Sneak Peek: MAC Snow Ball Collection Photos & Swatches

MAC Snow Ball Collection
MAC Snow Ball Collection

MAC Snow Ball Collection is a new, limited holiday collection that’s split into a traditional color collection (single shades) as well as a multitude of sets. I’m working to get the sets I received swatched soon but likely won’t have them up for a couple more days, but I was able to get the color collection swatched (I am missing one eyeshadow):


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Sonia Avatar

Most of this collection has already sold out online. People were posting secret links online and that’s what caused this problem. The eyeshadows really had me interested, especially “stylishly merry” , its such a unique triochrome. But I was sceptical after watching a couple swatches online and now after your swatch, I’m glad I didn’t stay up to stalk the internets for it. Come to think of it, Fyrinnae’s Exquisite line of e/s is far better than these Mac ones. Christine, would you consider reviewing or at least swatching Fyrinnae’s Exquisite line? It would help to have cheaper and better dupes of such super limited collections. Stylishly merry looks very similar to Mythical Dalliance.

Sonia Avatar

Oh dear! I wasn’t blaming you at all. None of the beauty bloggers that I follow have reviewed this collection. i am only mad at a certain Instagramer who over hypes up collections and is at least indirectly responsible for things selling out quickly.

You didn’t answer my previous question regarding Fyrinnae Exquisites.

Sonia Avatar

Eh mine is related to the topic because the product I’m requesting is a dupe to these eyeshadows from the snowball collection. But that’s fine, I really couldn’t be bothered to fill out a form.

Sandra Avatar

Just a thought… you’re asking Christine to go out and buy product and spend time swatching but won’t take a minute or two to help her help you? It sounded like she wanted to consider your request but didn’t want to forget hence asking you to email πŸ™‚

Nancy T Avatar

Sonia: You must be new here and not realize that Christine is up to her eyeballs in new releases for the holidays, plus fall releases as well. She has an excellent work ethic. You ask her to add yet another collection, which she seemed quite willing and ready to give your request attention through the proper channels. Yet, you on the other hand, aren’t willing to take just a few minutes to fill out a simple form? Please show some reasonableness here.

Sonia Avatar

Christine, There is no need to apologize. I understand and appreciate all the hard work you put into your blog. It’s great that you have a system in place! I just wanted to say that it’s not terribly important to me for you to review the product. Hence, I don’t care about filling out a form. That’s on me. That is not a critique of your system or my being ungrateful! Besides, you reviewing products helps you out as much as it helps your readers. It is a two-way street, you have affiliate links that I use. I think my previous comment rubbed you the wrong way, otherwise you wouldn’t have approved Sandra’s reproachful comment, and blocked my ability to respond to her.

Christine Avatar

I believe the comment thread doesn’t nest below the level it currently is at – that’s a system-wide thing on all comment threads to prevent them from getting too narrow on the page! I have zero ability to block you or anyone else from replying to a particular comment, comment thread, or individual – I can do things like block you period but not anything so specific like that.

Thank you for clarifying – I definitely didn’t take your comment the wrong way so we’re good! Edited to add: Also, a clarification of my own: I have no problems with requests but keep track of them best via requests sent formally, so I can sort by date and also do a search by brand depending on what’s going on (could be a big sale or a brand new-to-me, so I might be looking for multiple products to purchase). I try to give some respect based on time, as well, so the email system allows me to have that all readily accessible! I try to consider any and all requests but can’t accommodate all of them, so I keep them and will visit if and when I think I might be able to address one!

Sonia Avatar

Nancy, please read my comment. I’m not being unreasonable or ungrateful. You are being disrespectful by rudely inserting yourself in this dialogue between me and Christine.

Also, Christine. I have read your blog for ten years but I’ve never experienced any of your minions going after me for stating my opinion in a respectful manner. This has left a very bad taste in my mouth since you are the one approving all these comments. By the way, I cannot find your request form on the home page.

Christine Avatar

Hi Sonia,

All calls are subjective and I’m not always right – it is the type of comment I would allow to myself and construed as more constructive than rude/snarky. I do not shield readers from replies to other readers (it is an open forum, an email exchange would be better for a one-on-one dialogue) even if the reply may be critical (this is especially important for larger issues, e.g. situations where we’ve dealt with controversial collections).

There’s “Contact Us” in the footer of every page with a “Feedback” form. Here’s a direct link:

I will certainly revisit the comment thread and put myself in your shoes and see if it there are any adjustments I can make in the future when approving more critical coments. Thank you for letting me know your feelings and giving me the opportunity to see if there’s room to improve!

Tracey E. Avatar

Sonia, I can see your rationale for when it’s worth the time to complete a request. I thought the dupe you offered was an interesting contribution. I read and re-read the exchanges that followed with disappointment. I find Temptalia readers to be some of the most thoughtful with respect to tone and content of their comments and support of one another through issues related and unrelated to the blog/post. A number of times you followed up with language that clarified your point and then disparaged the comments/actions of others who were attempting to help. Referring to fellow readers as ‘minions’ and suggesting that a reader had inserted herself where she didn’t belong was shocking to read. Christine said she would re-read your comments and reflects on her request process. I hope you can re-read your comments from the readers’ perspective and assess a less aggressive response. Sometimes, de-escalating the conversation by thanking people for bringing something to your attention is the higher road to take.

Katherine T. Avatar

I put in my order as soon as it launched on Ulta, will be coming in about a week! Oh gosh, that swatch for Stylishly Merry looks problematic, but I’m hoping I can get it to work, as it was so stunning looking on some you tubers, and such a unique shade. I also got It’s Snowing, and if that reviews well, might get a backup, love that color. And I got the lippie in Shimmer & Spice too, look nice, hope the glitter isn’t gritty. Yikes, not sure about Here Comes Joy, might be too subtle to use as a highlighter but too peachy orange for me to use as a face powder, but might be ok to add some color to a winter face. Happy Go Dazzling looks better but I have so many gold highlighters already. Will await your thoughts.

Laura Avatar

I was at one of the pre-launch parties and missed out on Stylishly Merry at first… it’s literally stunning. Using my finger i thought it’s one of the prettiest MAC shadows I’ve ever played with. It’s beautiful on so many complexions. That said, I can’t speak to brush performance yet.

Katherine T. Avatar

Oh thanks for your thoughts Laura! Stylishly Merry does look like a shadow that can be applied with fingers. The color is so unique looking, I don’t mind doing that, and sometimes fingers can be faster and better than brushes. If it performs well, I might have to get a backup, assuming I can find one!

Tracey E. Avatar

I was comparing Stylishly Merry and Delicate Drift at the counter because the MUA thought they were the same shade questioned the label. She then did a swatch of them and one was more glittery than the other. I only saw the shade shifts in Stylishly Merry when someone posted a photo that showed the shift.

I’m wondering if you or other Temptalia reader have/saw Delicate Drift and your thoughts on that shade vs. Stylishly Merry.

Christine Avatar

The texture of the product itself is not the same formula – doesn’t feel at all like the Extra Dimension formula. They’re both warm, yellow golds, so they’re not exactly going to be drastically different, but the texture feels completely different.

denise Avatar

No. The highlighter on this picture is not WOG, there’s two different highlighters in this collection. The WOG comes in a set with bag and brush, currently it’s sold out online at Ulta. MAC will realese it until 11/2 with the second part of this collection.

Tracey E. Avatar

If you think you want WofG, better to reserve it on pre-sale and pick it up/have it shipped to you on Nov 2. My understanding is that dept stores have a set amount of inventory and are pre-selling against it. Anything not reserved before Nov 2 will be put out on the counter on Nov 2.

Christina Avatar

I think it’s because some people were able to buy the Whisper of Gilt set before it is officially supposed to launch on November 2, so the two gold highlighters are getting mixed up when people talk about them.

Mary Ann Avatar

Whisper of Gilt will be released Nov 2, when the second phase of the holiday collection comes out. At least that is what the MAC salesperson told me. Personally, if you’re interested in the gold-tones highlighter, I would wait for Whisper:-)

Naesynae Avatar

I noticed this, too, and have been surprised that no-one else seems to have picked up on it, including the staff at my local mac store. I have had the “old” one on my wishlist since I realized while overseas how ripped off us Aussies get on the price of these, compared to Canada or US prices.

Bearing this in mind, it will be interesting to see how long these stick around for when they launch here next week

Jessica Avatar

I grabbed both of the highlighters and the WOG set. I probably didn’t need both WOG & Happy Go Dazzingly, but Ulta doesn’t include swatches and I didn’t want to miss out. But now that I’m looking at Here Comes Joy it’s looking a lot like WnW Golden Flower Child, which I own, lol.

Nancy T Avatar

Last night I bought Stylishly Merry EDES and also Shimmer & Spice Lipstick. Love them both! Almost bought Elle Belle, too. However, when I tried on Elle Belle, I knew that it was just a bit too slippery for such a rich, dark shade of red. I still *may* buy it with the new-found awareness that it absolutely needs a good, solid lip liner underneath, plus checking in a mirror to make sure it hasn’t drifted outside my lip line.

Safyre Avatar

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like this has a very throwback MAC feel with a lot of thought put into presentation and design. I probably won’t be picking anything up but it’s all so lovely to look at.

Lindsey Avatar

What a beautifully packaged collection! I purchased the whisper of guilt set (included a beautiful rose gold face brush and sequined bag), stylishly merry #2 e/s and a couple of lippies (shimmer and spice/I’m glistening). I stopped by my MAC store last weekend and they literally had just put everything out on display for pre-sale. The eye shadows swatched gorgeously on my skin tone so I may pick up another color. I sampled the shimmer and spice lipstick in the store which is gorgeous. However, I could feel the glitter on my lips (did not like that) so since it was a pre-sale I will probably exchange it for one of the lip sets when I go to pick up my order next week.

Nicole D Avatar

I ordered It’s Snowing, Stylishly Merry and the lipstick in Rouge en Snow. I had the chance to swatch Stylishly Merry from a friend of mine who bought hers in store and it was really pigmented and quite creamy. It is such a beautiful colour that shifts from gold/light golden-brown to pink depending on the light. I don’t know if there are bad and good batches of this shade but I can’t wait to get mine and to see how it works.

Sian Avatar

I had to rush out once I saw these lip swatches and knew they were selling out! I managed to snag 5/6 (and they still had all 6!) For me the best part was that the frosts to me replaced the urge to go buy some of the full metallic lips or strobe-glittery glosses (particularly bite and joker ones) while still packing a metallic punch so even though I dropped a bit of cash, I feel its saved me some in the future! I’m a lipstick girl over gloss or liquid lipstick and somehow this collection fell into place perfectly for me. And those reds!!!!

Stephanie Avatar

I am so angry the eyeshadows sold out so quickly! I really wanted Stylishly Merry!! Why don’t they make more?? Whats the point of sending samples to influencers when quantities are so limited? That’s a total tease! Aaargh! Anyone know any dupes for Stylishly Merry?

Tara Avatar

I went in to the Mac store here in toronto at the eaton centre on the day everything came out, to my surprise the stylish marry was already sold out 15 mins after they opened it was also sold out at the next two stores near by when they called for me, I was happy with what I did buy (the red Matt lipstick and the gold highlighter) wish I could have gotten stylish marry it was super pretty in person I even find the gold highlighter to look nicer in person then in any photos That’s why it’s so hard to just buy offline and not get to test the products in person. However with that being said I’m always greatful to be able to come here and see what others have to say about products.

@ vasper the gold highlighter is not a dupe of whisper of glit, whisper of glit is actually being relaunched and it is indeed called whisper of glit however you can only buy it in a set it comes with a makeup bag and brush for 59.99 Canadian and will be out on nov 2nd you can pre order it at Mac stores (I did)

Pearl Avatar

I ordered both opalescent highlighters, all the eyeshadows, both glitter/pigment kits, both eyeshadow compacts and the peach eye bag. I’m going to get WOG and Snow Gold bags when they come out later. I didn’t get any lipsticks because I don’t think I’d look good in glittery, shimmery lips. I love all the mini sets but I am well stocked for lipstick.

jel888 Avatar

Disappointing. Frostwinked is the only one that does anything for me. And though the two deep red & berry lipsticks have a decent color payoff, I’d rather pay more and get Pat McGrath’s. Besides, I’ve had enough of the red or dark lipsticks. I’m not a lippie person, so I think over 20+ lippies (with the “+” being the key) is more than enough for me.

Joanna Avatar

I was snooping around a bit on the official social media accounts for MAC and they say they don’t have any plans to re-stock. They are telling people to check various stores, because they “really want” us to have them. I guess we all have that kind of time.

I was in-store yesterday and saw the displays and noticed they were already sold out of a lot of things. It puts the stores in an awkward position because all posters are this campaign. It looks stupid.

It’s obviously not your fault, Christine. I just don’t know why, if it was so limited, they launched their Xmas collection in October. I know that’s when it usually happens but it feels like they are trying to create hype and appear more exclusive than they actually are.

Christine Avatar

Their holiday collection doesn’t normally move this fast… not on everything, at least. I was surprised to see how quickly it sold through, and my guess that based on the special packaging and MAC’s existing production schedule, they aren’t willing to restock.

I’m a bit surprised, though, since MAC knew what they were doing putting Whisper of Gilt in a set (upcharging, really) and with the packaging – the packaging is just the type that I feel sells well and a lot just want *something* in it.

Safiyyah Avatar

Hi, id like to know if the eyeshadows “It’s snowing” “Stylishly merry” and the lipstick “holiday crush” contain the ingredient carmine or shellac?

janine Avatar

Ok I’m not going to respond to the S drama but I missed out on the launch of these online so I popped into my local Mac because they are so pretty. I swatched the eyeshadows and was very disappointed. To me they didn’t look as good as Christine’s swatches and stylishly merry looked exactly like sphinx by Tom Ford. a golden pink with an orange shift which is a cream which dries to powderlike.

All of it was very underwhelming to me nothing special in terms of makeup quality so I walked out with no purchase. The snowflake imprint is adorable but I need a product I can use.

Poo poo but money saved.

Jaclyn Avatar

I’m so disappointed that MAC didn’t do a presalebfor members before releasing this first round. I had to go through Ulta as half of the lipstick were sold out on MAC’s site. I managed to grab Happy Go Dazzling and Shimmer and Spice, but even though I paid for Elle Belle, I was later refunded and told it was “sold out”. Maybe it’s a good thing considering that I already have MAC’s Jasper and Urban Decay’s Bruise (both similar shades).

Ruth Avatar

Hi Christine,
I’ve heard people say there are two parts to this collection and I was wondering if this was true? And if so, what the difference is between the two parts?
Also, I’ve seen elsewhere online that there is a fix plus set with miniature fix plus in rose, lavender and coconut sent and I was wondering if you knew anything about this set as I haven’t seen it on your blog.
Hope you have a lovely day,
Ruth πŸ™‚ x

judy h. Avatar

I was interested in the “I’m Glistening”. After looking at the swatch, I think it has too much glitter!! In fact, all of the Snow Ball collection has TOO, too much glitter. I like a shinier, shimmery look in Holiday collections, MAC missed the mark on this one.

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