Ultra Metallic Liquid Lipstick


ColourPop 3-Way Ultra Metallic Liquid Lipstick

ColourPop Ultra Metallic Liquid Lipstick is a lipstick that retails for $6.00. There are 24 shades in our database.

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Ultra Metallic Lip is a super intense metalized liquid lipstick that is dripping with high impact metallic pearls. This non-drying formula was created to be luxurious, smooth and leave a super comfortable feel on the lips. While the formula is not completely transfer resistant, it is extremely long wearing!.

3 Written Reviews

By Taylor 4 years ago.

I own 5 of these (Man Eater, 3-Way, Flitter, Coquette, and Kween), and I dont really think any of them are worth the money. They all look completely different than what is advertised on the ColourPop website, and none of them fully dry down. They all transfer, and remain tacky enough to be annoying. Plus they're just as drying as the matte liquid lips from CP. Touch ups are impossible, as adding new product just makes the old product flake up on the lips. Man Eater, 3-Way and Coquette apply streaky. Now I just mix a hint of these with a matte lippie to make custom shades, which is all these are good for.

Tags: highly-pigmented, thin, hard-to-blend, uneven, drying, sticky
Skin Type: Combination - Skin Tone: Light Medium

By Molly 6 years ago.

Love this. Nice and metallic. Wears long, and when it starts to come off you still have some gold sparkle. Does transfer a little bit. I don't find this one drying

Tags: highly-pigmented, smooth, easy-to-apply, long-wearing

By Zweeb 6 years ago.

This metallic copper (not the promised rose gold) shows every single micro-line in your lips and settles into them. Even though the product doesn't flake off, the finished lip looks crumbly and patchy. I am disappointed in this one, Colourpop. 1 star for being pigmented, 1/2 star for at least not flaking... Not a ringing endorsement!

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Tags: highly-pigmented, thick, hard-to-apply, hard-to-blend, uneven, drying, non-sticky
Skin Tone: Light Tan - Undertone: Neutral