Too Faced The Power of Makeup Palette by NikkieTutorials for August 2016

Too Faced The Power of Makeup Palette by NikkieTutorials
Too Faced The Power of Makeup Palette by NikkieTutorials

Too Faced teamed up with global beauty megastar NikkieTutorials to create this limited edition collection that celebrates the transformative power of makeup. Her exclusive collection features everything you need to create endless looks, including nine all new eye shadows, a deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara in an exclusive purple shade, and Nikkie’s go-to Highlighter shade in Champagne Truffle for the perfect glow.

August 15th, 2016 ((U.S./Canada), August 18th, 2016 (Southeast Asia/UK), September 1st, 2016 (Europe), September 27th (Australia)

The Details

The Power of Makeup Palette, $56.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Ivy Beige
  • Sugar Coated Pink
  • Frosted Yum Silver
  • Irresistible Gold
  • Painkiller Taupe
  • Wham Bam Brown
  • Mystic Hour Teal
  • Makeup and Chill Purple
  • Wanted Black
  • I Will Always Love You (Blush)
  • Justify My Love (Blush)
  • Champagne Truffle (Highlighter)
  • Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (Bronzer)
  • Glitterally (Glitter Pigment)
  • Shadow Insurance (Primer, 0.17 oz.)
  • Deep Black (Sketch Market Liquid Art Eyeliner) Black


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Mo Merrell Avatar

I feel like I’ve been such a negative nancy with the last few products…sorry!! I say that to say that when I saw the reveal for this on IG a while back I didn’t like it, the packaging and after watching Nikki videos these past few months, I don’t take to her personality and this palette design to me doesn’t match her personality. I imagined something different. It’s so kiddie like, it’s not very diverse at first glance. it will look great on Nikki cause she’s got a nice pale tone but I need to see the swatches.

OK my next comments have to be positive. LOL I’m in a makeup disliking rut…

kjh Avatar

tf, kiddie, in the same sentence? No fooling. You are 100% right. Looks like another pale vlogger palette to me, too. Bunny. Ulta has one by Jenn Fabulous, whoever she is. At least I have minimal passing familiarity with Nikkie. tf has targeted their market far too teeny bopper for me to pay them attention at all. Mentally, I call them heartsy fartsy. This one is def NOT diverse. Palettes should play well beyond the light medium range. If MUFE can, others can. Idk nikkie well enough to judge personality vis a vis offering, but that def is a factor. Think that’s why Kathleen Lights does so well with CP. At least there’s makeupshayla. But, the people will complain that it is too dark. Makeup is nuts.

Mo Merrell Avatar

Yes, Too Faced has become a bit heartsy fartsy lol. I wish Makeupshayla did a collab with someone else and I honestly don’t see the appeal in K. Lights. She’s so teeny bopper to me which is why she does well with ColourPop. I just don’t get the whole collab thing in general.

Heather Avatar

Lol.. Heartsy Fartsy… That is the perfect description of their company as a whole!! You nailed it! Everything is scented. And in cute little pink shapes…

Denise Avatar

I agree with you. I like her tutorials, but she’s always focusing on finding the palest of the pale shades for her skin. She even complains about the lack of diversity for fair skin tones, which is so tone deaf! It’s like, try having dark sin and then see what the options look like!

Robin Avatar

We are in the same situation. I think the people on each end of the shade spectrum have the same issue, I’m very pale and I once tried a foundation shade labeled translucent and it was too dark! The lightest shade in the majority of makeup lines don’t work for me. So far only two foundations match my skin: Too Faceds Bron this way in Snow (I had to wait until TF released additional shades several months after the initial launch because people complain about the selection) and 100% Pures Alpine Rose.
It would be nice for companies to realize that we are not medium toned people. They should carry shades for people with pale skin and shades for deep rich skin.

Zoe Avatar

This. I have light toned skin and am surprised she harps on how hard it is to find matching foundations. Even roll my eyes when she brings out pure white powder or mixer. It is MUCH more difficult for women with darker complexions, especially with neutral undertones.

Ash Avatar

Why would she harp on how hard it is for dark skin tones? She’s pale.
Of course that’s going to be what she talks about the most. She’s mentioned it before about how it’s unfair that pale AND dark skin tones often get overlooked when it comes to shades but she is pale so that’s what she deals with. It may be harder for other skin tones to find a match but that doesn’t discount how hard it can be for her. And she made a palette for herself mostly. I’ve seen the swatches on darker skin tones and they look nice and pigmented though I can’t comment to how well they work since it’s not even out yet. If she wanted to make a palette for everyone then no I don’t think she accomplished that at all but she made a palette for herself and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Holly Avatar

I don’t think I need this, but I really want it. The palette is not the most exciting thing ever, but for some reason I still want it. I would wear those colors.I wish the mascara was full size.

Susan Avatar

Easy pass for me, and I’m not a fan of that blogger. She wears so much heavy makeup that she looks 20 years older than she is. Ugh. Also, TF really needs to stop putting the same shades in almost every palette.

Mo Merrell Avatar

You know I began watching her videos because she was in the spotlight and I for the life of me don’t understand why she wears so much. Actually the excessive amount she wears (and other bloggers) has stopped me from watching their videos simply because it’s too much!

This blog is really the only one I rock with cause Christine keeps it real and simple but a pretty simple ya know. I don’t need a blogger doing a 30 min video with 8 thousand items LOL makes my skin itch.

Heather Avatar

Agreed about wearing TOO much! When you see a picture on IG it looks pretty. Then if you watch them move in videos at an angle, you can see layers upon layers. Hey, to each their own. But the worst part about some wearing heavy makeup is seeing how much texture/pores it accentuates. That is the worst! Idk if it is because so much makeup makes it worse or they just don’t take care of their skin to begin with?

Zoe Avatar

I gotta agree with you there- so many YT makeup gurus wear TOO MUCH and too many layers. I don’t get it.

(but Lisa eldridge does a lot of lighter makeup tutorials fyi, and are better produced and not as self-centered)

Sarah Avatar

I just think it’s…typical. To date, I don’t own any Too Faced palettes, but they all seem to have the same kind of “neutral shimmers, matte browns, ooooh look metallic pops of color” layout. I like that it has two blushes, a bronzer, and a highlight in there–that’s convenient–but they really only work for medium skin tones and lighter. It’s gonna be a lot of extra work and blending to make it work for deeper skin. Disappointing because I really like Nikkie as a person and a creative MUA. Also, Sugar Coated and Champagne Truffle look verrrrrry similar. Like Champagne Truffle and a bit of Justify My Love could be mixed for the same shade.

Nicole Avatar

I enjoy Nikkie’s channel, but I’m not a fan of collaborations between bloggers and makeup companies generally. I can only think of a couple I’d be all over. I hope it does well but I doubt I’ll pick up, way too shimmery for me.

Heather Avatar

That’s it! It doesn’t look COHESIVE! I couldn’t put my finger on why I wasn’t loving this palette and that is why. It doesn’t have a color theme. The colors are all individually lovely, but not together. I definitely need more than 2 neutral browns to create any look. Maybe it is just me. Plus that is a lot of sparkle! Idk how they did it, Sweet Peach has peaches,golds,bronzes, browns,purples & even a green and it looks cohesive. I just love Sweet Peach, but this one is a no.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

Pass. As I’ve said before, I think the only Too Faced palette I have is the matte neutral eyes. It’s versatile, practical and void of cuteness. Temptalia is the only makeup blog (or vlog) I view regularly.

Zoe Avatar

I feel like I keep seeing variations of this palette released again and again across different brands, every year. Like “Girl, I guess…” The only successful makeup blogger collab palette I have seen is the Sigma Paris palette. It had really unique colors and even came with brushes.

Also it’s funny the copy mentions Nikkie using a Too Faced highlighter as a “go-to” because she uses Becca Moonstone in almost every video. A collab with them would have made more sense.

Kelly Avatar

I’m not a huge fan of this palette. There are so many dupes for all of these colors. But I have to commend Nikkie for her hard work and effort in snagging a collab with a huge makeup company. This palette collab wasn’t handed to her. She has nearly 5M subscribers, so I have to applaud her for that; she must doing something right. Yes, the palette may seem ‘Heartsy Fartsy’, and seems to perhaps appeal to a “younger” audience , but folks, she is a “kid”, per se. She’s in her early 20’s and that is her esthetic. As time goes on, and if she is still doing makeup and has a YouTube channel, perhaps future collabs will be more mature and appeal to a broader audience. Again, congratulations Nikkie, for your first collaboration! You should be proud!

Helene Avatar

I’ve enjoyed quite a few if her videos. I also like the Too Faced palettes I have, so I really should like this, right? Wrong! I don’t know why, but the only thing I would like to have is the purple mascara. It seems I already have dupes for most of the colours in the palette. It will be interesting to read the reviews, though.

Gillian Avatar

I was considering buying it. Then I thought to myself…this really expensive. Sure you get everything to make a full face. It just looks like she tried to cram everything in one palette. I would be ok if it were just an eyeshadow palette. Most people have mascara, eyeliner, blush, etc. you can create so many looks with eyeshadow. The mascara definitely appeals to because I like BTS and own the original. I’m sure a lot of her following are younger and couldn’t afford it. I think it is over priced. I’d rather pay that and get a bigger palette from Morphe. Would love to know what ya’ll think! ☺️

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