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I used to fall under the category “long hair for the last 10 years” but then a girlfriend recently convinced me to get a hair style. So bravely I said to the hairdresser do what you thinks best… I’ve now got a medium lengthed bob with a side fringe.

Took me a bit to get used to the fact it was only a third the length but now i love it and always style it to shape my face πŸ™‚

Hi Gabsta,

I’m still in that category myself! I just get layers done, and that’s about all I ever do with the hair.

I’m glad the new hair style is working out for you πŸ˜€

Well, three years ago, I cut all of my hair off into a short cropped style. Kinda like Sharon Stone’s. About a month ago, I decided to get hair extensions down my back. I’m really liking the long hair thing. I have a lot more styling options. It’s a huge change from having “boyish” hair. It’s an even bigger change because I don’t change my haircut often.

I try to keep a long hair.. so I’ll go to the hair salon once every three months to trim a little and get rid of damaged ends. It’s been a year and a half since my last change of style and I’m waiting for the end of the summer to change style.
I would like to have the courage to go for a dramatic change but I’m a chicken! he, he.. πŸ˜›

I used to change my hairdo as the mood of the moment guides me, actually i love 60′ pouf with ponytail, peak-a-boo as Veronica Lake for special occasions and my everyday fav is lightly wavy hairs with a large 40’wavy side bang.
I change the haircut every 6 moths-1 year, but i prefer medium long hairs.

Once a year i get my split ends done and a nicefeather cut on long hairs.But bcoz my hair was damaged of continuously dying so i got it short till my half back.


Always to my waist and black. I do change the style every 3 to 4 months though. I get different types of layers, do away with the layers, get bangs, get a “bump” cut, things like that. The layers I have now (on my waist length hair), I had the stylist cut it while up in a ponytail so it looks like Kate Holmes Bob when I wear a scarf to hide the crown. Loving it!

I change anywhere from twice a month to every 3 months. Now I’m wearing mid-length curly, red locks with blonde highlights. Two months before this I wore a layered cut style. Before that it was long, wavy, and VERY blonde. I love variety… It’s the spice of life!

generally I keep it on the long-ish side, and I’ve had some degree of side bangs for at least 4 years. My old roommate cuts my hair and I just tell her to do whatever she wants, as long as I won’t look dumb. =)

I have really curly hair, and I’ve done my share of experimenting with different cuts, straightening etc, but I always go back to my signature hair…. super long and curly, with tons of layers. It sucks though because it always takes so long to grow my hair out after my impulse cuts haha

Hi Kella,

LOL! But hey, at least you’ve gone out on a limb and tried some new things – this way you can find what really does work for you!

I stick with what I know. Last December I got bangs, and a few months ago I got layers. My hair still basically looks like what it did in my Naughty Nauticals pic I sent you.

i am in fact a hairdresser aand I used to change hairstyles everytime im struck with boredom but I decided to grow my hair long, so the only thing I’ve been changing is my layers and color

Right now my hair is in a short bob cut for the summer. I’ll be rocking a weave for the fall/winter.

I love hair, like makeup… you can go subtle to dramatic and back!

Always the same for the last 13 years…
I have long hair and wear it up (in a chignon) almost every day. Last summer I cut it from very long to shoulder length, but only once, I let it grow again ever since πŸ˜‰

I always wanted long hair, but my hair just doesnΒ΄t look good once it grows past shoulder length..it always looked frizzy. I always have some kind of highlights in my mousy, ashy blonde hair (usually two different lighter blonde ones)..last fall I wanted something new. So I went to my hairdresser and we tried a red colour. Since I had *lots* of highlights it came out a lot brighter than I expected..and since they were that red anyway, I decided to cut them in a bob Γ‘ la Victoria Beckham..I loved that cut, but after 6 months wanted to try something new and had them cut shorter with long side swept bangs.
I *hated* how it looked once we were done,not only the cut, but the colour as well (since fall I have had various shades of red, red/brown), I actually cried for a day. Sad, I know. :o/
Right now I am in the process of growing them out to get that Posh Spice-cut again. :o)

Hi Eva,

It’s great that you were able to transition to so many styles, though, and at least your bravery got you to try the Posh Spice cut and love it!

I change my style pretty much every month. Sometimes the color changes that regularly, too! Right now I’ve been bleached blonde since about April (longest time I’ve had the same color in years!) with short hair, but different asymmetrical type cuts every month!

I’m AlWAYS changing my hair. I change the color and the cut quite often, always DIY. At the beginning of the summer I had black shoulder length hair. Then, I decided I wanted bangs. Now, it’s a pink chin-length bob. I’m in college, so having hot pink hair isn’t a detriment to, say, my job or anything, since I work on campus. I usually cut it shorter in the summer and let it grow out during the rest of the year. But I’m often experimenting with layers and such. It always looks great!

I MUCH prefer short hair, but for the past 3 years, my hair has been locked, and getting long(when it’s straight, it’s in the middle of my back). I alternate styles a lot, but I prefer it up in a ponytail for work (or a sideswept ponytail), a chignon for dressy occasions, and curly and wild when I go hang out. For just around the house, I just want it outta my way! LOL

My hair is pretty static, as far as styles. It’s curly, so layers generally don’t work terribly well. I don’t mind though, because I’m generally very happy with my hair. πŸ™‚

I’m a walking change!!!LOL!!I’ve been to all shades and styles and lenghts…But I have my favourites which I’m using ridht now…Red hair,passing the shoulders with layers and always Bangs(side swept for this time!!!)
Greetings from Brazil

I am a hairdresser and have had just about every color and many different cuts. Long suits my hair type (very frizzy and textured) and my overall style best although I have had short cuts, they were a bitch to keep tame in the humididty I live in. I just feel like “me” with long hair but I will change the style daily/weekly. My hair is curly so I have the option to do a lot, but I usually wear it in big soft curls or 40’s pinup type of look. My current color is light golden brown with light golden blonde highlights. But I get bored easily so we’ll see how long this lasts! I just finished getting my roots done tonight, but hadn’t had color in 6 weeks which is way too long to go.

I usually will make small changes every six months (like shorten bangs or a slightly darker or lighter color), and a somewhat dramatic change every year and a half. I’ve had long, wavy, coppery, Gisele Bundchen style hair and I’ve had a perfect Louise Brooks black bob. Most of the time my hair is darkish and medium lenght, but if I keep it the same for too long, I get bored.

I get some variation of layers every time i get my hair cut, which is only about 2-3 times/year. i got bangs about a year and a half ago and have had those ever since. I’ve had dark brown hair for about 2 years too, but i’m going to dye it a little lighter through the end of summer. i’ve never done red hair but i have done everything else from bleach blonde to black. i had to bleach my hair to get the black out, so i will never do that again, but otherwise i’m open to trying new colors because it’s much easier to fix if i hate it than if i chop all my hair off. As long as the base length is more than a few inches past my shoulder i’m cool with change, but i will never go short unless i am about 80 years old.

Hi Whitnee,

I get layers, too. I usually ask for long, textured layers, and just go with what it ends up being, lol. I’m with you on the not going short!

My hair is long – almost waist-length – straight, dark brown, and hasn’t changed in several years. It started out with layers, but because getting a real (professional) haircut/trim where I go to school is likely to cost me almost $100 (thanks to the exchange rate!), I’ve just had friends snip the ends straight across when I start seeing split ends. Sometimes I feel like chopping it off so that it would be more manageable, but then I remember how much I love my hair, and how much work I’ve put into it!

i had the same hairstyle since ten years :-))))))
its because i love it,and everybody around me thinks my hair is beautiful this way,so i dont change.
i made this decision of growing it long 10 years ago,and from then no scissors could touch it πŸ™‚

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