Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer SPF 15

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani #100

Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer SPF 15 is a bronzer that retails for $64.00 and contains 1 oz. ($64.00 per ounce). There are 3 shades in our database.

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Claims / Ingredients

The secret of this iconic Maestro formula is no water or white powder. Instead, it contains five non-comedogenic oils, including white lotus oil, which gradually evaporate upon application and leave you with a “no makeup feel.” The ultra-fine oil-pigments suspension enhances the skin and is enriched with finely milled micro-pearls for liquid summer bronzer and essential concentrated pigments for fusion blush. For optimal results, use a single drop of the highly pigmented blush formula.

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