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Revlon Lollipop Colorburst Lip Butter Review, Photos, Swatches

Revlon Lollipop Colorburst Lip Butter
Revlon Lollipop Colorburst Lip Butter

Revlon Lollipop Colorburst Lip Butter

Revlon Lollipop ColorBurst Lip Butter ($7.49 for 0.09 oz.) is a bright, fuchsia-pink with iridescent purple-fuchsia shimmer and cool, blue undertones. It’s similar to MAC Show Orchid, which is brighter. NARS Schiap is a little brighter and has no shimmer.  There’s a lovely glossy shine that’s not as high-shine as a lipgloss, but it’s just shy of it–definitely glossier than most lipsticks.  The glossiness works with the more opaque color to give lips a really full, luminous look.

The formula is supposed to combine the feel and shine of a balm with the color of a lipstick while still being moisturizing. The color coverage is designed to be sheer to medium. Lollipop has more opaque color coverage–it’s almost full color coverage.  I know it seems counter-intuitive, but because Revlon describes the coverage as sheer to medium, and this is really closer to opaque, I took off a point.  What make Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butters such a popular formula is surely the way they feel on the lips; they’re slick and almost wet-like, so they glide on easily for even color application and feel comfortable when worn.  They remind me a bit of MAC’s Slimshines with less creaminess (but that’s not a bad thing, since Slimshines had a lot of slip).

With the amount of slip the formula has, this color doesn’t wear as long as I’d expect a shade this dark and fuchsia/red-based would (five to six hours)–I get around three hours of good wear and need a full reapplication after four hours.  The wear is more like a lipgloss than a traditional lipstick from the shades I’ve trialed thus far, including Lollipop.  After an application, my lips still felt soft and hydrated, though it’s not as good as a full-blown lip balm would be–it’s right where a good, moisturizing lipstick is, but I find I still need my regular lip balm after an hour or so of this product being removed/worn away.


DCDiscontinued. $7.49.

Revlon Lollipop Colorburst Lip Butter
Revlon Lollipop Colorburst Lip Butter

Revlon Lollipop Colorburst Lip Butter
Revlon Lollipop Colorburst Lip Butter

Revlon Lollipop Colorburst Lip Butter
Revlon Lollipop Colorburst Lip Butter

Revlon Lollipop Colorburst Lip Butter
Revlon Lollipop Colorburst Lip Butter


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Dinitchka Avatar

So stunning on you Christine!! It looks creamy, glossy and just the perfect pink.

I’m so happy to see drug store brands giving high-end brands a run for their money.

I have yet to buy any of these but from blog reviews, friends reviews and Youtube I think I will get a few. Though, I need more lippies like I need a hole in my head. Maybe a hole would help me not hoard so much *LOL*

Becca Avatar

I have this!! This is my favourtie one out of the ones that I have; it’s so gorgeous and looks so good on!! Are you planning to review the other ones too? I hope so 🙂

Christine Avatar

List of what? List of brands they tested. I read the study and the list, and I’m not concerned about the traces of lead found in lipsticks, because I already knew that. I would be more concerned about drinking water than lipstick. Like many things in life, it’s about minimizing your exposure to something bad. You make the choice as to what you feel safe with.

divinem (Melissa) Avatar

Don’t you just love these, Christine? There’s a color for everyone, and they are a fantastic formula for a drugstore brand. Revlon hit the nail on the head with these. I have so many. Snatched up on them in January, I believe. Very moisturizing with brilliant color. J’adore!

Melissa Avatar

Thank you for reviewing one of Revlon’s lip butters! I’ve heard a bit about them but was unsure about whether or not they were really worth checking out. I think I’ll google some more shades but the formula seems nice for the price.

AniBEE Avatar

I bought these instead of traditional lip glosses and i love them for that. I keep four in my purse and three other in my stash including Lollipop as I don’t always wear cool tones.

Sara Avatar

I actually just bought this particular lip butter 2 days ago and was ASTONISHED at how pigmented it was. I have 2 other ones that are quite sheer. It actually was a bit of a downside for me because I didn’t want a full coverage lip stick. I just wanted a hint of that color. I also find that it makes the wear on it uneven, creating a ring of color around my lips when I haven’t even been eating or drinking!

Becky Avatar

I ran across this issue too, and I found that if you apply it very lightly, you can get that sheerer color that you’re looking for. I like to wear it this way during the day for a subtle pop of color. It also doesn’t wear off as unevenly if you do it this way.

Sunny Avatar

This is a great color! I purchased Peach Parfait and Cherry Tart off eBay, but I’m slightly disappointed because the “golden shimmer” in Peach Parfait is really glitter that makes my lips feel like sandpaper. Also, right after I got Cherry Tart a friend decided to offer Guerlain Coque d’Or as a present… I really shouldn’t compare a luxury product to a drugstore one, but with Coque d’Or in my life I have no need for Cherry Tart lol. I’m sure the majority of the people enjoy these for a reason though!

Anna Avatar

I adore these lip butters and bought every colour that suited my skintone when they first came out around Christmas. I think Lollipop is one of the nicest colours of the collection. It is a lovely pop of fuschia and has fairly good staying power as it is a butter not a lipstick. The colour looks beautiful on you!

Laura R Avatar

I have this and three of the other lip butters (Fig, and Sweet Tart, and Candy Apple?) and this one is my favourite! I was so excited to see the review pop up.

Becky Avatar

I have this and LOVE it!! I have it in 4 or 5 other colors too. Although I never noticed the slight shimmer in Lollipop! I’m just not comfortable wearing lipstick most of the time because I find that it always fades so unevenly on me and makes my lips dry out, but these are awesome.

Hannah Avatar

I only have one of these, Creme Brule. It’s a great nude (I prefer to pat it into the lips to make it meld a little better, because on me, it seems to sit on top of the lips rather than looking like part of the lips), but the formula makes my lips peel like crazy! They start peeling even before I take the lipstick off!

I don’t think I will be trying any more of these; I will have to stick to my Dior Addicts (which hopefully are not be discontinued with the new Addict Extremes coming out), which do not make my lips peel and can simply be swiped on from the tube.

Gala Avatar

Christine, I hope you can answer – do you think it will suit paler complexions?
I am nw15/20, quite pale with slight pink undertones (n1 in face in body)
and I am looking for a shade that would flatter my complexion from the reddish shades –
I was thinking of Coque D’or or Vega by Guerlain,
but I would love to hear your suggestions from other brands as well.

Victoria Avatar

Wow this is beautiful! I kept passing on the Lip Butter hype but if you post more of these I might cave again! I always wondered why you never posted about them during the height of their frenzy

Christine Avatar

It takes me 6-8 weeks or longer to review products generally speaking, because of how long it takes me to test each product out. I usually will test several shades, even if I review shades individually, so I have a better feel for the overall product.

Miss_Silk Avatar

I have that shade, it’s a pretty loud color so I don’t wear it often. Probably I have about 12 out of the available shades. My favorites which I have backups for are; Tutti Frutti and Fig Jam~! On my way to collecting all of them…..heehee……

Melody Avatar

Wow! I’ve bought four or five of these (they are just deliciously creamy) but I’ve been passing this one up for some reason. There are some good sales at cvs and walgreens this week so I think I’ll get it.

Patrick Avatar

I like any lipstick that has more pigmentation then it should. I tried the Loreal’s colour riche balm, it was terrible! I swatched this hot pink one and it came out clear on my hand! Shame, they had nice packaging too.

Saffy Avatar

Lollipop looks so pretty! I love the Revlon Lip Butters, I have about five shades thus far. Regular lipstick is too drying during the harsh winters here and I don’t like shiny glosses, so the lip butters are a perfect happy-medium.

Christina M. Avatar

Christine, please do more of these Revlon Lip Butter reviews!! I’m still debating on which colors I want, and your swatches would HELP TONS!! Lol <3

Audrey H. Avatar

I have a bunch of the lip butters and this one is my favorite so far. It’s so pretty and goes well with my skin color. I carry it with my for touch ups. Am thinking I may need a back up tube! lol

Carrie Ann Avatar

I’m obsessed with these lip butters. Originally, I only wanted a few of them, but now I have almost all of them. They’re always sold out, though. I see that people are even selling used ones on e-Bay. How gross is that?

Jeanne Avatar

I wish I could wear these! I seem to be one of very few people who experiences an allergic reaction to them – granted I do have sensitive, I’ve never actually had an allergic reaction to a lip product. The Revlon Lip Butter I tried left my lips with a burning, pulsing sensation 🙁

An Avatar

I didn’t know that it had the purple shimmer in it!
Lollipop looks gorgeous. It wasn’t one of my picks before, but now it’s on my Lip Butter-to buy list. 😀

Miss J Avatar

I was actually a little disappointed when I first tried this product. I guess it didn’t fit my idea of a lip balm, but rather seemed more like a creamy lipstick. I still have to wear something else under it for more moisture otherwise it creates gloppy gunk flakes. I got Creme Brulee because I’m always looking for new nudes and this seemed to be a favorite, but it can look a little too brown for my liking. I also got Pink Truffle and Candy Apple, which I really like both. I have Sugar Frosting, Cupcake, Strawberry Shortcake, Peach Parfait, and Sweet Tart on my list now. Possibly Tutti Frutti? The formula is growing on me.

Jenny Avatar

I have about 5 of these so far and two, Lollipop and Pink Truffle, are actually more pigmented than the Colorburst lipsticks I own! I hope your are able to review more of them.

Carolina Avatar

LOVE these!! Sweet Tart is my personal favorite, lollipop is a close second. I picked up 8 different shades, the ones most wearable for me, based on occasion (Peach Parfait for work or interviews, Sweet Tart and the like for going out to dinner, out with friends, etc).

Michelle Avatar

I hope you have a chance to review other colours 🙂 I have one shade of the Lip Butters, but I want to get a shade that’s a little more work-appropriate!

Veronica Avatar

I picked up one of these in the shade Red Velvet and tried it. It did go on very smoothly and opaquely, but I didn’t really find it had any of the extensive hydrating effects of a balm. If anything, it was only slightly less drying than most of my lip colors. That isn’t poorly reflective of Revlon by any means – my lips are high maintenance – just that it’s no Holy Grail product for me. I really do like the smoothness of the formula, though, so I may pick up one or two more.

Christine Avatar

I grade products based on what the brand says it’s supposed to do – not what your personal preference is. If you read that a lipstick is a sheer formula, and you only like sheer lipsticks, so that’s why you bought it – and then it’s opaque, wouldn’t you be upset? Wouldn’t you feel like you wasted your money? That’s the whole point. You can’t grade arbitrarily and just go willy-nilly with whatever you like or what you think a product should do. That does a disservice to readers!

Brands make claims about their products; those claims tell you what the product is supposed to do and that’s how I grade. I can tell you it’s pigmented, and I can tell you that based on Revlon’s description, it’s not really jiving with their claims. YOU can make the choice as to whether that’s a good or bad thing – e.g. you hate sheer lipsticks, so you love that it’s more opaque than it’s supposed to be. It’s no different than a product that under-performs but people still buy it because it’s their favorite color, a unique color, they don’t mind reapplying, etc.

Michelle Avatar

I have to agree with Christine on this. Even if a product is fantastic, if it is not as advertised many will be disappointed. An A- is still pretty great…

Emily Avatar

I finally managed to get this after wanting it for so long and I absolutely love it. It’s my favorite out of the 3 lip butters I have so far and I plan on owning more asap. I think this one will always be my favorite though, it’s just a beautiful color and feels so good on. A+++ for me!

RachaelHobbyWortley Avatar

Did u read everything she said or did u just see she gave it a lower grade because of the pigmentation? I can see u saying that if it was all u read…but then again since this chick is like ALWAYS number one review and or picture for anything she had reviewed (and thats like 90% of the time) when google search cosmetics wouldn’t u think…maybe I should read on to see why she would say this….IDK…maybe its just me who would see that as common sense!

Kafka Avatar

So, you know I only like opaque, matte lipsticks, right? Yeah, well, I got Lollipop & Sweet Tart the other day and I LURRRRVE Lollipop!!! Someone had suggested the Lip Butters in the recent thread about tinted lip balms when I said I wanted something just to wear at night for moisture. But Lollipop’s colour, its super pigmentation and its opaqueness have captured my heart. I’ve worn it for 2 days straight and *in lieu* of lipstick which I rarely do! So, so lovely. But — and I feel crazy for saying this — I find it really drying! I definitely don’t consider it to be hydrating or moisturizing. In fact, my lips were in dire need of Jack Black afterwards. I think it’s more of a sheer, glossy lipstick than a tinted moisturizing lip balm but it doesn’t matter. Its intense pigmentation and colour are so worth it! Thank you! I would never have considered a sheer, glossy Revlon lip product had it not been for you and the community which you’ve created here. 🙂

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