Sneak Peek: MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Collection Photos & Swatches

MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Collection
MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Collection

MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Collection is a new, limited edition collection that released online late last week. I have seen a lot of reactions from readers and the community, and I hope that readers will remember to be accepting and respectful of each other. Temptalia is a community that welcomes all individuals to come together to enjoy and discuss all things beauty. I invite discussion of the collection/collaboration when it is done respectfully.

On a personal note, I was extremely surprised (and disappointed) that there was no charitable initiative to go along with the launch (compared to the previous collaboration on Finally Free lipstick, which raised over a million dollars for the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative) given the names used/theme of the collection and that the collection itself is described as a continuation of “her mission of sharing her transition with the world.”

If that charitable component was something you were hoping for, perhaps consider donating a portion (or more!) of what you might have spent on the collection to organizations like The Trevor Project and GLAAD.

MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Collection

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Completely agree with you about the surprise and disappointment that there was no charitable aspect to this launch.

I’ve seen MAC do both in the past, like Rihanna – regular collections and Viva Glam – but I remember reading the interview MAC did with Caitlyn Jenner about the why/how of Finally Free and why Jenner partnered with MAC in the first place, and it was very much to raise awareness/funds for transgender initiatives. It struck me as odd to have a collection that is about her transition journey (which is what the lipstick symbolized!) and then have the collection completely disconnected from their charitable partnership, which wasn’t long ago.

Authentic Red is the only thing in this collection that I like enough to to buy it but given my feelings about the whole Jenner/Kardashian krowd, and also how dupe-able it looks, I’ll go with the dupe. It is disappointing that there is no charitable component to this collection, though I often feel that way (a scholarship fund for young women linked to the Selena collection would have been heartening to me).

I held back my comments bc I thought maybe even though I don’t support Caitlin Jenner this collection still supported the trans community. Now knowing there is no charitable, I can safely say I won’t buy any of this. Not only is it dull but I will not support an entitled, spoiled, out of touch privileged moron like Caitlin. Worst MAC collaboration and a horrible trans representative. Her politics are horrible and I could care less what they are but given she has been so outspoken about them I have to say it is appalling she supports a party that wants to discriminate against the trans community. Couldn’t they have partnered with Laverne Cox? Her journey is much more inspiring!

I agree 100% concerning her politics. When I listen to Laverne speak, her pride and confidence is far more inspiring and inclusive. I’d LOVE to see a more creative collection with Laverne’s touch — I bet it would be really cool.

Not bad shades. Espescialy Malibu Bronze and Glowing Gold eyeshadows. But, yet again, very dupable. They both remind me of shades I’ve got in my EE Gritty & Glow palette. (Yes, I know, Kendall, but her EE brand doesn’t throw “Kardashian/Jenner” in one’s face in a gratuitous manner.)
Again though, I just cannot get with the whole Kardashian/ Jenner klan. Or any “reality” show famous person who has no other talent except for creating drama. Real life is drama enough!

Oh, Nancy – thank you so much for saying what I think too. I teach high school students, many of whom don’t come from the best homes (some are the first of their families ever to graduate from high school – and these are Canadian families for generations, but generations on welfare, never having worked, etc.) And I see how these reality shows really skew the view many of these kids – who don’t have the best role models at home – have of the world in that they think there’s just this world waiting out there to provide them with luxury cars, parties, tanning, etc. without having to work for it. I didn’t know there was a Jenner connection to the Estee Edit line – I just thought it was all Estee Lauder but sort of “Lauder LITE”. I too bought the Gritty & Glow palette(s) because the eyeshadows were so stunning (here we are again, we makeup “double act” – first Empreinte du Desert and now G&G). Had I known of the Kardashian Konnekshun, I don’t know if I’d have bought it or not….

Malibu Bronze looks lovely! But probably very dupable.

I agree that it’s disappointing that this collab wasn’t done in conjunction with a non-profit. That really seemed like the obvious thing to do. :/ But I will say thank you for suggesting two organizations to donate as an alternative!

Horrible that there is no linked charity. With all the money MAC and the Jenners make, you think they could spare 5%. Shame on Caitlin!

Wait… So MAC is doing a LE launch with a trans spokesmodel and not having any of it go towards LGBTQ charitable organizations ?! ??? Is MAC that out of touch with their base??

They did so with Finally Free lipstick, which was their initial collab, but not for this second collaboration, unfortunately.

Honestly everything here looks so pretty that I might have tried to nab a couple things (that I don’t need) if it did go to charity. But instead, I’ll just save my pennies for my end-of-year donations.

While I would love to see some of the profit go to a charity that provides support to the Transgender community, there really aren’t many organizations that provide any real support. A very small percentage of funds that go to LGBTQI organizations goes to the Trans members. In fact, there are those who are gay/lesbian who don’t accept Trans individuals as part of their “community”, and vice-versa. That said, perhaps one day Caitlyn can, and will be willing to, secure a platform to really aid the Trans community.

Wow, I think this collection is really pretty! Lots of elegant gold packaging and very wearable, flattering colors, and the names are inspiring and tasteful, nothing related to drugs or OD’ing. I’m kind of disappointed there’s no charitable link, like the Finally Free lipstick, but maybe I can buy something from this collection AND donate to those charities? Kind of have my cake and eat it too? Whatever her politics or faults might be, I do admire Caitlyn for having the courage to come out to the world and transform herself into who she really wants to be. I’m eyeing the Tolerance lipgloss (beautiful color, love the gold shimmer) and the Buddy compact.

I agree with several others that Caitlyn’s previous treatment of the LGBTQ+ community puts me off from purchasing this collection. I didn’t know much of her history when Finally Free was released but my opinion has changed now that I do. I will wait for dupes and, in the meantime, donate to The Trevor Project. If nothing else, I’m glad that there are beautiful products available to spread the message that trans people are welcome in society and, more specifically, the beauty community. I just hope that better collaborations with the same purpose will come along in the future.

I 100% agree with you, as someone in the LGBT community (I am a gay women), I don’t want to support someone who doesn’t support people like myself, or think people like me are “Weird” or “not worthy”

I’m going to look at christines dupes of these, and continue my work with trans, mentally ill youth in my community!!

I’m somewhat on the other side of you, a young mentally ill girl questioning her sexuality! It’s enough to receive the message of “you’re worth less than others” from society, but from a member of the community hurts us to the same degree if not more. I very much look forward to big-name brands like MAC creating products in the future to promote LGBTQ+ safety and acceptance…just not from Caitlyn Jenner and her past comments.

Thank you for pointing out that none of this is going to help a single transgender person except her. I’d rather donate to organizations that help the LGBT community than have another nude lipgloss. I don’t understand why MAC partnered with her at all since she’s on record as opposing gay marriage.

I was waiting for the swatches because I ordered all items “blind”. Normally I wait for your review but the collection came out earlier in Germany. I am sooo happy that I have the gold and bronze eyeshadow. They look so good. Exactely the colours I Love for eyeshadow. I think I will buy another of the gold one. The bronze shade is sold out in Germany. Have to look if it is still available on
The lipsticks are a little bit dissapointing except the online exclusive one. I thought Rock it would be a very beautiful shade but it is so sheer.
I ordered one blush just because of the packaging for my collection.
I think I will return all glosses except tolerance. There are other glosses from mac which look the same.

Compassion and Malibu were calling my name, love the gold packaging too. However, I cannot give my money to anyone related to that family, I’ve been waiting for years for all of of them to finally disappear into oblivion. I will wait for dupes instead 😉

Such an easy pass for me on every level. I honestly feel like this collaboration is on par with Azealia Banks. The optics are terrible and my solar plexus just says “hell no.” The lack of charitable donation is just the icing on the…cake.

This is disapointing from many points of view.
But, even if I liked the products or colors in this collection, I would not buy them.
I refuse to support or buy from someone who immorality is acceptable and even worst, spreads It like if It was good news. We are all human beings yes but let’s stop pretending morality and immorality equals the same thing.
I’m speaking for number of individuals who also feel the same way.
Everyone has a right to an opinion so here is mine and I hope this respectful comment gets posted.

I hope i’m understanding your comment correctly, If not, Then hey, whatever.

Everyone has a right to an opinion yes.

But no LGBT person deserves to be called “Immoral”.

We have to live our life in fear, and in constant danger. Especially trans women. They face a TON of violence. And are worthy of love and respect.

I am a gay women. And I work with mentally ill, LGBT youth. I have seen youth as young as NINE, go through hell and back in our Child Protective Services in my town. I know, personally I came from a anti-LGBT Parent.

And him calling me a sin, and immoral. made it so I almost wouldn’t be here right now.

You have a right to free speech. Yes. That is 1000% correct. And I know from my job, and from my life. I can’t change someone’s opinion easily. And I’m not trying to change your opinion I promise.

I’m just saying. With free speech, comes the fact that the people who HEAR what you are saying can and ARE hurt by words, and free speech doesn’t mean we can’t VOCALLY disagree with you.

I personally DO NOT like Caitlyn Jenner. She is a very privileged women, who doesn’t see it. And doesn’t use her privilege to help other Trans women/LGBT people. I disagree with a lot of her opinions and stances on things.

But that doesn’t mean we can be transphobic and deny her, HER rights as a human being who deserves respect.

Amen Sister Shannon N! Preach on! This gay woman is very moved by your reasoned response. I too have lost a trans friend because HE could no longer live with the painful arrows words and actions skewered in his heart. I was unable to answer in a respectful not sarcastic way that wound is still raw so I kept scrolling out of respect for Christine. Thank you on behalf of our community!

As far as I can tell, you’re fairly alone, at least on this board, with the opinion that GLBT=immoral. Opinion on this issue has changed fairly rapidly over the years (in part due to the fact that most people know an out GLBT person) and I am willing to bet that a fair number of the people that you think you speak for no longer agree with you. Also, your comment may have the trappings of respectability, but not its content. Saying someone is immoral for who they are will always be disrespectful, no matter how it is said.

I’m nowhere nearly as articulate as Shannon (and heartily second every single thing she says), but please also consider that it’s possible that we have different ideas of what immoral is. For example, I think it’s extremely immoral to pressure your wife to have plastic surgery, only to cheat on her anyway, and to divorce your second wife two months before your pre-nup is set to expire (that is, divorce her because it’s financially beneficial). I don’t think it’s immoral to love who you love when it’s among two consenting adults or to change your outer gender expression to fit who you are inside.

I have been with my wife for 23 years now and you’d have a hard time finding a better relationship anywhere (we’re known as the perpetually-happy-lesbian-couple). There is nothing immoral about this, we make each-other happier and better people, and we are well aware of how ridiculously lucky we are.

This! This! This! I’m recovering from an injury and only have a limited amount of brain power before I need rest and I’ve used up my banked rest so unfortunately my words are scrambling. But I love your comment and congratulations on your happy relationship!!! It makes me very happy for you both!!!

I don’t have an opinion either way about Caitlyn Jenner as a person, and what people do behind closed doors is their own business-as long as my life isn’t being affected directly, “morality” is a personal issue, which varies among all of us. To me, as long as a persons choices in life don’t set out to intentionally hurt another, or lack regard to another’s safety, what one does (or “is”) is not a matter of “morality”.

The Trans community is probably one of the *most* vulnerable, facing discrimination not only from the homophobic faction, but also from those in the LGBTQI community. Since many Trans individuals identify as one specific gender, and often partner with someone of the opposite gender, they are considered ” heterosexual”. Gender dysmorphia can also have it’s origin in an individuals physical/biological makeup, and isn’t a “choice”.

Collection is blah.
I’m also not a fan at all of the whole family, and since none of the revenue is going to a worthy cause, that seals it for me.

I was expecting a charitable component to this collection, which would be my prime motivation to buy. Shame they didn’t, since I won’t be purchasing it because of that, MAC isn’t a line a love and use. It’s a nice collection, but I have all these colours by my usual brands.

Nothing charitable about the Jenner-Kardashian family.
Rather, buy something else or donate somewhere else.
MAC is a disappointment picking her.

I think Malibu Bronze is STUNNING! My reasons for not supporting this collection are half similar and half different from everyone else. I think Bruce Jenner was a piss poor human being and Caitlin isn’t any better. Damn, I’m in a mood today! HEY KIDS! GET OFF MY LAWN lol

Thank you Christine, I really appreciate you suggesting donations that actually help the community (visibility matters, but actual help for people who need it matters more). Also, everyone, please remember, as vulnerable as GLBT youth are and as much as it really does get better, GLBT adults can need support as well. I’ve had two adult GLBT friends kill themselves in the last year, and I find it heartening how many allies there are on just this page (and how wonderfully articulate Shannon N. is). As another community member (gay woman), thank you for making my day.

Reka, your comments have made my day! I’m so happy to read your post, and see that there ARE happy lesbian couples.

I’m still very young. I’m turning 20 in a month. But to know someone in the community is happy, and in a healthy relationship. It gives me hope!

Buddy and Tolerance are pretty but I’m passing on them. I don’t approve of Bruce/Caitlin or any of the Kardashians so I won’t be supporting them with any purchases.

For all you transinclusive beauty lovers out there, thanks <3

And for those against, who want to claim free speech… identifying as whatever gender makes me mentally healthy is my free speech. You are the ones who don't understand free speech. My expression hurts no one, can you say that about the message you spread?

I am not a MAC follower but there are a few products here and the the torque my curiosity. I’m disappointed that Jenners products don’t benefit the general LGBQT community in a benefit so I am less inclined to look that way. Reasons. 1. I don’t follow MAC. 2. It’s not a benefit.

I really like the gold eyeshadow and the blush duo, but I don’t know that I can stand to purchase something associated with that clan and then to have things so prominently embossed with Caitlyn’s name lying around in my house.

Nothing here particularly grabs me, and it is a shame that there wasn’t a charitable aspect attached to this campaign. I very much appreciate the links you provided to the Trevor Project and GLAAD, though!

Understanding lipstick is pretty, but nothing else looks too special. I’ll likely pass on this one, especially since there’s no charitable side to it. Unfortunate.

I really enjoyed reading reader comments here, especially those that identify as LGBT. I like the way some of these look, but I will pass on this collection!

Some of the items are pretty, especially Tolerance and the bronze eye shadow. To be honest, though, I can’t bring myself to buy a Kardashian/Jenner product. I refuse to put more money in their pockets. I would have considered buying a product where the proceeds went to charity, like the Viva Glam line, though.

I was excited when I saw the descriptions on the MAC website. The Malibu Bronze is the only one that seems to work for my cioloring. I know a previous comment noted that these shades were all warm, but the blush clearly is not, and neither are the lipsitcks. I had hopes for the Rock It lipstick and the corresponding gloss, but they appear to be more of a corally mauve, not beige at all. I have to check your dupes for Malibu Bronze before I buy anothe MAC single, I am seriously running out of room! But I really don’t think I have a similar color. I won’t ger involved in politics on a makeup chat, its my only “hobby”/ obsession, it should give escape from the outside world, not pull you back into it! That’s what “hobbies” are for!!!

I actually really like the color story and the names. I think the makeup itself looks promising, even if the controversy attached to the name and the lack of charitable contributions associated with the collaboration can be off-putting.

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