Urban Decay Naked Heat Collection for June 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette for June 2017
Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette for June 2017

Launch Info + Release Date

If you thought our Naked palettes were hot before, brace yourself. Our Naked Heat palette is seriously next level with 12 all-new, cant-live-without amber-hued neutrals – including warm browns, burnt oranges and rich siennas.

Pre-order June 12th (Urban Decay), available June 30th, July 10th (retailers online), July 13th (stores)

Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette, $54.00 (Permanent)

There’s neutral, and then there’s Naked. If you thought our Naked palettes were hot before, brace yourself—because our newest iteration is next level. Urban Decay introduces Naked Heat, our most sweltering Naked palette yet. Give in to the heat of the moment with 12 ALL-NEW, can’t-live-without, amber-hued neutrals—including warm browns, burnt oranges and rich siennas. From a super-smooth red-brown matte and a glimmering copper to a deep, shifty bronze, this palette has everything you need to create sultry daytime looks, intensely smoky
nighttime looks and everything in between.

  • Ounce Ivory shimmer
  • Chaser Light nude matte
  • Sauced Soft terra-cotta matte
  • Low Blow Brown matte
  • Lumbre Copper shimmer with gold pearl shift
  • He Devil Burnt red matte
  • Dirty Talk Metallic burnt red
  • Scorched Metallic deep red with gold micro-shimmer
  • Cayenne Deep terra-cotta matte
  • En Fuego Burgundy matte
  • Ashes Deep reddish-brown matte
  • Ember Deep metallic copper-burgundy

Vice Lipstick, $17.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Fuel Warm peachy nude (Cream)
  • Heat Burnt red with gold pearl (Metallized)
  • Scorched Metallic copper (Metallized)

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, $20.00 (Permanent)

  • Alkaline Deep wine
  • Torch Sienna

Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette for June 2017
Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette for June 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette for June 2017
Urban Decay Naked Heat Collection for June 2017


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Silvia Avatar

I’m much of a fan of this kind of shades, so it looks quite appealing to me, but I have them all in separate palettes, so I’ll skip! *wallet is happy*

Mariella Avatar

Clearly an attempt to rival the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. And like that palette, this is just to red and orange for me – almost all colours I wouldn’t wear (and the ones that are wearable for me – more to the left side of the palette – all look “Duper-city”.)

Mariella Avatar

Wow, that’s a shame, Maggie. I have the Mario palette and 5 or 6 singles and I really love the formula of most of her shadows. Do you know if you have problems with all/most of her shadows or just the ones in the MR palette? I know of a blogger who loves the KvD Shade + Light palette but has a reaction with all the other KvD shadows/palettes and it seems to be something in the glitter that does it to her.

Karen Avatar

Wow I thought it was just me who had an issue with KvD shadows/palettes. My first eyeshadow palette burned the hell out of eyes so it went back. Years later I finally gave the KvD Shade + light palette a go. It still burns my eyes. I just love the colors so I only wear it when I know I’ll only be out 2-3 hours. Its sad, no more KvD for me.

Maggie Avatar

Hi Mariella: appreciate the response. But yup, unfortunately, most ABH shadows have volatile silicones, and my skin immediately reacts when the silicone evaporates. The stuff is in nearly everything which makes buying/using beauty products tricky.

I will bear in mind the KVD shadows. Have not bought anything since the ladybird palette and that was fine (stopped using KVD shadows bc those work best with primer and shadow primers commonly have volatile silicones

Lara Avatar

I’m disappointed that another warm toned palette gets released… UD just follows the trend here, and I hope the quality is there for them, as there are other options with this color scheme already.

I want to see a nice cool toned palette 🙁

Lara Avatar

Thank you Sharna, but I can’t get Melt here in Switzerland (the stacks are too expensive to get through the customs without an additional fee).. But I will think about that when I go to Canada this autumn 🙂

sharna Avatar

You’re welcome. Definitely consider a stack when u r in Canada the quality is really worth the hype. I got both dark matter and gun metal and I was pleased with how fast it shipped and the quality it was above and beyond expectations.

Denise Avatar

Oh yes me too Lara.So done with these colors. All the palette shave already brought these colors into play. Want some cool tones.

Genevieve Avatar

UD Smoky was a bit of a fizz too. I love cool toned palettes too and last year I bought the Sephora It Palette in Neutrals. Gorgeous cool toned shades, plenty of different shades of taupe and grey and a variety of finishes. Not one glitter! I have been using this palette as my mainstay since I bought it.

Lara Avatar

Thanks Genevieve for the recommandation! I might check that out this Autumn when I go to Canada, as here in Switzerland we only have a part of the collection (only the nude and delicate nude Sephora It palettes are available unfortunately…).

Genevieve Avatar

Can you order it in from Sephora from another nearby country that has it? It’s a nuisance when you can only get half a collection – it’s the same here in Aus. We only get part of collections from lots of brands and of course, the colours you want are not included.

Cheryl Avatar

As a fellow redhead my whole life I was told to wear colors like this and they look terrible on me, I have enough orange going on. I have tried to wear these color and can’t, will try the one you recommend.

Genevieve Avatar

I agree with you Cheryl – these shades look terrible on me too – I need a contrast. Hopefully you can get to see the It Neutrals Palette by Sephora yourself and swatch them.

Deborah S. Avatar

I am with you Lara. I am so waiting for some brand to get it together and release an amazing cool toned palette. I think there is a huge gap in the market for a really cool toned and good performing palette. To put together a few cool toned looks I shouldn’t have to hunt through several palettes and singles to get a look!!

Laura Avatar

ANOTHER Naked palette, seriously? UD can you at least release some of the good shades from the already existing Naked palettes( Naked 3 and Smokey had a couple nice ones) as singles before you keep making more bloody Naked palettes?? Jeez Louise….

Paige Avatar

I totally agree! I wish they would give those of us that don’t want all the shades in the palette the option of buying singles. I absolutely loved Extra Bitter from the Ultimates Palette but couldn’t stand the rest of the shades so unless I purchase the whole palette, which I wouldn’t, then I’m out of luck. There are only a few from the Naked Heat palette I could actually see myself wearing on a regular basis so I wish that they did each of the shades as singles even if it was only limited editions like the Vintage XX shades. I think they would get more people like myself purchasing them if they did it that way as an alternative to the palette route.

Alison Avatar

Just when I thought I was done with UD, they release this! Need to see swatches first but these colors look good so far.

Sherri Avatar

This looks interesting.. but I’d definitely wait to get it until after seeing your review. Naked Smokey was not even a temptation, but this one may be..

But if they include Half Baked one more time.. I’m going to lose it.

Emily Avatar

Poor Urban Decay, they have gotten caught up in their own trend they created in like 2009. I feel like they are so trying to be relevant but can’t help themselves to release overly glittery shadows. I am so sick of naked palettes, to be honest. The warms colors are pretty, but I am always attracted to warms colors.

AB Avatar

I would use this; I’ve been totally into the warm neutrals trend of late. But there are a lot of these colors out already in singles and palettes. Feels a bit late to the game perhaps. Will have see performance and cost.

Taylor Avatar

Snooze….how many more warm-toned, orange and red palettes do we need? It’s a beautiful palette but since their last few palettes have been more miss than hit, I’m curious how well this will review.

WildDove Avatar

The palette itself is gorgeous. I can imagine the colors looking amazing on a medium-deep skintone, like a rich Latin or Mediterranean skintone.

Natalie Avatar

The photos don’t seem to match the description. This is reading pinks and purples to me- like a warm Naked 3 but not HEAT. After waiting and waiting I think I’m going to get the Naked Smoky.

BonnieBBon Avatar

I was so mad when the platinum perks items at Ulta stopped being free at 10:00pm pst last night mid-checkout. Now I’m glad that happened. Hello my new little friend! You’ll be able to come play at my house really soon!!!
A) Not too cool to still be excited over new naked palettes especially when they look like THIS!
B) Good job with the Naked curveball UD
C) Yes, similar colors exist in other palettes but not in UD palettes ?
D) Shameless Urban Decay fangirl!!!
My A-D is strictly out of fun and excitement! I’m writing before comments are posted so I just realized someone could think I’m being a jerk. No jerk. All happy!
So! Excited!

lara Avatar

Not to be rude or a downer, but I think UD is behind the curve on this. So many similar variations by so many other brands.

Katie Avatar

Oh it looks gorgeous in the tin! But sadly not my colours! I will enjoy from afar as other people will be able to do beautiful looks with this!

JCz Avatar

Me, my niece and cousin were in Sephora today just saying how boring the UD Naked palettes were, and Naked3 is the only decent one, blah, blah, blah.
And then I see this… 😀

Rob Avatar

The UD Naked Heat looks beautiful . I hope everyone loves it . That said, I’ll be passing . Five of the shades are shiny or metallic which doesn’t work for me . I’m waiting for an Ice Palette – cool shades of blue, silver and gray etc. then I’ll be jumped my for joy !

wildviolette Avatar

LOVE this idea, Rob. I got the Smith & Cult “Ice Tears” quad, which is a good start, but not enough. (Plus, my fave color in the quad has too much fallout!) If someone could expand on this idea with a full palette, it would be innovative and AWESOME.

Rob Avatar

Yes ! Anastasia or UD, do a cool palette ! I did mean “jumping for joy”…somehow it came out as “jumped my for joy “. I’m thinking of Palette names already !

M Avatar

Definitely waiting for your review on this! Saw some initial swatches online and they look extremely disappointing. I’m hoping it was just bad photography!

Jennifer Avatar

M–I also saw swatches and was disappointed. They looked quite dark and muddy to me, and did not seem representative of the way the colors appear in the pan. The shades looked quite dull to me when swatched. I also hope it was just poor photography.

Dominique Avatar

It looks like a nice palette for summer.Since so many companies have been doing warm neutrals with orange,red,burgundy,and bronze tones I feel like I have so many palettes with a similar feel to this.Urban Decay always sucks me in with packaging and I have all the other Naked palettes so I’m sure I will be buying this one on the 12th.

LilyM Avatar

So excited to see urban decay coming out with a warm eyeshadow palette- I have the original, but the others didn’t call my name. Naked heat does! Also interested to see how it compares with the viseart warm matte palette, which I’ve got coming in the post [wishes intensely I held out a little longer]

Deb Avatar

Wam tones are great for me, I have and enjoy all the Naked palettes and I skipped Modern Renaissance and Sunset. This will definitely be coming home with me.

Rachael Avatar

So glad I just got the HUDA one or this may have got me. Still looking forward to seeing more of it though, cuz i love me some swatches!

Helene Avatar

I really feel like a mean girl today.
Wasn’t UD a leader some 20 or so palettes ago, now they seem to be a follower. I should think I have this duped already.
I will probably buy this, I hope I can wait until I see the reviews here on Temptalia though. Who am I kidding, I’ll probably buy it even if it doesn’t get good grades. I like these colours so much and I have all the other Naked palettes, so I need to keep the collection…Collected.

Zoe Avatar

This is boggling but at the same time expected.
Is anyone aware of sales data for the Naked palettes? Have they been trending upwards or down?

From what I understand… UD’s Naked palette became popular because:
– Their reputation for making high quality, pigmented, blendable eyeshadows
– An unconventional beauty brand doing their “take” on something more conventional
– Was a good deal $/oz
– Started a neutral palette trend
– Made a possibly unapproachable brand approachable
– Came with an eyeliner or brush (and maybe primer?)
– Was released when beauty bloggers and YT celebrities were transitioning from small audiences to being major influencers

Which is why this new release is so weird. None of these things are the same conditions anymore.
– People (usually online) feel that UD has slipped in quality, or is inconsistent
– UD is no longer a truly edgy brand (someone said they are more “glam rock” now and I think that’s an apt term)
– $/oz remains okay, but there are more brands on the market that now offer comparable quality for less
– The neutral palette trend is played out/has become a staple (therefore no longer innovative)
– The brand is currently approachable
– Beauty bloggers and YT influencers are now fixtures of product marketing landscape rather than oddities (and in many cases these content producers recieve samples, vs buying things when they first started out).

Not to mention the ABH MR palette dupes keep on trucking despite it being out for a year now. It feels like every brand wants to capitalize on the red/warm neutral trend (that imo is sort of over?) rather than try to find the next big “thing”.

Am I alone in thinking these things?

I don’t hate this release! I like the colors and can’t wait for swatches. But I thought UD was maybe learning their lesson by the Naked Smoky palette, which went on sale a few times after it’s release. Unlike the Naked 1-3, which never experienced a price drop (this could indicate they couldn’t move stock as how they projected). I could totally be wrong!!! But I can’t be the only one thinking this is transparent and not up to their usual originality.

kellly Avatar

Nice analysis, Zoe.
I still love the colors, but yeah, would like to see reviews and ingredients. UD (among many others) uses carmine, which is a no-go for me, so I’ll have to wait and see on this one.

Zoe Avatar

thanks! yeah I remember when it was really hard to find more than 1 or 2 brands in stores that had a red eyeshadow.
hope it works out for you

Grace Avatar

Yes to all of this!! I’ve been going through all the same questions in my head. This palette might reach the customers who became loyal to UD after the Naked craze but haven’t branched out as much as makeup junkies who frequent Temptalia. This palette seems more accessible to the casual user than MR, Venus, or some of the other more “cult” products. The original Naked palette made UD mainstream and accessible, and I think sometimes the online makeup community forgets that there is a large market up for grabs that doesn’t frequent Reddit or blogs. I fell like this palette may do well in that market. I’d love see sales data on all UD palettes since Naked came out, esp with Naked Smokey and Gwen Stefani being discounted the way they were.

Zoe Avatar

high five!

you also make a lot of good points with market share! there are so many people who know UD but don’t do heavy vetting before purchases.

Erica Avatar

As a professional makeup artist, I am pumped to see warm, pigmented shadows taking the spotlight. A pallette of them is even better. They are trendy, flattering to all iris colors and skin tones, and know no age limit. Perfect for summer and fall. Will be purchasing!

Kristene Avatar

I’d save the money and splurge on the Natasha Denona personally. I do like their eyeliners, but the rest you can easily replicate in far better quality elsewhere. My only Naked palette is the Naked Smoky and that leaves so much to be desired quality-wise that it made me not want to purchase any of the other palettes they have. They’re acting a little like Too Faced lately and I don’t like it.

CJ Avatar

I like Rob’s idea of an Ice Palette! I have green eyes but pinkish skin so oranges and reds look awful on me. I’ve skipped all of the Anastasia palettes even though I secretly covet them for that reason. I just know it’ll be a waste of money and I’ll end up giving it away.

Cat Avatar

??? I haven’t been this excited over a Naked release since Naked3! I think these colors have the potential to look really good with blue and green eyes. Admittedly I’m kind of a UD fangirl, but after the Basquiat palettes quality, I’m really hopeful fur the quality of this one.

Christina Avatar

I have never been a fan of the Naked palettes even though I do own two of them. They were the first palettes i bought, and of course i thought they were the best because i hadn’t ever tried other brands. I thought i was completely done with UD because in all honesty, i’m never really impressed with anything they put out. But this… this might just make me go against everything i thought i believed in. I know everyone is doing the warm, red, orangey themes right now but I’m soooo into it, and i need to have them all. Of course i’m going to wait to feel it myself, maybe when it comes out in stores but i’m super hopeful. I also collect makeup, so i doubt this is something everyone really needs and i can completely understand why some people are very disappointed in this product. But these shades are totally something i want to be a part of anyway.

Katherine T. Avatar

I feel like UD released this palette about 1 year too late. After ABH Modern Renaissance, Huda Rose Gold, Kylie Burgundy, and a bunch of ColourPop singles from their spring/summer collection, my stash is overflowing with red, orange, peach, and warm brown shadows. Feels like UD is playing catch up here or follow-the-leader. Instead they should break new ground by coming out with a nice cool-toned palette, much nicer in quality than that UD Smoky

Jenny Avatar

I love Naked 3 & MR is my holy grail. I’ll prob get this to check it out, but will prob return it. The lipsticks look nice & will try one of the liners too.

MariahGem Avatar

This looks pretty, but I wonder how similar to the ABH Modern Renaissance pallet it is. Granted, it doesn’t have the oranges the ABH does, but hmmm…

Victoria Avatar

But I love how many of them are matte… I personally think if someone is torn between the TF Peach Palette and the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, this would probably be a good choice. I’m on the fence of this because I have the Peach Palette, I love warm tone colors, but I wanna save money, too. ?

I think I could actually wait in longer and if I declutter things, this palette will be in the back of my mind. I know I would wear these colors. I have a lot of palettes right now and I feel that I need to not spend things just because I want it. I’m not doing good for myself…

Lacey J. Avatar

I haven’t pulled the trigger on ABH or Too Faced Sweet Peach or Jeffree star Androgony, Ive been dragging my feet about all these releases because I do have warm eye palettes already, however it is rare to come across a palette that has the shimmery reds and coppers I want as well as having enough ivory shades. This is the only palette I have ever come across that made me think, I would use every single eyeshadow in that palette!

Abbey Avatar

I’m a complete sucker for these shades. If it scores well, I will buy it…even though I have Modern Renaissance and several orange/red/plum singles. I just hope the old Urban Decay quality is there.

kellly Avatar

OMG that is really beautiful!!! But it’s likely they used carmine to get those gorgeous colors, and if that’s the case, it’s a no-go for me. I was SO disappointed when I finally got my hands on Naked 3 and found I was allergic to those beautiful colors — I’m hoping that’s not the case with this. The colors are just the kinds that I really love wearing.

Aj Avatar

Ooh I need to swatch the eye pencils once they come out.
I’ll just dupe the Naked Heat palette once swatches come out, there have been so many releases of those colors that it shouldn’t be hard.
Can UD just finish the Naked line with this palette, they really need to come out with something new.

Susan Avatar

Well, I’m excited for this one even though I have and love ABH’s Modern Renaissance. MR looks more red, yellow, and brown than Naked Heat, which in many pictures/angles online looks more rust and orange to me. If after reading reviews and the quality is there, I’m definitely getting this one because it looks like what I’ve been wanting for years — a palette I can call my “Pumpkin Spice” one for fall. 😀

kjh Avatar

If N1 and ABHMR had an affair, with a child…… Well, getting MR, finally, for points, and N1 is not my most friendly palette for browns ( Kvd monarch is & never would have gotten it w/o Christine’s deep exploration and endorsement.). So, will have to see. If it leans towards N1, maybe not.

Mary Ann Avatar

To me, this looks more like a cheaper alternative to the Natasha Denona Sunset palette vs. ABH Renaissance. I will anxiously await the swatches to determine if I will be purchasing. Overall, I think the UD Naked eye palettes are usually pretty solid.

Ester Avatar

Oh no! Not only am I interested in the palette (even though I probably have most of the shades either in Makeup Geek shadows or ABH Modern Ren palette, I’m also interested in Fuel lipstick and both liners!!

Sarah Avatar

Remember when UD was a trendsetting brand rather than lazy followers? Yeah, me too. They’re hopping on the warm red/orange/plum train that ABH Modern Renaissance started. Never thought that I would see ColourPop beat UD to a trending release but they did with their three-part fall collection.

I’m getting very tired of the warm-toned palettes tbh. I know the colors are very universal but I have fair and acne-prone skin. Unless I do an entire face of makeup, I can’t get away with these shades comfortably. I’d much rather get something like the original Naked palette, which I could wear with nearly every level of makeup, than something like Naked Heat.

Rachael Avatar

$54!! I’ll buy the ABH one, thanks. I saw some pretty awful looking swatches of this online already so if I need more reds and warms there a plethora of options that I think would be better.

janine Avatar

I have done the occasional pink and coral eye and I love Christine’s various looks but I think I look better in cool toned eye colors. Face I go more warm tones especially in the summer.

I have loved the Skinny Dip palette cooler shades.
The Gunmetal stack looks pretty dark but the individual pix look lighter.. has anyone tried it? I can’t go with really blackish shades too much blending… it always looks patchy or uneven on me and not much of an everyday look.

The one UD palette I got Naked 3 I think I didn’t care for too chalky, patchy and sheer. Expensive tho.. they’ve made a ton and want to keep milking that cow.

The colors are pretty darker skin would be a showcase.

Badger Avatar

THIS LOOKS AMAZING but the swatches I’ve seen look terrible. I’ll wait till your review. Naked 3 was awful IMO. This is what I wanted Naked 3 to be

Puffins Avatar

I wish UD was edgier like how it used to be…but I understand they feel they need to cater to “regular” consumers who aren’t …as edgy as the rest of us beauty fanatics are. I’m still a total UD fangirl but I have the ABH MR palette already…not sure how they eyeshadows would compare, but I hope they are good quality! These shadows would look good on me (cool toned shadows generally give me a punched in the face look) but i agree, they need to come out a a true cool toned palette to include those people that would like one

Lucy Avatar

Y’know, I’ve really tried to be annoyed by this in the days since its announcement (ANOTHER Naked palette, UD? Just keep on beatin’ that dead horse….) but the colors are actually incredibly pretty and I’m already resigned to the fact that I’ll probably end up buying it? I adore the look of red/warm toned eyeshadow and I’m glad it’s gaining popularity, but somehow I only own one or two red-toned palettes, so I’ll probably get quite a bit of use out of this.

May Avatar

I only likes Naked 3 palette. I am not sure about this Naked Heat.

Please Please make different shades palette!! Like GREEN and GOLD!

Tilda Avatar

I know so many brands are releasing warm toned palettes, but not where I live. I live in Finland and it is very very hard to get your hands on a palette with these kinds of colours, so im very excited!

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