avatar

Perhaps, but those definitely wear more like a lipstick to me than a gloss. (They are gorgeous, though.) I actually prefer my glosses slightly sheer like this, but the range just feels limited over all. Not enough cool-toned shades, and it doesn’t seem to take into consideration that darker skin tones will need more pigment to get the same sheer effect these have on lighter tones.

Well, that, and the fact that a lot of these scored in the B range is more than a bit off-putting to me. If I’m dropping $20+ on a sheer gloss, I expect A- at the least, y’know?

grlnxdor Avatar

My initial reaction was “pale, sheer glosses that all look similar, no thanks”. But after noticing that some of the color names sounded familiar, I think I’ve had a change of heart. I must just pick up a couple to wear over the top of my beloved Revolution Lipsticks.

Denise Avatar

While these aren’t terribly exciting, I went ahead and ordered Lovechild to pair with the pencil from my Shattered face case. I love the color, but the pencil formula is too dry for my liking. Hopefully pairing it with the gloss on top will do the trick for me. I got it at 20% off from ULTA, and if I hate it, I can always take it back!

Lynn Avatar

I would definitely not buy the entire collection – mainly because only one was already quite a splurge for me… – but I just got Beso and I have to say that on me, it really shows, even if it’s not opaque. It’s the kind of perfect “my lips but better”. I guess it depends a lot on the natural pigmentation of one’s lip.

Lene Avatar

Hi Christine,
Do this lipglosses have the sticky feel to them?
I love the colours in the lipjunkies but I absolutely dislike how tacky they become after being applied.
They do look so similar to one another though. I saw a youtube review of them and I couldn’t see much difference because the youtuber showed one by one. I thought it was just me, but after seeing your review, they’re practically the same colour plus minus the microshimmers.

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