Too Faced’s New Romantic “Unicorn” Palette for the Holidays Review

New Romantic “Unicorn” Palette ($27.50)

Inspired by the euphoric and intoxicating feeling of new love. The New Romantic Unicorn palette contains everything needed to evoke your inner romantic. Three lovely shadows flirt with a trio of seductively shimmering glosses all meant to be mingled with the kit’s perfectly passionate blush! Create the look of innocent love or go all out glam to inspire an evening of lustful bliss!

What makes it worth it: The shadows have good color pay off, and the selection is versatile enough to give you the ability to create several lovely looks from the three eyeshadows. I think the blush is absolutely gorgeous; it’s a shimmering pink that is almost pale, but not quite, making it excellent for both warm and cool tones.  The packaging is cute, so if this is your thing, you’ll love this palette for sure.

Why you might pass on it: If you aren’t a palette fan, then this obviously isn’t for you. The brush with this palette is similar to other Too Faced palettes, but I’d probably never use it myself.  Also, with no blush brush, you’d have to dig into your own stash anyway.

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