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Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color Collection

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color Collection

Now available in the UK, Tom Ford’s lipstick collection will debut June 1st in the U.S., with select distribution.

Tom Ford’s take on twelve classic lip colors, from bare nude to fire red to deep brown, re-imagined in a modern and authoritative way. Formulated with rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, the luxurious formula has an ultra-creamy texture for an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated color pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity.

Private Blend Lip Color ($45.00 for 0.10 oz.)

  • Vanilla Suede
  • Blush Nude
  • Warm Sable
  • Pink Dusk
  • Pure Pink
  • Ginger Fawn
  • True Coral
  • Cherry Lush
  • Smoke Red
  • Moroccan Rouge
  • Bruised Plum
  • Black Orchid

Will you indulge in Tom Ford’s latest creation?

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Miss_Silk Avatar

OMG….i second that! No matter how great the quality of the product may be…i could just buy a couple of my favorite lipsticks with probably just as good quality as that.

Jenn Avatar

I agree, the promo pic is quite provocative.

However, upon first glance I thought the guy was putting the lipstick on her….which would be much hotter IMO ;D

As for the lipstick, I highly doubt the finish will be as beautiful as the pic, but I’m interested in seeing how it turns out in real life.

Can’t wait for you review on this, Christine!

Dusty Avatar

Dude! Don’t you LOVE that box set?! I am SO not waiting until June. I’m calling Selfridges at like 3am tonight! I wish I could get them all but maybe just a few. Any suggestions?

Dusty Avatar

I think Cherry Lush must be the one from the photo. I love how it looks like jelly – Reminds me of a 70’s porno lip. Hah. Cherry Lush and True Coral look pretty. Agreed though, it’s hard to tell without actually seeing them (which is why I want to call the counter and ask).

Dusty Avatar

ARGH! They’re all sold out of the box set… They also couldn’t understand my big American accent and talked to me like I was a cave man (I should have told them I was Canadian). Hahaha! 😉

I did get some info out of them though: Their biggest sellers are Cherry Lush, Pure Pink, Ginger Fawn and True Coral. True Coral is by far their most popular lipstick. Cherry Lush has a lot of blue in it, making it almost a fuchsia red. And of the purples, Moroccan Rouge is the more universal flattering color.

The best part of the conversation was when I had to ask for a manager because the sales woman didn’t understand what I meant by, “What are the most popular colors and do you have any favorites?” Instead, she seemed to hear, “I want free samples! [Drool] I’m a greedy American! [Snarl] Sent me all your stuff for free! [Belch and other uncooth noises].” LOL!

Dusty Avatar

Oooh and Pink Dusk (I forgot to type that one out). That’s the biggest seller of the nudes – The manager described it as a very warm pink nude.

Lori Avatar

Christine, they are in at Neiman-Marcus stores ( well, BH and Topanda in Cali) AND they are displayed in a beautiful white case. I asked if they would be sold as a set, but the SA said she didn’t think so. I thought the texture of the lipsticks were quite lovely, very creamy. The colors were hard to wipe off of my hand, so excellent staying power. I would say that the colors in the photograph weren’t quite a perfect match to the lipstick colors in real life. They are taking pre orders! I ‘m going to start out with two. Pink Dusk and True Coral were my faves..Looking forward to your reviews!

Dusty Avatar

Neiman Marcus is taking pre-orders for these – IF you are near a Neiman Marcus that sells Tom Ford Private Blend, they’ll carry the lipsticks. Ship date is supposed to be this week, launch date in stores is mid-to-end of May (That’s what I was just told by Newport Beach Neiman Marcus).

Quennie Avatar

He is a director. And he also made those oh-so-popular sunglasses years ago. They are at least $320, I think. Basically, he makes expensive things.

Anitacska Avatar

At least Guerlain don’t rip off the British customers by charging a lot more for their already expensive lipsticks in the UK! $45 = £29, Guerlain lipsticks are £25-£27, whereas Tom Ford’s are £35! How does that work? Chantecaille do the same too, they are even worse, a $90 powder cost £80 in the UK!

Melissa Avatar

OMG i am in love with the promotional photo for this!

Hey Christine I am looking for that foundation chart you once made? Cant seem to find it anywhere but it was so useful! x

Nicole Avatar

Is it just me, or does Tom Ford seem to market himself as the walking definition of sex? He knows what he’s doing…I mean look at that promo picture. LOL. I don’t know if it’s enough to tempt me to spend $45 on a lipstick though. We’ll see.

nicci Avatar

If the lipstick actually comes out like that in the picture, then I would be really tempted to purchase. Otherwise, I will likely pass. Spent $50 on Cle De Peau silky lipstick and that was a major disappointment!!

Lorna Avatar

he gets points for the architectural lipstick tube but none of these colors scream my name. if i don’t start seeing mind blowing swatches, i’ll skip.

i do love the promo pic. sexy without being pornographic.

isis Avatar

Ahhhhhhhhh thank you Christine. I love Tom Ford so much and I can’t wait to try his lipsticks. I just came home with a bottle of his private blend Black Violet perfume and I’m still riding the Tom Ford high. This makes it even better!

Kate Avatar

these babies are £35 in the UK so i think u guys in the US are getting a better deal!
i checked these out yesterday at the Tom ford counter and considering they were only launched 2 days ago the testers where nasty and I didn’t think that much of the textures or colours for that matter either – pass me a mac lipstick anytime!

Kate Avatar

oh, and i must add these colours are pretty opaque so they have a fab colour pay off but they are nowhere near as glossy as the promo pic

Ladybug Avatar

Will not be buying these for two reasons: the price is just ridiculous, I mean really. Also it’s quite amazing that they exploit women in the campaign for a product that’s solely marketed towards women. The product looks beautiful, but I’m sure as hell not going to support a company that makes an ad like that.

denise Avatar

Hi christine! I saw on a post from the british beauty blogger that if you do get all 12 shades, they’ll give you the presentation box 🙂

Anitacska Avatar

I don’t even know who this Tom Ford guy is and I certainly won’t be paying £35 for a lipstick! (Which is a LOT more than in the US, I believe it’s about $55!)

pumpkin Avatar

I tired these a while back in selfridges but found them a bit drying, they’re pretty pigmented but not particularly glossy. Overall I think the Guerlain rouge G’s or Ysl voluptes are better, not to mention cheaper!

Leli Avatar

I may be the only one who looked at the photo and said WOW!OMG-so GORGIOUS!
I simply love it!
but i’m not spending 50-55 € (here!)for a lipstick while i can buy 3 from mac with the same money!
if i could afford it i would buy one or two though!
i would probably go with the one she is wearing and the first 2 nudes!

GG Avatar

You’re paying for the rare! exotic ingredients!

But I must say the colors look great and the design of the tube is appealing.

Marcela Avatar

I absolutely loved the promo picture. Very different, its provocative no doubt, but it is very catchy. =-) Anyways, $45.00 for a lipstick its way too much for me, but then again its Tom Ford, but still with that money you can buy 3 MAC lipstick…LOL

evangelia Avatar

TF always has very porno-esque ads. one of his perfume ads consisted of a naked woman, legs spread, holding the bottle over her hooha. and it was a rather small bottle.

IDA Avatar

I could seriously buy these lippies just because of Jon Kortajarena and is delicious mouth being on the promo pic. Yummmm..

Blush Nude, Pink Dusk, True Coral, Bruised Plum and Black Orchid are all looking so utterly tempting to me.

gia Avatar

I am SICK of these outragious prices 45.00 for a lipstick, in this resession.We all know what it really cost to make this lipstick? Sickening): No thanks.. I will send my money to St. Judes to help the children who need it.

Hoejland Avatar

I have waited for these to emerge on this site!!!! Living in Denmark, these lipsticks are worth travelling anywhere in the world for – I crave them!!!! I adore Tom Fords creations and take on beauty i all matters… Have You seen a Single Man? Please do…. For the better of yourself….

Styrch Avatar

That is the first promo pick for Lipstick I have seen in a good long while that I would describe as pornographic. Just lower the lipstick a little more so it’s actually touching your lip and you’d get quite a different picture.

Tasmin Avatar

Blush Nude is awesome. Best lipstick ever! The SA at TomFord advised me that they’re LE. They were launched here in the U.K on the 24th of April.

Kirsten Avatar

I have Blush Nude and True Coral and they are awesome!….the lipstick stay’s on for hours and after a very long deliberation with the SA i decided on True Coral instead of Pink Dusk as was urged to go out of my comfort zone…… very glad for the advise as i would have never made this decision by my self.

Girlygirl70 Avatar

I just got Pure Pink and it is GORGEOUS so bright! I love it! so smooth and doesnt dry out my lips at all! possibly the best lipstick i’ve owned!

nicci Avatar

Checked these out Tuesday night and was really disappointed!! Not many shades to choose from & it does not come out as glossy in the picture…no surprise there. Not worth $45…

Lynn R.W. Avatar

Haven’t tried the lip color yet, but have worn Black Orchid fragrance for 4 winters now and its such a wonderful heady outrageous fragrance. I’m sure if I can get my hands on the lip color I will cherish it as I have all of the YSL lips etc. etc. that have been so great in the past! If you love lipstick the price doesn’t matter,and I believe Tom Ford Knows!!!!

Susan Avatar

I was at a CCO yesterday and they have 2 Tom Ford lipsticks on the counter. They were $31! I just had I get one! I figured it was about the same price as Chanel so I went for it. I got Moraccan Rouge. It’s beautiful! 🙂

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