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I used to, but not anymore.

I lost a Black Track fluidline and a Woodwinked eyeshadow by way of sharing.

It’s also nasty, especially lip and eye products.

So, no more.

I do my friends makeup at my house so there is no need for anyone to borrow anything. And I also purchased disposable mascara wands, and lipgloss applicators to keep things sanitary.

Having a makeup habit is expensive, and I’ll be really pissed if anything went missing!

the only time anyone other than me can use my makeup is when they are at my house getting ready… other than that it’s me applying it on their faces.

like Ummilkhair said, it’s an expensive habit, and i would hate for my stuff to go missing.

Of course I would! You can’t be selfish, everyone wants to look good! I probably wouldnt let anyone actually take something to borrow, unless they REALLY needed it…what if I wanted it?!?! But I would never tell a girlfriend or my mom she couldnt use my makeup! I am positive none of my girlfriends would ask to try one of my products if they were sick or anything, and i dont surround myself with people that i fear would steal from me. So I don’t worry about it at all, share the wealth i say 🙂

I like how you put it “share the wealth”…I too would share if asked with exception of mascaras, eyeliners and foundation/powder because my mom and sister are respectful, understand and feel the same way about possible germs spreading too close to mucus membranes anyway (and plus..we’re not all the same shade of foundation :p)…but eyeshadows, blush, lipsticks, lipgloss…why not??? I certainly love my mommy dearest too much to actually tell her no 🙁 But yeah…I actually even share my pigments with her 🙂

I totally agree. Except I don’t share eyeliners, mascaras, or lip products. Mostly just eyeshadows and blushes. But I agree-share the wealth!

A lot of makeup novices don’t seem to understand the importance of a good shadow base or primer. So, usually I will lend a paint I haven’t been using much or something like that. I’m pretty OCD about keeping track of everything I do own, so I would rarely lend out a product I couldn’t live without.

I’ve lent a lipstick or gloss to a girlfriend if we’re out on the town together. But otherwise than me applying it to their faces, not really.

I only let the bestie, Liz use my stuff. She knows what she’s doing and I know that she’s not sickly. Hahaha. The same with her stuff. We trust each other and we’ve let each other borrow shadows (and keep them at the house) several times.

It’s just a matter of trust.


never lip products, rarely face products. eyeshadows… hmm. if i’m with them when they’re using it. (as long as my stash is within my sight range so i know that they’re not breaking anything)
sometimes eyeliner when they really need it
but i usually sterilize my stuff after if someone’s borrowed it

Yeah, I’ll let someone use my shadows or lipstick/gloss (with a brush!) but only if they’re at my house or I’ve specifically brought it for them to use. No lending out. If one of my best friends really wanted to borrow some eyeshadow for a special occasion I’d be fine with that, but that list is pretty short. =)

I don’t let friends take anything home. I’m more than happy to help them apply what they have. I will bring with me/share at my house and that’s only eye shadow and lip stick. I always clean my brushes after every use and I use a lip brush that I also clean after every use on my lipstick. I understand the germ thing, but for me, some of my friends need a little help sometimes…

nope. i can’t. its painful because if i share, who knows if i’ll get pink eye or something in three days?? 🙁

however, the only people i share makeupwith are my mom, because shes a mac addict (age ain’t nothin’ but a number!) and my sister.

but thats it!

Pretty much only powder products, I never share mascara or eyeliner. My roommate is pretty much the only person I share with and she shares with me, and the only reason why we do it is because we both buy MAC and higher end. I don’t exchange my MAC for drugstore brands!

I’m not big on Make-up sharing. My bestfriend and I share eyeshadow (not brushes) if we’re going out and getting dressed at the same house. I’m a make-up artist, so I generally keep my personal make-up separate from my make-up for my business. I am very hygenic; i spray alcohol on all liners and lipsticks after using (on myself and on others), never “double dip” with lip gloss or lip brushes and I clean all of my make-up brushes after use.

Well I wouldn’t say that I would “share” my makeup, but I do love to put makeup on other people. When I do its usually just eye shadows and blush…. but eyeliner and mascara, NO.

No No No! I’m crazy with this! All my friends are like gosh you’re so uptight let us borrow this or that…but i think they can get their own stuff. I pay for MY makeup and i don’t want acne because of YOU. People always get at me for this but i don’t care, i pay for it, not you!!

Lip balm/gloss and powder are all I usually carry with me, and people are free to borrow that, but if someone is getting ready at my place they can use eyeshadow or foundation, but never eye liner or mascara because I’m afraid of eye infections.

This was a fun question to read the responses to. I share all make-up with my sister. I guess it’s because we are twins. Other than our mom, we are not into sharing with friends. Although not sure too many of our friends would know about our large stash of make-up, it’s a lot these days and we try to be discrete. The only thing we each have one of is a 217 brush and a mellow mood lipstick, a gentle simmer slimshine.

In the beggining my sister was the make-up addict of the family, so she bought everything, and ocasionally if I was in the mood for make-up I would use her stuff. This worked out great because when she would buy something that she later didn’t like (wrong shade of YSL foundation), she would just hand it over to me. 🙂
Now that I’m also crazy about make up, and we don’t live together, each one has her own stash, which doesn’t mean I don’t ocasionally try out her stuff and vice versa.
Other than that: no sharing!

My mom can always!! Anyone else could too, my friends don’t even have to ask.. BUT- anyone but my mom I’d wash my brushes before I would use them again. Or sharpen my eyeliner.. Or wipe my lipsticks..

I let my sister borrow some of my makeup before and she didn’t want to give it back. And then when I got it back it wasn’t in the condition I gave it to her in. So now I don’t let anyone use my makeup.

Yeah, but only to close friends. Even mascara if I know they have healthy eyes. But since I mostly use pigments, I just give them small sample so they can try it out at their own place, if they need it for some other time. When we are getting ready at my place they can use whatever they want.

i let my friends use my makeup. i don’t see why not. and yes, even mascaras. if a friend wants to try a mascara without the commitment of buying it, i let her. and i don’t see why people are freaking out over this. if you’ve ever gotten your makeup done at MAC, sephora, or ulta, they use the testers that everyone and their mother sticks their GERMY fingers in. they don’t open a brand new shadow or brush for each of their customers.

i’ll let them use it when im there, or if i’m doing their make-up i’ll of course use both mine and theirs. but i wouldn’t let them take it home with them because i’m afraid they might lose/break my make-up. some makeup, such as eyeshadows are fragile and most of my make-up is expensive

Never! It’s not sanitary at all for all involved. Plus, as so many of you have already mentioned, my little indulgences are costly and definitely, only for me 🙂

My two best friends and I share most our makeup [two of us have the same skintone] because we always sleep over at each others houses without bringing anything, we even have toothbrushes and hairbrushes at each others houses. Other people i only let use powders.

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