Crème Blush

Patrick Ta

Patrick Ta Oh She's Different (Crème) Crème Blush

Patrick Ta Crème Blush is a blush. There are 8 shades in our database.

Editor's Review

The cream blush had a lightly creamy, moderately emollient consistency that applied evenly and blended out well over bare skin as well as over liquid foundation. In the duo format, the cream blush is actually designed to be layered over the powder (rather than typically under it) to add "life" back to the skin. It layered well on top of the blush to add a bit of shine without turning it into a full-on cream.

The pigmentation was sheer and buildable to semi-sheer to medium coverage, which seemed in line with the brand's marketing (though they could do a better job describing it). On its own, it lasted around six hours before fading/migrating noticeably. When I wore it on top of the powder blush, it seemed to shorten wear by a half hour to an hour.

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