Celeb-a-Like – Eva Green’s Smoky Eye & Red Lip Bold Look

EVA GREEN is seen here in a very fashion forward look, because very rarely will you see a celebrity (and in fact, it is technically a “makeup don’t”) sport both a classic red lip with dark, smoky eyes.  For someone with Green’s features, both are definitely not necessary to accentuate her beauty, but I think half the fun in breaking the rules is having the confidence to do it, so why not share how Green pulls this look together?  Start with your favorite eyeshadow base (like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion) all over the lid. Apply MAC’s Satin Taupe eyeshadow all over lid using the 239 shadow brush. With MAC’s Mystery eyeshadow, apply it to the outer corner with the 239 brush. Using your 224 brush, dust MAC’s Carbon eyeshadow into the outer crease, blending into the outer lid. Take the 239 brush and gently dab a touch of more Satin Taupe above the crease, blending it upwards just a bit. With the 239 brush, again, apply MAC’s Phloof! eyeshadow above crease and all under the brow bone to highlight. Apply MAC’s Feline kohl power along lower lash line, and then use the 219 to take a bit of Carboneyeshadow and smudge it along the lower lash line, going lightly on the inner portion and heavier on the outer portion. Apply several coats of black mascara to both upper and lower lashes–top with false lashes for extra drama. To really duplicate Green’s look, take a powder eyeshadow similar to your natural brow color and gently extend brow outwards as pictured in Geren’s look.

Green’s face is excellently highlighted with a healthy dose of pink glow and shimmer, which livens up her cheeks while still allowing them to be fairly subdued relative to the rest of her face. It is truly a feat of mastery to be able to look gorgeous in bold eyes, cheeks, and lips simultaneously. Keep skin looking light and natural by applying a light coat of foundation, whether powder or liquid. For powder, try a mineral-based one to minimize a cakey look. For a liquid, we recommend MAC’s Face & Body foundation. With liquid foundation, spritz a fluffy powder or buffer brush (129, 150, 182) lightly with water or Fix+. Dab a bit of the liquid foundation on your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin using a 194 brush (concealer).  Using your lightly misted fluffy or buffer brush, spread the dabs out evenly to give yourself a light cover of foundation. For powder products, using a buffer brush is still recommended in the application process. Use a cream blush like NARS’ Multiple in Orgasm all over cheeks with MAC’s Dancing Light beauty powder dusted lightly on apples and cheekbones with a 129 or 150 brush.

We are thinking Green’s lips are utterly matte, or at the very least, semi-matte, so we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to prep and prime lips to the fullest. Make sure to moisturize lips with a thick lip balm prior to putting on lipstick (preferably, apply it at the start of your makeup), and then remove any excess lip balm that has not been soaked into your lips. With bold red lips, it is important for anyone who has lips that have a tendency to bleed with wear to line lips effectively. We recommend MAC’s Red Enriched cremestick liner for all red lips. With the 316 lip brush, apply MAC’s Russian Red lipstick (or MAC’s Classic Dame mattene lipstick–perfect, but limited edition!) going along the edge of your lips. On the second pass, start filling in the center of the lips. It is likely that you will need to apply a third all-over pass, and potentially a fourth, depending on how much product you apply in each pass. Using a lip brush allows you to be meticulous about application, providing you with better precision, evenness, and color richness. Tilt your head and smile, show some confidence, and be prepared to break a huge makeup don’t!