Spadaro Sole Nero Eau de Parfum Review and Photo

Spadaro Sole Nero Eau de Parfum

Spadaro Sole Nero Eau de Parfum

Spadaro Sole Nero Eau de Parfum ($135.00 for 100ml) has notes of Italian grapefruit, bergamot, white pepper, cumin, musk, sandalwood, almond, and vanilla.  The bottle I have is sample packaging, so what is available at retail is larger and prettier–it looks a lot like a lantern.  The bottle design is actually what made me notice the brand to begin with!

The Story

Each day, we climbed steep stone pathways to yet another wonderful outdoor market, where we would shop for fresh produce. Grapefruit has always been one of my favorite oils, and I found myself surrounded by citrus fruits being cut for juice and handed out to passersby for sampling. So sweet and succulent, they are emblazoned in our collective memory. During a mountaintop dinner one night, we watched Mount Etna’s ambient light glow in the distance. The faint smell of smoke wafted in the breeze. We all sat around a beautiful Italian table, enjoying wines from nearby vineyards and reminiscing about our family’s connection to the land. We heard fascinating stories about distant relatives, many of whom we have never met.

When I returned to the States, I was compelled to make a fragrance with just a hint of grapefruit, rounded out by soft musk and spices, to mark that great trip and to celebrate the spirit of family.

Initially, there’s a strong pepperiness that almost smells like black licorice, though it’s certainly not listed anywhere in the description. It fades very quickly to a scent dominated by bergamot and musk. There’s a subtle sweetness and nuttiness from the almond and vanilla that rounds out the fragrance. The bergamot starts taking a backseat, and the sensual woodiness from the sandalwood moves to the forefront alongside the musk.

The scent is strong, heady, sexy–lots of muskiness blended with sweet woods. I don’t get a lot of citrus or spiciness, though–if I take a really slow, deep inhale, I feel like I can almost detect a light pepperiness in the very background of the scent. It’s very smooth, kind of creamy in a way. If you’re a fan of musk, it’s worth checking out (and conversely, if you loathe musk, skip).