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Kaja Bouncy Shimmer Eyeshadow is an eyeshadow. There have been 16 shades released, which you can select from below or jump to these sections: Review, or Description.

The formula is supposed to have "uniform shimmer in every swipe" that is best applied "with your fingers." They have a dimethicone-heavy feel (unsurprising given it was typically the first ingredient in each shade), so there's a velvety slip that is lightly emollient but not truly wet or cream-like to the touch. I found them to be more powder-like than cream-like, but they had the binding and hold of a creamier formula. They applied well to bare skin without the need of primer, adhesive sprays, or glitter glue for pretty stellar wear--they often lasted between eight and 10 hours on me with slight fallout. I more often saw faint creasing after eight hours than much in the way of fallout.

Fingertips will definitely yield the most pigmented the quickest, but I didn't struggle to use brushes (my preferred method for precision) and found that brushes often packed semi-opaque or opaque coverage as well. I also tried them wet and didn't find that to cause issues to the pan, and it did give some shades a smoother, shinier finish but wasn't necessary to use them (more like a bonus). I didn't have issues with fallout whether I used my fingertips or brushes to apply; I pressed and gently pulled the brush across my lid area to distribute the product (same technique I use for high-shimmer/metallic shades). They were impressive; they were magical--if you love sparkly, shiny eyeshadows, they're well worth a look!

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Each pigment features a different prismatic shade with Glitter Arrangement Technology for uniform shimmer in every swipe. For best use, apply with fingers.

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