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Rant & Rave: L'Oreal

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about L’OREAL!

my answer: Sometimes they seem really pricey compared to other brands at the drugstore, so I really try to wait for some sort of sale before buying anything. I think they have some really strong formulas in their eye and nail products. I wish their lip products had a better scent.


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Dustin Avatar

I can ask you this because I know you’ll know I’m not being a d**khead LOL But when you boycott a brand like L’Oreal how wide do you cast the net? Do you boycott all of their brands and related brands that own enough stock in them to have voting power within the company? I’m just curious.

Delainey Avatar

I learned recently that when there was a petition going around in Europe to end animal testing on beauty products, L’Oreal was one of the few cosmetic brands that downright refused to even consider stopping testing on animals. I haven’t been able to buy one of their products since, unfortunately, because there are many I would love to try, but I just can’t justify supporting a company whose values are so different from mine. 🙁

xamyx Avatar

L’Oréal doesn’t test on animals, and hasn’t done so in *years*. In fact, they have put up a lot of money to develop “alternative” testing & education for countries that require it. I haven’t heard anything about the petition you referred to, but it could be L’Oréal simply didn’t see a need to sign it since they’re doing so much else to end the practice, which is more than a signature on paper; being proactive to find a solution is speaks volumes, IMO.

Gabrielle Avatar

L’Oreal still sells in China, which by default means they comply with China’s mandatory animal testing laws. They have tested on animals in the past and continue to do so today as long as they sell products in China.

I’ve checked multiple sources in the past few months as I was switching over to only cruelty-free brands, and I’m sorry to say that your claim is incorrect. They may be developing alternative testing, which is great, but until alternative testing is accepted by other countries (which it isn’t yet) they are not a cruelty-free company.

Deborah Avatar

“L’Oréal no longer tests on animals any of its products or any of its ingredients, anywhere in the world. Nor does L’Oréal delegate this task to others. An exception could only be made if regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes.” Quoted from their website.

Rachel R. Avatar

It’s a loophole a lot of companies use, and very confusing.

As I understand it: Any company selling in China is required to test those products on animals, with the exception of Hong Kong only (they have their own laws).

Products made in China do NOT have to be tested on animals, unless they’ll be sold in China, too.

Mel Avatar

I loooove their gel eyeliners! The formula, to me, is much superior than MAC, Bobbi Brown and all the other brands. Just wish they had a wider color variety, like some deep blue (not black with blue sheen like most eyeliners), eggplant/burgundy, emerald…

julia Avatar

I second this! It doesn’t have any amazing colours or releases that interest me and the higher prices mean that if I am in a pharmacy I just walk past.

Marieke Avatar

I love the new matte foundation! But I think it’s weird that the foundations are different in US vs EU. We’ve got the True Match *with* pump!
The pricing is getting too high. With real budget brands improving in quality, l’oreal can’t compete. I’ll wait for a sale and stock up on foundation when they’re all €10 instead of €17.
I no longer look at their lipsticks, I cannot stand that smell! Had to pass my favorite color to a friend.

xamyx Avatar

I’m a huge fan of L’Oréal! While many can’t get past the scent of the lip products, I actually really like it. In fact, I’d say L’Oréal dominates my lip stash. I don’t find the scent any more “offensive” or “obtrusive” tjan any other brand; Lancome, Maybelline, MAC, Estee Lauder, & Rimmel all have similarly strong scents, as well as many others.

The eyeshadow duos/quads can be hit-or-miss, but the singles have always rivaled even the UD, MAC, & NARS shadows in my stash.

The foundations have always been a hit for me, with some formulas being nearly spot-on dupes for some of their more “prestigious” brands. I just wish we had the True Match Lumi in C1 here…

Voluminous mascara & Lineur Intense have consistently been in my stash since HS, and I haven’t found anything else better. The pencil liners have also been consistent winners.

Considering L’Oréal started out at department store counters, I don’t really consider the brand in the same category as most DS brands, and the fact they are a bit “pricier” has been backed up by performance. Unlike CoverGirl (which has increased by 400% in the foundation area), L’Oréal has stayed consistent with their pricing over the years.

Nancy T Avatar

Rant: I cannot STAND their lipstick lipsticks. Between the awful smell and taste and that they always dry out my lips really badly, I hate them. I also agree with what you mentioned about their prices, they are becoming borderline mid-range. Thing is, there are better brands that are either less expensive but with as good if not better quality, or the other mid-range ones are still better.

Rave: The Infallible eyeshadows are just awesome! Some of their mascaras and eyeliners are excellent too.

Malia Avatar

Exactly the same for me… They are marketed in other places overseas as high end so their lip glosses and mascaras would be in the $25 range. I was gifted a lipstick and couldn’t stand the perfume taste . They’re one of the most well known unfriendly /unethical brands as well…. Unfortunately

Deborah Avatar

L’Oréal no longer tests on animals any of its products or any of its ingredients, anywhere in the world. Nor does L’Oréal delegate this task to others. An exception could only be made if regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes.

Brittany Smith Avatar

“An exception could only be made if regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes.” That translates to: “We only test on animals so that we can sell in countries that require it because our main priority is making as much money as possible, not our own morals.” They just word it the first way to confuse people into thinking they don’t test. It’s completely contradictory.

Gabrielle Avatar

You cited the company’s quote that actually verifies that they do partake in animal testing: “An exception could only be made if regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes.”

As long as L’Oreal products are available in China and other countries that require animal testing, they are actively testing products on animals.

Lotus Avatar

Ok, this will sound odd but it is true.

Rants: Saying “L’Oreal because you’re worth it,” a million times in front of a camera for a shoot really pissed me off and has lasted as a permanent bad taste in my mouth.
– Animals. But I use from companies who unfortunately do, yet it’s the way that they bluntly state their refusal to stop. It’s grotesque. Also, whatever liquid lip thing I tried burned me like crazy.
Rave: They used to have the best liquid dark violet navy liner called Sapphire. It was my HG!!! Rant: no longer for awhile now, all gone. Rave: Some great eye products all around in the makeup category! Mascaras, eye shadows, liners, pretty on par with some higher end products though I’ll always choose Armani Eyes To Kill every single time. HG
🙂 Happy sad Memorial Day.

Bronwyn Avatar

Their infallible shadow singled are great. I like their silkissme highlighter eyeliner. Their lipsticks aren’t great. I do want to try the new doubled sided lipstick lip balm they put out as this one is supposed to be really long lasting. They charge way too much for drugstore so I only buy on sale. Their regular quads can be okay but sometimes you’ll get one where it literally doesn’t have any pigmentation. Their magic lumi concealer is just okay can crease a bit. They had this mineralize powder at one point in loose form that I liked. I’ve used their foundations but can’t remember what I thought of them.

Bronwyn Avatar

Oh and their telescopic shocking extensions mascars is good. Not a huge fan of their felt tip liners. I like that their packaging feels high end I mean they do own Armani so it makes sense

Laura Avatar

Rave – Love the pressed pigments,silkissime eye liners, and gel liners
Rant – The lipstick smell is nauseating. It’s a shame because I’d buy them if the smell wasn’t so overpowering and gross. The mascaras build volume but are always smudgy on me.

Kate Avatar

love the Infallible product line, and the eye shadows, and have just got some foundation.

Regular lipsticks just can’t take the smell/taste thing, the Infallible don’t have the same scent /

Meredith Avatar

It’s funny, because Christine, you don’t like the smeel of L’oreal lip stuff, and it’s one of the things I like. I think because it’s been the same for so long. Reminds me of being a teenager and my mom. I like most of their products. If you look closely, you can so tell that most are exact dupes for Lancome, (who owns them).

Rachel R. Avatar

Rant: They can be a bit spendy compared to other drug store brands. Their foundations don’t match me and they oxidize. I’m allergic to their mascaras.

Raves: L’oreal Infallible Silkissime eyeliner pencils are fantastic. I also love the Infallible eyeshadows. Their lipsticks are great, and the scent doesn’t bother me. The ColourRiche eyeshadow quads are pretty good. The ColourRiche lipliners are good.

Sharon Avatar

I find the smell of their lipsticks repulsive…so much so I even emailed L’Oreal. I also find the formula to be very drying, horrible quality in my opinion.

Genevieve Avatar

Rave: Their Infallible eye shadow range, mascaras, eyeliners
Rant: They are not cruelty free
In Australia we only get a percentage of their products. For example, in the Infallible range we only got 8 of them – not the whole lot to choose from – which is very annoying. The same goes for their great eye liner pencil range – only two or three colours. Definitely not the green ivy that I wanted.
Foundations – the range is generally too narrow – not enough foundations with pink undertones
Lipsticks – highly scented and not long lasting.

CL Avatar

Rave: Good foundation options for very fair skin.
Rant: Skincare formulations are usually awful. Alcohol is often in their skincare; it’s also in that new foundation. Lipglosses and lipsticks have too-strong scents. Their sister-company, Maybelline, has atrocious fair-skin shades in foundations.

Pamela Avatar

I think the quality of their products is on par with prestige brands. I think the True Match line is genius. I hated trying to guess if a foundation was warm or cool. I wish all the drugstore brands would follow suit. Their lipstick, though have a terrible waxy smell. Blah!

Gabby Avatar

Rave: their eyeshadow palette, La Palette 1 and La Palette 2 are wonderful. You should do a review on them, Christine!

Rant: kinda costly compared to other drugstore items, but they are better than most drugstore items.

Lilac Avatar

Another vote against the smell and the scent of the lipsticks. I wish they’d changed it some day, otherwise it will keep me forever from buying any.
Also I think their prices are just a tad too high for a drugstore product (in Germany, L’Oreal is a drugstore brand, though available pretty much everywhere) and have been so for years.

I wish they, and many other other brands under their umbrella, would consider to bring a wider range of their foundation colours to European countries, we only get the section in the middle.

Arianna Avatar

I love the general quality across the board, and it’s especially hard to go wrong with their lip products! Which brings me to the Rant.. WHY, WHY L’oreal, WHY is your shade range so confusing for lipsticks / glosses?? Most of the times counters carry 15, 20 random shades tops across lines, there’s so little continuity in the ranges, shades are extremely hard to find, sadly discontinued or never available! WHYYYYY

septhyne Avatar

I heard a lot of good things about their mascaras and base products. I love their nail products and their brow gel is my absolute favourite. However for drugstore they are very expensive especially here in Australia

Brittany Smith Avatar

Rant: They’re one of the worst companies in regards to animal testing.
Rave: My rant overpowers anything that could be good about them.

Lisa Avatar

Rave: the new Infallible pro-matte foundation!! One of the best I’ve ever tried.
Rant: the shade range of the new infallible pro-matte foundation! From the makers of True Match, I would have expected better. Not all fair-skinned people are pink!!!!!

Rave – everything else. I think L’oreal is overall the best drugstore brand in terms of quality, and I don’t notice them being any more expensive than Revlon. And a lot cheaper than Physician’s Formula.

Gabrielle Avatar

Rave: Quite possibly the only drugstore brand foundation that actually matches my skin tone, and applies like a dream too! I use a mix of the True Match Foundation in N1 and C1, since my skin tone is a weird inbetween of cool toned and neutral. Excellent coverage, matches my tone, doesn’t irritate my sensitive acne prone skin.

Rant: Like you said, definitely on the more expensive side for drugstore brands. I’ve found that some of their products are phenomenal, while others fall short. It’s almost a guessing game when it comes to the quality of their products. And my biggest rant of all, I can no longer buy their products (including my beloved perfect match foundation) since I made the choice to only purchase cruelty-free makeup brands from here on out. 🙁 My hunt for a foundation replacement continues!

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