Rant & Rave: Hair Dryers

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Hair Dryers

My biggest rant is any dryer where my long hair gets pulled into the back of the dryer, because OW OW OW! I don’t like when they’re super loud (most are much quieter these days). The technology has come a long way, so they dry hair faster than ever, and I’m a huge fan of saving time!

— Christine

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I’m not picky about hair dryers because my hair is stubbornly straight so it’s useless as a styling tool, and I also prefer to let my hair air dry after washing (which I can do because it dries straight). The only time I use one is if my hair hasn’t completely dried by the time I need to head out the door so I’ll just blast it for a minute or two.

Love: I suppose they can do wonders if you know how to use them well!

Hate: Aw, Lawd.
1 – My hair is way too long to blow dry with the cheap one I own.
2 – I get really hot and flustered when I use them, so I just end up super grouchy 😛
3 – I don’t care about my hair enough to invest in a decent dryer.

I wanted to get the T3 since you reviewed it years ago and said you loved it. But I just can’t justify the price tag! And I was wondering if it ever pops up on HauteLook but I don’t pay enough attention to it!

They are expensive even on sale. But so worth it! I got my first 1 at a great price frim one of the tv shopping channels. My next 1 came from Haute.

I got a T3 during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. It was still expensive in my opinion, but much less than full price. Anniversary sale is coming up again in July, so you might see if they again offer a T3 at a better price.

Joyce, just read your comment, I feel your frustrations. If you shop at Ulta or Sephora and accumulate reward points, you can eventually cash those out on a high-quality dryer. Whatever you buy look for light weight, long cord, tourmaline or titanium ceramic heating element (available in many moderately priced dryers) and at LEAST 1500 watts of power.

Can’t say much about them because I let my hair air dry most of the time. But the back that catches your hair, yeah I’ve experienced that in the past and it’s horrible!

I don’t really care much about hair dryers. I have a lot of naturally curly hair so I’ve never used it much. I’d rather shower before bed and have my hair dry over night then straighten it in the morning than to try drying it first. It just takes so long, it’s loud and my little bathroom gets warm really fast. If I’m trying to get ready to go out, the last thing I want is to be sweaty from drying my hair.

I can’t live without one! Mind you, I don’t enjoy spending 15 minutes drying my hair every other day, but in my case it’s necessary. Having thick long hair means that my hair could stay damp all day (at the nape of the neck) if I didn’t run a hair dryer through it. Lucky beachy waves are sought after so my battle isn’t always so long with some days using a diffuser to partially dry. But most days I wear my hair smooth and straight so I’ll be drying it completely and styling it. I recently purchased a high quality hair dryer which cut down on drying time and is a little quieter than previous dryers, so it was well worth the investment for me.

I really need a high-powered quick drying one, because my hair is so thick. But since I have to use them so long, I get really hot!

I really wish the cool shot button was a permanent setting, not a button you have to hold down the whole time you use it. My hair has to get really cool, or it will go crazy again. So frustrating!

I use an Infinity by Con-Air and it has three different heat settings plus three blast levels so you can find what works best at any given time. Maybe that would work for you?

I have a World Dryer Air-style built into the wall of my house. It requires professional installation and a dedicated 220 V line. I have very long, thick straight hair. If I washed my hair and went to bed, it would still be wet in the morning. My hair would take hours and hours to dry by itself, and a very long time with a hand held dryer. This is a great solution to hair problems for me. I stand under it and it powerfully blows my hair dry very quickly. These are the dryers found in restaurants which blow hands dry, and I don’t care for them in that context, even though it saves on paper products. I have never caught my hair in it. It is 22 years old, and never a problem. I was on the swim team in college. We had a dozen of these in the women’s locker room. I have loved them for years.
It may sound crazy, but this dryer has saved me so much time over decades!

I use my blow dryer to style my long, moderately thick hair with a round brush every single day- I definitely love it! It’s the only heat I use 99% of the time. I’ve tried some higher end models but in the end I didn’t think they were worth the price jump from my Babyliss, which is what I am currently using and really like. I do wish it was a little lighter though.

^^^ Yes, the OUCH factor sucks!!! I used to have that happen ALL THE TIME. Then by a different necessity, I discovered a way that not only let’s me get my past bra strap length, frizzy waves of hell mass straightened and dryed FAST. Without it getting caught in the back either. I prop my dryer on a flat, high enough surface with a spongey nail block, non-file side down, and do the bulk of my blow-out upside down, just using it regularly for my crown to add lift and volume with a very large round brush. My dryer, however, is now beginning to look like crap. The piece of extra screen used to protect against that hair-catching drama, fell off, and won’t go back on.

I should be drying my hair more but I have gotten so lazy I just let it air dry. I have yet to find a dryer I am in love with. And yes I have had my hair ripped out by the back of the dryer.. and then all you smell is burning hair. I of course really want to try the Harry Josh dryer that I am sure isn’t worth the money but luckily it seems really hard to buy in Canada.

I have been using my Chi dryer every other day for 10 years and still love it, but a wire recently broke in the cord. My amazing dad was able to fix it so that it is still useable, but I’m thinking I’m going to have to replace it sooner rather than later. I have very thick, wavy hair, but I do have an undercut, so it usually takes less than 10 minutes to get it dry. I have not read great reviews of the newer Chis, so I’m not sure I want to invest in anther one. I love the idea of the T3, but it is not in my budget. Anyone have suggestions for something in the $50-$70 range? I’m listening! 🙂

I have a BaByliss and I really like it – they fall around that price range depending on model. Not sure what features you are looking for but mine has 3 heat settings + cool shot, 2 speed settings and came with a concentrator nozzle. It could be lighter, but it’s high powered and I figure it’s a good workout, ha 🙂

I rarely use hair dryers. I recently replaced my last one…that I’d had since college. lol I love that you can get your hair dry in a hurry, and when combined with the right products they give my fine, limp hair some volume. I hate how heat can dry out and damage your hair. It’s also very hard to blow dry hair when it’s super-long, which mine was until a couple months ago.

I hate when hair dryers are expensive, but don’t have a very long life and break after only a year, or even a few months. I think that’s my biggest pet peeves, I’ve gone through so many blow dryers in the last few years. I don’t really blow dry my hair anymore, as I prefer to leave it in its natural wavy texture.

I couldn’t live without my hair dryer. I have fine wavy hair which frizzes without a dryer. I’m looking to buy a new one, my baby blisw pro died and I’m using my Target backup. Trying to decide between the Elchim and the Salano. Any advice?

I don’t own a hair dryer! 😛 My hair has been very, very short for almost five years now and even when it was longer, I almost never dried it. My hair is extremely fine and thin, so I’ve always tried to just avoid heat tools altogether. Now that it’s short, it air dries completely within 15-20 minutes of getting out of the shower.

Nothing I hate in particular. But I’m ready to drop the $400 when the Dyson one becomes available in the fall. I own a Dyson vaccuum and the V6 cordless, they’re a fantastic brand.

I had a chance to play with the new Dyson hair dryer when it was released in Japan a couple weeks ago. They’re beautiful, stylist, lightweight, quiet and powerful. Christine you’re gonna love it. But as usual it comes with a price. $400 here and won’t be available until September. I held back buying it coz it’s still cheaper to buy it here in the US. I don’t use hair dryer on a daily basis but I’m willing to buy this coz I know how Dyson products work.

Totally agree. Dyson is one of those rare brands where you can trust whatever they turn out and know its worth the $$$. The hairdryer looks like similar technology to their fans but still completely new. Christine, I hope you’ll get a chance to review it when it’s available to the US. From the looks of it I don’t think you’d get your hair stuck in it…. 😉

I dont like hair dryers at all. I like my hair to dry naturally. I have a small handy hair dryer which can be folded and put in luggage for vacations, etc… But overall… I donot favor any kind of artificial drying/ styling/ curling mechanism.

I’d rather live with one than without–that is for sure.

Rant: I hate how heavy they can get after using it for several minutes. And I hate how my hair can get trapped in one. And how expensive too.

Rave: Love the body my hair gets after a blow out. My hair would be soo flat if left to air-dry–which would be way too long so also a time saver.

I have two T3’s. One regular and one travel. They are quiet yet dry super fast. One issue I disliked was the side to side direction of the toggles, too easy to flip off. This was corrected with the next generation.
My hair is fine but thick, highlighted and to mid back. Very straight.

I love my T3! No other dryer has come close to taming the frizz and drying my curly hair thoroughly. I have found them on ebay and also at TJ Max at a great price.

My hair’s only gotten sucked in the back once, but I’ll never forget it. So painful! I rarely blow-dry my hair, but I hate when they’re so heavy that my arm hurts halfway through.

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