Sneak Peek: ColourPop Fall 2016 Collection Photos & Swatches

ColourPop Bardot Super Shock Cheek
ColourPop Bardot Super Shock Cheek

ColourPop’s Fall Collection was released in three parts, and I have products from two of the three, which are swatched for you below:

ColourPop Fall Collection

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I like this collection! All the colors seem very fall appropriate and very pretty. I’m liking Calypso, Hutch, Bardot, and Mama. Plus all of Super Shock Shadows!

The swatches for Calypso and Hutch looks pretty consistent with the permanent range, im glad I placed an order for them and a couple of permanent Ultra Satins last Thursday. All credits to you though, as i personally wouldn’t consider or even hear about the brand without your reviews and swatches.

Mama is a nice color too, I may look for a dupe at Lancome’s L’Absolu Rouge range because i love Lisa Eldridge.

I am wondering how close Paradox would be to the MG Mars color in the Mannie Mua palette. I didn’t purchase the palette because the only shadow I wanted was the Mars color. I am hoping this might be close enough. Will have to wait for dupes to post!

Since both colors are in her database you can compare them now. Go to swatches and then compare two shades. They are not exact dupes. A little similar, paradox is brighter 🙂

Sookie looks very watery, but everything else looks great. Paradox is stunning and unique, need! Also need Bardot. And maybe Tang and Seeker. These will go really well with my ABH Mondern Renaissance palette

Ok, I’m blaming Christine for this. I saw these swatches, ran over to the ColourPop website, and of course, fell in love with their fall collection! I grabbed Bardot blush and shadows in Paradox and Seeker. And I’ve been looking for some dusty rose/plum colors for a while, so I also got shadows in Tang, Brady, and Muse.

So after my comment in the other post, I checked Bandit against Seeker in your magical swatch machine and they’re completely different. Seeker IS just like Central Perk, though — nearly identical, as far as I can tell — except that it looks like it performs much better than Central Perk. Hmmmm.

Paradox, Elixir, and Tang are easy yesses.

Wow, I can’t believe how not-orange Mama looks on you! I thought those deep purples might be a bit much for me but they are actually really pretty. Not sure I can pull that off!

Highly appealing, all of it. Tang looks a bit out of place in the eye/cheek colors, but it’s a fave. I’d love it for cheeks. Bardot is especially on the mark. When you look at this, is it any wonder that we whine at some of the neutral offerings? Bravo, cp.

I’ve fallen so hard for this collection! I want to buy backups of all it. Bardot is the most amazing and unique color. I’ve used it everyday since i got it. I love all the fall edits! They really did a good job this year!

I bought some liquid lipsticks based on your swatches and they’re way darker. I see that your picture of tang is much lighter than my product as well. If you’re using a filter or bright lighting then your swatches are not accurately portrayed.

I’m not using any filters – I use studio lighting, which is most similar to sunlight, so it would be brighter than say, the average office or a room with maybe one window with natural light coming through but no lights on. My lights are color temperature controlled, and I use white balance, color balance, etc. to ensure consistency across swatches. I use studio lighting in order to have the same type and level of light any time of day. I color calibrate my monitor’s colors based on looking at several difference devices and trying to get somewhere in the middle so that my photos look “about right” across all of those devices – my iPhone/PC, and then my husband’s PC/iPad/iPhone/MacBook. I used to use an actual color calibrator device/software for my monitor, but the issue is that it is better for printing accurate colors vs. digital accuracy because of factory defaults and device settings. I re-check these devices every other month or so. On a regular basis, I take several products from each “session” and have them swatched on my arm/hand when I am editing so that I can cross-reference and make sure that there is consistency within each set of photos that I’ve taken. I use light bulbs that allow me to control the color temperature of my office so that I can ensure that I am editing under consistent lighting conditions.

The device you are using can also play a huge role in “brightness” as well as the angle that you view swatches at (if it’s a laptop/separate monitor). Literally everyone’s “factory default” can vary significantly from device to device, and any ambient light in the room you view your device on can also or if you’ve made adjustments to screen brightness. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a laptop screen and moved it forward/backward just a bit, but the way colors display can change dramatically just by that alone – and I cannot control that at all, unfortunately!

What I can do is do everything on my end to check my settings, check across devices, and recheck during editing, so I have tried to create and maintain a process that has me doing as much as possible to make my photos as accurate to my eye as I can.

Oh my Christine, I hope you never felt that I was questioning your photo accuracy since I’ve made a few comparisons in the past as to my products not looking the same as yours. Most recent was one of the new Dior mono shadows. Mine truly was lacking the iridescent speckles that I could plainly see in yours, but didn’t exist in mine. I returned it to Dior after emailing their customer service and they said they will make good on an exchange.
Manufacturing can be spotty with different runs of product being better or worse with any company- including as we both know well- luxury brands!
My Tom Ford beautiful Nightbloom/Velvet Bloom was a total stinker – very reminiscent of a past blush disaster from him. 20 emails later I got to agree to an exchange ( you can’t return on his website) since I had preordered it thru the site- and by golly- the new one is perfect!
But Thank You for detailing all you go through to insure that we, your loyal followers are given the best photo representation possible.
Absolutely monitor variances impact what we see- I’m an Apple devotee for that reason alone.

Again, I apologize if I implied that there was an error on your part when I questioned your product images- I never made it clear that it was the product itself that I was referring to.

Oh, no, I did not, Trish, and I do not mind if someone makes a comment about it or asks me a question about it! I try to take the steps I can to make sure I’m doing the right things (to the best of my abilities) and then I make them accurate on my end, but it is hard to control the rest of it. Even controlling for a lot of ambient light, I still find there is a tonal difference between morning, afternoon, and evening – which is why I had to upgrade to the Hue lights since you can manipulate the tone of the white (and colors, too, but I do not use the colors, lol).

My husband and I have the same monitors, but even at default, factory settings, they were not quite the same! I also try to compare against some of bloggers I trust for photography skills/editing for accuracy (vs. prettiness) – e.g. if their skin is looking super green, blue, or magenta, then my settings are very off. I also have gray walls and look away from my monitor every 15-20 minutes to ‘reset’ my eyes so I can see any tinting better. I use an IPS monitor, which I am told–by internet research–is ideal for photography editing/graphic design!

Christine, thanks for your detailed reply! Your swatch of tang is so beautiful, I’m always looking for that color. I think you’re right, now that I think of it even CP’s swatches are way different than my products. I made an order recently and 3 of the liquid lipsticks are literally the same color (the swatches were very different shades). Oh well, they’re still pretty anyway and I bought them during the sale when they added the new colors for free. 🙂

I’m honestly so glad that they changed the name of Calypso because wow, that’s a stunning color! Not sure about the Bardot blush as, you know, a blush–I can see it as a beautiful shadow though!

Now this is what I’d like to call a collection, or collections. I want most of it. Paradox is a must as well as Hutch, or Dukes or probably both 🙂
I do hope these collections will perform as well as they look.

Thank you for these swatches!! You make me want Calypso and Mama all the more; seriously stunning on you.

Wondering if you could do a comparison or add to your “dupe” pics, swatches of Tang, Bill, new shade Brady (all from ColourPop) and Makeup Geek Cupcake together? I have Cupcake and Bill and just wondering which of the new CP shadows I can justify actually owning, lol. Will you be doing reviews and wear tests on the new Fall Edits as well? I rely on you so much to save my makeup life!! 🙂

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