Sneak Peek: Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows – Satin Finish Photos & Swatches

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows | Satin Finish
Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows | Satin Finish

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing swatches of the newly released Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadow ($17.00 for 0.08 oz.) range. Today’s swatches feature shades with a Satin finish, which translates to a subtle sheen that’s more semi-matte to pearly, depending on the shade. I noticed that this particular finish seemed to have weaker pigmentation in a single layer for the more colorful shades, though the neutrals seemed fairly pigmented. They all swatched lighter than they appeared in their respective pans. Like the Iridescent finish, several shades seemed quite different in actual color/undertone in the new formula than the previous formula (I think some could have used new names) and was less pigmented than the previous formula overall.

Satin Finish | Artist Color Shadows

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OMG, what has MUFE done here???? Some of these shadows are literally a shadow of their former self! They look like they have 50%-75$ less pigment, and some of the new shades are totally different colors, but still carry the same name as the old ones. Why MUFE? Why??? You’re breaking my heart!

What YOU said!!!! I can’t believe what they’d done to Reptile and I’m so glad I have the original. Initially, I was happy to see these rectangular pans as they fit so much better into a Z-type palette and I was going to get a few of the shades I never did get in the “originals”. But now….yeesh. Bronze Khaki looks just like unattractive olives and the other shades don’t thrill me either, especially when swatched. Black Brown looks okay-ish and one or 2 others aren’t too bad but it is still such a disappointment!

Ahahahaha! I like your comment about how hard it will be to “overdo” some of these shades. Some of these shadows look so muted and faded, I would need to pack on 3 layers with a trowel to get somewhat close to the originals. So sad, my heart weeps πŸ™

Katherine, with some of the shades, they look quite different from the originals so that even packing them on for pigmentation, you’d still end up with a totally different shade than in the original releases. That’s what really struck me about Bronze Khaki…it looks to be an entirely different colour from the original as well as looking quite different from how it looks in the pan.

I agree! They should’ve given the new shades a different name/number. I probably have 12 MUFE singles in the old formula, I used to complain how big the pans were, as they took up so much space. Now I’m glad, because those pans have to last a lifetime!

I know what you mean about the pan size of the old formula. For me, and given the increased price in Canada, I’d have been happier with “Mac sized” pans and was really glad to get the Nude You Need palette with smaller pans (even though I already had 1 of them in the biggie pan). I also liked this idea of rectangular pans but, honestly, what a self-defeating move to “reformulate” in such a disappointing way. So many of us who are (or should I say “were”) fans and are familiar with the original products will be stingily using the gems we have and looking for replacements from other companies. Not a nice Xmas treat from MUFE….BAH, Humbug!

I agree! I had said in another swatch post they look so flat and dull, and it does seem like they’re less pigmented or more so less vibrant. I’m sad at how many shades they did away with in this newest shadow iteration. Very disappointing, il have to be looking elsewhere for my favorite shades now

I know! As soon as I saw these sad looking swatches in Christine’s swatch gallery, my jaws hit the keyboard. I ran to the Sephora site, dumped 3 of the old singles in there that had been on my wishlist forever and hit checkout –Morello Cherry, Eggplant, and Pink Ash. I went back yesterday to see if I wanted any more, but all of the old singles were completely gone from both Sephora and MUFE’s site πŸ™

Okay, so MUFE has officially pissed me off while also breaking my heart. Reptile looks horrid compared to its former version. That shade has been on my WL for 3 years, but I never felt any real sense of urgency because it’s part of their permanent line, right? WRONG! 3 years later, MUFE actually thought it would be a wonderful idea to fix what not only wasn’t broken, but a beloved, favorite eyeshadow formula for millions of people! Oh, and yeah, most of the rest of these S(atin) shades look pretty pathetic compared to their previous counterparts!

Nancy, I should cut my Reptile in half (oooh, that sounds brutal!) and give it to you! I am so glad I have it and also Taupe Grey. I had Bronze Khaki on my “to buy” list and, like you, figured “one of these days”. Those days are now gone.

Aww, that’s so kind of you to offer, Mariella! It’s okay, I have UD Stash. So I’ll try foiling it. What’s hilarious is, I’m trying to picture some poor soul stumbling on to this post and reading about mutilating a reptile, LMBO!πŸ˜‚
I have a feeling that the backlash that MUFE is sure to receive over this ill-conceived reformulation will have them in a frenzy soon enough…they totally screwed up. Now, even no b/ups on Sephora’s or MUFE’S sites for the *great* ones. RIP *real* Artist Shadows.

Hahaha….I was thinking of the poor customs inspector person finding this greeny grey powder substance in a container in an envelope and sending it to the lab for drug testing!!!!

I wonder if the “reformulation” might have to do with some ingredient in the original formula no longer being available or becoming a banned substance or something like that.

Hmmm – most of these don’t look so hot – lots of very faded shades and I echo what Katherine has said about Reptile – it was such a vibrant shade.
In this day and age of so many choices, MUFE is taking a retrograde step here.

Right ! I don’t find that the slight individual decrease and better bundle price is worth this ? ! What’s the point if all of my favorite shades are done with.

Wow. These are really disappointing. The only one I would buy is ME622 Brown Black, but I’m so thankful that I purchased so many in this last sale.

Wow what a huge step back, first they changed manufacturing on their brushes so they’re no longer the same shape let alone quality now their industry loved artist shadows? These don’t even look pigmented enough to show up on my medium-dark skintone let alone anyone darker. I’m sorry to see what used to be my favourite fail-safe brand can’t be relied on anymore, I’ll miss my shadows when they’re panned πŸ™

Did they change the brushes?!. I only have a few but i purchased a b/u of the large powder brush maybe a year later (the first one being when they first launched). I thought it was just me because it was much less dense than the original. As for the shadows I’m sad they didn’t even put them on sale so we could all stock up , same to the panning sad indeed.

Well….this is depressing. 😩 They should have used the same, perfect formula and just put them in these smaller pans and dropped the price to appeal to a larger audience. This was a mistake.

I agree with you 100%, Jocelyn. They ought to have just kept that fantastic formula, put it into these pans, and voila! We’d all be perfectly content with that! This has been a huge letdown.

Am I daft, or didn’t MUFE redo their formula less than two years ago? What was wrong with the previous formula? All of this has probably been explained on a prior post, so I apologize for my ignorance. I’m just kind of taken aback. I make cosmetics- take my word for it: creating a good pressed formula is a fine art. Switching up a popular, well-performing formula for the sake of change or β€˜newness’ just seems ridiculous. :/

What a mixed bag! I still am so disappointed in their new formulas. Only one really stood out to me in the satins that I’d purchase, S622 Brown Black. The brighter greens and corals seemed quite pigmented as well, but are rarely colors I’d use. Thanks though for your efforts doing them all. Looks like I’ll be purchasing one or two at the most out of each texture group (which will save me money. LOL )

I also like Brown Black, probably for the same reason that most of us are up in arms about almost all the other colours….it’s a bit lighter and less intense and intimidating than many “brown/black” shadows are. I wouldn’t be quite so worried about “overdoing” things with that shade.

Maybe this is a cheaper formula for the company to produce or something. Otherwise I can’t figure out why they would change to a much weaker looking eye shadow formula!

I’m realllyyy hoping Petrol and Cedar Blue apply and perform better on the eyelids than how they swatch. But, I’m not getting my hopes up too high.

Wow! I had availed myself of MUFE’s recent 12 for 72 offer or whatever it was to try the brand and get into the MUFE shadows, which I had none of prior. And I was only able to order shades that were available and so I really had to pick and choose to get a wearable group. But when they arrived and as I looked at them, the inconvenience of holding twelve round shades in a z palette or whatever just made me think I would never use these. And I was about to return them, but time ran out and now I am stuck with them. Maybe that is a good thing.

Wow, Petrol Blue really changed! πŸ™ I’m glad I bought it in the old formula. MUFE Artist Shadows were some of the few non-cruelty free products I’d been allowing myself to buy. I may not have to worry about them any more. So many of these look almost nothing like their original counterparts.

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