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I love coral lipstick, but I have yellow/olive skin tones that don’t work well with orange. The new MAC Huggable, Origami Orange works for me where most don’t. I have purged so many coral lip products over the years, hoping to find one that didn’t clash with my face. Lol

I just posted a comment very similar to yours. I’ll have to check out the MAC one you suggested as corals always clash with my olive skin tone too!

Yep olive clashes with orange so bad! I have heard people say that darker skin tones look good with coral but being as green as I am I just end up looking like a clown with coral lipsticks. I have found that for me if the coral is mixed with some brown it is much more flattering. Also I surprisingly found that super yellow orange, like MAC tangerine dreams actually worked better than the more red-oranges.

Rave: Looks great on warm skintones, I like mine pink-coral. Was actually my first ‘grown up’ lip colour I wore to work.

Rant: Can emphasise stained teeth, and orange-coral just looks clown-like on me IMO ):

I’ve never found a coral lipstick that works on me. I have a decidedly neutral, medium skin tone. I actually find that pink-leaning foundations work better on me than yellow ones, because yellow ones are often SO yellow and there are so few neutral ones. For a while I tried many coral lipsticks, and none of them worked. I’ve thrown them out or given them all away.

I asked a Sephora SA to help me find a coral lipstick once. After trying a few, I threw on a fuschia pink instead and she said “Yeah, forget coral. That’s your color!”

Pretty much in your camp. Foundations other than pink/rose/ beige look way too sallow. Pink coral lips are total no go. Corals that are nearly orange are mildly better. Warm pinks are no gos, too. Coral blush is a possibility, bec. you blend it in….and out. I guess I mean buff it into your skin and diffuse it. the mouth is so central. First, there’s eye contact, and then there’s some lip reading, or whatever, when people talk. Lips are a focal point, anyway, and a small concentrated area. That just magnifies the issue. Interesting that it clashes with olive skin tones, too. Don’t wear coral clothes, either.

Yeah, I can do coral blush too, but have learned that I don’t prefer it unless I have a bit of a tan or am doing a whole warm thing. I agree, when I put coral lipstick on it’s as if my lips are the only thing I can see!

I never wore coral for years because no matter what shade I purchased they all looked terrible. I think I might have one now but couldn’t tell you where or what color it is. I would love to find one that would work but don’t even really know what I am looking for. I have really peachy/pink undertones and in my mind that should go okay with coral?? I will keep looking though.

I love coral in general- clothing, blush, accessories- but I am very shy of brightcolored lips. I like a sheer coral gloss, but that’s about as brave as I get!

I have far too many orangey or pinky coral lipsticks from MAC. Pure Vanity, Sweet & Sour, Sushi Kiss, Morange, Tangerine Dream, Reel Sexy, Vegas Volt. My favorite though is Coralberry from Revlon. Perfect pinky coral

I think I’ll have to rant over here. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of coral lipsticks, but some of my clothes have coral in them, so on those occasions I pull out MAC Crosswires. It’s almost straight-up orange on me because my complexion is so cool. I really don’t find it the most flattering on me but it’s still quite wearable and I’m glad I have it in my collection.

Corals always seem to work to my advantage. I have hazel eyes and when I put on either coral lipstick or eyeshadow, it makes my eyes pop green! If it leans really pinky I’m not a fan, but I have pink-undertoned skin, so you can chalk it up to that. The more orange, the better!

I love the idea of a coral lipstick (and I am drawn to coral shades) but it is the most hideous on me.

After many unsuccesful trials, I have learned my lesson. Plums/deep pinks/reds work better for me.

As you said – I love coral colored anything (clothes, flowers, makeup), but it just looks terrible on me. The best I can do is coral toenails with a tan. (-:

Orange isn’t my color so I have to stick with pinky corals. I love MAC’s Flamingo and Tarte’s Power Pigment in Fearless.

Love me a good coral lippie! The shade really seems to flatter my somewhat different coloring of light eyes with very dark hair and skin that is medium depth, with an odd undertone of both olive and peach? Idk?
Favorites of mine are: UD Streak ?, MAC Make Me Gorgeous, Vegas Volt, Ravishing and sometimes Reel Sexy. Love Colourpop Cozy, too!
Now I’m lusting after UD Tilt, as well.

BUT; just like yourself, as long as they don’t emphasize dryness. Because that’s what will make a coral look “old lady-ish”.

I love coral lipsticks on others, but they never seem to work out on me. They always look really bright and make me look really tan; I have a light medium olive skin tone. I’ve tried different undertones too but alas, they just don’t look right.

Rant: Coral lipsticks very rarely look good on me. They usually pull too orange or too peach (shades that are equally hit or miss for me), and a few pull an unflattering shade of pink.

Rave: I love it when I find a shade anywhere in the coral family that works for me. I tend to like some of the more red-leaning coral shades, and the new UD shade Snitch is probably the only lighter, pinky coral shade I can pull off (probably because it’s sheer) and I was amazed at how much I liked it!

Rave: I love coral lipsticks, especially red corals. I think corals are really flattering on me. I love the wide variety of shades available.

Rant: Some light, orange corals can make my teeth look more yellow. Sometimes it’s hard to pin down exactly what “coral” is. It seems everyone has a different definition.

I like coral quite a bit, pinker corals look better on me as opposed to more orange ones. When someone gets the right balance of pink, orange, and red, it’s magic.

I love coral lipstick, it’s my favorite color to wear in the summer. One thing to be careful about is that the word “coral” can have a very different meaning depending on the brand: basically anything from orange to warm pink and even red. My favorites are the ones leaning orange or red.
The palest corals tend to wash me out so I avoid them (for example YSL Volupté Oil-in-Stick in Corail A Porter isn’t very flattering on me).

I love them because they remind me of the warmer weather we are having.. And summer!! It’s also a quick way of bringing some brightness to the makeup look.

I don’t like that they can sometimes emphasize the yellowness of teeth. Huge thumbs down for that.

I have warm undertones and *love* coral lipsticks, but anything too bright washes me out because I am about as pale as a corpse. 🙁 Fortunately, I can usually blend a neon coral with some balm to sheer it out and make it a little more wearable!

I love me a beautiful, bright coral! Leaning orange, leaning pink, leaning red – it doesn’t matter, I love them all! After getting home from work, and after getting changed, I sort out my makeup and I almost always change my lipstick to something coral. Today it was ColourPop Ultra Satin in Naked Ladies, a current favourite. 🙂

I don’t think I have a rant about coral itself. Not all lipsticks are created equal though so as much as I may love a particular coral lipstick I won’t get it if the formula isn’t up to scratch. I need something that is at the very least mildly hydrating. Saying that, I’ve just gone and contradicted myself by wearing the above-mentioned Ultra Satin because they dry out my lips somewhat. I make it work because it’s only on for a handful of hours and if I’m not going out I can touch up when I need to! I wouldn’t pick it to wear out for a long period of time.

So yeah, coral lipstick for the win! 😀

I love lipsticks, I love the color coral, I just can’t pull them off with my skin tone. I have medium light skin that pulls a weird pink olive. Coral makes me look almost green. The closest color I could ever wear was Urban Decay ID nail polish. I can’t wear yellow very well either. My sister, on the other hand wears the colors I wish I could she’s fair, blonde, blue eyes, and coral is very attractive on those who can pull it off..

Opaque coral lipsticks do not work for me because of my tan skin with olive undertones and relatively large lips. The one that I have found to work best is Dior addict fluid stick in mirage.,

I Love everything in coral. I think Most of my lipsticks have a coral tone. Second Place would make bright pinks and nudes. I Love that there Are so many Different coral shades from very bright to Quite nude looking on my very pale skin. And it is always a good choice if you feel that red or orange Are too “Strong” colours for you.

No “rant”, no “rave”, I just don’t care for them… It’s not a color I’m drawn to, it doesn’t suit my coloring, and it’s not in line with my personal aesthetic/style.

It seems ubiquitous in Spring & Summer collections, but I don’t mind, since it just gives me a chance to focus on permanent products on the market I may have missed around the Holidays, or save up for Fall.

Alot of people don’t find “nudes” all that flattering on most, but I feel that way about “corals”. Ironically, my own daughter looks *amazing* in coral, the same way nudes suit me.

I also associate most vibrant/bright lip shades with either young girls just starting out with makeup, or very old women who throw on a bright lip to brighten their face. It’s not meant to be derisive, but it’s just what I’ve personally observed over the years…

Who are these people who say nudes don’t flatter most women? Lol my whole 80+ lipstick collection is mostly nudes . A good chunk of it is coral. I’m not new to makeup or old. Lol.

I think nudes and corals are very flattering but like anything, it is how you wear it. Is it a chalky type nude or coral or a warmer coral in creme finish? I think corals are best on warmer complexions. Nudes can be universally flattering if it is a pinky tone nude:)

Love coral/peach lipsticks for all year round wear. The colours goes really well if I am wearing predominantly blues or greens. I just don’t buy matte lipsticks or corals that are too pale.
Clinique Peach Pop
Elizabeth Arden’s Ginger Crush
Maybelline’s Coral Crush – all great corals.

I’ve yet to find a coral that looks good on me. Am not into orange, and am too warm-toned to wear pink; I do better toward reds. Though lately I’ve been wearing Chanel Desinvolte and UD Lovelight, both sort of peachy pink, and both work on me, so perhaps I’ll find something coral-ish at some point

Coral is a love love for me! I see it and I am in the mind set for summertime fun! It automatically puts me in an optimistic mood. I like that there are many different variations; some lean more pink, some red, some orange which make it easy to find a match for almost everyone. I am fortunate enough to have a golden tan yellow-y skin tone that works well with coral. But as previously mentioned, coral lips emphasize coffee stained teeth. (For those of you who love coral and want to surround yourself in it, Behr paint makes a color called Youthful Coral but I think the name was recently changed to something else. I just painted my master bath in it and it’s amazing!)

What I love about them?
– Looks absolutely fantastic when I’ve got a tan (probably my fave lip colour during my bronzed days)

What I hate about them?
– Looks absolutely terrible when I’m a white pasty chick

Pretty much sums it up! ?

I love coral, whether it’s pink toned or orange toned. It mustn’t be too pale or too bright though, or it washes me out. It’s such a summery colour, I put it on and feel sunshiney, lol!

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