Survey Says... January 24th, 2018

Happy Wednesday! Here's this week's survey, which you can copy and paste and share as a comment.

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Cool-tones or warm-tones?
  • Lipstick or lipgloss?
  • Blush or highlighter?


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Celesta Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with neutral undertones, freckles, warm brown hair, blue / green / gray eyes.

Cool-tones or warm-tones? Both! Certain tones of purple can make my under eye circles more pronounced, but other than that, I just go with whatever tone strikes my fancy that day.

Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick, generally. Though the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb is giving lipstick a run for its money lately.

Blush or highlighter? Don’t make me choose! I love both!

Kubbymo Avatar

I have strong yellow undertones and a light-med complexion. I prefer warm tones, especially mustard shades, glossy lips, and blush with subtle highlighter.

Mags Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Light
Cool-tones or warm-tones? Neutral
Lipstick or lipgloss?: Lipstick all the way! I despise lipgloss and anything sticky on my lips.
Blush or highlighter?: I prefer blush over highlighter, although I am beginning to appreciate a nice subtle highlight. I suppose I could cheat here and say a shimmery/illuminating blush: it covers both in one fell swoop.

Zee Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: fair light with strong warm undertones
Cool-tones or warm-tones? Neutral to cool actually. I do think warm tones compliment my skin a little better, but I’m so so over the warm trends.
Lipstick or lipgloss? I discovered that I like lipgloss more. I like them usually because they are more moisturizing and my lips won’t peel as much.
Blush or highlighter? Blush all the way! I have oily skin, so I have highlighter all over my face naturally 3-4 hours in ?

Another Deb Avatar

Skin tone/coloring: very fair, neutral leaning warm

Cool tones or warm tones: both, slightly prefer warm, but not too far from neutral — too cool and I look dead, too warm and I look sallow

Lipstick or lipgloss: lipgloss because of dry-mouth issues; I love color-balm lipstick/stick-gloss products

Blush or highlighter: blush because of my unhealthy-looking pallor (but both if I have a choice)

Sally O Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring:
Fair cool, med brown hair, gray-green eyes

Cool-tones or warm-tones?
Cool tones!

Lipstick or lipgloss?
Lipstick! (though I also appreciate a good gloss)

Blush or highlighter?
Highlighter is fun, but blush is necessary

xamyx Avatar

Skintone/Coloring: Fairly light, very neutral; dark-featured.

Warm or Cool? Both, really… I often wear a combination of both

Lipstick or Gloss? Lip balm….

Blush or Highlighter? Highlighter, unless I’m contouring with blush, then both. Contour comes before both, though!

Yoshi Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: medium to medium tan

Cool-tones or warm-tones? I generally prefer cool because there’s too many warm tone palettes.

Lipstick or lipgloss? Lip gloss lately.

Blush or highlighter? Highlighter

Lesley Avatar

Skin tone/coloring: light medium with neutral undertones

Cool or warm tones: warm but I can wear some cool tones on my eyes if they are not extreme. Cool lipstick and cheek color don’t work too well.

Lipstick or lipgloss? I don’t have a preference. I feel like I always need lipliner to even out the asymmetric shape of my mouth so once I do that, it doesn’t make much difference what I put over it. I am not a lip person and only wear it when I just need more overall color on my face.

Highlighter or blush: Blush. I have too much texture on my face to use large swathes of highlighter. I really only use it in the corner of my eyes and above my eyebrows to give a little lift there. My glasses hide my crows feet with otherwise would be accentuated by it.

Kate Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair and cool-neutral, black hair, blue eyes
Cool-tones or warm-tones? A mix of both (That’s cheating, isn’t it), if I had to choose, cool ones.
Lipstick or lipgloss? Definitely lipstick, but I’ve been getting to like gloss more than I used to
Blush or highlighter? Blush, since it’s more flexible, and shimmery ones can create a highlight effect.

AB Avatar

– Your skin tone/coloring: fair, warm; blue eyes, light brown hair with copper highlights
– Cool-tones or warm-tones? warm
– Lipstick or lipgloss? hybrid: first a thin layer of Jack Black balm and then a lipstick on top; net effect is gloss-ish
– Blush or highlighter? Blush on top of a mild/not-too-shiny highlighter

Raeanne Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Medium+ with neutral to olive undertones.
Cool-tones or warm-tones? I love both! I’m pretty neutral so I can pull off warm and cool tones, though I tend to prefer warm toned lip products.
Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipgloss in winter; lipstick in summer.
Blush or highlighter? Blush! I don’t mind a matte face and don’t own very many highlighters, but I do love illuminating blushes as well.

Stephanie Avatar

Skin tone-fair olive leaning neutral in winter
Tones-always warm tones
Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick. Rarely lipgloss
Blush and highlighter please.

Kat Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair, neutral-to-warm/olive (MAC NC10-15, MUFE Y215)
Cool-tones or warm-tones? If I had to choose, warm. Cool tones are hard for me to pull off
Lipstick or lipgloss? Bullet, satin or shiny lipsticks, although I do love a good gloss
Blush or highlighter? This is by far the hardest choice, but I’d have to say blush. I love blush so much

Marie-Estelle Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: very fair with pink undertone, dark blond hair, green eyes

Cool-tones or warm-tones?
Both!!! I rarely wear a full cool tone took though.

Lipstick or lipgloss?
Lipstick, I am a 90’s baby who got traumatised by glosses haha!

Blush or highlighter?
Both! But if I could only have one… Blush.

Tracey E. Avatar

-Skin tone is light-medium with pink/beige undertones with periodic redness
-Warm tones
-Lipstick (outside of foundation & concealor, this is a must-wear for me)
-Blush, preferably one with a bit of glow (original TF, Chanel, Hourglass)

Deborah S. Avatar

Skin tone: Very pale and cool undertones.
I prefer cool tones but sometimes you have to make the warm tones work!
Definitely lipstick but I am trying to use more gloss. I will always be foremost a lipstick person.
Blush but I do like a blush highlighter hybrid such as the Ciate Glow to Illuminate blushes.

Nancy T Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Medium w olive undertones MAC NC37, Lancôme Teint Idole 24H Foundation N360, Fenty ProFilt’r Foundation 260 or 290, deep brunette, blue-green eyes w/ gold flecks.

Cool-tones or warm-tones? Warm tones and warm leaning neutrals do look best on me. Also, the warm tones of cool colors, ie, teal and turquoise blues, plums, violet tinged purples, most purples. Very cool tones suck all the life out of my face, though!

Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick!!! (But I do love gloss, too)

Blush or highlighter? Blush. Although, yet again, I do love both. Just that with having a more neutral tone of olive, I desperately NEED color on my cheeks to look alive, healthy! Therefore, if I could only own one or the other, I’d be living on highlighting blushes, like Nars Orgasm, ColourPop Sticky Sweet and such.

CeeBee Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Might medium, yellow tones. Dark brown hair and eyes.

Cool-tones or warm-tones? Warm, definitely.

Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick!

Blush or highlighter? BOTH.

Val Avatar

Skin tone: light and leaning toward warm

Cool or warm tones: I think I warm tones compliment me better but cool tones I like too

Lipstick or lipgloss: I actually prefer balm! My lips are chronically dry and I need moisture

Blush or highlighter: I have rosacea so blush is out for me ! I do like to use a highlighter around certain areas of my face

Diane Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: NW45-47 with neutral peach undertones

Cool-tones or warm-tones? warm tones

Lipstick or lipgloss? lipgloss but not gonna lie this is difficult

Blush or highlighter? highlighter but i’m obsessed with blush

Mariella Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: fair, cool-toned
Cool-tones or warm-tones? cooler tones for sure (though “warmish” eyeshadows like those in the original Naked palette work well for me too)
Lipstick or lipgloss? lipstick
Blush or highlighter? if I can only pick one, it would be blush but there are days when I do wear both.

Genevieve Avatar

Your skin tone/colouring: Porcelain, with pink undertones

Cool-tones or warm-tones? I can really wear both, but I love cool toned eyeshadows

Lipstick or lipgloss: Lipsticks definitely – cannot wear lipglosses at all.

Blush or highlighter: Blushes – highlighters just don’t work well on me.

Blue Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: light, neutral
Cool-tones or warm-tones? cool
Lipstick or lipgloss? STICK! Not counting Lip Tars (which are more liquid lipstick anyway) I would honestly probably barely miss my entire collection of lip gloss if it disappeared. I have a couple I think are beautiful, but I’d estimate I wear gloss fewer than 10 times a year.
Blush or highlighter? Highlighter. I basically never wore blush for years. It’s only recently become something I reach for semi-regularly. I do love a sheen to my skin though.

Logan Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: fair/warm

Cool-tones or warm-tones? Always warm because cool tones make me look dead.

Lipstick or lipgloss? Lip gloss, but I’ll take tinted lip balm over anything else.

Blush or highlighter? Blush, even though I like highlighter.

Alice20c Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair/Light
Cool-tones or warm-tones? Neutral/Cool
Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick
Blush or highlighter? Usually blush, occasionally highlighter

Phoebe Avatar

I’m very fair, but yellow/neutral undertones (cool blonde hair and dark brown eyes)

I love cool tones!

I mostly wear lipstick but prefer gloss but can’t wear it as my hair always sticks to my mouth.

And I love highlighter but with pink/lilac colour in it <3

Helena Avatar

Skin tone: pale, neutral-yellow
Cool or warm? A bit of both. There are some shades that I prefer cool (blue-based red), and some that I prefer warm (golden yellow).
Lipstick or gloss? Lipstick. Less messy, more versatile.
Blush or highlighter? Highlighter. I usually don’t wear foundation, so I usually don’t wear blush, but highlight is so easy and nice to pop on!

Samantha Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: light neutral
Cool-tones or warm-tones? warm for eyes, cool for lips
Lipstick or lipgloss? moisturizing lipstick, really loving Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in their satin finish
Blush or highlighter? I wear both, but I’m more into highlighter

Robin Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: nc35 light medium in winter, medium summer
Cool-tones or warm-tones? Warm in foundation but cool tones for eyes and lips
Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick or pencil for color and gloss on top
Blush or highlighter? Definitely highlighter, never use blush

MissJae1908 Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Deep Dark NW50
Cool-tones or warm-tones? Warm tones
Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick
Blush or highlighter? Highlighter

Kate Tolkach Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair/Neutral

Cool-tones or warm-tones? I prefer cool tones since it plays nice with my undertones, but I’m getting more into warm tones since the makeup industry isn’t giving me much of a choice lol

Lipstick or lipgloss? lipstick for sure. I never have and never will wear/enjoy lipgloss

Blush or highlighter? Blush. I’m so fair that if I don’t wear blush I look washed out.

Kera Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with neutral/pink undertones

Cool-tones or warm-tones? Honestly both. Most days I just sweep my bronzer in my crease and pop my highlighter in the inner corner, but I love how warm oranges and browns look on me just as much as I do true mauves and deep greens. My go-to warm palette is still probably Modern Renaissance, and for cools I love Marvelous Mauves and Edgitorial. My neutral palette is Tarte’s Clay Play Volume 1. Curse them for getting rid of it so quickly.

Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipgloss is so easy for me — it keeps my lips relatively hydrated, or at least protected enough from the wind not to dry out on me. But I also love a good lipstick. What I’ve been using these days for quick application is a Glossier Gen G in the color Like or Crush. For more important days I’ll wear my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Pillow Talk.

Blush or highlighter? Blush almost always. I can skip bronzer and highlighter, but I need some kind of blush to bring color back, and blush is honestly the most fun and noticeable way to do so. That being said, I always pop my standard highlighter in my inner corner.

Alexis Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: light, warm (NC 30), dyed dark brown hair with teal highlights.

Cool-tones or warm-tones? For eyeshadow, I’ll do whatever I’m in the mood for that day. For lips, typically warm, unless it’s a red, which I don’t like too warm because it shows up orange on me.

Lipstick or lipgloss? Definitely lipstick, thought I do wear my MAC gloss or Maybelline Ultra Shine once in a while.

Blush or highlighter? Both!! But I have to say that blush for me is a necessity.

Chris Avatar

Skin Tone/Coloring: Fair Warm/Neutral with pink undertones
Cool-tones or Warm-tones: Warm-tones
Lipstick or lipgloss: Lipstick then lipgloss
Blush or highlighter: Blush & highlighter

Anne Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: NC15 w/some redness.

Cool-tones or warm-tones? Depends on the look I’m going for.

Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick. Lipgloss is too sticky and shiny.

Blush or highlighter? Blush. I have rosy cheeks so once I throw on a base I look dead if I don’t add at least a little blush.

Joanna Avatar

Skin tone/coloring: Fair, Bright Winter. Missha #13 is a smidge too fair but doesn’t ever make my face look orange.

Cool-tones or warm-tones? Some from each side of the aisle. Sort of “warm” browns and “cool” colorful shades.

Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick, 100%. I admire the look of gloss on others, but it feels gross on me.

Blush or highlighter? Blush. I routinely wear three different shades with different placement and a tiny bit of highlighter.

Nikki Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: fair and cool skin, gray eyes, brown hair with red highlights and scattered blonde and blue strands (all natural)
Cool-tones or warm-tones? The only time I look totally washed out is if I’m wearing a yellow shirt and no makeup, but cool tones generally look better on me.
Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick. I don’t like gloss because my hair always gets stuck to my mouth.
Blush or highlighter? Blush.

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