Modern Bronzer


Vieve Deep (Left) Modern Bronzer

Vieve Modern Bronzer is a bronzer. There are 8 shades in our database.

Editor's Review

The formula is supposed to offer a "foolproof" formula with a "finely milled, soft-satin finish." The brand said that a "little goes a long way," and the pigmentation was more intense, as marketed. The textures were soft, smooth, and a little drier (not quite powdery but not silky to the touch).

The bronzers applied fairly evenly to bare skin, blended out without too much effort, and did seem to sit on my skin better than the blush range (which this is supposed to be modeled after!). I think that they can look a little powdery when layered over more matte foundation, though, and are not the most seamless applied on my skin--something about the bronzer powder was a little heavy in look once applied and blended out.

The majority of shades lasted between seven and eight hours on me.

Claims / Ingredients

With the same finely milled, soft-satin finish as the award winning VIEVE Sunset Blush, the powders melt into skin for a natural finish.

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