The End of an Era: Urban Decay Naked is Discontinued


Wow!  It feels like the end of a era; Urban Decay’s Naked PaletteUrban Decay’s Naked Palette showed up at retailers like SephoraSephora and Ulta this morning priced at $27… but here’s Urban Decay confirming that the palette that launched a thousand neutral palettes is discontinued.  It was a regular for eight years, which in beauty, shows some real longevity. You can find my original review from 2010 here… boy have we come a long way in that time!

So long, Naked, you’ve served the community well. I look forward to seeing what Urban Decay has next up their sleeves…

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Do you mind giving your thoughts about what this is really about? I can’t imagine why a brand would do this. I also am suspect because I can’t seem to find any confirmation that it is really being discontinued… just a lot of coy language. Is the formula just being revamped? I appreciate your thoughts!

The video above is from Urban Decay… they held a funeral for the Naked palette. Doesn’t get any more official than that! They haven’t indicated whether they’ll be revamping it or bringing out something to replace it with, but I’m sure they will fill the gap with something.

I suppose I think the funeral bit – since it doesn’t explicitly state it’s being discontinued – is some sort of ploy, but I trust your judgment that you take it as confirmation of that! I still can’t quite understand why a brand would want to do this, so I’ll be keeping my eyes open to what comes next!

Urban Decay posted this on Instagram: Today, we mourn our beloved original Naked Palette, a revolutionary product that changed the beauty industry forever ?? A little bit naughty, often dramatic, and always in the press, the innovative game-changer and category creator will be laid to rest after 8 years. The funeral is being held today in Newport Beach, CA with badasses and beauty influencers alike.

M/U has its share of soap opera, but I think this is truly dead and will not be resurrected. Marked down everywhere, should anyone want to catch a backup.

A funeral is equivalent something is dead….never to return. Dramatic with the video. Yes. The whole package is gone. Doesn’t mean the individual colors are dead.

Here’s hoping there is going to be a “Naked Reborn” – maybe with a Sidecar that doesn’t fall out on my all over my face. I so love that colour but can’t wear it as on me it’s fallout city.

I feel like the setting & timing of this “funeral” is perfect for a marketing ploy to reveal a revamp around Halloween. Have the “new” Naked palette surface from the coffin, with updated packaging and perhaps, some up to date color scheme.

Certainly is a milestone. There are very few groundbreakers in m/u, and N1 was a huge one. That palette and Kevyn’s Nakeds for UII are the direct DNA ancestors of all the warm neutrals of today. Their influence will be felt 50 years after i’m dead, when people have to google (or maybe google will be gone, too…) Kevyn and read archived posts about UD N1. RIP. Job well done (even if it was the Charles River Dirty Water memorial palette for me, lol.)

Urban Decay knows they can’t coast on the Naked line forever. They beat that horse to death for 8 years. They have to keep innovating to stay relevant – the huge lipstick line and launches like Born To Run give me hope – but flop palettes like the Backtalk one etc…they really need to watch pumping out subpar stuff too quickly or they will fall like MAC did.

I give credit to UD even though the brand now uses ingredients that are not made in the USA in its eyeshadows. Unlike what MAC/ Estée Lauder would do…increasing the price and decreasing the amount, UD has not done that with any of the Naked full size palettes. All the Naked palettes have .05 oz for each color. With price increase these days on everything, I think the cost of making these palettes was one factor in many to discontinue this product. Ultima by Revlon was the original naked. But this Naked, I feel still surpassed the past and the current competitors in price, pigmentation, quality, and choices of variation in box. All the colors are usable for me. That is not the case with many other palettes I own.

OG Naked is always in my collection. I have repurchased it 2 times. It is still my go-to for when I am in a hurry or to travel as it has all you need. There are TONS of dupes now though. I am sure in a few years they will do some special re-release limited edition thing.

It does seem like a big deal in the makeup world. I wonder if they are going to retire the whole Naked line (and maybe Vice? nothing new there for ages) and come out with something totally new. I think the Naked palettes had gotten so ubiquitous that they no longer caught consumers’ eyes, although the Naked Heat seemed to be well-received.

Personally I hope for much more colorful palettes without all the unwearable (to me) oranges and reds. I don’t know anyone who looks good in red eyeshadow except for cosplay. Maybe a line of palettes with variations on blues, greens, purples. Purples seem to be emerging as the next big thing.

It depends on how you wear them. I was ecstatic for Naked Heat because oranges and reds look amazing on me. I have purchased reds from indie companies for a long time because mainstream companies avoid these colors like a plague. But, if all I were to do is slap on Crayola red and call it a day, I’d look like a Halloween costume gone wrong (and do believe that I own a Crayola red shadow).

What’s funny to me is that so many people want a blue, green, and purple heavy palette and I know I’d look atrocious trying to pull off a blue and green look. We should all have a chance to try it, though!

Myself, I agree on red. I think most people don’t look healthy with red around their eyes, although there are many talented people out there who can prove me wrong. So let’s just say it’s not generally beginner friendly. And that’s okay.

But orange…orange and yellow are my absolute favorite shades to wear on my eyes. So flattering to my coloring and still so unexpected.

Purples do look good on just about everybody. They flatter every eye color. We need some true purple palettes. So far everything I’ve seen (Anastasia, Jaclyn Hill…) has purple packaging and like 2-3 purples in the palette.

I never bothered-I don’t have much of a taste for neutrals, and when I do wear neutrals, I already have other neutral shades that work well for me.

Feels like shooting yourself in the foot to me, but as my very first mid/high end palette perhaps I am biased. I’ve not tried anything from UD that measures up.

UD and in particular the Naked palettes brought me back into high-quality make up; I have a special fondness for this palette and Urban Decay in general.

What I’m hoping is that the palette isn’t really discontinued but is going to be resurrected in packaging that isn’t the unattractive faux brown velvet. I’ve always preferred the metal tins like Naked 2 and 3.

My manager said this morning that ALL the Naked palettes will be discontinued, one by one. I don’t know if that’s true, but I feel like they’re revamping.

If that’s true, then I hope they go back to their real “beauty with an edge” style. They’ve been so bland and boring for the past few years.

I understood phasing out the Naked Basics palette(s). Naked Ultimate Basics somewhat replaces the first two. Since the store shelf space is taken up by so many Naked Palettes, I wonder if they will release a new Naked Neutrals Palette to incorporate the best from 1-3, or an updated version the covers the ideas of 1-3. Maybe a Naked Ultimate Palette? Then they can keep up with the neutrals of the moment like they did with Naked Heat. A more purple and cool leaning version for example. I could see a Naked palette based around Asphyxia and Acoustic.

Something about this feels very promo-y. UD is probably going to have a nice rise in sales as people scramble to buy the last Naked palettes before they’re gone. And then, sometime in the future, a new version of the Naked palette, with new packaging and a new name, will be released. Am I too cynical?

Not cynical at all! I mean, look at all the “limited edition” palettes that make comebacks only a year after they are supposedly sold out forever.

No, I think you are probably right. I don’t trust any of these companies and they will continue to play us. In a few years it will be UD saying HEY!!! ‘The iconic Naked One – relaunched.’ But in this place and time there is no palette that can’t be duped. I am guessing that they are facing the fact that it has been around so long and run its course and that people who want it have already purchased it and the rest of us don’t care and UD sales for it are down. Drama. Hype. With all of the plethora of new products I buy why do I look pretty much the same every day? That’s the hard question I’m asking myself.

If this was just a marketing push, I doubt they would have dropped the price. The Naked palette is going for $27 on their site. You typically don’t slash the price that deep if you’re going for a money grab.

I think it will be a whole collection when it does come back – not just palettes. Lips, face, eyeliners. That seems to be their thing.

This seems very gimmicky and I feel like they’re just going to revamp it. It feels like they’re pulling a Huda Rose Gold “discontinued” but actually being reformulated with better packaging. I won’t be running out to repurchase it but if it truly is gone, I definitely understand the significance.

I love the Naked palette and I’m sad to see it that it’s been discontinued. Mine is about two years old; I might go ahead and get another one while ghey’re still available.

I never thought this would happen. With all the dupes out there, though, they need to come out with something new to grab people’s attention again and boost their sales. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with.

Am I the only one that’s not surprised? Naked palette sales have been falling for years and the hype is long gone. Anastasia palettes are the new “Naked.” Urban Decay really needs to reinvent itself -it is simply not a talked about brand anymore.

This is very cute PR – reminds me of Marie Kondo’s advice to say thank you to discarded possessions for their service when you say goodbye.

I’ve been tempted for years to buy this palette, as a partner to my Naked 2, but now that it’s being discontinued I look at what I have and see that I have dupes or similar shades for every color. I recommended it many times to people asking about how to get started on makeup. Goodbye Naked 1! Getting hype for Urban Decay’s next move.

When Naked 1 first came out, it sold out fast. I try to get so MAC shadows to match some colors. They were not the same. I was obsessed with getting my first one. I had to put my name on the list. I ultimately got seven of them. I have been wearing makeup a long time, and I know about changes and discontinued products of favorites. I have other neutrals but no brands, no other packaging holds a candle to Naked 1…..not even Naked 2 or 3. The product lasts forever. The shadows stays on. I, unlike many, adore the box. So lightweight to travel. I will have enough to use the rest of my life. Yeh, I know about expiration dates….blah, blah, blah. With my trust Mac 219 discontinued fur brushes, the shadows are easy to apply. UD may sell them in other kits, but this collection is the best.
Those red shadows are part of a trend. These shades are diverse for all occasions.
So I am sad to see it go, but that is life…and I learned to backup my favorites.

If they’re holding a funeral, I’m looking forward to the undead/reborn naked palettes — cool Naked Zombie (greens, greys, and grey-toned undead blues/purples), warm Naked Phoenix (flaming reds, oranges, and yellows), and neutral Naked Mummy (matte and shimmery neutrals: camel, sand, linen, gold). Maybe even a jewel-toned Naked Vampire (glittery blood-red, metallic gold, rich satin purple). Maybe tombstone, sarcophagus, and coffin-shaped packaging?

Gimmicky as heck, and I know “undead” is sooooo 2008, but a girl can dream. 😉

Oohhh, Zombie Naked would be amazing. And I love drab deathly green/grays. I could also get more use out of my dirty green wig! Halloween is the best day of the year IMHO.

OMG – why? They are still selling heaps of the palette all over the world.
This one palette started a whole major trend that still hasn’t abated. I may have to get a back up…
I bet its not selling at Sephora Australia for $27…more like $85.

Since its one of my favorite palettes and I’ve hit pan on several shades I ordered a new one…Just in case they’re truly serious about the discontinuation.

I can’t help but feel that the only way this financially makes sense for Urban Decay is as a marketing ploy. It’s such a staple that it lacks the “fear of missing out” element that so much of makeup marketing is reliant on today.

However, I don’t actually think that’s what this is. I think UD thinks that Naked is keeping the brand from growing creatively. I’m not sure that’s true. A lot of their recent palettes have been following trends other brands started.

From a personal perspective, this was initially a gut punch as it was my first high-end palette and I still love it and use it fairly often. I just picked up a spare on sale. Fortunately, the only shades not available as singles (currently, at least) are Hustle and Creep. Theoretically one could build their own Naked palette post-discontinuation.

Crazy news! Never could have imagined UD DC’g their most popular, and probably, most famous of all their eyeshadow palettes. Not sure how or what with UD will use to fill this void….but, I’m sure something is cooking.

I hope the single shadows of some of the shades in the Naked palette will continue to be made. I love the color Naked, for example, as a transition shade.

Lol I was just grieving about the Naked palette being d/c’ed when I read this post. I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for old dependable Naked 1. It was the first and few of the neutral eye shadow palettes I fell in love with. Picking up a new one asap.I do hope they later bring it back even better!

I’m kind of sad, it was such an adventure to find it here in France when it first launched. It was also one of my favourite palette to recommand for a friend new to makeup.

But I’m sure they’ll revamp it, it’s such an iconic product.

Have only one of them and never much used it though to me it’s the best of them, 3, so though it’s an era over, personally I won’t miss them.

Aww, man, this kinda bums me out. This palette was my introduction to quality eyeshadows and palettes. It was the most I’d ever spent on makeup up to that point and I remember how damn hard it was to get in store (it was before good shipping prices, or no shipping fees were a thing). I had a coupon from ulta and everything, it was awesome and mine was part of the second round to show up in store. They sold out later that day again.

It’s the only palette I own that has significant dents in more than one shade. Eventually I depotted and put it in a Z-palette with some other stand out “neutrals”, but it gets a lot less use these days. I think if the Naked2 was my first Naked purchase then it would’ve been used a lot more, I’m more of a cool neutral girl, but still… man, happy memories and I’ll be keeping my dinky, de-potted Naked palette, even if for nothing more than nostalgia.

If it’s a marketing ploy to get me to buy one at half price, it worked on my. I have never had this palette, although I keep it on all my wishlists, so I just ordered one.

I totally missed this when it was first posted but saw that the original Naked was being d/c’d as it was marked down both at Sephora and UD. Had I known earlier, I would absolutely have bought a backup as it’s the palette I still use the most and it’s been my travel palette when I want to minimize how much stuff I’m taking (which is almost always). I am REALLY sad to see this go and I think it’s a bad idea (though I guess their sales figures must indicate otherwise).

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