Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Eye Shadow Palette for Spring 2016

Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Eye Shadow Palette
Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Eye Shadow Palette

Inspired by the social media sensation that is Peanut Butter from our bestselling Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Collection, we created this peanut butter palette of nine gorgeous matte and shimmer shades featuring antioxidant-rich cocoa powder with a creamy peanut butter twist! Includes our signature Glamour Guide with three looks to get you started.

UPDATE! Early access for Platinum Members at ULTA through this link 🙂

Now available for ULTA Platinum members, February 28th

The Details

Peanut Butter & Jelly Eye Shadow Palette, $36.00

  • Spread the Love Medium peach with gold sparkle
  • Peanut Butter Matte medium orange brown
  • Peanut Butter Cup Metallic golden bronze with gold sparkle
  • Bananas Soft peach gold with fine gold shimmer
  • Peanut Brittle Metallic burnt orange
  • Jammin’ Dark chocolate with golden sparkle
  • Extra Creamy Matte creamy beige
  • Jelly Vibrant orchid
  • Nuts About U Matte brown with red


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Kelly Avatar

I really hope this swatches well – the colors are fantastic and this is by far the cutest and most original palette concept we’ve seen in a while!

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

I really like the mix of shades in this palette. Too bad it’s supposed to smell like peanut butter and chocolate because while I’m adventurous, I think I may be just a bit to old to walk around smelling like an elementary school lunch. Hoping your review indicates the smell dissipates!

Kisha Avatar

I’m actually excited about this. Not really sure why because it’s just another neutral palette with a few pops of color. I do love the names though.

Tova J Avatar

Peanut Butter is probably my favorite shade from the Semi-Sweet palette! I love the idea and I hope the purples perform well. I know many think Too Faced makes childish packaging but I love that they’re not afraid of having a cutesy theme! It’s not only for kids 🙂

Lauren Avatar

Lovely colors but I’m going to have to pass. Not that I don’t have enough eyeshadow to last a lifetime! I love the chocolate scented products but peanut butter scent is just too weird. Not sure I can stand behind it! I’m waiting for the peaches and cream one!

Lauren Avatar

This palette looks so pretty! I cant wait to get it! I wonder if peanut butter will be the same shade as peanut butter from the semi-sweet chocolate bar palette. I love that shade so not gonna lie even if it is the same I wont be mad! 😛

Toni Avatar

Hey Lauren,

The description from the email Too Faced sent says it is the same Peanut Butter shade from the Semi-Sweet palette. Was that your earlier comment about the peanut butter scent? I hadn’t even thought about, but I don’t think I’d mind since I like peanut butter…especially if it’s mixed with chocolate! 🙂

Asche Avatar

I wish Ulta shipped to Canada (fellow Canadian here!). I have ordered off the Too Faced website before and had a great & fast experience with them shipping to Canada, so that should be an option. 🙂

Reilly Avatar

Unfortunately, with the state of our dollar and the insane shipping & duty costs, when all is said and done, the palette rings in at over $80CAD when purchased from the TooFaced website 🙁

Kim Avatar

I’m with you there!!! I am in Canada as well and it can be frustrating that certain items/brands are not always readily available here. I am praying this palette comes to Sephora in Canada so that we Canadians can have a chance at grabbing it 🙂

Emilie Avatar

The colors look nice, but I’m really put off by the fact that this is supposed to smell like peanut butter. Not only is that kind of gross to me, but it’s unnecessary fragrance, which I try to avoid. The chocolate bar palettes were supposedly made with cocoa powder because it’s good for the skin or something (I’ll take that with a grain of salt anyways), but this? Yuck…

Dusty Avatar

No. No! A thousand times NO! (This is the part where I get to share my opinion LoL): I am WILDLY over Too Faced. From their obviously 3rd grader-designed packaging to their fruit-at-the-bottom, smelly products. Chocolate at least gave me a chuckle but Peanut Butter has gone too far. Next it’s Peaches?! That sounds COMPLETELY natural.

FYI I’ve adopted a saying over the past year: “Never trust a makeup artist who has too much Too Faced.”

Ashleigh Avatar

Too Faced packaging is what got myself as a teenager and several people I know into makeup. Seeing as they don’t even sell their eyeshadows in individual depotted pans, I don’t think they’re trying to market towards makeup artists… to me they’re a very beginner-friendly makeup company, and there’s definitely a place for that. Walking into Ulta and getting excited over this palette is probably way more comfortable to some people than walking up to a MAC counter. *shrug*

Asche Avatar

Sort of have to agree with you about the packaging (I don’t think much about the peanut butter smell, meh). Too Faced packaging always strikes me as overly cutesy & tacky. The chocolate bar palettes were fine, but the Bon Bons palette is hideous (I still bought it and I like the shadows, but that pink case is awful).

audmac Avatar

Aw Dusty! Im a huge fan of yours and now a little sad- I thought you’d love TF stuff because its fun and colorful, and the eyeshadows are really good quality, but oh well- I still love it and cant wait for this palette!

Jennifer Avatar

I love this concept but has it really been confirmed that it’s supposed to be peanut butter scented? I actually dislike the chocolate scented Too Faced powders for some reason…I’m a chocaholic but I cannot stand the smell of the chocolate bronzer so I rarely use the one that i own 🙁

Toni Avatar

I got the email about this last night…I’m excited about it! I like the palette and think the packaging is cute. I am already plotting to use some of my Ulta rewards toward this purchase! Hope to see a review, Christine!

I see some people have been asking: the description from the email says the palette contains the same Peanut Butter shade from the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette. The theme of the whole palette revolves around that shade…apparently lots of makeup lovers have raved about that particular shade!

Susan Avatar

I asked TooFaced on their FB page if this shade Peanut Butter was the same as the one in the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette and they said yes. Since I never got Semi-Sweet and only wanted the PB shade in it, I am so getting this PB&J palette!

There is another blogger who has the palette and swatched all the shades. Am I allowed to mention that here? Actually, a simple Google search will find that for you. I think they look great.

MissJae1908 Avatar

Over the last few years, I have become more of an individual shadows kinda girl. That way I can build my own palette. It’s hard for a pre-made palette to impress me. I’m am LOVING the color combinations in this palette! I’ll wait for your review, but I have a feeling it will be decent enough for me to still want this!

Karen Avatar

i’m not sure how i feel about an eye shadow palette smelling like peanut butter but the colors are so pretty. Do you think you’re going to be reviewing this palette?

Ashleigh Avatar

Oh man, I wish this had come out for the holidays. Would have made a great gift! I love the concept of this palette, and Peanut Butter IS a favorite shade out of the semi sweet cb palette. I don’t think I can justify getting it but it’s pretty awesome.

April Avatar

Love it! Looks gorgeous. One question that crossed my mind…..could people with nut allergies use this? The thing that makes me ask is that they mentioned “a rich cocoa scent with a peanut butter twist”. Don’t know if this question is completely silly but I thought I’d put it out there! 🙂

Mone Avatar

Fortunately, Too Faced has confirmed that it contains no actual peanuts in the product – it’s on the product page on the Too Faced website as well! It probably wouldn’t be an issue regardless as the protein, rather than the scent itself, is what causes allergic reactions 🙂

Ida Avatar

I really hope the two purple shades (Jammin and Jelly) swatch well. I have the orig. Chooclate Bar palette, and the purple in there is horrible. I think when Christine reviewed the BonBon palette the purple was bad too?

I like this mix of shades. I do not need any more shadow though! I also hope it only smells like chocolate and not peanut butter…

I think Too Faced is a little over the top with the naming/marketing, but the Neutral Matte is one of my favorites.

Nancy T Avatar

And here we go again, ANOTHER beautiful cocoa-infused palette that Too Faced just had to ruin for sulfa allergy sufferers by their insistence on adding Sodium Saccharin to the formula! Last night, I actually wrote about it in their review section for this palette. I asked them to kindly make a sodium saccharin free Chocolate Bar palette for the millions of sulfa allergy sufferers who would gladly buy it!

Joy Avatar

Nancy, Can you please tell me if this ingredient is in all too faced palettes and products? I don’t have any due to the smell. I have a sulfa allergy too. I did not know anything about this!? The eyes are a veiny area. The sulfa will get into the system fast. Not good. Thank you so much for putting the information out there! I’m glad I stayed away. I’m more afraid now too. Anything else you know that has it please inform? Thank you so much! ?

Nancy T Avatar

Hi Joy, Too Faced only puts sodium saccharin in their Chocolate Bar/ Peanut Butter & Jelly formula palettes including Semi-Sweet and Bon-Bons, as well as their cocoa infused bronzers and face products. Thankfully, I didn’t see it on the ingredient list for the Melted Chocolate Lipsticks, though! But really, it shouldn’t be in ANY cosmetic.

Tarzi Avatar

I can’t help but wonder how much of the “peanut butter” aspect is going to be like…an allergen? I don’t have peanut allergies but I keep wondering whether something like this would trigger someone with severe allergies if they smelled it.

Oh well, another bizarre high-school product from Too Faced. I used to like their packaging when it was like…more rococo/boudoir? Now it’s just this weird faux-Asian cutesy high school stuff and it all smells like 90s Lip Smackers.

Christa @perilouslypale Avatar

The palette doesn’t contain any actual peanuts. It says so on the back of the palette so no worries for those with allergies!

Joy Avatar

Pretty. Has a TF Honeymoon vibe. I’m not sure I want to smell peanut butter and jelly when doing my eyes. Or chocolate. That is the only reason I have not given in to the Bon Bons. Or any chocolate bars. Does anyone find the scent irritating or sickening? Added fragrance around the eyes concern me. It also looks durable though who knows.

Rachel R. Avatar


Per TF’s Facebook announcement: Someone commented and asked, “Does this have any peanut oil or ingredients that may contain nuts? My sister has peanut allergy and I’d love to buy this for her on her birthday.”

TF replied, “It doesn’t. It only has antioxidant-rich cocoa powder (just like our Chocolate Bar Palettes).”

L Avatar

I do not need this and am trying to semi-swear off palettes because they are my very favorite and they take up space haha but smells like peanut butter? I at least have to go smell one 😉

Dominika Avatar

Is it permanent? Do you think this might be sold at Sephora at some point, like the Tartelette in Bloom was? Ulta doesn’t deliver to South Korea, but Sephora does, so I’m hoping :<

Joy Avatar

The comment is not showing up yet. I wanted to thank @Nancy T for her response about sulfa in Too Faced anything scented. She informed me yes to this, any chocolate bar or bronzer product cocoa and she hopes its not in the melted lipsticks. I was going to try a too faced liquid lip as my first liquid lip in decades and now I won’t be to be careful. I used OCC lip tars ages ago. I’d like to try a liquid that won’t suck the moisture out. Feels good. No flakes. No running. Any suggestions? Thanks again Nancy! Also for the giggles on the pan project.

Andrea Avatar

This palette is adorable! I see some nice colours I could definitely be rocking. Unfortunately, I think I’m having an allergic reaction just reading the names lol (peanut allergy) and I don’t know how well thAt peanut butter scent will go over for me. I think I better pass on this.

Maggie Avatar

It seems a little boring to me… if the concept is pb&j, why only have two “jelly” shades? I would have loved to see a variety, like strawberry, grape, peach, and blueberry. And maybe fewer browns? There’ve been so many neutral palettes the past few years, everyone already owns those shades!

Kate Avatar

I was so excited when I heard about this palette and I’m honestly dissapointed now that I’ve seen pictures. Orange and purple is my favorite color combo and I’m just sad they didn’t include more purple. The inclusion of a matte plum would have made all the difference in this palette.

Keley Avatar

OMG…if someone woulda told me they were coming out with a “PB & J” palette, I woulda thought it was ridiculous & just too much…BUT seeing the picture, I am SO excited for this! even the PB smell sounds cute! <3 I will def break my Feb No-Buy for this! haha

Anna Avatar

Love the colours in this palette. However, I suspect that I would find the smells a little sickening, like the smelly erasers and other scented products we used to love in primary school. I have the Too Faced Milk Chocolate bronzer, but rarely use it due to its sweet, artificial smell. I don’t quite get why all those scents are necessary.

Cat Avatar

Those are definitely colors I’d wear but I’m pretty sure, by this point, that I have dupes for all of them. And if it smells like peanut butter, I don’t think I could deal with that in an eye palette.

Shreya Avatar

I wish jelly had been darker 🙁 I cannot see myself using such a bright colour

but I’m definitely buying this!!! I’m a crazy fan of peanut butter and I think this should be my first high end palette :’)

Nicole Avatar

I initially though the PB & J theme could be a tacky when I heard about it. But, I think this TF has managed to pull off the packaging. I’m hoping for this one. I really, really love the color combo! This is permanent right?

Katherine T. Avatar

I love to eat PBJs and the packaging/concept is so cute, but I saw swatches, and the browns look pretty warm and dupe-able, and that purple shade wasn’t the best, so I will be skipping. So sad

Rachael Avatar

I dont wear a lot of warm colors, i feel like this would make me look awful, but I’m still really tempted about it! Will have to try it in person first perhaps.

Rachel R. Avatar

Peanut Butter is my favorite shade from the Semi-Sweet palette, so I’ve been excited for this. I was worried that the scent would be off-putting, as I’m not a fan of PB scent and rarely eat the real thing. The reviews I’ve seen so far say it’s a light chocolate and PB scent, and it doesn’t linger. I think the colors look amazing and the packaging is adorable, as always. I could see this becoming a favorite for me.

KJH Avatar

Don’t go for scent..and am currently battling a serious addiction to peanut butter, which really affects my digestion. Not to ,emotion pounds on….. This would only set cravings ablaze. Colors are interesting,but I simply am too old for this target market. One of my day job bosses had two border terriers named, you guessed it, Peanut Butter and Jelly. Just loved those borders. Going to stick with my MUFE addiction, rather than feed my PB addiction. Haven’t gone chocolate either, even the bronzer. Gourmand makeup? Don’t really see the benefit. I’d rather not have fruit or vanilla scent, either.

IRockFaces Avatar

I’m so getting this palette. I’m not even waiting for it to hit the shelves at ulta, I’m ordering it straight from too faced themselves so I know it’s in stock. lol I can’t wait!!

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