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Colour Pop

Colour Pop Blotted Lip is a lip balm that retails for $5.00 and contains 0.035 oz. ($142.86 per ounce). There are 8 shades in our database, which you can select from in the View a Shade dropdown menu below or jump to these sections: Review, or Description.

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Sheer matte lipstick that creates the perfect popsicle pout! Formula is lightweight, matte and buildable for light to medium coverage.

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The Good: Smooth (8), Easy To Apply (8), Blendable (6), Long-wearing (6), Great Value (6), Travel-friendly (6), Creamy (2), Moisturizing (2)

The In-Between: Buildable (8), Thin (8), Non-sticky (4), Highly Pigmented (2)

The Bad: Dry (2), Tugs/pulls (2), Uneven (2), Drying (2)

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3 Written Reviews

By Bridget 5 months ago.

Absolutely love this color - needs a lip liner though.

Tags: buildable, buildable, creamy, creamy, smooth, smooth, thin, thin, blendable, blendable, easy-to-apply, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, long-wearing, moisturizing-wear, moisturizing-wear

By Shelby 6 months ago.

I absolutely loved the formula of the blotted lips and the color of drip and was so sad to see them leaving Colourpop, especially before I could restock on this item.Drip is matte without being drying, it’s buildable which I like and it’s the perfect color.I never found a lipstick formula or color that I liked more! The blotted lips aren’t that long lasting but they fade beautiful and I don’t mind reappliying, it feels more like a lip balm anyway. And don’t get me wrong, they last on the lips for a while, but I know some people want lipsticks to last all day.After going on a hunt for a lipstick that has the same color I bought so many of the new colourpop lipsticks (matte, Creme, velvet blur) and also from a bunch of other brands (maybelinne, Loreal etc) I finally found a color dupe. It’s Y2K from the Colourpop Velvet Blur collection.When you swatch them they look really similar but not 100%, but when you put them in the lips you don’t see a difference. I don’t need any other lipstick now anymore haha, I’m going to stock up in this lipstick plenty!!

Tags: highly-pigmented, highly-pigmented, smooth, smooth, thin, thin, easy-to-apply, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, long-wearing, moisturizing-wear, moisturizing-wear, non-sticky, non-sticky, great-value, great-value, travel-friendly, travel-friendly, moisturizing, moisturizing

By Lauren 11 months ago.

I took off a half star because the blotted lip formula is a formula that can sometimes be a little bit on the drier side (mainly in the winter months when my lips are already dry and sometimes chapped) and it does not last all day like a liquid lipstick would. However, I ABSOLUTELY love this formula and Drip is a lovely color for me. It is a my lips but better and my go to nude that still gives me color. My lips are not very pigmented and a lot of true nudes will wash them out. Just looking at Drip you'd think this would be a straight brown color, but for me it shows more brownish/natural pink. Out of all of the Blotted lips this one and Brain Freeze (which is a very pink one) are my favorites both in color and performance.I reapply Drip once or twice during my nine hour work day (mainly just after eating - it fades evenly and leaves a pretty light stain). Not transfer proof, but it stays very well and the transfer it does have is minimal. Layers with with liners and/or gloss, but also looks beautiful on its own. Smooth application - one layer is a natural tint like color (or for an even more natural look try just pressing it on your lips instead of swiping - my favorite method) and two layers is quite opaque for me. Does not settle into my lip lines or feather... and feathering is a new problem I've started to have as I get older. I always keep Drip on hand because I know I can trust it not to look like a mess half way through the day!

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Tags: buildable, buildable, smooth, smooth, thin, thin, blendable, blendable, easy-to-apply, easy-to-apply, non-sticky, non-sticky, great-value, great-value, travel-friendly, travel-friendly
Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Light - Undertone: Neutral
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