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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Effing great! I went through hell and back to get this palette, and now whimsical Mr. Ford re launches it in a permanent way. I feel retarded. Well, I guess it’s good for those who missed it, since it is a gorgeous palette for sure.

I’m a big believer in freedom of speech. My late brother was severely mentally retarded, so I understand the dislike for this term. I don’t believe people are trying to offend when they use it, though. “Retarded,” is becoming an outdated term for low-IQ individuals, anyway.

Language evolves. “Idiot”, “moron”, “imbecile”, etc. seem totally fine today, but at one point they were specified to an IQ (terms for degrees of mental retardation). “Idiot,” for example, ws general, then at one time was a term for people with an IQ of less than 30, then shifted back to being general again. “Moron,” came from a Greek word for “stupid,” then went to “a feebleminded person or mental defective with a potential mental age of between eight and twelve years who is capable of doing routine work under supervision,” then back to a general term for stupid.

I’m betting within another generation or two, this will be the case for “retarded.”

Spread the word to end the word. March 4 is actually Spread The Word to End the Word Day. I know it isn’t March 4 anymore, but the world would be a better place if you could all take a moment to check this out: http://www.msn.com/en-ca/lifestyle/family/the-r-word-is-hurtful-and-demeaning%e2%80%94stop-using-it/ar-BBicdW2?ocid=U305DHP
I hope I wrote that link out correctly. Thank you for reading about how this is a very hurtful word. You too can make a difference by stopping its use.

And the most current/relevant term is now PDD-NOS, unless it comes with a specific diagnosis such as Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc…

The word ‘retarded’ should not be offensive for there is not such thing as a mental condition defined by such a coloquial term. In strict sense, there is not.
If I use the word ‘stupid’ wouldn’t I be offending a huge chunk of the population?
I any case, people should put things in context and not get offended over every single thing.

Retarded means to halt the growth of something, like IQ or body growth. I think it became offensive when people started using it as a pejorative to people who didn’t have down syndrome or other disorders the prevent the person from fully developing the brain’s cognitive functions. Other words through history were innocent and now have been deemed offensive, which I consider retarded to be. I simples say down’s.

I’m not sure how I feel about this…on the one hand, I’m glad they’re bringing it back, because so many people who wanted it weren’t able to snag one (myself included!), but on the other hand, I’m kind of annoyed that they create a TON of hype with the super limited initial release, only to turn around and say “actually, we’re just going to make this permanent.” Doesn’t mean I won’t buy one though. 😀

I think it’s really good when brands listen to their customers and make really great, limited edition products part of their permanent line. There’s a good chance that it was always intended to be LE until the demand was so high, you know?

Good points…to be clear, I AM glad this is coming back. I guess I was just expressing my general annoyance toward the crazed LE game. 🙂

I actually wish MORE brand would do this with really “winner” products (MAC…do you hear me? Dior – bring back the Bonne Etoile quint). I don’t buy products because they’re LE and I want to possess something few others can get; I buy them because I like them and they’re good, so it’s frustrating to me not to be able to purchase something. So I applaud this move.

Me too! There are a lot of things some people just can’t get for one reason or the other at a particular time. So, I think this is great. I noticed “First Time” is back too in the permanent lipstick line. I read Christine’s review and not sure I wan it now at $50. Maybe the eye shadow creams will follow suit!

While it’s true that its great for those who couldn’t get it and great for the brand to listen to their costumers, I too understand being annoyed. There has been a few TF products i spent a lot of money on through eBay because I missed the opportunity and wanted it, and then he went and repromoted them (or in this case brought it back permanently) at a later point. In my opinion, if its a limited edition release…keep it that way. I don’t need to spend $60 on a $40 cream shadow released 3 years ago only to find it back on the shelves the next month…

Christine, it would be hugely appreciated if, once the product is released, you could confirm whether it is the same in formulation as the limited edition launch. Thanks!!

Thanks for the suggestion! I do not see myself repurchasing this for a second time just to confirm – it is not the best use of money 🙁 I can’t buy everything, so I try to spread it around all the new/limited edition products there are!

I think I’m about 1.5 hours away from the nearest Tom Ford color counter, possibly closer to 2! I live further out, which is why I do 99% of my shopping online now, haha 😉

Woo-how! I was able to purchase Nude Dip when it was first released but so many people I know missed out on it. Now’s their chance to pick up this beauty. It can be used on its own, but to avoid shimmer overload, I usually use it in conjunction with Cocoa Mirage. Nude Dip is a great palette to add to anyone’s makeup collection.

I can definitely see it being a palette that some will finish, too, given it is more neutral overall – so being able to replace it will be nice.

So glad I preordered this. I bought the Shu uemura 16 shades of nude palette recently, own the ud naked 3, a Covergirl neutral quad,and own the illemasqua neutral quad so this will cover all my bases for neutrals for a very long time

I’m in Canada too with no access to a Tom Ford counter, but if you call Holt Renfrew on Bloor St. in Toronto they will ship it to you. Fatimah is very helpful! 🙂

The color or texture is exactly same?? It’s weird question but when limited products become permeant some of them have same name different finish.

i saw this the other night & thought i was seeing things LOL i did order it though, wish they would bring back burnished amber 🙁

Me likey!!! Now only if only they can bring back Emerald Lust, that would be amazing!!! Love your reviews Christine!! I value your opinion!!

If you have kids, you’ve probably watched a lot of spongebob. There’s an episode where he’s trying to go without water, and he keeps saying, “I don’t need it. I don’t need it.” This is where I’m at. But I really, really want it!

I pre-ordered on Sunday through Nordstrom. they have May 30th as the release date. From past backorders with Nordys, I am crossing my fingers it doesn’t get pushed off three months! lol. At leastI have time to save up after the weekend of Tom Ford,lol!

So glad this is being made permanent! I love this palette but I’m tired of my cousin swiping it. Now I can gift her with one of her own.

One day, I must buy something from this line .. this seems like a “safe” purchase . you know, neutral .. not too crazy .. lol.


excuse me, sorry about that, that high-pitched shriek followed by a loud thud you heard was me hyperventilating and then passing out and falling out of my chair. it will be mine (oh yes, my precious); it will be mine.

carry on, nothing weird to see here. =]

I wish Tom Ford would put out the Emerald Lust quad again – it was the quad that got me seriously into eye shadow palettes and I tried really hard to get it, but the brands didn’t ship to Australia then. Now it is gone.
This palette looks absolutely gorgeous.

Woo-hoo! Thanks for posting this great news, Christine!
Yikes, TF is hurting my pocketbook this month. Heading to the Nordstrom website momentarily to do yet another pre-order.

No problem, Bonnie!

Thankfully, it doesn’t release til late May/June, so I mean… technically it’s next month, right? 🙂

OMG, about time! This is awesome. This was sold out everywhere, heard such great things about it. So glad they listened to their customers and brought this back as permanent — I mean the demand IS here. I would rather have a brand re-issue an awesome LE item as permanent, rather than launch 10 new but mediocre LE products (MAC, are you listening?)

Although I already purchased this when it first launched, I’m glad to see it’s going to be permanent…I wish all his permanent quads were this formula though!


I was fortunate enough to snag it in the first release, and I use at least one shade a day from it. I was just thinking this morning about how sad I’m going to be when it runs out

I jumped through hoops to get this palette and now learning that it is going to perm. While I am excited that it will be perm, not excited for the what I didn’t to obtain this beauty, but of course, we would all do it again. IT is a gorgeous palette and I am thrilled it is perm. Thank you Tom Ford!

So I just got this a little while ago and I was wondering if anyone who got it recently found it to be on the drier side or if you own other Tom ford palettes if it’s the normal texture?

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