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Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set Review, Photos, Swatches

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set

Sneak Peek: Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set

In 2011, Urban Decay will turn 15 years, and to celebrate, they are releasing a set of 15 24/7 Eyeliners. The 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set ($92.00 for 0.04 oz. x 15) includes full-sized eyeliners in:

Stray Dog (shimmering brown taupe), Corrupt (dark metallic brown with silver glitter), Bourbon (medium brown with gold sparkle), Midnight Cowboy (beige with gold sparkle), Baked (bold bronze), Stash (dark olive with gold sparkle), Mildew (deep mossy green), Perversion (blackest carbon black), Electric (bright aquamarine blue), Binge (deep metallic navy blue), Ransom (bright iridescent purple), Asphyxia (pinky iridescent purple), Rockstar (darkest eggplant), Zero (zealous black), and Uzi (gunmetal grey with sparkle).

All of the eyeliners included in the set are full-sized (0.04 oz. each), and a full-sized eyeliner retails for $17, which means you are getting $255 worth of eyeliner for $92, plus Urban Decay’s Grind House (their sharpener, retails for $9), which is actually my favorite sharpener–use it for all brands myself.

It is a great set for someone who is new to Urban Decay or who hasn’t yet stocked up on their 24/7 Eyeliners, because there are a lot of permanent inclusions and overlap with previous holiday mini-sets. This holiday’s Jackpot 24/7 Eyeliner Set included seven that overlapped (Stash, Mildew, Electric, Binge, Ransom, Rockstar, and Zero), while last year’s Super Stash Eyeliner Set included six that overlapped (Stash, Rockstar, Ransom, Binge, Corrupt, Zero).

The good news? There are six shades not currently available permanently, but if they were–all six would set you back $102 (still more than the whole set).

  • Stray Dog is a mushroom brown–definitely taupe. This is a new shade exclusive to the set.
  • Corrupt is a dark chocolate brown with warm amber undertones. This is a new shade exclusive to the set (well, that’s what the press release says, but it was included in 2009’s Super Stash mini-set).
  • Bourbon is a medium-dark warmed-up brown. This is a permanent shade.
  • Midnight Cowboy is a shimmering champagne peach with a subtle metallic sheen. This was my second favorite from the set–this is totally a shade that is lacking in the 24/7 range. It is a great shade to brighten up eyes. This is a new shade exclusive to the set.
  • Baked is a frosted coppery bronze. This is a permanent shade.
  • Stash is an antique gold with a slight metallic sheen. This looks amazing with green eyes. This is a permanent shade.
  • Mildew is a forest green with subtle gold shimmer. This is a permanent shade.
  • Perversion is a rich, deep dark black with a near matte finish. It is gorgeous! MAC Feline Kohl Power lovers will fall in love with this shade. It would be a shame if Urban Decay didn’t make this permanent. This is a new shade exclusive to the set.
  • Electric is a bright, neon cyan blue with subtle shimmer-sheen. This is a permanent shade.
  • Binge is a navy blue with a hint of violet with soft blue micro-shimmer. This is a permanent shade.
  • Ransom is a fuchsia-tinged violet with soft sheen. This is a permanent shade.
  • Asphyxia is a fuchsia base with fuchsia-violet shimmer and sheen. It was surprisingly sheer–it did not have the color pay off of the average 24/7 Liner. This is a new shade exclusive to the set.
  • Rockstar is a rich eggplant with a slight metallic sheen. This is a permanent shade.
  • Zero is black. It’s not too dark, not too light, just black. This is a permanent shade.
  • Uzi is a gunmetal silver with teal-green and silver micro-shimmer. It’s not quite as dark as Gunmetal, but they do not seem world’s apart. This is a new shade exclusive to the set.

Urban Decay’s 24/7 Eyeliners are some of my favorite pencils to use. I love the color variety, but more importantly, they wear well and long on me. They don’t smudge or budge, fade or migrate. The formula is kind to eyes, as they are soft and glide effortlessly across the lash line–no drag here.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! πŸ™‚

  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: It might be something to put on a holiday IOU list (since it won’t be out until January) or else save holiday gift cards and checks towards–if you are a fan of the 24/7 Liners. If you’re not sure about it, you may want to check out an individual shade before committing $92 to the cause. Long-time Urban Decay fans may find they have a lot of the shades featured in the kit (and maybe duplicates or even triplicates thereof).

AVAILABILITY: Urban Decay, Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s – January 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Stray Dog, Corrupt, Bourbon, Midnight Cowboy, Baked

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Stray Dog, Corrupt, Bourbon, Midnight Cowboy, Baked

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Stray Dog, Corrupt, Bourbon, Midnight Cowboy, Baked

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Stray Dog, Corrupt, Bourbon, Midnight Cowboy, Baked

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Stray Dog, Corrupt, Bourbon, Midnight Cowboy, Baked

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Stray Dog, Corrupt, Bourbon

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Bourbon, Midnight Cowboy, Baked

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Stash, Mildew, Perversion, Electric, Binge

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Stash, Mildew, Perversion, Electric, Binge

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Stash, Mildew, Perversion, Electric, Binge

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Stash, Mildew, Perversion, Electric, Binge

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Stash, Mildew, Perversion, Electric, Binge

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Stash, Mildew, Perversion

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Perversion, Electric, Binge

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Ransom, Asphyxia, Rockstar, Zero, Uzi

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Ransom, Asphyxia, Rockstar, Zero, Uzi

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Ransom, Asphyxia, Rockstar, Zero, Uzi

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Ransom, Asphyxia, Rockstar, Zero, Uzi

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Ransom, Asphyxia, Rockstar, Zero, Uzi

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Ransom, Asphyxia

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Rockstar, Zero, Uzi

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set
24/7 Liners: Stray Dog, Corrupt, Bourbon, Midnight Cowboy, Baked, Stash, Mildew, Perversion, Electric, Binge, Ransom, Asphyxia, Rockstar, Zero, Uzi


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Lo Avatar

Do you know if this is going to be released in the uk? I want this so much! I hope midnight cowboy becomes permanant, I’ve always wanted UD to do a nude eyeliner!

K.A Avatar

am so excited can’t wait to get it πŸ˜€ .. I wish they make Whiskey,midnight cowboy & perversion perminant. I think Asphyxia will look good as lower lash liner.

K Avatar

LOVE LOVE LOVE the 24/7 liners. Bourbon is my personal favourite so I can already tell I will love Corrupt!

This is a fantastic set – great review, Christine!!

Other must-haves are Midnight Cowboy and Perversion. You’re right, I’d be surprised if Perversion wasn’t permanently released.

I know someone’s gonna say is so I’ll say it first… Uzi is like MAC’s Club in eyeliner form.

Simone Avatar

Oh! so not fair.I love my eyeliners and these would have so many uses as bases, liners, even as an shadow! oh dear…I will be buying these if they land in the UK

Jaime Avatar

Have you ever tried just lightly blotting your waterline a little (with a tissue) before applying the eyeliner? Sometimes that helps, but you have to be careful – it can be kind of uncomfortable!

*disclaimer – I am so not a doctor and have no idea if this will make your eyeballs fall out eventually, so use this tip at your own risk!

Fanny Avatar

you can put on e eyeliner, put on some translucent powder or try the high def make up forever powder, then put on the eyeliner again! this will make the line stays there until you decide otherwise =)

Pat Avatar

I hope Sephora online start operating in Brazil early enough so that we can get this LE set. It’s annoying to see so many interesting items which do not have access here, even with skyrocketing taxes.

Monica Avatar

Hey, Pat, I’m also from Brazil and have been shopping online for a few months. It’s great – you can actually get what you want without having to wait for the brand to be sold here… There are a few international websites which ship to Brazil and is one of them! I have, in fact, bought UD mascaras from them!

Kenneth Alan Avatar

I don’t have any of the 24/7 liners so I’ll most likely be getting this.
I wish Make Up For Ever would release another set like this of their aqua eyes liners. I regret missing out on their last one all the time.

Danielle Avatar

Thanks for the swatches Christine! Midnight Cowboy looks awesome, like a slightly more golden version of Stila’s smudgepot in Kitten!

I hope they release Stray Dog, Midnight Cowboy and Perversion on their own. I already own all of the not new shades and sometimes have more than one of each shade (I’m looking at you Zero). The other new shades like Uzi and Asphyxia do not appeal to me. I have Asphyxia in shadow form and don’t care for it. It might be good to gift out to others some of the liners in the set the I have, but since it comes out after Christmas, probably not.

Tish Avatar

I got an email about this set from Urban Decay the other day and my heart went racing. I definitely have to have this! While $92 is definitely not cheap, I think the set is worth paying for.

Kim Avatar

I love love love UB 24/7 liners! Corrupt is my HG eyeliner and I almost finished it, so this is gooood news! The price is a bit steep, but it’s really worth it. Even when I own most colors twice in travel size πŸ˜€

Christine Avatar

I didn’t do a side-by-side swatch, but in the last photo, they are photographed altogether, and you can see Perversion is significantly different from Zero (it didn’t even seem necessary to swatch them side-by-side when that photo shows the difference).

N.A.P.B. Avatar

Oooh I am likin’ this set. Man Asphyxia is freaking sweet but it looks like a less pigmented, more purpley version of Ransom. However I’m still a student and the $92 tag is way outta my price league. Plus if this does make an appearance here in Singapore, the price will surely be jacked up to way up there in the hundreds :'(

Jessica Avatar

OMG, so precious! *heart flutters* But as much as I want it and how worthwhile it is, I just can’t go ahead and get it. Not from the states and by the time it reaches me, it’d be more than $92. Sigh. Such lovely colours.

Anjali Avatar

Hi Christine,

I’ve always wondered: are these pencils safe to use on the waterline? I know some of MAC eye pencils are definitely not waterline safe, but I can’t seem to find any info on these. Do you know?
p.s. LOVELY! I want!

Marce Avatar

The Urban Decay Web Say: 24/7 Eye Pencils are ideal for lining inner lids because the waterproof formula stays put. Just apply, try not to blink for a sec, and you’ve got immovable liner.

Rachel Avatar

I’ve been using these for years on my waterline. For me these have never irritated my eyes or skin, but I do have to reline my eyes every few hours. πŸ™‚

kitty Avatar

Typically if it is unsafe for inside the eye, it says so on the item. UD pencils seem to be waterline safe, but it washes off pretty easily on me. If I keep reapplying it as it vanishes, my eyes get really uncomfortable. I think it’s just that my eyes are sensitive though.

Elisabeth Avatar

now i’m even more glad i snagged one of these yesterday during the sneak peak online sale! they look gorgeous, and Perversion… *swoon*. i’ve been using Stila’s onyx kajal for my eyes, but this looks just as deep and sexy carbon black. people were whining and complaining about the $92 price tag all over UD’s facebook and it was getting obnoxious. 15 full size waterproof eyeliners and a sharpener from a higher end brand is a STEAL for $92!!!

cmferrets Avatar

i think people are wining about the 92 $ price tag only bc im sure people already have half of the eyeliners already in mini or 1/2 version form. i know i do. it IS a steal for anyone who is NEW to urban decay and dont have any of the eyeliners, but NOT for some people who have been with UD and have gotten their e/l sets in the past holidays.
thats where my dllemma is. i have gotten all the past e/l sets in mini forms and am sitting here wondering is it worth it for the new 6 LE shades? and is UD going to release them later on? and what a i going to do with my past e/l if i do get this? i dont know. i wish this was just a mini version set, and cheaper like the past holiday collection sets.

Geek Faerie Avatar

This was available online yesterday from 10am-2pm PST for CyberMonday. Those who get the UD newsletter were notified over the weekend. I snatched mine up and hopefully will have it soon. πŸ˜€ I think this is a great deal for anyone looking to beef up their eyeliner collection. If you aren’t a fan of UD yet or aren’t sure what to get, I would get this set when it comes out. If you are a UD fan then add this to your wishlist. And remember any duplicates you get can go in your purse’s make-up kit. That’s what I plan to do with my dupes any way. πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to get this delivered this week and try them out!!

atrixe Avatar

Did you check to see if it landed in your junk mail folder? I noticed recently that I was sporadically receiving a once-weekly newsletter for one of my GMail accounts. I checked the Spam folder, and found not only the missing newsletters, but a few from Urban Decay that I had not known about. I am not sure why GMail flagged some UD e-mails as spam and not others, but to prevent it from happening in the future I created a filter to never send messages from UD to the Spam folder. If you do not use GMail, your e-mail provider may have similar rules available.

Leiris Avatar

I hope that this set is out l,ong enough for me to have a chance to buy it! These liners are my absolute favorites, and it is awesome that they are full sizes.

Lucie Avatar

Eeeekkk! Can’t wait! The new shades look so lovely. Especially excited for the Midnight Cowboy shade, been wishing UD would come out with a highlighter eyeliner for awhile. I know what I’m using my Christmas money for. πŸ˜€

Jeanne Avatar

I do have a couple of these already but luckily the set doesn’t include Underground (my most used eyeliner!), 1999, or Flipside.

It is a great value so I’ll definitely consider it, but I was wondering how Perversion compares to Zero?

Michelle Avatar

A must have for me…I got the MUFE Rock Aqua Eyes set and returned it promptly the pencils were so tiny. This is a great set…can’t wait ’till January!

Gina Avatar

WOW! There really is a huge difference between Zero and Perversion! The set is beautiful, but I already have a few of these, so it wouldn’t be very worth it to me. But I really like the look of Perversion. If they made it permanent, it might replace Zero as my go-to black liner.

Vienna Avatar

i am so disappointed that asphyxia is so sheer! πŸ™ that was the one i was most looking forward to. although perversion looks great! i hate hate zero. always have. i am excited about perversion because it is the darker black i’ve been craving! i love black dog from the black palette, and i’ve been using that as liner lately, so perversion will be great when i need something waterproof πŸ™‚ yes, i have a lot of duplicates, but i will absolutely be buying this in january! can’t wait! πŸ™‚

Megan Avatar

Is there any way you can do swatches of Perversion and Zero side by side so we can see the difference?

All these colors are so pretty. This is definitely going on my Christmas Wishlist! Thanks for sharing!

Morgan Avatar

I was so excited! I got on the UD website at 9:40 yesterday morning, and bought them the second they were posted (at 10:02 not 10:am as stated). I’m excited to receive them!

Lego Avatar

Really, the only one worth it is Perversion. I doubt anyone will use all 15 of them unless they’re a makeup artist :/ Plus it’s kind of expensive for just eyeliners, but to each her own, I suppose.

Proenza Avatar

Absolute must buy! I was too slow yesterday, UD sold out of their pre-order stock really quickly. Pity fans have to wait, these would have sold well as gorgeous Christmas gifts!

Brittany Avatar

WOW…definitely another must have by UD, just like the Naked palette. Gorgeous colors, good price. $92 may seem steep at first, but the value of this is incredible. I actually LOVE the Midnight Cowboy liner, where as I hate the shadow. Well done UD!

lo Avatar

it is not even funny how badly i want this set! i better start saving my pennies for the january release haha. i don’t wear eyeliner all that often, but i can honestly say i would wear every single color here.

Deb Avatar

Midnight Cowboy and Perversion are gorgeous! I only have 1 full sized 24/7 (Honey), but I don’t know if I can pop for this. See, I have a ton of miniature 24/7s and even though I use them, it’s just not enough to justify this.

However, I envy anyone who gets this set!!

Jaime Avatar

Holy crap, thank you for swatching these! I got the sneak preview email while ago and wondered what new colours would be.

This is AMAZING! I have only two of the 24/7 liners and I always pass on the Super Stash sets because I prefer full sizes, so this is an awesome deal! Perversion and Asphyxia are going to be my favourites, I can just tell πŸ™‚

Taime Avatar

Perversion doesn’t stand out or anything lol…holy cow!! Definite must-have!! If the naked palette is FINALLY back in stock by the time this comes out I’ll be a happy camper!! Thank you Christine!! These are wonderful swatches I will oogle at until the set comes out πŸ™‚

Quinctia Avatar

No Yeyo, again? It’s like they’re taunting me. That’s the shade I want most, and I’d probably spring for a set they included it in, but I can’t justify buying a whole set of pencils that lacks it. πŸ™

Jazz Avatar

I want ! I think this may be one of the exceptions to my makeup/clothes no buy that I am going on from 12/1- 2/14/11. Even if you only like half of the colors its still a better deal than buying them individually .

Alannah Avatar

Even though there are a couple too many variations on black in this set (I *never* wear black eyeliner), I’m getting it because it has several faves. I’ll need to replace soon enough, and really cool new shades! So excited~!

knownever Avatar

Oh this set is really eye popping. Love the patterning on the box and the liners inside are really awesome looking all next to each other. Many of the colors I don’t know when I would use, but there are some really nice standouts. Whenever urban decay stays away from the glitter it is a sure thing.

Laura Avatar

I’m so glad I grabbed this yesterday! I have all the perm shades in it (though I have Bourbon in a mini), but all the exclusive shades + the sharpener would STILL be more than the $92 I paid retail! I’ll get to the other liners eventually, or I might even give them as gifts. I’m so excited to get it in the mail, and even more excited to see what the other special UD anniversary sets will be!

Lulee Avatar

perversion is what i always wanted zero to be. zero was never dark enough for me so im glad they introduced this shade. however 92 bucks is steep and i have so many full sized and mini ones from various sets that i donno if ill spring for it :-/

dolce aria Avatar

I don’t really use colored pencil liners enough to warrant buying the set, but i’m LOVING perversion. I really do hope they add that one to the permanent line!

I’ve just never had good luck applying the 24/7 liners to anything but the waterline, and for that, I only really want black, or very dark colors.

Ah well, I can live without it!

BethM Avatar

I’m so happy I was able to snag one of these sets yesterday, can’t wait until it’s delivered. I already have all the perm. colors except Baked, but the retail price is less than buying all of the other pencils separately. Plus, I have dropped my Grind House a few times and fully expect it to break one of these days, so I’ll be happy to have a backup.
I go through Stash, Bourbon, and Binge pretty quickly, they’re all fabulous for my golden brown/olive green hazel eyes and fair skin, so now I won’t have to pay full price next time I run out, and I might gift some of the other colors I don’t use as frequently.
I am always able to get Zero to go on very dark (I let it dry and add a second coat), so I’m excited to try Perversion.

(Can you see I’m trying to justify spending $92 for eyeliners? LOL.)

Carrie Ann Avatar

So pretty! I love Stray Dog, Midnight Cowboy, Ransom, Stash, Uzi & Asphyxia. I wish the set were less expensive. Plus, I already have so many of the permanent colors. They should seriously make some of their limited edition colors permanent. I’m sure Whiskey and Midnight Cowboy (among others) would be extremely popular.

natalia Avatar

Why make perversion shorter than the others? I find that odd, perhaps I’m not seeing it properly. Obviously this is a beautiful set, don’t get me wrong.

Lizzi Avatar

Yay! I ordered this yesterday, I already have 7 of the colors featured in the set but it’d be nice to have back-ups. I can’t wait to get it! I wish UD would bring back the 24/7 in honey, it was my fave. Do you know of any 3rd party sites that still offer it?

Ali Avatar

I did see it at Sephora today, but there wasn’t a tester there (not that that necessarily means anything) and the cardboard runner that tells you how much the products are doesn’t list Honey as a shade. I’d say it’ll be gone for good soon

kaylynrenee Avatar

Well I’m torn. The only shades included in this set that I don’t already own are the set-exclusives. I realize that if UD were to offer these shades seperately, it would still be cheaper to buy this set, but I don’t like having the excess liners just hanging out. It makes me feel wasteful and a little ridiculous when I open up my drawer and see 20 eyeliners rolling around, plus 15 if I get this set! But gaaahhhhh, Perversion!!!

cmferrets Avatar

im torn too, cuz i bought all the past ud e/l sets in the [past, and have all but the 6 new le items in this collection. i wish they were in mini form and cheaper price, then id get it

Ali Avatar

I feel like I’m going to buy it, because the liners I already have I really like, so it’s not like they’ll go to waste.. it will just be a while before I use them up

leesie Avatar

Sooo pretty. I might just have to get this to save for the time in my life I once again decide liners are an important part of eye makeup. I used to ONLY wear brightly-colored liners, but now I concentrate on shadow and haven’t yet figured out the “formula” as to when adding liner won’t leave me convinced I should have left it off… If I had this, though, I’d probably actually use it. Just not the neutrals. I should see about trying to find someone to split it with, maybe. Hmm.

Ali Avatar

dude I’m the same way – I alternate between Urban Decay 24/7 Liner obsession and Urban Decay Eyeshadow obsession. I rotate about every 4 months lol. Right now I’m Eyeshadow obsessed but I have a feeling this liner set is going to swing the pendulum back the other way

Leah Avatar

Yeah, im the same way. I love wearing colored eyeliner by itself, and sometimes black by itself, but whenever I wear black or brown with eyeshadow, i can never get it perfect enough for my liking, I always wish I had left it off. I wouln’t use the neutrals either..

Bethy Avatar

This is totally going to be my late xmas present to myself. The sheer joy of getting 6 limited colors is enough for me! I can always use more eyeliner, it’s an every waking moment must!

Violet Avatar

I need this set SO bad! I might buy two! I have been begging Urban Decay for a full-sized Corrupt after they introduced it in the Super Stash… but Stray Dog and Asphyxia are calling out to me, too.

Katie Avatar

Ugh, so sad I missed out. I anxiously await January though. I hope this doesn’t turn into a Naked Palette type situation though…I don’t know if I can endure another Urban Decay hunt!

Ru Avatar

This is the way Midnight Cowboy should have been! I’m dying for the darkness of Preversion. Uzi looks great too. I’ll be needing to save some serious mulah for this!

Bridgette Avatar

Ahhh!!! I love Midnight Cowboy and Perversion. Hopefully UD will release these eyeliners individually sometime cause I really want to try them out and hopefully like UD eyeliners since I did not get along with Zero too well. And btw I don’t have the money to pay 92 bucks for these eyeliners so thats another reason why I really hope they come out individually soon! Oh and is it just me or does Midnight Cowboy look like it can make a pretty highlighter?

ak Avatar

If I was younger, had no makeup at all but wanted to get into using some, I’d probably buy this set but I don’t need it at all. It’s good that they have a good selection of brown and ‘brownish’ liners for people who are lighter skinned who just want a more neutral look for daytime though. They wouldn’t show up that strongly on me. I’m leaving this behind.

I use to have an Asphyxia shadow that I used to like using a lot, I think I gave it away (?) I prefer very dark, smokier eye makeup nowadays or flipped ‘cat eye’ liner.

I do like the look of the Perversion liner of course and when UD wakes up and decides to sell it on its own even if it’s for a limited time, then I’ll sit up and take notice!

Does anyone know if the MAC Chromagraphic pencil in Black Black smudges really badly on oily eyelids or something?

Bree Avatar

I’m a little skeptical about this, too. But just remember, you’re getting $173 off of what it would of been priced at if you bought them all individually. And for this price, you’re technically only getting them for $6.14 EACH. That’s how I think of it. :DD

kitty Avatar

I was lucky enough to snag one of these on Monday during the special offer window on the UD site. Yeah $92 for eyeliners is a lot of money, but considering I only have zero, burbon, and ransom, it’s not so bad. I am actually going to give those 3 as part of a Christmas gift to a girlfriend of mine who hasn’t experienced UD yet. I am hoping to get a lot of use out of some of the brighter colors for under the eye definition – I am hopeless at using eyeshadows under the eye without it looking messy. My only complaint about these pencils is that they tend to not work so well on the waterline for me; they wash off and irritate my eyes. I still think I’ll have a lot of fun with this set, though!

Dayna Avatar

Man… The UD naked palette sold out pretty quickly, IMAGEN when this comes out! O_o! But i SO want it lols. I’m new to urban decay liners so im really anxious to try them.

Are the liners really that good?? Please answer <3

Ty christine for the review & swatches! <333

Janessa Avatar

Oh god…I hope this won’t be as popular as the naked palette. It took me FOREVER to find one.
And I only have 1999 and was thinking of building my collection, this is perfect!!!
Thanks for the heads up πŸ™‚

Marcy Avatar

I cannot wait for this! I haven’t used Urban Decay in a while as there is no store selling it by me at college (i have never been a fan of buying makeup online without testing it first) and am dying to get this set! Now that I am home I have gone to see all of the colors that are already available and LOVE them! Do you happen to know the exact date of the release?

d Avatar

Christine ,do you know the exact date it will be available on UD’s website? Also, thanks for that full series of liner swatches, it was really helpful! πŸ™‚

Tessa Avatar

Man… if only it wasn’t sooo expensive! $92?! grr.. now i probably lost my chance of getting it unless… i save up for it! Oh well, guess I can start saving up starting.. NOW! πŸ™‚ Bye!

Bree Avatar

I’m extremely excited for this set! I have just enough money for it, too! Yesterday, I finally went out on a limb and decided to buy my first 24/7 liner in Zero. If it stays on for me all day, then I’m going to buy the new set. I’m EXTREMELY excited for Pervision, no doubt. Me = Addicted!

Chassy Avatar

Hi Christine! πŸ™‚

I’m seriously considering purchasing this, but since I always only use black liquid liner on the upper lash line, I figured I could just use these on the waterline.

My question is, do these apply/work well on the waterline?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚

Jessie Avatar

I talked to Sephora and they said it would be released on Jan. 10 in stores. I already ordered mine on the UD site though.

Danielle Sharkey Avatar

Hey Everyone!
I just got my set today from Sephora Times Square…. I love it….but the packaging smells like horrible plastic…and it also is on the eyeliners them selves….anyone else have this problem? Like it reeks really bad…. I used Perversion – it’s gorgeous BTW πŸ™‚

Danielle Sharkey Avatar

*** I called Urban Decay – they said it was normal because as soon as the products are made it’s packaged and then shrink wrapped.. They also said the smell should go away in a few days…

I’m still not sure how I feel about this…my whole room smells of this plastic smell – it actually hurts the nose…

Stephanie Avatar

oh and, i just realized why they chose to include 15 eyeliners … because of the 15 year anniversary… hahaha

claire Avatar

oh be still my (barely) beating heart… i want this set SO BAD. I dont own any 24/7 liners except for zero would it be worth the $92 (!?) price tag ? the colors are absolutely beautiful and from what everyone else says the colors are opaque and intense and they are long lasting… sigh i probably dont need to worry about this too much as by the time i save and deliberate about significantly reducing the size of my wallet they will be gone and going for upwards of $100 on ebay and amazon…

Miranda Avatar

I just purchased it today!!!!!! OMG SUCH AN AMAZING SET. there were only 2 left and i was like “MINE!!” i forced my mother to take me so i could get it. i agree asphyxia is quite sheer but i love it anyways. my two favorites are definitely Perversion and Midnight Cowboy.

lo Avatar

Hi, opened my 15 anniversary eyeliner set and reached for Asphyxia first. When I went to line my eyes, the tip was brittle and just broke off. As if it were an old eyeliner? Then I sharpened it and it didn’t seem to go smooth as the other UD liners I have? Has anyone had the same problem? I then tried the randsome and it went on well. Seems to be a manufacturing defect? I purchased it online directly from UD. What should I do???

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