MAC 266 Small Angle Brush Photos & Review

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Focus On: MAC 266 Small Angle Brush

MAC 266 Small Angle Brush ($19.50) is a small-to-medium-sized angled brush that’s flat and fairly firm. Depending on your preferences, the 266 can be your go-to brush for lining your upper lash line or for filling in sparse brows. For me, it tends to be the latter. I adore the 266 for filling in my brows, because it is just the right thickness to allow me to use it from the beginning to the tail of my brow without it being too much or too little. I personally find the 266 to be too thick for lining my upper lash line, and as someone who isn’t an expert at lining the upper lash line, a bit unforgiving as a result. I prefer the 208, so I can start off with a thinner line and work my way up as I make mistakes — with the 266 I have no room to smooth out the line before the liner is way too thick. However, for those who are experts at lining, the 266 is all about you! You can get a medium-thick line quick as you please.

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