Rant & Rave: Dior

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Dior!

my answer: I think they do well in the lip and base categories, and while I love their cream eyeshadows, their powder eyeshadows leave a lot to be desired most of the time. I haven’t been impressed with their more recently released blushes/highlighters.

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Mariella Avatar

On the rare occasions when they get it right (some LE releases), their eyeshadow quints are wonderful but I never buy them without first trying them in-store, since they can be so very poor quality much of the time. Creme Abricot will always have a place in my bed-side table. I loved the old Rose and Amber Diamond highlighters/face powders and I really like their new Diorskin Star foundation. But that’s about it for me – I’ve never tried their lip products and really don’t have any desire to do so. Oh, they make a wonderful (if pricey) eyebrow pencil as well.

ElKay Avatar

Everything that I purchased from the Spring collection, I returned. The blush was dry and powdery as was the eyeshadows. I love my discontinued Amber Diamond highlighter. I’ve had no luck with this brand lately.

Mariella Avatar

I think that’s part of my problem with Dior – their products are pricey but the price is not warranted far too often. When a $5 drugstore eyeshadow palette performs better than one from Dior, there’s really something amiss and I don’t care enough about “status brands” to blow an additional $60 for something that is of lower quality than the drugstore equivalent!

Marisa Avatar

Their Diorskin Nude BB Creme is my HG foundation. I love that stuff. I also think Dior products, like Bobbi Brown products, are designed to be used in ways that people don’t expect – so then they’re disappointed when a “sparkle wash” eye shadow isn’t super-pigmented, but it’s not supposed to be! It’s a sparkle wash! They put these in a lot of their palettes lately and I love them, because they seem to be designed to not look out of place on older skin, which I appreciate. Although it sometimes seems like I am the only one. 🙂

xamyx Avatar

I agree! Not every eyeshadow should be expected to have the same opacity. Whether one likes it or not is a personal preference, but it doesn’t mean it’s defective. There are days I prefer a sheer wash of color, particularly when I have a lot going on, because I don’t want to fuss with highly pigmented shadows all day. That said, I still shy away from “luxury” brands if I can find a comparable product at a lower pricepoint, as I prefer to spend my money on product, not packaging…

Cheryl Avatar

I love their old eye shadow quints – I have several. And I cannot live without the 3 Couleurs Ready-to-Wear Smoky Eye Palette. I think the Dior eye shadow quality is one of the best.

Karrah Avatar

Hey Guys! I used to work for Dior as a Beauty Advisor so when I saw this topic it was right up my alley. I worked with Dior for about 2 years and have been using their products in general for about 3 years. Because I used these products on clients and myself on a regular day basis, I’d like to say I have a pretty good idea of what products Dior excels at and what products they fall short on. So here is a little list of my Rants & Raves!

Let’s Start with the Raves:

Dior Foundations: In general I think Dior’s foundations are one of their strongest products. First, they have a great range of types of foundations for different skin types. My personal favorites are the new Diorskin Nude Air, which I use every single day and can’t be more in love with for my combination skin, and also the original Diorskin Nude foundation which is lovely as well and has a natural satin finish. The ONLY downside to these foundations is the shade range. They cater to warm, cool, and neutral undertones quite well but DONT cater to deeper complexions (except for Diorskin Star).

Primers (Specifically the Dior Glow Maximizer): If you like cream highlights to put directly on your face or mix into your foundation, this is an exceptional one. It’s a nice subtle pearly pink/gold shade that just makes you look glowy and luminous.

Universal Brow Pencil: Quick, easy, natural, long-lasting, and most importantly it matches so many different brow shades. I use this on 90% of my clients and they love it!

Blushes: Although there are many mixed feelings on these, I personally believe Dior blushes are great. They are pigmented and go on very nicely on the skin and are also fairly long lasting. My all time favorites are the Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow powders which are bronzers/blushes. I use them as blushes and I am obsessed with them. They have very subtle shimmers and just create a beautiful glowy peachy flush.

Lip Products: Although they lack Matte lipsticks, their lip products as a whole are great. They have a good shade range and all feel very nice and hydrating on the lips.


Mascaras: Personally for me, I think Dior Mascaras (with the exception of the Lash Maximizer) are just alright. I have tried them all, and they always seem to clump up on me. On others however, these can work really well so it depends on you.

Concealers: Another product I feel is just alright. The main reason I am not too fond of their concealers is the fact that the shade range is pretty limited.

Eyeshadows: This one was a tough one to put under Rants because I truly do love Dior’s eyeshadows. These were the first products that drew me into the brand. They have beautiful 5-pan palettes and I sell a ton of them because they sell themselves! Most of them are buttery, pigmented, and really easy to work with and blend. The ONLY reason I am putting these under rants is because they are pricey (at $64 a pop), some shades can lack pigmentation, tons of fallout.

Erin Avatar

I am shocked that InStyle names Dior as the best eyeshadow almost every year (including in the recent issue) when there are so many better eyeshadow sour there.

Andrea Avatar

Sort of OT, but after years (decades!) of reading all the beauty mags’ “Best of” makeup/beauty product lists, I’m convinced that a lot of companies pay those publications to be on those lists. Great Lash has got to be one of the worst mascaras around and generally gets poor to mediocre reviews from real people, yet it’s always on those lists as being “The Best Mascara Makeup Artists/Models/Celebrities LOVE”!

Nope, not buying it.

Andrea Avatar

Rave: Dior’s perfumes are great (I wore Hypnotic Poison for years and always got compliments). Love DiorShow and their other mascaras for the most part as they last forever and really work well for me. The DiorAddict glosses are also nice. Have yet to buy a foundation but I like that they have a wide range of shades so it’s only a matter of time, especially with all the buzz around Nude Air.

Rant: Pricey ($60 for a LE blush? Come on!) and spotty quality. I got their DiorAddict Lip Glow which was rather expensive for what it is. I loved it because the color was natural and quite flattering, but it didn’t last long, wasn’t terribly moisturizing and the product actually started to crumble. Finally tossed it. I bought one of their eye palettes years ago and ended up tossing it too because it was powdery and constantly fell in my eyes.

Lulle Avatar

Rave: some great foundations (the new Nude Air Serum is mind-blowing), excellent lipstick formulas, very good nail polish. The seasonal collections are generally beautiful and exciting.

Rant: eyeshadow palettes often have stunning color combinations but they can be a hit or miss in terms of quality (don’t forget though that Dior is not UD and their customer base don’t necessarily want full pigmentation and opacity – however that doesn’t excuse dry shadows with a ton of fallout). The last holiday collection was horrible in terms of quality, it was seriously shocking. Everything is expensive to the point of being overpriced IMO – over $30 for a lipstick is a little too much, regardless of quality.

Montréalaise Avatar

I fell in love with the Dior eye shadow quints in 1988 (yes, I know that’s a long time ago!) not just because the color combinations were always spot on but also because the quality was superb – great texture and pigmentation. I used to buy at least one quint from each new collection but lately I’ve been disappointed. The quality just isn’t there any more and I’m left wondering what happened.

Nicole Avatar

Rave: I have been petty happy wih the few foundations of theirs I have tried. I really liked the Dioskin nude.. I believe it was called and the Airsflash in summer. It is way to drying for me other times of the year. But, when I think t is a gorgeous foundation. Their foundations are probably the only brand I never had to mix shades! I really would like to try their new serum foundation soon. It looks fairly matte and light. So, probably a good summer try for me. I like the Diorglow lip balm too even though it is insanely expensive. I bought it on impulse and am happy I did!
Rant: Mascaras are way overhyped and everything else is over priced .I used a lot of their skin care for a while with not much difference than any other line. So, I would so, its not worth the money. I have not tried anything else because of the fragrance or bad reviews or it just didn’t appeal to me.

Wednesday Avatar

Rave: My face gets along very well with Dior bases. I’m in between NC20 and 25 with yellow and green undertones and I find many foundations in this range (meaning this level) run to peachy, orangey, beigey undertones which do not work at all for me. Dior 021 Linen is a really good place for me to start with foundation. It can run super yellow but the overall gist of it works so I never look like my face is completely disconnected from the rest of my body. It’s a foundation colour I can easily tweak to perfect. I truly appreciate that. I like that the foundation shades run consistent across formulas.. no meager feat there. Try that Armani (yeah, I love you too, but…..argh!! pulls hair out )

Rant: Eyeshadow quads. So hit and miss and miss and miss

xamyx Avatar

As I stated above, I steer away from these overpriced, overhyped “luxury” brands on principle, unless a product is truly unique, or absolutely perfect (which is rare…). This probably why the only product I can recall buying was a duo cake liner, which that alone is a task, and the colors were eggplant & cerise, and I’m a complete sucker for red eye products. That said, I’m looking for “the” foundation, and am considering taking a look at their offerings-not so much for formula, but I have a very hard-to-match skintone, so I’m willing to pay more if I find a match.

Genevieve Avatar

Rave: love some of their quints – own quite a few – most recently the Jardin palette, which is gorgeous and the best of the bunch. Own Gris Gris – very good, Navy Design – average. Loved their Kingdom of Colours green – but haven’t purchased this as I own the Charlotte Tilbury the Rebel. Their lipsticks are excellent.
Rant: Very expensive and at times disappointing products. Many of their quints are very similar. Dior does not do blues well at all.

popscockles Avatar

I love Diorshow mascara. Never flakes on me, never clumps on me, just gives me big, bold lashes without looking ridiculous. Plus, one tube lasts me about 9 months. I looooove Diorshow and it’s big-ass wand! I tried Diorshow Overcurl for the past month, and that flakes on me. Not as good as the original. I also am pretty okay with their Diorskin powder foundation, but I’m not totally sold on it. I don’t wear foundation very much, but Diorshow I’ve used consistently 8+ years (while trying other brands), and it’s my absolute favorite!

I’m usually not wowed by their eyeshadows, nor am I intrigued by more or less anything else they put out…but Diorshow…♥

Jill Avatar

I just purchased a couple of items from the Dior summer Tie Dye collection, and am excited to try them out. ( the promo pics were so enticing!) They arrived yesterday, perfectly wrapped and boxed really fancy! Ilove love love their nail enamel. The brush is simply the perfect width and flatness for perfect application!

Kathia Avatar

The foundations and concealers are ahhhmazing!!Dior Star Foundation is so amazing but I can only get about 3 hours before it oxidizes to a bright shade of orange. I also love the Diorskin Nude air for everyday but start with 2 shades lighter to compensate for the oxidizing. I think this workaround works with Air and not Star because Air has a sheerer coverage.

I have never purchased an eye shadow or lipstick that was a standout. I think it’s bizarre that they can make such great foundations that seem to instantly become everyone’s holy grail and can make a notable lip or eye product.

ece Avatar

First LIP MAXIMIZER. I didnt find anything better than that. It gives you the most beautiful and natural plump to your lips which lasts all day if you layer few times in the mornings. second the nude CONCEALER. Dont get me wrong it doesnt have the most amazing coverage but after you conceal your problematic are with mac studio finish or kryolan dermacolor or anything that has higher coverage, you pat this concealer over that dry concealer. It s like a photoshop. it hides DRY PATCHES & TEXTURAL issues really well. ıt takes away cakiness of other concealer gives to you.

Eliz Avatar

I love Dior. Highlights for me are their Addict and Addict Extreme Lipsticks (no fragrance, no flavor, and truly hydrating) and their blush products. DiorBlush in My Rose and Rose Libertine are two of the prettiest blushes I own and perfect for porcelain skin. DiorSkin Nude Shimmer in Rose/Pink is also a favorite. I wish the texture in the pan was less dry, but I’ve never had problems with application or wear. And, while they are pricey, the amount of product is very generous.

I love several of the foundation formulas, but there is not a shade pale enough for truly porcelain skin. Their Ivory 010 is too dark and too orange for my complexion.

I only own one of their eyeshadow palettes, Fairy Golds, but I enjoy it.

If I have time to fuss with multi-step application (combing and de-clumping between coats), DiorShow Mascara gives me great results. But, there are now many others on the market now that give similar results with no fuss (Guerlain Maxi Lash, YSL Baby Doll, etc.).

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