Prescriptives’ All Skin Mineral Makeup SPF 15 For Glowy Skin

Prescriptives’ All Skins Mineral Makeup SPF15 ($32.50) is described as a weightless, long-wearing mineral makeup foundation. It is supposed to be filled with “good-for-you” ingredients. I’ve yet to fall head over heels in love with any mineral foundation; I feel like I get more on my bathroom counter and my shirt (and somehow, I am always wearing black when I try a mineral foundation!) than my face. I also find that loose powders, in general, settle more into the lines and pores of my face, making my skin seem rougher. Prescriptives’ mineral makeup does not share this common trait; I find that it doesn’t settle in the lines around my lips (those pesky smile wrinkles), which is a huge plus for me. So the fact that it doesn’t settle into fine lines makes this a supreme choice for those of us who are experiencing those telltale signs of aging and want to minimize–or at least not emphasize (!)–them.

Any downsides?

I do feel the product gives you a little bit of a “glow” — it’s not an ultra matte finish, which is what I’m used to (love you, SFF!), but it is a nice treat for minimal days. Add to the fact that it does indeed feel weightless and virtually as if you weren’t wearing makeup, it is a great option for those who haven’t settled on a foundation yet. With eighteen shades to choose from, most should be able to find a shade that matches their skintone. And hey, when all else fails? Px also does some amazing custom blending (well, I have heard this over and over again, haven’t yet succumbed myself…), which is really worth it if you’ve spent years hunting for the perfect color match without luck. This is a light to medium coverage foundation; it starts out light and is buildable up to medium. I personally prefer a medium coverage foundation most often (so long as it feels lightweight!), and this gives me enough coverage to keep it around.

Yes, the product has bismuth in it, though it is far down on the ingredients list. Many of you love BE, which also includes bismuth in it. A lot of people do not react poorly to bismuth (MAC, by the way, uses bismuth in many, many of their products, so you may want to try it), actually. Generally, those who do react feel like their skin is itchy or slight burning sensation.

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