Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Collection for Fall 2020

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Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Collection for Fall 2020
Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Collection for Fall 2020
Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Collection for Fall 2020
Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Collection for Fall 2020
Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Collection for Fall 2020
Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Collection for Fall 2020

Release Date + About the Launch

This Pumpkin Spice eyeshadow palette contains color options that are rich and smooth in texture for a beautiful color payoff. Multiple finishes make transitioning your look from daytime dreamy to nighttime sultry as easy as pie. These shades are also deliciously scented like pumpkin pie, so your senses instantly take you into a cozy, warm, spicy dream.

8/24 online at Ulta, 8/30 online at Sephora

Products in the Launch

Pumpkin Spice Eyeshadow Palette, $49.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Whipped Cream Matte off-white
  • Crisp Pink with gold shimmer
  • Fall for It Matte orange
  • Pumpkin Spice Matte marigold
  • Ginger Spice Matte copper
  • Cocoa Drizzle Matte taupe
  • Fall Vibes Metallic gold
  • Sweetie Pie Matte yellow-brown
  • Falling for You Shimmery mint
  • Spice, Spice Baby Matte brown
  • You Spicy Matte berry
  • Warm & Cozy Matte plum
  • Oh My Gourd Metallic pink
  • A La Mode Matte pink
  • Wanna Piece of Me? Metallic lavender
  • Love You a Latte Matte mauve
  • PSL & Chill Metallic purple
  • Spice of Life Matte purple

Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick, $22.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin-spice scented


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Mariella Avatar

No, no and NO. I see a shade or two that I like (Fall Vibes, especially), a few that I don’t detest but all those pinks and oranges – I realize they are in keeping with the pumpkin theme but they’re not for me. I’ll be curious to see if the purples, especially Spice of Life, perform well. But I probably have dupes for all the shades that are wearable for me.

Chelsea Avatar

I’m not a fan of pumpkin spice either. And scented eyeshadow is just such a huge no for me. Every time Too Faced comes out with a scented palette I wonder what they’re thinking, but I’ve realized I’m just not their target market.

Mariella Avatar

Oh dear – I missed the whole “scented” thing but I shouldn’t be surprised (chocolate, peach, peanut butter…) and I have to agree with “what are they thinking?”. I’m sure their target market isn’t 12 year old girls and I’m guessing most women in their 20’s and up do have concerns about scent in products where it’s totally unnecessary.

Super Fun Avatar

I really like this. I’m not Christian so I never felt comfortable buying the Christmas themed palettes in previous years. I wonder if they actually thought non-Christians would still buy those?

jonirae Avatar

re: the christian/christmas theme thing, yeah, I honestly think there are tons of non-christians who buy things like that, especially since christmas in general has become so commercialized like a season instead of religion-based… i know my roommate in college was jewish, but she loved when i hung christmas lights and drank peppermint coffee like crazy, lol, plus a lot of people who wouldn’t necessarily describe them selves as christian still celebrate the holiday. the people who would take issue with it, of course, would be those who are another non-christian religion and who take that religion and its traditions seriously.

as for the palette— I kind of actually like this one because it isn’t all just burnt orange and reddish shades, I could overlook the couple orangey ones if the purples and that vivid pink worked nicely, but I’m also super skeptical of too-faced shadows these days, and smelling like pumpkin pie? on my eyes? ew!

Swoozy Avatar

I don’t buy from Too Faced, so I’ve never bought their prior Christmas pallettes, but our family isn’t Christian and celebrates Christmas as a secular, gift exchange with decorations so I would if I liked something enough. My S-I-L feels very adamant about not celebrating Christmas as a member of a religious minority; I understand the sentiment yet have a soft spot for the trees/lights/holly parts of it.

Rachael Avatar

I did! The one that came with a planner and stickers was my jam. I especially liked that it came with a highlighter, blush and bronzer in one large flat palette so I could just pack it for the holidays and not worry about need multiple items. I don’t really consider christmas themed (santa, ginergerbread, trees) stuff christian – it’s completely commercialized.

Heather Avatar

I’m Jewish but not really religious honestly. I love TF holiday collections most of the time. I don’t really consider Gingerbread people, wreaths, and trees “Christian” TBH. It’s more of a secular holiday for fun gift exchanges and an excuse to decorate. My friends who are Christian go the church services and have religious icons decorated in with their trees like Crosses, Baby Jesus, The threewisemen and Mary. ETC.

Erica Avatar

Only two or three are colors of actual pumpkins and I’m fine with alternative colors since you can get a pumpkin in almost any color. However, TF picks the tackiest, dated colors. There color schemes are rarely intriguing or fresh. Why do they throw in that hideous hot pink in so many of their palettes? Hard pass !

Mary B. Avatar

Well, when I saw the HSN release it was an easy pass. But if it’s going to be at Sephulta and I can get it without the matte lip product (hate matte lips on myself), I’ll see how your review is and make it a maybe. I could wear most of the colors and love pumpkin spice scent. I do think TF should stop putting a hot pink in every single palette, but that’s JB for you. I try to remember that I can layer the hot pink with a brown or purple or peach and get a different color.

Alice Avatar

I actually like the color scheme, it basically covers all my go to shade. However, if it smells like pumpkin spice then no, it is not my thing. I also don’t have any faith in TF’s eyeshadows nowaday….

Lesley Avatar

I have disliked pumpkin ever since I was 9 years old and my mom painted my bedroom in a color called pumpkin when I wanted it painted blue. I don’t like the drink. I don’t like the pie. And I really don’t like this palette. I like warm colors on my eyes but I have better versions of anything I would want to wear.

Cherie Avatar

I’m the opposite. Pumpkin is my kryptonite. I make my own pumpkin spice and my own pumpkin syrup for my coffee and I could talk all day about pumpkin pies.

That said, I’m not feeling this palette at all. I’m not a fan of pumpkin/orange colored eye shadows and stick to more earthy tones. If it were more “spice” themed, it might have piqued my interest.

CeeBee Avatar

I don’t… hate it?

It seems like it has a quite good range of shades and depth colour wise. Pumpkin Spice isn’t really a thing here in New Zealand so I assume it’s a generic sweet cinnamony baked type scent, which I could totally live without but I do like the green and purple inclusions and the fact that is doesn’t have multiple browns.

Lauren Avatar

I personally really like the colors, but will want to see swatches before deciding if I want it or not. I wasn’t a fan of the formula of the chocolate bar palette (lots of the mattes are way too dry), but that came out years ago so perhaps the formula is much improved. Not sure how I feel about pumpkin spice scent. I enjoy fruity/chocolate scents, but at least with candles pumpkin spice can be really hit or miss.

Aspasia Avatar

I was expecting a palette of oranges, browns, and greens so I was pleasantly surprised by the pinks and purples in this color story. While I like most of the colors, I think they should have been rearranged differently (pinks together, purples together, etc.). Scented eye shadow? That’s a bit much. I bought TF’s Razzle Dazzle Berry palette (all those shimmery pinks and purples) a few years ago and I didn’t know about the scent. It’s kind of weird but thankfully it dissipates after a while.

OliveUnicorn Avatar

I like it , I know its the basic Too Faced Bar scented palette , but my Chocolate Bon Bon’s is starting to get low and I like the purples and pinks . The ither shades would probably also go with my pink hair . So I may get this later on . Can’t wait to see your swatches .

Heather Avatar

I feel like this at the very least their third year doing Pumpkin Spice themes (Possibly 4th) surely, they can come up with something else by now. Fall leaves, harvest time, apple cider… SOMETHING different.

Rosa Avatar

So beautiful colors, even the matte ones I am usually not fond of, as this time they are so vivid I want to use all of them! Well, I must wait for Christine’s review and decide between this one and last UD one…
difficult choice!

Lacey J. Avatar

I actually dug through my colourpop singles and made a twelve pan with pretty much the same colorscheme, and without the scented shadows. I wish brands would stop scenting things. I bought the tarte maneater palette and had no idea it was scented. It smells great but I do worry that it will irritate the eyes. I don’t think it’s good to have fragrance on the eyes. I have a peach scented highlighter from makeup revolution I almost decluttered because the scent is so strong. I decided to keep it because it is just too nice color-wise. Decided I would put up with the scent.

Adrienne Avatar

I notice that this palette has only 6 shimmers and 12 mattes! I prefer a more even split of mattes and shimmers like they had in the Gingerbread Spice palette. I like the mint green and purple (I love purple, so why not have it in a pumpkin themed palette? ?), but I’m not sure how many looks I could make with this given the few shimmers. I’ll be interested in the review.

Aditi Dabir Avatar

I like these colors together a lot. I think it would be easy to get interesting looks out of it. I think I am all stocked up on eye shadows so I will pass, and maybe try to dupe the looks from within my collection. Also I don’t know if its just me but it seems to remind me of the colors from ABH Jackie Aina palette.

Z Avatar

I still have and use (though not nearly enough!) my pumpkin spice lipstick from the lip set years ago. It was my least favorite color on my skintone so this will be an easy pass. Same for the palette. I’m sick of red/pink/orange. I do hope this means they’ll considering bringing back the other lip colors from that set, though, as it was the only TooFaced holiday set that I ever wanted and was really great quality

Maya Wang Rogers Avatar

I’m quite surprised by the color choices, it looks more like a candy bowl than a PSL. I like it quite a bit more than than the HSN exclusive pumpkin spice palette from a while back . I love the pumpkin spice matte lip, I got it in the 2018 Sweet Smell of Christmas set and it’s quite a nice orange coral on me, so I might get one of these in person

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