Sonia Kashuk’s Blending Sponge Gives You Flawless Skin

Sonia Kashuk’s Blending Sponge ($9.99) is a multitasker’s dream come true. It’s designed for application, blending, and smudging–so it can pretty much do it all in a pinch. I LOVE this for the face. I find it works really well to blend and apply liquid foundation all over the face, but it also works well to spot-blend concealer. It’s incredibly soft and not at all rough or tugging, which is why it does a good job for even the delicate eye area. As far as foundation goes, you wet the sponge, squeeze any excess water out, dab your foundation on it, and then apply to your face.

What are the downsides?

If you remember the buzz over the BeautyBlender, then you can rest assured that this is a worthy competitor, and a better bang for your buck (half the price!). It is somewhat larger, and it is obviously a different shape. I don’t find either to be a hinderance in application or usage. I think the only area where people may run into problems is cleaning it. I found that rinsing it with water first, and then adding a bit of baby shampoo helped me. The other thing is, if you’re in a hurry, this might not be the best way to go about daily application. You don’t want to let it sit dirty or keep re-using it without washing, which adds some time to the routine. With the great application you get, it is definitely worth it when you have the time or a really special occasion to go to–when you want to look your very best. If you’re anything like me, the flawless skin is priority number one towards looking your very best.

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