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Urban Decay Naked Palettes Mega Comparison Photos & Swatches

Urban Decay Naked Palettes' Comparisons & Swatches
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Below are somewhat similar shades–not necessarily perfect dupes, but they’re the ones that “overlap” more to give you a general idea of where there are similar shades. You’ll definitely some similar shades if you own every single Naked-related palette (and even more if you own a lot of the other Urban Decay palettes), but it will depend on how many of them you own, which ones, and what kind of shades you favor (or not) and whether the difference in undertone, contrast, and finish are worth it or not.  I’ll go over the specific dupes for Naked Smoky in its full review. Hope this is helpful!

  • Beiges: Venus/Verve/Virgin/Bootycall; Skimp/Bootycall; High/Liar/Sin; Walk of Shame/Stark/Combust; Venus/Thirteen
  • Bronzes: Sidecar/Smog/Snakebite/Radar/Darkhorse; Half-Baked/Chopper; Chopper/Trick; Suspect/Dirtysweet
  • Blacks: Crave/Black Market/Creep/Blackout
  • Taupes: YDK/Toasted/Liar/Mugshot; Naked2/Frisk; Undone/Password; Cover/Tease
  • Browns: Buck/Whiskey; Faint/Whiskey
  • Plums: Hustle/Busted/Blackheart; Darkside/Smolder
  • Grays: Gunmetal/Slanted/Dagger


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GK Avatar

Thank you for doing this. It’s nice to see these side by side. It makes it easier to decide if I need/want to buy another one.

Christina D. Avatar

I have everything pictured here — except Naked Smoky! You’re killing me.

As soon as I can purchase Naked Smoky, the situation will be remedied, my Naked collection will once again be complete, and all will be right with the world.

Lauren Avatar

Oh man, this post is Naked heaven! 😉 I have both basics palettes, and the Naked 2 and 3. I think I’d be more likely to purchase the original Naked palette next rather than the smokey one because I don’t wear those cool charcoal/silver/gray shades much.

Lulle Avatar

Seeing them side by side, I’d say the Smoky lacks a rich matte black, and it doesn’t seem like a must-have for someone who owns the 3 Nakeds. Sure there are some shades with slightly different undertones or finishes, but once blended on the lid, it’s probably hard to tell the difference between most shades in the Smoky and similar colors from the other Nakeds. Still looks pretty though!

Mariella Avatar

I quite literally just got in from a trip to Sephora (and MAC – yay to new Extra Dimension shadows!) and picked up the Naked Basics palette for my daughter – I wanted to get her a little “treat” and she wanted the original Basics (I got Naked Basics 2 when it first came out and love it to bits). I am very excited for the new Smoky palette. The only one I don’t own is Naked 3 – there are a few shades in there that keep turning up on the Dupe list as dupes for other shades I like in palettes I don’t need, but overall, I think the pinker tones will make me look like I’m having an allergic reaction! I tend to think of Sidecar (which I can barely use, it has so much fall-out) as more taupe than bronze.

Mariella Avatar

Only got 2 (tried to be restrained and since they’re permanent, it’s easier not to get into a frenzy). I wanted Silver Sun (I think that’s the one – I get them all confused) and they were out of it, so I will go back when it’s in and get it and Grand Galaxy (the other that was on my “buy soon” list). I did get Stolen Moment and Legendary Lure – I put that one on as soon as I got home and it is soooo beautiful (slapped it on my “outer v” area overtop what I’d been wearing today – Sweet Satisfaction and a bit of Maui Wowie to highlight the centre of my lids, so not necessarily the colours I might pair with it but, whoa, it still looked wonderful. So glad to have it!)

Poppy B. Avatar

Wow, when you line up all the swatches, you can see how insanely shimmery these palettes are! No wonder I swapped away my Naked 1 and never use Naked 3. (I used Naked Basics the other day but was annoyed at how much powder it kicked up.) I guess I should stay away from UD’s Naked line!

Celia Avatar

While I’m not in the market for this palette (Smoked and Sugarpill’s Cold Chemistry among others make for all the wonderful smokiness I need), I just wanted to say thank you for how quickly you got this up. Posting images within a half hour of you receiving the palette is frankly amazing and why you are and deserve to remain the best in the biz. You are such a consummate professional and I love that you must inspire that in so many others. I know you hear it a lot, but you deserve to hear it even more. I’m sure so many massive Naked fans (hehe :P) are very grateful to you right now.

(That said UD should really get on the Electric 2 train or make the purple-themed Naked palette everyone always wants. Yes, purple is not necessarily a neutral but it totally can be. With Smoked discontinued, I’m missing UD’s color with this release more than I usually do. It’s been said a billion times before and by many and I certainly don’t begrudge the Naked palettes! They sell amazingly and are beloved. I just want MOAR COLOR for everyone from one of the brands that helped pioneer great brights alongside their pretty, shimmery neutrals)

Daniela Avatar

hello Christine,

according with so many people, I think UD SMOKED were better than this: for the green and the blue colors into it.
I think a pretty smoky eyes can be made also MORE COLOURED.

why UD didn’t made a NAKED- COLOURED PALETTE?
It’s time to do it, please tell to Ud if they ask you that !!

Alisha Avatar

I agree, naked purple. With all good, pigmented, smooth, blendable ones! Purple can be hard to get all good quality and if anyone can do it, its ud. I know they throw in half baked and the occasional bronze but an actual palette would be pretty. I think bronzes and golds can look good on everyone. Kind of what estee lauder golden goddess or whatever has done in the past but way better.

Elizabeth Avatar

I would love the Smokey palette, but its lacking a crease shade. This and only this fact is a no for me. Its not worth it if I have a whole palette and still have travel with extra eyeshadows to blend.

Sara@colormeloud Avatar

Those purple colors and taupe next to it may call my name. But I don’t understand the concept all that well. Is it naked or smokey? 😉
Thanks so much putting all the swatches next to each other!

Deborah Avatar

Why oh why did you put these swatches online? They are gorgeous and I don’t buy palettes! I don’t need any of these but I sure do want them. Oh man! What a terrific job you did with the swatches!
Consummate professional – yes you are!

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I have all the Nakeds and will have this as soon as possible. Thanks for the swatches of the palette and the entire collection. Interesting to see all the colors together.

Yvette Avatar

Thank you so much for doing this Christine! I was going to buy Naked 2 but now I think I’m going to buy Naked smoky. On a side note, Factory (N3) doesn’t look brown in the palette I own, its more mauve purple. Hope mine isn’t a fake, I bought it at Ulta

Lotus Avatar

Hoarding verses quality to a makeup kit or collection.. I’ve read some reviews and at best, it’s a good beginner piece for people who need one as it has s bit of everything in it, shade wise, as far as neutrals, and textures as well as finishes. I’m not impressed. But I’m sure beginners will love it!

Lotus Avatar

Perhaps you misunderstand me? Of all the Nakeds, many have rants and raves. Yet not many have just one their favorite and many don’t know which one to get when they’re interested and haven’t tried UD. This being a little bit of all as well as offering varied finishes/textures makes it a perfect one to start with and test the waters of UD. If I had never tried UD, but eyed the Nakeds and felt confused, I’d finally feel sure about trying this one to begin! From light to dark, beige-grey-plum, matte-shimmer, I’d find my way with ONLY this. Hence what I mean when I say I think it’s great for beginners! From other reviews I’ve read, I’m not alone in my thinking. I find many comments quite condescending. They’re targeted at specific people and mean. I’m simply being helpful!

Lotus Avatar

No problem! Sorry to confuse you! The beginning of my comment pertains to many who have had these and numerous other palettes yet may just want for hoarding purposes, something I used to do too often! 😉 And I feel there are better quality choices for people who already have had the experience with these, not that this is bad, it is just a more well rounded UD Naked for everyone of all skin tones to experiment with as a starter! 🙂

Laura_Lou Avatar

I’ve only got N1 and NB1 (eyeing up NB2 though) N2 just seemed to similar to N1 and N3 is all pinky toned (which I hate in eyeshadows). I’m quite liking the look off the new Smokey palette but I’ll wait to see your verdict Christine 🙂

Alicia Avatar

Thank you so much, Christine! It’s awesome to get to see the swatches so soon!

But to be honest, I find the Naked 4 quite disappointing. First, I guess I’ll have to continue wishing for an all Taupy/ plumy/ greigy Naked palette (well, a cold color scheme) and second, it sucks a little to think that they had probably discontinued the Smoked palette to make room for this one and that if I ever get to finish it… oh, gosh! its’s so sad that I can’t even write it hahahahaha.

Anyway, on a second thought, armor, slanted, smolder and password look so so pretty…

Rachel R. Avatar

Wow! Great work, Christine. I just own the two Basics palettes. I can never decide if I want any of the others, or which one(s). It’s nice to have swatches laid out all in one graphic. You did it so quickly, too!

Rachel R. Avatar

Aw, don’t be. We understand. I’m lucky if my comments make sense. I could never do all you do and be as quick and accurate as you are.

Katherine T. Avatar

*OMG, this is SO awesome, to put all of the swatches side-by-side so you can see the difference (or similarities) between all of the palettes. Thanks so much for your hard work!!
*Personally, I’m concerned about how the middle and matte shades swatch in the Smoky Palette, they don’t look I like they are up to snuff.
*I still think UD should come out with a better custom palette (maybe 6-9 pan with a nice discount for buying the shadows), so that everyone can pick out their own colors and create their own version of Naked, Smokey Purple, Smokey Blue, Brights, etc. I mean if Buxom can do it, why not UD?

Tabassum Avatar

This is such a helpful post..I bought the original one based on your reviews and the electric palette because I loved the looks you created with it. but more than that I’d like to thank you for the effort you’ve put into this and tell you how much I appreciate your dedication..I’m a doctor, I work very hard but I these days I rarely enjoy my work. When I saw your post the first thing that came to my mind was “I need the motivation she has”

Anna Avatar

Thank you, Christine! It’s a wonderfully useful comparison. I have the original Naked palette but I’ve been pining for Naked 3 for the longest time.. Now I see that I truly need about 3 shades listed, the rest are way too sparkly )) Wish they made a Naked basics in rose shades with Strange, Limit, Nooner, Darkside and, say, Dust for good measure. *wouldn’t it be nice if UD officials read comments on Temptalia and took then into consideration, eh?*

Patricia Avatar

Now I have NAKED and 2BASICS and unfortunately 3 and BASICS which are fake.
I love Urban Decay Naked and I’m planning purchase all of them (3 and basics too). Thank you very much for this post but I think that CRAVE is more black than plum, it’s my opinion

Christine Avatar

No problem, Patricia! I made an idiotic mistake – I meant to put Crave as part of the black eyeshadow line but was just working too quickly and didn’t reread my work. I’m so sorry. Will never put up something like that on the same day as a launch again.

Nathalia Avatar

WOW Christine, what an excellent post! Thank you so much for taking your time into this, I’m sure is gonna be very helpful for all of us!
I only have Naked 1 and I’m happy with it. I have very warm undertones and I’m not very drawn into grays either, so I guess this we’ll be a pass for me, but it does look gorgeous nonetheless! Wish I had some cooler undertones to pull it off.

Candice Avatar

It’s so cool to see them all like this, thank you for making this post happen! 🙂

I only have Naked Basics 1 which is my main go-to when I decide to do some eye makeup and honestly I think it’s enough for me, combined with some non-UD shadows that I have… for now.

I don’t know why, but in these photos I’m really attracted to Password shade from Naked Smoky but it really didn’t look great in the swatches and caught my eye for that reason rather than because I really liked it. I’ll be on the lookout for the final review!

Jen Avatar

I skipped on on #3 but I’m really considering this one

P.S. I’m just impressed with your swatch abilities! Jeez how did you get them so perfect??!

Alisha Avatar

On the plums I think there is maybe a typo…should be blackheart instead of blackout. Great job! I’m not sure I need it but I’m sure I’ll get it. I’ve held off on naked 2 and naked basics 2 telling myself they are perm, no rush. I used grey colors for smokey eyes so much in my teens and early 20s I’m still turned off by it even though I see so many great looks on pinterest. Same with frosty light colors – white, beige, pink…lol

Dinorath Avatar

I love UD shadows but the Smoke palette doesn’t impress me. I already have Basics 1, Vice 2 and all 3 Naked palettes and it feels like Smoke is full of recycled shades. The only thing that changes is the names of the shades. Not buying..

Nancy T Avatar

Thank you so much, Christine! This certainly helps seeing all of these together in this layout! It’s an excellent and very useful guide for deciding whether one really needs to get “one more” Naked palette, and whether the one they’re considering is different *enough* to warrant purchasing it.

Alexis Avatar

OMG this is perfect! I love how they are all so close together and I can see everything with just one glance 😀

Would you say that the quality is slowly getting worse with all the naked palettes? Because I only have naked 3, which is quite nice overall, but I recently tried a friend’s naked 1 and ….omg where those creamy and nice and just…gorgeous 🙂 And now I just read your smashing review about the naked smoky palette, yikes! Why on earth would those bad boys get worse instead of better?

Kulsum Avatar

Hey Christien!
This is my first time writing on your blog, I think.. lol
Well I just want to say thank you so much for all the hard work you do for others!!!
I love your blog and your reviews!
Honestly it was you whi got me into buying makeup online 😀 you were the first beauty blog reviewer I know…
I absolutely love your blog!
Thank you!!!!!

Kecia S. Avatar

Christine, you are AMAZING…& sooooooo bad for my wallet. LOL! I’m extra happy that I found your site oh so many years ago. The Swatch Gallery is the BEST THING EVER!

Yelena Avatar

As someone who doesn’t own a single Naked Palette, I’m finally considering getting one. I’m of light neutral skin. I’m pretty sure that all of the palettes would work so i was thinking of picking my palette based on the best score. I was wondering if your A+ rating for the NAKED 1 still stands. That was 5 years ago after all, before eye shadows became amazing XD

El Avatar

This is awesome, seeing them all together! I have none of these, and intend to keep it that way. Well, I might get Basics 1 someday if I ever hit pan on my LE individual of Walk of Shame. The only palette in this range that I have is Naked on the Run. Otherwise, I want colour from my UD! (Although if they did do a purple Naked, I would need that, lol.)

megdalena Avatar

This is awesome! I’ve seen a lot of people saying that the Naked Smoky palette looks like all the other palettes, but with these comparisons I can see that’s not true. I don’t have any of the naked palettes, but now I’m thinking I might have to get the Smoky one.

Shay Avatar

Hi Christine, I dont have any naked palettes but I’m interested in purchasing one soon. I’m medium and warm toned, a NC40 at MAC. I dont wear much eyeshadow, but when I do I usually like to wear neutrals that go with everything. Which palette do you suggest I should get?

Julia Avatar

Christine this is such a lovely comparsion, thank you very much.
Can I ask you for personal advice? I wear Guerlain beige pale, have brown eyes and natureally dark brown hair which I dye to brown sugar (but I wear it ombre-style). What would you recommend?
I am afraid Naked1 will look boring on me (all shade in shade) whereas my skin might be too light for Naked 2/Smoked (but usually I am good with greys) – and usually all pink-hazed shadows make me look ill..thankk you!

Nibeya Avatar

am i the only one who feels like ub is reaching? i mean if you own 1,2 and 3 we have what we need to do a smokey right? im still waiting for naked mattes, i know i know the basics have the most mattes… guess the electric palette is the best we gonna get with brights (no mattes though)

Roberta Avatar

I own Naked 1, 2, and 3. I don’t really use Naked 2 that much. I just wanted to comment because I really love how you put the palettes and swatches in your comparison shot! Thanks Christine!

Ange Avatar

Thanks for all this info , I love coming to this site to see the swatches . ( I value all your hard work into doing this . Before I buy makeup I check this site for the swatches. I have been checking your site for over 2 years and this is my first post .So Big THANKS !!! )

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