Matte Velvetines

Lime Crime

Lime Crime Matte Velvetines is a lipstick that retails for $20.00 and contains 0.088 oz. There have been 49 shades released, which you can select from below or jump to these sections: Description.

The liquid matte that started it all. Conceptualized and developed by Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere, Velvetines draw inspiration from her favorite flower - a red, red rose. Doe used to cut out rose petals and paste them onto her lips as a child. Richly pigmented, French vanilla-infused formula glides on as a liquid and dries down to a luxurious, velvety matte finish that lasts for hours and hours. Touch-proof, kiss-proof and utterly addictive!.

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Based on 2 Reviews, 26 Quick Reviews

The Good: Smooth (27), Easy To Apply (26), Long-wearing (26), Travel-friendly (24), Blendable (2)

The In-Between: Highly Pigmented (28), Non-sticky (27), Flavored (25), Scented (25), Thin (3)

The Bad: Drying (27), Too Little Product (27), Dry (20), Hard To Apply (2), Uneven (1)

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2 Written Reviews

By Camille R. 2 years ago.

My favorite formula in terms of liquid lipstick, texture closer to an oil than a cream. Easy to apply (except the darkest shades, but this is normal on one side). For me, the velvetines hold all day on my lips, apart from the Teddy Bear shade. I highly recommend them.

Tags: highly-pigmented, smooth, thin, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, non-sticky, flavored, scented, too-little-product
Skin Type: Oily - Skin Tone: Fair - Undertone: Neutral

By Louise 2 years ago.

This is such a nice colour, but the formula for this particular shade of Lime Crime's Velvetines is AWFUL. Do not buy!!!- Crumbles on the lips and will not wear properly for more than a couple of hours (apparently due to the high level of red pigments in the lipstick) - More drying than their other colours - Uneven application; I don't see how this shade can really be reapplied without taking it all off. Putting it on in the first place evenly is a struggle as well.

Tags: highly-pigmented, dry, hard-to-apply, uneven, drying
Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Dark Tan - Undertone: Yellow
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