Summer 2008 – Urban Decay Summer Line Review

Colored Big Fatty Mascara ($17.00) is Urban Decay’s colored version of their famous Big Fatty mascara. Colored mascara can be a great way to pop open peepers on lazy days or minimalist days (especially blues/purples). Wende Zomnir, Urban Decay’s Creative Director, says “A colored mascara is the perfect summer beauty uniform.” Big Fatty mascara adds decent volume and length to lashes–it’s probably not my favorite mascara formula (Plushlash, love ya!), but I did use it for many months in the past, so obviously it caught my fancy!

  • Electric Blue Add a jolt to brown eyes, or light your blue eyes on fire. And against bronzed skin? Mesmerizing.
  • Indigo This inky blue, a free-spirited alternative to black, brings a mischievous edge to eyes of any
  • Purple Haze Lend a violet aura to eyes of every shade, adds richness to brown eyes, or intensifies blues and greens.
  • Black Cherry Sexier than basic black, Black Cherry creates a bit of studied mystery to eyes of any color.

Big Buddha Body Brush ($36.00) is a silky soft brush that’s enormous! It’s one of those brushes that feels so soft to the touch that all you want to do is pet it. While MAC’s 179 is ridiculously soft, it is also ridiculously expensive. At $36, the Big Buddha is both the answer to my body brush needs, and the limits of my wallet. Plus, Good Karma brushes is a cruelty-free line where bristles are synthetic and 100% animal-friendly.

Want to know what I thought of the rest of Urban Decay’s Summer Launch?

De-Slick Mattifying Powder ($28.00) is designed to be a blot powder that reduces shine. I know there will be a few of you who are excited about this product! It can be applied under or over foundation, which means you can prep your skin with it, but toss it in your bag for on-the-go touch ups. What I love about it is that it is a universal color–it will work for every skin tone (well, I can at least attest that it worked for mine!).

Blaze & Rush Eye Shadows ($16.00) are two summer colors launched this year, and I have to say, Rush? I’m all over you! Blaze is described as a “peach champagne shimmer,” while Rush is a “bronze gold shimmer.” Urban Decay shadows are highly pigmented, smooth and velvety, and I haven’t run into a bad apple yet. I know that you are able to use them wet, though I haven’t personally tried it yet.

Rush / Blaze

Urban Decay Baked Bronzer in Gilded ($24.00) is a baked bronzer that Urban Decay launched in 2002 (Baked and Toasted). Gilded is a bronzer with gold shimmer baked into a warm bronze. It is lighter than its predecessors, making it ideal for even lighter skintones. One great thing about any baked product is that you can use them wet or dry without fear of ruining the product. I personally like this kind of bronzer, because it is incredibyl subtle, but still noticeable.

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