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Swatches: MAC x Aaliyah Collection


MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Palette | Look Details
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Palette | Look Details
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette
MAC Age Ain't Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette

MAC x Aaliyah Collection features an eyeshadow palette, bronzing powder, four lipsticks, four lipglosses, and two lip pencils. Here are swatches!

MAC x Aaliyah Collection

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What a wonderful and totally unexpected surprise this is! Thank you bunches for getting this up at the speed of light, Christine! I’m very happy with 90% of collection. Since I do know that the 1 In A Million Lipglass is meant for layering, its appearance doesn’t faze me. I’ll be using it the way a tutorial showed it: line lips with Nevermore, apply More Than A Woman, blurring the edges where it meets Nevermore, then adding 1 In A Million. As for that one very wonky eyeshadow Deception, I cannot figure out what the heck that’s supposed to be!

I don’t know about the lip products; unless the inspiration is from a specific look or music video these do not remind me of Aaliyah. I remember her with deep Browns and brownish reds, brown nudes, peach nudes and glossy lips. I have seen some photos with a red lip, but this nudes are what I remember.

I’m happy to see this collection, but curious about the inspiration.

Yikes what is going on with the nevermore? Is it meant to trail like that?
I think I prefer the lighter shades they look smoother

Hope these are nice for the Aaliyah fans out there. I doubt I will pick anything up from this collection. Most of it looks nice with a few misses here and there but I think most collectors will find something they can like.

I think they saw the success they had with Selena and dove deep for the dollar.

I do wish they had released something of quality with genuine care instead of what looks like a completely haphazard poorly curated mishmash of rejected shades on the factory floor. Aaliyah was an enormous influence on me in my teens and to see her memory exploited for shoddy product push is depressing. None of those products look anything like what has shown up in her body of work, they didn’t even try.

Fans have been asking for a collaboration with Aaliyah for years now. There was a huge petition to get this launched. It’s common knowledge Aaliyah loved MAC and the success of Selena’s tribute only made the fan petition drive more fervent.

A petition was started by her fans then her family & others got behind it. Same thing happened with the Selena Collection. They both have very devoted fans!

I think this palette is beautiful,and I like a few of the lipsticks as well. I don’t think I could pull off the darker lipsticks and lipglasses, but I love the look of them.

Hmmmm besides the Hot Like lipstick, this collection is very meh to me. Super disappointing. I wish MAC would just reformulate some of their products. If indie brands can bring out super pigmented and smooth shadows, glosses, lipsticks etc, why can’t they? I really expected more from this collection, safe to say I will not be purchasing anything, no matter how much I like Aaliyah.

I understand collabs with creative artists or current celebrities but there’s a part of me that is a bit uncomfortable with MAC (or any brand, really) using the images and signature of (another) young woman who died in unfortunate circumstances. I understand many see it as a sign of tribute and a celebration of her life and work but I don’t know, it feels a little bit like they’re profiting from tragedy?

I would feel better about it if a certain percentage was going to her estate or a charity or foundation that she supported or was created in her honour – or maybe I’m just in a mood and being oversensitive. But I don’t like it. 🙁

Also, that bronzer is a weird choice for a collection fronted by a WOC.

To each their own though, and if her fans are happy to support it, then that’s awesome.

Deception is pretty accurately named. Seeing it in the pan, I thought “oooh, that’s one I’ll be wanting”; seeing it swatched….it was deceptive indeed. I do like the cool red lipstick and might get that if it’s actually going to be available at my local MAC counter but for everything else – all I really like is Magic Moor, which has surfaced for a 3rd or 4th time over the years and, fortunately, I’ve got at least 3 dupes that score a 90% similarity.

I don’t see something special, I see MAC Shroom, Plum Dressing, Cork, Espresso, Expensive, Typographic for eyeshadows, a waxy lip liner…

They named this after “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” after everything that’s come out about R. Kelly? MAC, what in the blue hell are you doing?

I don’t think I see anything for me in this collection. My favorite is the Try Again lipstick here. Lately I notice a pink cast from your light source or some other thing that is reflecting in your lower lip (bottom half), and sometimes greenish on the top half of your lower lip.

I love the glosses and lip liners. I am unsure about the eyeshadow pallete.
That deception eyeshadow color is horrid. I will probably pick up 3 out of the 4 lipsticks.

I the eyeshadow Magic Moor a new color ?
I Think I will Buy one lipstick because of the packaging, no Lip colours to Wear for me. And probably the eyeshadow palette, I Love your Eye Look. But I am Mostly interested in the color magic moor so maybe there are good dupes.

The swatches look… not so good 😕 Streaky lips and chunky dry shadows… I thought MAC was taking so long to release this LE collection, to make sure that it was of good quality. I will wait to see all of the reviews, but at most I think I would just want one lipstick and one gloss. So yes, MAC will still get some of my money 😉 I was very interested in the bronzing powder… I trust Christine on quality and will not go for anything lower than a B+ usually ☺️

A generally good collection of shades and even the eyeshadow palette is not too bad, with the exception of Deception – how could MAC get a brown wrong>

Deception shadow, 1 in a Million lipglass, Baby Girl bronzing powder, Street Thing lipstick. Yikes!

Try Again looks great but not a color for me.

A few of the lippies look nice, but other than that, the swatches look disappointing. Aaliyah fans have been waiting for so long, think they deserve better quality

I’m really liking the looks of this collection. I may cave and get a few lippies, at least. Maybe the eye palette, although the glitter shade looks like a dud.

This collection doesn’t `scream` Aaliyah for me… but also I’m not an avid fan so my statement on this is useless.
But I like the collection overall for a color standpoint of view… it’s rare that MAC comes up with a collection I would actually like and buy products for (if I have the gap in my `vanity`). The eyeshadows, lipsticks and pencils are something I would actually like and use in my collection; and `Baby Girl` is a nice option for bronzer on me (alternative to my rotation between MAC Margin and Trace Gold). The initial Patrick Starrr collection was also a `hit` for me… otherwise I’m always skipping on collections and stick to their `permanent` line.

Aaliyah fans have been requesting a collection for years. Aaliyah, and we, deserved SO much better in quality, quantity and creativity. What was released should’ve been a standalone “LiLi’s Weekend” theme. I appreciate her family’s personal input and letting us glimpse into her makeup bag.

However, MAC could’ve also released themes with some of her iconic video looks. This is where her primary makeup artist, the person responsible for most of her unforgettable, sought-after looks, Eric Ferrell, comes in. Why he wasn’t he consulted from the beginning? Why not work directly with the source?!

I would’ve been here for separate eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, liners, and key products for each video! How amazing a high-quality, ‘We Need A Resolution’ theme would’ve been! What about ‘Rock The Boat’ and the eye crystals used in the video, ‘Are You That Somebody’, ‘More Than A Woman’ etc.!
Lastly, even though Paramount is already part of MAC’s permanent collection, I was still hoping to see it appear with the special packaging.

MAC had years of mock-up boards and suggestions from fans. There’s almost no excuse for this. What they are releasing, and especially the shoddy quality, is a just a letdown.

Very nicely done Christine. Your entire format and the review itself are top notch!
I bought the palette but haven’t had time to do a “look”, just quick swatches. But something about this collection (the palette, of course) drew me in for a closer look.
Eyeshadow quality appears to be a problem with 1 or 2, and that’s ok for me. But I love “Gingersnap” & the dark magenta shade too.
Thank you for another awesome review!

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