Round-up: MAC is Beauty Collection Overview & Thoughts

MAC is Beauty is collection that launches March 26th now March 30th online (North America) and in select stores on April 2nd (North America) with select international stores to receive sometime in April 2015. It’s a massive collection with twelve lipsticks, sixteen fluidlines, five eyeshadows, four lipglosses, three nail lacquers, three brushes, two face powders, and an eyeliner. There are some shades and pieces that I didn’t have for you to review, and I’ll definitely do my best to buy them when the collection launches–I just can’t guarantee it since sometimes collections sell out so quickly.

Eight of the lipsticks had a Lustre finish, which is my least favorite finish MAC does from experience; I don’t have issues with it simply being a sheerer finish, I have issues with it for being drying, prone to unevenness/settling into lip lines, and being very short-wearing. It also strikes me as wholly unnecessary to launch eight of them in a single launch, as they often look similar applied (four of them are in the “warm peach/beige” family).

The Fluidline formula can be really great for wear, but they don’t always apply as nicely as you might want. I have found very thin angle brushes (263, not the 266!) and very thin eyeliner brushes work the best. The more pearly or glittery shades tend to perform less well compared to more matte/cream shades. The majority of the shades have been previously released, whether permanent as usual or as a limited edition shade in the past, but note that they’re now called “Pro Longwear Fluidline,” rather than just Fluidline. This appears similar to how MAC relaunched their Paint Pot formula (which is now called Pro Longwear Paint Pot). I couldn’t really distinguish differences between the original and “new.” At most, the updated formula might have a little more slip with some shades. If you already have the original, I don’t think it’s necessary to rush out and grab the new formula in the same shade. The sixteen shades featured in this launch will also be added to the permanent range.

The only product that really caught my eye was Blue Peep Fluidline as it is a more unusual eyeliner shade.  Make Me Gorgeous Lipstick was definitely pretty, but it’s dupable enough that it wasn’t as interesting to me.  It was good to see Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder get repromoted, but I wish the texture was better.

Report Card